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  • Chick- Very nice running.  I always look forward to the abuse from teenagers.image

    No wind here but cold first thing, 8 miles done, plan was 1 WU 3 steady(22 mins) 3 quick(20 mins) 1WD.  Went well splits for steady 7:10,7:18,7:23,  splits for quick 6:45,6:33,6:42 so targets hit.  It's going to be make or break for my swimming ,Pink bought me some one to one swimming lessons, probably wait 'til after Barcelona before starting them. Also got Prison Break box set, only 80 episodes to watch, 3 so far and it's v good.

  • Happy Xmas all. 

    o4s - good luck today. 

    10 miles in flooded lanes on Xmas eve. No running yesterday and 6 with a bad hangover done and dusted Early this morning. 

  • Barry - Nice fast splits, are you sure you're on the right thread, too fast for me!

    8m d&d in cold,frosty, wet weather. 4m easy, and 4m MP, weight of chrimbo food, stopped me from doing any HM paceimage.


    Good day at the office image

    Clevedon 4 mile Boxing Day run: first LV60 / course record / 45 secs faster than last year / £20 in vouchers for local sports shop (stocks the club kit)  image

    Total time on garmin 29.00. Splits 6.58, 7.27, 7.33, 7.02. Mile 1 is flat, 2 and 3 undulate with a steep hill in mile 3, mile 4 predominantly downhill / flat with one little drag which seems mountainous at that stage. Well pleased as I can't remember when I last clocked a sub 7 mile. BA was 5 minutes behind me, but enjoyed himself.

    Minni: the spuds weren't even crispy as I was running so late they had to go in the microwave image

    Chick: some pretty wasted people on the run this morning, probably dared to do it by their friends / family after too many drinks.........

    Well done on getting out AA, hope the floods don't return tomorrow!

  • Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! 

    Storming race O4S! Great result, well done image

    You've been getting some good strong running in Bro, nice MP miles at the weekend.

    AA I don't think you need to panic about your endurance / long runs, it'll come back when you go longer.  That's a lovely low number for VLM! It would be such a shame if you couldn't run it when you've got a Champs place.  I see where you're coming from that you want to run it well though.  Plenty of time to make that decision, see how it goes over the next few months. 

    Well done on the 11M Chick, hope the teenagers didn't end up getting mowed down...

    That sounds like a hard run Barry! Good work. 12 weeks to go....

    I've been hit by the lurgy, thankfully not to bad just lots of snot image Did a fairly comfortable YKW yesterday morning in just over 21 minutes and 12M steady done today to blast away a few cobwebs from the usual Christmas day over-indulgence! It gets to a point where it feels like force feeding!  No sightings of wasted people just a lot of people out walking dogs, children or themselves. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭


    With all the excellent runs here anyone who didn't know you all better ,would think Xmas was cancelled. image

    Aa- great wadingimage

    Barry - whoosh. Fast image

    O4S - champion again image

    Carrot - brilliant. 

    FRC- nice to see you here...briefly

    Simon- keep on notching them up

    Chick- we are going to pace each other in April

    DD- good trendy

    3 day break and 11.6 today 7.41mm av after 5 mile walk in the country in Wigan...yes there is countryside in Wigan image

    will I wimp out in the storm tomorrow am? Probably. Need to run tomorrow as I doubt I will again til next year 

  • 2old - It wasn't Haigh Hall was it, really nice round there?

    O4S - Another trophy for the cabinet, and vouchersimage

  • Hope everyone having a great Xmas and got some good presents.

    O4S Cracking run as always. Baked potatoes though?

    Barry wow... Sub 20 minutes for 3 miles inside an 8 miles? Scorching.

    Chic, nice 11 miles with 10 @ MP? image 2old going fast too. AA & Carrot, nice runs also.

    Off for Stafford 10k tomorrow, should do okay, but maybe peaked November, then overcooked it last few weeks, cross country in December hard on my Achilles & hip.

    More importantly, mrs FRC has also been doing the sessions with the GB athlete. She's lost nearly 2 stone since July and going a minute per mile faster. Fingers crossed, looking good. Windy out now though... Gusts of 60-70 mph? Hopefully towards the finish line for us both image
  • Good work o4S

    i managed 10 miles on xmas day

    yesterday was 6 miles plus the boxing day dip in cromer.

    Hungover this morning so not sure what today will bring.....

  • I was thinking about you yesterday Spoons and the dip in the sea.....just as I was getting warm again from my run!  Hope it wasn't too cold...

    O4S - brilliant racing! My sister and BIL were running it too - my sister had told me she was hoping to break 40 minutes....she seriously underestimated herself as she finished in 33.06.  Very proud image

    I'm glad everyone seems to have got down to some really good training - us serious affletes can't stop for christmas! I am still feeling a bit off colour from my cold - 22.10 for the parkrun on Christmas morning was harder work than it should have been, and 8 yesterday (naked but felt a bit slower than 8m/m) left me coughing my guts up.  This morning is meant to be intervals but I think I will probably skip them and just run easy.  The cold hasn't been terrible, just feeling a bit week and feeble....well more week and feeble than normal anyway.


  • O4S: brilliant result image !!

    Hope you both feel better soon, carrot and freemers

    A dip in the sea, spoons? Mad image

    Fit-Running-Cat wrote (see)
    Chic, nice 11 miles with 10 @ MP? image


    FRC: I hope MP to be a lot quicker than that image 
    Nice progress for Mrs. FRC. Enjoy the 10k image

    2old: your training paces make me dizzy image  I'll so eat your dust in Boston!

    Trendy 5 done this morning. I'm in work today and brought my running gear so I may go for a second 5 miler with hill reps in a little while. It's very windy though. Perhaps I'll just wimp out image

  • O4S Brilliant - congratulations image

    2Old Yes I've seen the Wigan countryside & it does exist image

    FRC Great news for Mrs FRC & good luck to both of you with the 10k

    Good YKW time Freemers

    Luckily Barry was really pleased with his swimming lessons & he should get on very well. He's not a bad swimmer it's just the breathing technique he needs to sort & he'll be away.

    I didn't receive any running stuff for Christmas but very happy with my Hudl & Michael Kors watch. We have our Wedding Anniversary next week & my birthday next month so I'm sure I will find running gear to suggest. image

    Day off today as they decided to shut the office down.Went out for a 5 miler early this morning - wouldn't let the blustery wind stop me. Back to swimming training later today. image No YKW for me tomorrow as dropping the father in law off.

  • 2nd run of the day done image   feeling smug now image   Hill reps hurt though - felt image on the last one ...

  • Well done getting out not once but twice Chick!

    Some good running from your sister Free, has she got the running bug now too?

    Hope Stafford 10K went well FRC, that some impressive weight loss and improvement from Mrs FRC.

    Far too windy out there so did my intervals on the treadmill for the first time in months. This was the session that was originally planned for Tuesday (club night) but was moved to Monday (because of Christmas Eve) and then cancelled anyway (because the track was like a bog again) So I did the usual Friday tempo on Wednesday (festive parkrun) and did the intervals today.  Confused yet?! It was pretty warm in the gym but at least I was out of the howling wind. By the time I'd done all of the mirrors had steamed up. Ooops image


  • Chick - Well done on the double.

    Carrot -  Good effort fitting all the runs in, especially when lurgied. 11 weeks sunday - soon be here.

    FRC - Hope the 10K went OK, congrats to your OH on the improvement, good when OH runs and get what we jabber on about, I think Pink is starting to understand  my madness/obsession.image

    O4S - Congrats on the win/record. just getting better and better.

    Simon - All relative, my 6:xx is your 7:xx is Pink's 8:xx all about training/running to the best of our ability but will mean nothing if I don't get what I want at Barca. Anyway the paces on the sub 3:15 thread are way too quick for meimage

    Rest day today and calf is grumbling think I need to keep running on it to keep it quiet.image




  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Gawd O4S we're discovering a new you with this short distance.  Are you a member of your local/regional Vets club?  If not, you should be!

    Carrot - hope you're feeling better.  I'm hoping this wind will have gone for my 20 tomorrow.

    Barry - don't let Pink draw you into the dark side! image  The paces on the sub 3:15 are way too fast for sub 3:15.  It is more like a sub 3 thread now and this a sub 3:15.  You're going well - its so good to see.  Just keep that calf under control.

    Freemers - take care and get over that cold.  Are you on holiday for a few days?

    Chick - doubles?  Get you!  Is your back totally fine now?

    Simon - you seem to be going very well with MP miles being dropped in.  What date is Manchester again?

    2old - speedy miles again! image

    FRC - nice weight loss from Mrs.  What's up with the hip/Achilles?  Which race/distance did you peak at in November?

    AA - mega jealous of your low London number! image

    Yesterday was a 12 for me, just over 8 m/m average.  Today has been an unscheduled rest day.  The weather was horrendous this morning so decided to leave it till later but we went away for the day and just got back.  20 planned for the morning.

    I image marathon training.



  • Chick - well done on the double!

    barry - I never look at the 3:15 thread!

    minni - I'm jealous of your 20 tomorrow! Wish I was up there...

    FRC - hope the 10k went well

    carrot - what session did you do on the tready?

    my session today was 7 (instead of 8) miles with [email protected]. I know I can't do that yet so managed 6k @ 7:12 pace. That will have to do. Got to rest tomorrow as my hip and foot are telling me to!

  • 5 miles done today. It was grim. Hungover has only just gone!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Briief stop

    FRc - hope achilles ok

    Minni- another 20? You'll peak end of Feb!

    Simon- correct High Hall but missed it!

    AA- fast again

    Barry - damn calf 

    pink- nice windy 5

    Spoons- hangover runs are best

    Free- still a great YKW

    CNBA to get up and run long this am but did a TM session this pm- progressive 8.25 miles from12.1kmph to 14kmph av 7.14---about MP. 

  • We have tidied the last remaining room in the house, been to the tip and the charity shop ( they refused to take BA) and now let the cleaning commence!  Somehow running got left out of the equation image

    minni: don't know what is going on with the short races - it's not something I have ever really done before. In fact not looking forward to having to start long and slow again. Think I might do very slow ultras off road and short, fast road races in the run up to VLM and just see what happens - can't be any worse than last year when I did speed work and loads of marathon pace in my long runs, then managed a PW image

    Lots of very fast running going on especially given the time of year

    Freemers / Carrot: hope you feel better soon!

    2old: how is the Achilles standing up to all the training?

    Spoons: has the next hangover started yet image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    O4S - that sounds like a great plan. You might get a lovely surprise! 

  • Minni - Same day as Malcs Paris mara, 6th Apr, a week before VLM. I'll try not to set the bar too highimage.

  • Minni Hope the 20 miles goes ok. I think Barry was drawn to the dark side when he married me imageimage

    AA good session - great that you are getting there but your wise to rest.

    Spoons a run helps the hangover although that was my plan last week but I didn't make it out the door image

    O4S Hope the move goes well

    Swimming training for me last night a hard but fun session and it was good to get back into it. Rest day today & saying goodbye to the Father in Law who spent Christmas with us. Long run planned for tomorrow - 9 miles according to the Training Plan.

    Keeping an eye on my left knee which has been sore & swelling up after a run - old netball injury which has been rearing it's ugly head lately.

    Good luck to anyone racing this weekend.

  • Barry: wow, those paces are amazing!! I'm lurking on the sub 3:15 thread but totally agree. They are way too fast. Think most of them have gone sub 3. That's another league altogether!!

    pink: hope the knee sorts itself.

    O4S: good training strategy. You basically combine your two strengths - short quick stuff and ultras.

    Minni: I love marathon training too image. Really need to hold myself back a bit. Today will be a gentle 3 miles (hope the rain stops). My legs feel those hills. I also did lunges yesterday. Ouch. Not sure about tomorrow. Would love another 20 but I think 17 is probably more sensible. In any case it will be a 60+ week image

    Yep, that back is sorted. Thanks to my brilliant doc. Over the moon image
  • Chick - Great news on the recovery and another big mileage week.

    16 miles slow done early, calf was tight for first 3 then OK, cold and icy in places, 2 x 8 mile loops, good job really as stomach cramps from about 5 and a well needed pitstop at halfway.  Felt a lot lighter on my feet on the second loop.image

  • 60+ week already Chick? image

    17 miles d&d this morning. Lovely blue skies and no hangover. 

    Tomorrow I am race director of a cross country race. Should be fun (for me anyway)

  • 15.65m d&d  @9.13pace, wind, rain, cold, hail, all I needed was snow and a plague of locust for the full set

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Well done simon! image

    20 for me with a but of first aiding after coming across a traffic accident 3 miles in. Hard to get going again but made myself. Counting my blessings I wasn't just a couple  of minutes ahead of myself as i could have been one of the Injured. 

  • Minni - Your a bit of a Florence Nightingale, hope you remembered to pause your garmin firstimage. So really it was a 3miler with a break, then just 17mimage.

    Barry/Spoons - Nice lsr's .

    Spoons - So tomorrow you're be somewhere nice and warm, as the runners suffer in the coldimage.

  • Minni:nice LSR , wish i was that fit at the moment

    Chick: that's a lot of miles

    Simon: i haven't done a run that long in months

    Spoons: hangover runs are the business.

    pulled something in my lower stomach / groin so haven't run since xmas day but have been getting good and muddy riding a mixture of trails and roads on the CX Bike. Two hours is about my limit before my feet freeze. Will give the Plain Crazy run a go tomorrow but an hour of football with the boys tells me that it might not be pain free!      



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