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  • Slogged out 10 miles in the rain and wind, was supposed to be 13 but too miserable to bother.

    Club christmas party tonight so suspecting tomorrow may be a rest day.

  • enjoy DD image

    trendy 5 recovery jog here. very windy and its supposed to pick up even more over the next few days :-/
  • Well done to anyone that got out there today. I bottled it as got soaked walking the dogs so opted for 13 miles on the treadmill. And it was a different sort of horrific. But it's ticked off. 

    O4S - hope the box packing is going well

  • Managed to run the YKW today & yes I was rubbish - beaten by a snowman, a dog & not forgetting Father Christmas. Finished wet, muddy with a bad time but exhilarated! image

    Wine is chilling in the fridge - for later

    Good luck with the packing O4S

    Hope everyone else did ok at YKW

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I could try to describe today's run but you had to be there to believe it.   It felt like doomsday.  Managed to hit all the paces up to the last mile and a half when the eye of the storm beat me.  Sheltered under some trees but started to get cold so carried on.  It was so dark and the rain was so heavy I couldn't see.  The road was flooded and I had to stop each time a car came in cast it hadn't seen me.  Bless the lady who stopped and tried to give me a lift insisting nobody should be out in such conditions.  I was drenched but refused to give in!

    3m easy: avg 8:45
    4m steady: avg 7:55
    2m MP: 7:23
    1m: 7:07
    1m: 6:58
    0.5m: 7:10 
    and at this point I went off road for the last 1.25m and turned the garmin off!

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  Apparently.


  • Bloody hell Minni well done. That's an incredible session by the sounds of it 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA - back on the TM I see...can't stay off it 

    minni- another excellent challenging session...only kryptonite will stop you these days. 

    Pink-I was passed in VLM by a guy painted blue wearing speedos So it's not unusual to watch odd ones fly by. Great YKW 

    had a good time at Anfield today . Didn't drive last night and my head wishes I had. 

  • Well done on the progressive run Minni, it was pretty grim out there this morning.

    Had a great day out yesterday and even had a few drinks of water! Got home and drunkenly made some pasta for tea, because I is an affleet.  The race didn't start until 11:30am but I was up early to get to parkrun.  The fresh air helped!  Saltwell 10K is an undulating course, three and a bit laps though Saltwell Park in Gateshead.  I'd entered this as a chance of a decent tempo run as I find it hard doing them on my own.  The weather was horrendous about 30 minutes before the start - cold, raining and very windy.  The rain stopped and the sun came out about 10 minutes before the off.  Had a good race, you get a shot glass and a miniature whiskey at the end! Finish time was just over 44 minutes, although I did my usual trick of starting my watch as soon as the gun went - chip time might get me just under.  Slowest 10K this year but the course probably adds a good couple of minutes on.  Decent tempo run accomplished.

  • The second place runner at parkrun this morning was a woman who did 19:17, a new course record on our challenging three lap course.  I overheard the man she was with saying she'd done well having run sub-3 at Pisa Marathon last weekend image  Naturally, my ears tuned in and it sounded like she'd improved a lot over the last year or so.  I got talking to them (all the while doing the timekeeping and cheering folks on, multitasking at it's best)  She doesn't do any speedwork.  She runs most of her training runs at 8:30-9:00 pace, and instead does races most weekends. 

  • Races are speed work!

  • Too right AA. This is my new strategy, no speed work and lots of races - no wimping out and more fun. So three races in the next 10 days............

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Carrot - was that Hannah Oldroyd? If so, she perhaps doesn't do any speedwork but she does loads of short races, often 2 or 3 a week.  She's just run her 4th sub 3 marathon  image in as many months.   From what I understand she's only started consistent running/training over the past couple of years so I think her improvements are largely down to that rather than 'doing no speed training', which of course she does in the form of races. 

  • Some people are just good at it!

    I'm working so hard at the moment to try and get some speed and endurance back. Its hard! 6x800s this morning - not that fast and I felt like I wanted to puke at the end. Box ticked!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Good stuff AA.  Have you made any VLM decision yet? 

  • Friend's 60th birthday bash last night so wasn't expecting to feel too great this morning, but managed 1 mile wu, 3 miles at MP, 3 miles at HMP (it started raining) followed by 1 mile cd. BA bailed out and took a short cut home so he obviously had a good time last night. Club run tomorrow should be interesting if the weather forecast is correct image

  • Excellent hard running Minni and AA.

    And a great tempo run, carrot

    15 miles up and down the meanest hill in the area (about 15mins by car from my house). My legs are fried!! Not sure my knees are up to regular hill sessions yet ... and me quads are proper mashed but like AA said: box ticked...

    1500 ft. ascent ... for me that's loads. Just how I'm supposed to do this around 21 miles up heartbreak hill and a million times quicker than today is anyone's guess...
  • Chick - Rather you than me, I don't do hills, hence why I'm doing the 'flattest mara in the UK' image. Well done for sticking it out.

  • Freemers -  Nice quick 800's.

    Minni/Chick - Good tough weekend running from you.

    AA - Coming back very well.

    Carrot - Well done on the 10K, does the sub 3 lady do a lot of miles at the slow pace?

    Flying overnight trip to Blackpool to pick Dad up for Xmas, plan said race 5 miles today(cutback week), but I'd done enough speedy stuff this week  so 8 slow windy miles this morning.

  • Minni that's the one! Yes she's run some impressive marathons, how do these people recover so quickly?!

    Well done on the 800s AA.  Sounds like you had a good tough session, I wouldn't worry too much about pace as you're getting back into things - as long as you're running pain-free and the reps are an effort that's good enough!

    Go Chick! All good training for Boston. I ran hilly this morning too, anywhere local called a 'bank' and I ran up the damn thing.  I'm on the mashed quads train now too.  Next week's rest day has been moved forward to tomorrow image

    Barry yes, all runs apart from weekend races at 8:30mm or slower.  The thing is I like track sessions and steady runs!

    What races have you got lined up O4S?

    Just cracked open a bottle of fizz. Why not image

  • Barry - Pretty blowey up here in the North West, hope you get back ok.

    Just done 14m on the TM in the gym. 4m @9-9.05ave, then 6m @8.01 MP, then 4m @9-9.05, total 2:01:14, ave 8.38. All ok til last mile, then hard work, and battery died on ipod after 1:45. Now feet up with compression tights on under PJ's.image

    Carot - Enjoy the fizzimage.

  • Carrot: Clevedon Boxing Day 4 miles

    Sunday 29th Plain Crazy 12 miles off road on Salisbury Plain

    New Years Day Hangover 10k in Weston

    Thats my Xmas speed work sorted image

  • Sounds good O4S! Bring home the bling...

    Well done on the session Simon.  I may need to retreat to the treadmill sometime this week going off the forecast.  Storms don't make for good running!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- fine hill run. You will breeze it up Heartbreak Hill

    Simon- another solid TM run. Good pacing. See you wimped out of the windimage

    O4S- another good run and healthy way to get through the holidays

    Carrot- just another 10k. And a solid performance too

    AA- the speed will come. 

    Minni- obviously I need to slow a lot of  my runs down but I find I have a comfortable pace which I like to stick to

    Had hoped to get a LR done but after hearing the storm outside at 6am rolled over and went back to sleep. Still managed 11 miles steady later in gales. 52 miles for the week

  • 2old -  Well done on getting a steady 11m in the wind. Your steady was probably 6.30 mmpimage. Yes I wimped out of the windy weather.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon- 6mm? You jest 7.30mm with the wind and 8mm into itimage

  • Quick drop in to say happy Xmas.

    New role is ok, but can't now say "that's all your shit, deal with it"... Most of it is mine now... Feel self slowly sinking into cow waste last few weeks hence rare posts. image

    2old, do we believe that pace, and 1600 miles injured most of 2013? Wonder how many of your miles were slow like the sub 3 runner Carrot mentioned.

    Simon great 14 miles by you.

    Col doing miles @ 10k pace off 60 and soon 45sec recoveries? jeez. Respect.

    Minni doomsday session ouch.. What colour were the pavements after that? Awesome.

    Brol, sorry about the half, sure you are due a sub 1:32-33 soon. Any signs of speed during recent races? What sort of mileage in the week before?

    Oh vlm place too in club ballot but unsure to take it or do since Manchester is nearby. Quite a few last year got a short course on their garmin there, 26.1ish.

    Still getting 1-2 sessions a week off local GB elite athlete, so lots of different speed work, very refreshing. Knows his stuff, very fast (63 min half) , has run with Mo, Scott Overall and others, and training for VLM next year plus commonwealth. I'll post any useful tips / sessions.
  • AA YKW had a great atmosphere despite my rubbish time I was 4th in my age group. There were lots of laughing & people dressed up & lots of mud!  Good to see your foot is getting better.

    2old great mileage for the week

    FRC Happy Christmas to you as well

    Didn't travel up north with Barry, instead stayed at home to watch Strictly final & Elf! Had to abandon long run yesterday morning as I was feeling rough - well, hungover imageimage

    Not tied to school run for the next two weeks so managed to get out early this morning for 4 miles before heading in for my last day at work before a week off. Yes I'm wearing my Christmas jumper & matching Reindeer socks.

  • Morning folks....some great running going on as usual I see.

    AA - well done on the intervals....good to get a session like that in, and the speed will pick up soon.

    Minni - your run sounds horrendous....they breed 'em hard up north image

    Simon / 2old - nice running

    Carrot - well done on the 10k image

    I am feeling a bit crook at the moment - OH has had a bad cold and I think it's coming my way.  Did 15 yesterday instead of the planned 19, but reckoned there was no point pushing it - I was starting to feel heavy legged after only 10 so I think there is definitely something amiss.  I've been on the First Defence and Lemsip, and I will jog some recovery miles on the TM today a bit later, then rest up tomorrow and hopefully all OK for the parkrun on Christmas Day image

  • Well done to everyone for getting out on Saturday and especially Minni- that was a heroic speed session!

    Carrot- another great 10k. If  the day ever comes when I call a 44min 10k a tempo session I will be a very happy woman! Hope you enjoyed the well deserved fizz last night.

    AA- well done on the 800s!

    Chick- great hilly 15 miler from you.

    Simon- nice dreadmill session, I don't know how you do them!

    2Old- good pace on your 11 miler against the elements yesterday.

    FRC- Happy Christmas to you! Hope you're right about the 1:33-1:32.

    Pinklady- well done for getting out early this morning.

    Free- hope you feel better soon.

    I managed to get out for an easy plod on Saturday and got completely soaked. Yesterday was 18m with 1st and last 6m @ MP which ended up between 7:30-7:35 so happy with that. image

    7.5m done before work and another few planned for lunch time. Apparently there's a storm coming so we'll see about that...image

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