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  • Bro: the storm is on its way - seems to have stopped with us for coffee and a mince pie, but heading your way for afternoon tea!  

    We are supposed to be running with the club tonight, but at the moment quite a few local roads are closed with fallen trees, so will just have to wait and see.

    Great running one and all, after this latest soaking any off-road running over Christmas should be interesting image

    AA: how is the foot reacting to increased  mileage? Are you still thinking of Bramley 20?

    Pink: hungover after a night at home, minus OH, with the TV or DVDs is the way to go!


  • Brol - Very good pace on your long run.

    O4S -  All well and good  Pink having a few if the long run gets  done the morning after.image

    Simon -  Nice treadmill session.

    Freemers -  perfect timing to take it easy and enjoy the next few days.image

    Think I've brought the windy weather down from Blackpool, 4 slow miles this morning.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Day 1 of marathon training saw 6 miles averaging 9:30 for me this morning on black ice!  The storm seems to be setting in here now. It better be gone before my speed session in the morning. 

  • 6 miles here too sans the black ice though. Storm is supposed to hit us tomorrow. it may well be a rest day instead of a medium long run ...

    Simon: great TM sesh

    pink: like your style

    great long run Bro!

    take it easy Freemers. Hope it doesn't affect your Christmas celebrations
  • Bro - nice long one. 

    pink - nice to get run in early. 

    Freemers - hope you feel better tomorrow. Good call. 

    O4S - I've not entered Bramley. Yet!! 

    Minni - still unsure about London. If I can run it I want to run it reasonably well. I am all paid up for it though. And number 501. Just depends on how I train over the next few months and if I can catch up enough. Still feel very behind right now. Have managed 3x40 mile weeks and then last week I managed a 42 mile week. But the longest run I've done so far is only 13 miles image

    trendy 5 done in the wind and rain this morning. It's settled here too now. 

  • Back from a 5m plod in a torrential rain. I was very much questioning my own sanity while trying not to be blown off my feet and into the duck pond in Regents Park. Glad I'm back as I think it's really kicking off now.image

  • wow, hats off to you all for long/fast runs in this weather! i only just held on for my 3 miles this .am, great when the wind was behind you but running into it = nightmare!

    loving all your festive names image

    minni - exciting you've started marathon training, looks like your speed sessions are going well already, exciting times ahead! take care out there on those icey roads.

    good to see you doing intervals AA and 3x40 mile weeks is heading in the right direction - has your foot been behaving?

    Brol - nice long run with those marathon paced sections in there, good you got back today before the weather turned too nasty!

    Freemers - hope the lemsip and first defence do the trick and you are feeling better soon!

    Pink - I love that you got a hang over after a night in watching Strictly while Barry was away, you go girlimage Well done on your ykw, not easy when the weather isn't playing ball.

    Hi FRC - job is keeping you busy, exciting that you are being coached by a local G.B athlete, you lucky thing!

    2Old - a 52 mile week, you are well and truly back into things, good to see.

    Simon - good session on the gym treadmill, the longest I've done on a treadmill is 7 miles, if this shite weather sticks around might have to hit the gym a bit more!

    Chick - did I read that correctly 15 miles up and down a massive hill? Wow, that puts a whole new meaning on hill training!

    Carrot -  Nice time still at that 10km race, that would be a p.b for me! Interesting your sub 3 lady does races instead of speed work, guess having the that competitive nature of being in a race pushes you harder than speed work against the garmin, might have to give that theory a try in the new year! 



  •   Well done to everyone who has got out there today. 

    I managed 8 @ 8 min/miles though there was a good min a mile difference in pace dependent on whether i was running up or down wind, got some strange looks! Its really blowing in Wiltshire now.

    O4S; looking forward to Plain Crazy, might be damp!

  • Bro - Yes before this campaign, the furthest I'd done on a TM was 6m. Listening to 80's music on my iPod and reminiscing to when I was young image helps.

    AA - I noticed on another thread there's a, Hark the herald Angela sings, I'm easily confused. Hows the heel holding up with these 40m weeks, or is that still considered low mileage in your scheds?

  • Hey all - not much to report here apart from managed to get my 6 miler in this morning before the #windapocalypse hit. Also bizarrely managed to get a 15 miler in Buxton on Saturday also avoiding the worst of the wind. Think I am staying in now though.

    2old - I can't believe you are doing 52 mile weeks already! I only did 38 last week and I haven't been injured. Hope your achilles is playing ball.

  • AA: I'm nowhere near  a 40 mile week and apart from the odd slow ultra haven't run more than a half marathon since VLM  image

    DD: Wouldn't have fancied Plain Crazy today - we nearly got blown off the hill last year on quite a moderate day.

    The rain appears to have just passed through here, leaving gale force winds and mild temperatures - looks like the run should be on for tonight

  • Simon - I'm too loyal to this thread to notice image I'm normally a 40 mile week person in marathon training. Broke my 50 v plates this year for London a couple of times! I just need to work on the long one. Foot seems ok right now. Hip and hammys a bit tightimage

  • Just back from a wet and windy hour of running. Surprising number of people turned up for what was just an informal run organised on FB. Weather now deteriorating even  further image

  • AA - I guess most are just starting their VLM training plans, if you've got some 40 mile weeks in the bag you have plenty of time to ramp up the long runs and get some 20's completed.

    7 miles for me this morning, wind has calmed down a little. 1 WU 5 fartlek 1WD, fartlek miles made up of 0.25 MP/HMP/Quickish/rec.



  • braved the winds too. 10 steady miles done. Waiting for Santa nowimage Germans do their presents on Christmas Eve image
  • 6 miles at 7-30's for me, not very windy now but getting cold. Came across 3 trees across the lanes on my way round. 

    Chick: enjoy your Christmas

  • 6 miles for me this morning - a little windy but refreshing & nice not having to worry about the time as no work for me until next week.

    Chick enjoy opening the Christmas presents this evening image 

    Hope you all have a Happy Christmas imageimageimage

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Happy Christmas my lovely friends.  

    Sorry you're not in Dubai Dave. 

    it's gonna be a great 2014. I can feel it in me bones. 

    Have fun! x 

  • Minni + Team - Merry Christmas everyone, may you all receive go-faster shoes in santas sackimage.

  • Merry Christmas all, no go faster shoes but a Montane jacketimage  9 miles slow done this morning, a few runners out must be in marathon training. image, hope you're right Minni.

  • Merry Christmas my friends image

    I think you are right Minni. Got a pair of "eat my dust" Fastwitches image
  • been offline for a few days at centre parcs. Haven't bothered to read back. Merry chrimbo everyone.

  • Happy Christmas everyone!  No presents here (by agreement!) but hopefully some bling tomorrow image

  • Merry Christmas all, a trendy five done slowly this morning.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Happy - hic- Xmas All. No runs here just lots of cheer.  It starts tomorrow ....honestly. 

  • We are still packing boxes and touching up some paintwork image  Baked potatoes for dinner!   Hope somebody, somewhere is having a riotous time......... Did manage to walk 12 miles earlier but a Christmas I could happily forget.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    ((( O4S )))  Hope the potatoes were nice and crispy.

    We've had a lot of fun.  Ran 4 miles with the dog this morning and not drunk too much as I have a 12 miler to do in the morning.

    Miss Minni is trying to persuade me to go to the sales at 6am tomorrow...... image

  • Merry Christmas everyone, hope you've all had a great day image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni - get the credit card out image

  • puts a whole new meaning to the word Boxing Day, O4S image

    Hope you survived the sale, Minni image

    Well, while others stormed the sales or staggered home from a Christmas party I went for a run image. I really came across 3 completely wasted teenagers walking in the middle of the road image. They were so out of it they even forgot to shout insults at me as I was passing by. Very unsual behaviour image. Hope they made it home ok ...

    Great run in freezing fog, but no wind. 11.25 miles with 10 @ 7:55 . I is happy image

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