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  • Thought of that first but nowhere round here is open on Boxing Day image

    Roof has sprung another leak........................image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Salad on paper plates?

    I've ended up rather tipsy while cooking the family meal, which is currently running 2 hours behind time....
  • Cook something in your oldest saucepan, eat out of said pot (preferably while standing up) and then sling it away?

    Happy Christmas all, good to see so many of you getting the sessions in. Off out in a minute for a short run. Have pretty much decided against Brighton which is why I've been absent, but I will still do Jantastic to try and get myself back on track.

  • 12.5 mile chilly run for me this evening, delightful to get out but the weather was attrocious, so currently sat in the bath to warm up

    Off to another Christmas / engagement party shortly!

    In an odd way I'm enjoying this cycle of daily drinking and training - its a bit like self flagellation!!
  • Minnie - Hope your meal for the 5000 went well, did you chuck a bottle of booze in the pot as well so everyone was tipsy?

    O4S - Great race report I'm glad BA Is running strong as well.

    Spoons - Hope you enjoyed your swim, It's a shame there was no ice to break?

    Mr Z - Another good run was that a Msr, or a lsr?
  • Sounds like everyone had good Christmas and some impressive running in the last couple of days.

    6m for me with Mr B today which of course ended up faster than planned.

    Minni- hope you managed to feed your guests in the endimage
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Yes got everyone fed! I shouldn't have started drinking before dinner was served.

    Z - sounds like the perfect Christmas.
  • Congratulations O4S, what a fabulous result....just a shame about the socks. I think they do it on purpose so you have to go to the store to exchange them and ended up spending more!

    Spoons....I don't even dare get in the British sea in summer, let alone in the winter months, hats off to you!

    Some fabulous festive runs from most of you...if I could, I would add a smiley face! Bought the app that spoons recommended and then my OH wiped my iPad two days later!

    I didn't actually do too bad in the race today, but didn't feel my best all the way round. The first bit was a nice down hill stretch, but at the bottom of the hill we all had to slow and stop for some horses that we had spooked on the first lap. After that section it was like a mud bath and I almost lost a trainer, this lasted about a third of a lap and was followed by a long section on the road on a steady but increasing gradient (against the wind) before doing the loop again.

    The full run was 4.25 miles according to my watch and I managed to complete it in 30:12, just over 7min/mls, which considering the mud obstacle I was quite pleased with. Think I was 4th lady so just missed out on a bottle of wine......but I'm guessing the bottle I had last night was one of the reasons why the race felt so tough today so I was quite happy to miss out!
  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭
    Nice swim spoons, nice races those who've done them!

    Another slow 40min run for me today, feeling good, next week feels like the time to start differentiating my runs between speed, tempo and long. Looks like I'll be doing roughly similar to the f*rman novice marathon plan :/

    Snows falling here, just gathered a crew in the local to come out for a 40M bike with me tomorrow so hope its not going to get too icy!
  • O4S another bit if bling image well done.

    Sarah - nice racing. Minni will have you on the podium in no time!!

    Spoons - hope you enjoyed your swim. Nutter!!

    Minni - nice one getting all those fedimage

    KFC - enjoy your bike ride today. I might put the cleats on and brave it today! Great to see you coming back.

    I got out for 16.25 miles yesterday. Took it slow @8:55 pace. Only a few times did I have to go up on the bank to avoid flooded lanes but I did enjoy it.

    Carrot - bet you and parsnip had a good time yesterday!! We got absolutely soaked walking to the ground, so much so we thought it might be abbandoned. But at least we got a point and are off the bottom image
  • Morning

    O4S Blingtastic, enjoy the Salisbury Plain today

    Sarah: Well raced

    Spoons: I will not be swimming in the sea next boxing day.

    Carrot / AA: Good results for you guys, just a shame Newcastle couldn't hang on against that red lot.

    Minni: Thats a lot of people to cook for, hope you had help! 

    Last nights  8 x 1k @ 10K pace with 90 sec recoveries went  3:59 / 3;54 / 3;54 / 3;52 / 3;55 / 3;51 / 3;55 / 3;49. I could feel the alcohol and food! Cycled for 90 minute this morning pre dawn, will swim at lunchtime, the office is very quiet today! 

  • Great racing O4S and Sarah image

    AA - glad you managed to get out - sounds awful round your way with so much water...we've had a lot, but nothing like it is further west.

    DD - speedy reps image

    No running for me yesterday - we took advantage of the break from rain and went for a long and very muddy walk with the puppy - he looked a right state at the end and didn't take too kindly to being hosed down in the garden. No way was I getting him upstairs into the bath as we'd have been washing the mud off the walls for ages! I'm working today but it's dead quiet and I'll have plenty of time for a nice run later image

  • kfc where do you live?

    AA 16.25 miles, thats very impressive...wish I could steal your milage. I had all good intentions of getting my long run in by now, but ive spent so much time visiting friends and family and driving that its getting pushed later and later in the week now....just hope I can get it in before the weekend ends! I was hoping to do it today but my OH banned me as we only arrived at his parents at 10pm last night and he said it would be a bit rude going off on a long run this morning. Having a belated christmas diner at 13:00 so I doubt I will be able to do it later! image

    Fabulous reps DD especially after alcohol and food. Your reps, cycling and swim are putting my lack of training in the last 23 hours to feeling gulity image

    What type of dog/puppy have you got Freemers ? hope you have a fantastic run laterimage

  • Sarah - we have a Spinone - and when I say puppy he is almost 10 months and BIG (getting on for 40 kgs in weight). But he is definitely a puppy by nature image

    He has a funny habit of sitting on the arm of the sofa - like this....


     That was a couple of months ago.  He also lies right across the top of the sofa and falls asleep like that image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    AA-,impressive LR full of Xmas excess.

    MrZ- another excellent run - well done

    DD- fast your struggling to hold back the excitement anticipating the marathon in a few weeks

    Sarah- don't worry about the miles- they'll come. Many of the old timers in this thread are serial long run monsters. Nice race

    O4S- great bling

    KFC- slow is good

    Bro- cant used to seeing you log runs in single figures

    Simon- went for a muddy walk 4mile around Parbold hill yesterday bet its where you'll do the cross country you mentioned a while ago. It will be testing. Pretty scenic place though

    Just completed first run for 3 days. Slow at first then picked it up and completed 12 miles av pace 7.24 mm. 4 more for 2000 and only tomorrow to do it.

    Hope everyone had a great Xmas and are rearing to go for the New Year.
  • Thought I'd better get back into the habit of doing intervals, so just did 4 x 1mile with 0.25 mile recoveries. Increased the speed for each mile, so they were 6.53, 6.48, 6,44, 6.39. I think I've earned another mince pie image

    Nice going 2old...2000 miles for the year is fantastic image

  • Wow, Freemers - great reps and a decent YKW too image

    Well done to O4S and Sarah as well.

    Spoons: you didn't really swim now, did you image

    AA: nice long run

    I've eaten too much. Drank too much too .... boy, my liver needs a break! At work today and I'm actually busy image. That wasn't planned. But I just got a little under 8 miles in at lunchtime. Very windy and I got completely soaked but glad I managed that leetle run.

  • Santa Baby chickadeee wrote (see)

    Spoons: you didn't really swim now, did you image

    More of a splash than a swim but I did get my head under.

    I've booked an appointment at the physio as my shin splints seem to have come back image

    5 x 1km reps tonight. Will see how it goes....

  • Freemers - excellent reps image

    Chcik - nice lunchtime pressure run!

    2old - not lost any speed then after a few days off image

    Still havent put the pedals and cleats on. And have given myself a day off training tday too...sod it!image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Freemers - both my labs lie along the top of the sofa too! Nice intervals today.

    8 miles in a lunch break is pretty impressive Chick.

    Nice pace 2old and intervals DD.

    DD of course I didn't have help with the dinner! I live cooking for lots of people but it always goes wrong once they arrive and I start drinking! What I need is someone to then step in and get it to the table! Next big cook is New Years Eve when I've got 16 for dinner.

    Sarah - nice race!
  • Race 2 of the Festive season!  11.25 miles [billed as 12] on Salisbury Plain - DD expect to see you here next year!!

    This is a low key run along military roads, tank tracks and concrete roads. The cross country tracks are firm underneath but wet and muddy on top.  This is the organiser's description on the entry form:
    Hilly, cold, scenic, windy, without a doubt!!! Snow maybe!

    This year concentrated on the hilly and windy bits..................

    The first mile goes from the Land Warfare Centre [parking 20 yards from the hall and 100 yards from the start / finish] straight up a hill to the top of Salisbury Plain.  Not the easiest way to start a race but certainly spreads the field out.  A short flat section then on uphill more gently to the highest point before a long gradual descent with a tailwind, through the tank graveyard and on to the ghost village of Imber.  This is one of the few days in the year when the village is open to the public and the Church bells were ringing as we ran through, cheered on,  bizzarley, by a convention of 2CV drivers????  All going well until at 6 miles we turned out of the valley and back uphill on to the plain, this time with a driving crosswind and the surface changed to gravel.

    Still going well, although the race seemed to settle into the final positions very early on and there was relatively little overtaking or being overtaken.  At 8 miles we were in for an unpleasant surprise - the route did a sharp right turn and we had to go 2 miles along the top of Salisbury plain on a mud and gravel track, straight into the teeth of a gale. At times we were nearly blown to a standstill and I was really glad I had decided to run without a watch as the mile times would have been depressing to say the least!  It was fun in a strange way - certainly desolate and scenic [also windy and hilly as there were several short steep undulations]

    Finally at 10 miles we turned for home, downhill with a ferocious crosswind.  About half a mile out I spotted the ubiquitous blonde ponytail ahead and for the honour of Team Minni I had to run her down before the finish which I did, leaving her for dead - I think my body weight flung me down the hill faster than hers image

    Anyway 1.32, which is about 8.15mm, and I was well pleased with that as I suspect the first mile and miles 9 and 10 were well into double figures image

    First FV55 and a very nice trophy complete with poppy emblem as it is organised by the British Legion.  Think it must be time to hit the wine tonight image

  • O4S: excellent run yet again, I will be there next year (Help)

    Minni: You should have said I could have sent the domestic staff around to help, were having a soiree on the 3rd and I already have the staff polishing the silver plate and chandeliers.

    2OLD: Nice pace

    Freemers: Always good to speed up as you go, nice progression.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Well done O4S! I remember that race from you doing it lady year. Glad you got the blonde ponytail on the finish straight. image

    DD - just checked and yes I can make 3rd!image

    6 miles for me tonight and I'm off spinning in the morning (kiwi will like this).

    New Years Resolution: Do more core.
  • Well done O4S x 2, impressive racing in naff conditions, congrats on the bling.

    Sarah -  Nice racing, good time on a muddy course. But you must get your priorities right regarding long runs or face Minni's wrath.image

    AA -  Nice long one, don't worry about a day off, i've taken the whole week off.

    2old -  Good pace on your run.

    DD, Freemers - Nice pacy repeats.

    Don't know if it's a mid life crisis or I'm bored cause i'm not running but so far this week, for the first time ever, I have made bread,scones and a steak pie.  Last night on the red tonight as YKW beckons Saturday looks like windy and wet again.


  • Free- nice YKW on Christmas day and a very respectable time. Great reps today as well.image

    Chick- intervals on Christmas day- respect!

    O4S- great racing yesterday and today.image

    Minni- glad you managed to feed everyone. Are you hangover free today?image

    Spoons- I can't believe you were swimming in the sea.image Good luck with the intervals.

    AA- nice 16 miler.

    DD- nice intervals there, I wish it was my 10k pace at the best of times not to mention with all the christmas wine/ food in the system.

    Sarah- good race and a very respectable pace in those conditions. As the others say, the miles will come. Minni will make sure of it.image

    2Old- that's a speedy 12 miler.

    8m for me today @ 8:24. I was supposed to be doing a 5m off road race on Saturday but after seeing the state of the common yesterday I've decided to give it a miss.  Would rather get a good speed session in and leave swimming in mud until next week's xc.



  • Sounds like a tough course O4S, well done bagging another trophy!

    AA / DD good results yesterday indeed!  I has forgot what it felt like to win a match.

    Some great racing from Freemers and Sarah!

    Enjoy spinning tomorrow Minni.  +1 on the 'must do more core' train.

    Hope the 5 x 1K went well Spoons and the shins didn't complain?

    There's been alot of hunting down of blonde ponytails lately.  Should I be worried?!

    To the XC regulars:  I've entered my first XC race today.  It sounds like a really competitive one with the word 'National' in the title (at Sunderland on 23rd February Minni if you're going to be there?)  Any advice?  I'm likely to be very shit, I won't be aiming to beat anyone or anything, I just want to manage to stay upright. 

  • Carrot- I'm a bit of a regular but rather shit so not sure I should be advising. For me the nice thing about Xc is that there is no time pressure- you can forget about the pace and just try to enjoy it. I treat it more as a good training session than a race (which doesn't mean I don't end up killing myself in the process). Do you know what the terrain is meant to be like? Do you have spikes?

    Sunderland is actually on my list, I might do it.
  • Nice racing Sarah & O4S

    Carrot - just go for it and take the centre line through the middle of the muddy puddles

  • Bro - I am now the proud owner of spikes!  I'm sure you're far from shit if you're a regular.  I don't know about the terrain - Sunderland isn't the flattest of places - but there's ten races on that day in total and the senior ladies are on 9th, so I can imagine it will be muddy!  You must enjoy them if you have a list of ones to do?

  • Shins and ankles were grumbling but I spent the 60 seconds recovery stretching and managed to keep mobile. I was quite happy with the effort / pace although it was rubbish compared to where I used to be. Rep paces were: 6.58 down, 7.16 up, 7.08 down, 7.34 up, 7.01 down.

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