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  • Ouch DD :-/ take it easy tomorrow.

    Hope those car crash people weren't injured too badly ...

    Nice long runs Barry, spoons, Simon and Minni image

    Did 3 easy miles in the rain. There was a little devil on my shoulder wanting me to do the last mile at MP . He had a tough battle with the sensible head but sensibility won in the end.
  • Hi 

    I've been lurking on this thread for a couple of weeks, thought I would introduce myself. You all seem to have lots of experience and running wisdom!

    I'm currently following the 3.30 RW marathon plan in preparation for VLM 2014. Week one done! I might mix and match it with the Asics 26.2 one too.

    My marathon PB is 3.44 an half marathon PB is 1.40, so 3.30 might be a stretch too far but I am going to follow the plan as much as possible. 

    Is anyone else aiming for such a big PB?

  • Very good Samaritan Minni, hope the people were all OK.  Just as well you hadn't set off a little earlier.

    Go Simon, these winter runs help toughen us all up ready to attack a spring marathon.

    AA the session was: 1M warm up, then four sets of:- 1000m @ 5K pace, 200m jog, 400m hard, 400m jog.  Then 1M warm down.  Had to write it down on a scrap of paper to remind myself on what pace to be doing when! It's easier to remember on the track.  It's a great session, give it a shot.  5K pace feels almost easy after the 400m hard.

    Get a few more YKWs done O4S! You could get a few age graded records. They're brilliant for short fast training runs.

    Hope the knee is OK Pink. Best to take care rather than ignoring it.

    Good will power Chick! Easy runs should always be kept easy, save caning it for the hard stuff.  Enjoy the 17M tomorrow.

    Hope Plain Crazy goes well tomorrow DD...

    Lurgy is on it's way out.  8M easy done this afternoon. Progressive run planned tomorrow image

  • DD - Winter socks and booties, or I think KFC recommended duck tape over the mesh panels on your shoes as well. 

  • DD: I'll meet you in the tank graveyard then image

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭
    [Crashing sounds, incoherent mutterings and fumbling with keys. The door opens]


    [Passes out face first, in front of mildly amused/horrified onlookers]

    Well that was a lovely bender. Nice to be back. Guess its time to start marathon training. image
  • KFC - Hell of a bender, this is Christmas 2014, you've been gone a yearimage.

  • haha, KFC, loving it image
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Welcome back KFC! 

    Messy party last night image Lunch out today will definitely be soft drinks and that's it - I'm on the wagon. So glad this day has come! image

  • Minni that was lucky that you were able to help the rta - hope everyone was ok.

    Carrot I'm keeping an eye on the knee & may have to visit a sports physio if it continues playing up. image

    Had to abandon the planned 9 miles after 5 miles this morning as the knee was giving me jip - although happy that I was down to 9mm on 4 of the miles which is a great improvement for me.

  • Minni: i will be joining you on the wagon soon, really need to lose some weight before Boston

    Pink: Sensible is always wise, though i suspect that most of us on here are rarely sensible.

    kfc: was it a good ride?

    So finally met O4S and BA amongst the burnt out tanks on the Salisbury plain. For me it was 11 miles in 1-30-45 a fairly reasonable 8min/mile pace given the undulating nature of the course and my present level of sloth like fitness. It was a beautiful crisp morning up on the Plain, first half was on road with loads of traffic and a mountain bike       race going in the opposite direction, not fun. second half was on a quiet trail and much more fun. All my niggles were well to the fore and i know I will be sore tomorrow. Managed to catch my club mates on the last hill but was well beaten by O4S who i  believe   had a blingtastic day.

  • Great stuff DD. Can't wait for O4S' report. She's on fire image

    Did my 17.5 today. I started with the sun out and a gentle breeze blowing. That breeze picked up, the sun disappeared and I was battling the second half against a nasty headwind and rain. Oh well, it's the price to pay for a mild winter. TBH, I rather put up with wind than with snow and ice.

    pink: sorry to hear but deffo the right decision.

    Minni and DD: joining you on the wagon. Will have a few beers on New Year's Eve and that's it until April 21st .
  • Welcome back kfc, sounds like you've had a good Christmas!

    Hope you managed to stick to the soft drinks Minni....

    Sounds like another good result from O4S image

    Hope it's just DOMS tomorrow DD and not injury pains.

    17.5 from me too, out and back.  The back was into the wind image but like Chick says wind is better than snow and ice!

    Had one 'dry' day yesterday.  Off out for a spa evening for a friends birthday so might have a little glass of fizz or two.  Not planning on going out New Years Eve as New Years Day is an all day session.  Must not get too intoxicated as I have a HM next Sunday.

  • Time to stop lurking and get back on here now that marathon training has started!

    12+miles at just under 8:00 pace on Saturday followed by an easy 8 mile recovery run this morning.

    What's with the 17 mile runs?  Mighty impressive this early!


  • Christmas Race Number 2 - 11.5 miles on Salisbury Plain, aptly named Plain Crazy.

    After meeting DD and various old friends the race set off up the steepest hill on the course image and although the gradient eased before the 1 mile marker you didn't finally top out and start descending through the tank graveyard until nearly 2 miles.  It was then a gradual scenic descent, slightly marred by traffic heading to visit the abandoned village of Imber [only open a few days a year] and a bike event coming in the opposite direction.  Still, time to catch your breath after the ascent and settle into your pace.  It is a small race [only 85 finishers this year] so you don't get caught in a crowd, but equally you don't have anyone to pace yourself on and not having brough my garmin I actually had no idea what sort of pace I was doing.

    Just before half way we turned off the road and started to head back up to the plain on a gravel track, at which point a spectator shouted that I was first lady.  I took no notice as I assumed I had either misheard, or she had just arrived and had simply failed to see the others.  It transpired she was correct, although I didn't realise that until the results were published, but I might have run a bit differently near the end if I had believed her image.  Anyway I was passed by a lady who looked about 12 at the 6 mile mark and she slowly pulled away from me.  As I was desperate to win the really cool trophy for LV60 [a very large mounted bullet] I decided to keep steady and keep something in reserve in case another old bag [like myself] tried to take me out.

    There was nothing in my legs today and the miles undulating across the top of the plain were torture, none of the hills were steep but they seemed to go on for ever and I was very glad to hit the road and turn for the last 2 miles to the finish.  I had been running effectively on my own since about mile 3, only passed by this one lady and a couple of blokes.  Passing mile 11 the route went steeply downhill [reverse of the outward leg] and I heard footsteps and ladylike heavy breathing behind.  I can't believe it, even now, but I simply couldn't rouse myself to speed up and thus threw away second place by 12 seconds to an LV40 image.  Still i was third lady overall and [perhaps unsurprisingly] first LV60 - thus acquiring not one but two bullets image  Overall time 1.27.30, just slightly faster than the last 2 years - average pace about 7.40 [distance a bit uncertain but near enough to do].

    BA finished some time later but had a good day out and the weather and the views were to die for.  As you can probably tell the ladies field was not very strong - but as I am always being told 'you can only race who turns up'. image

    Minni:  I have decided that my body would probably die of shock if I went on the wagon, but on the other hand my maximum alcohol intake any day over the holiday has only been two small glasses.  I think I will hit the wagon around the 12th April 2014 for a couple of days only

    Will take a proper read back and return after polishing my bullets............

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Great runs Chick/Carrot.  This wind is a pest but I agree, better than snow.

    O4S your bullets are mightily impressive, as is your running.  Well done!   Glad you and BA had a good day out and pleased you showed him and DD who's boss! 

    40m - Welcome back. 

    I've been hanging all day but still survived a family gathering at the Outlaws.

    Week 1 d&d.

  • Chick: the only way I will do a 60+ week is to include a 50 mile ultra! You are really on top of the training after your injury woes

    Carrot: you are probably right about the YKWs - I'm just a bit worried about the scary race directors image

    Simon: when will work start to get in the way of your marathon training?

    KFC: sounds like you had a lot of fun - can you remember any of it?

    Pink: hope the knee settles down, we could all do with being sensible every so often!

    For the record all the packing of boxes etc is not really specifically for the move, we have to clear enough space here for potential buyers to be able to look round. The estate agent did mention that two touring bikes in the lounge and ten pairs of rancid trainers sitting in saucepan racks in the utility room weren't going to add much to the value image

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭
    Guess I should fess up, I've not been on a month long bender. The mundane reality is house moving induced tiredness lost me my running mojo and I did nothing for nearly 3 weeks.

    I've just had 9 days at home in Scotland, and after 7 runs, 4 swims and 3 bike rides I'm getting back on it. Got in a YKW at the new fast flat event in Perth - way off recent pace at 21.09 but at least I was out there.

    Heading to Bristol now for a few days on the mtb to wind up pre season training. Here's hoping the mojo stays with me!

    Nice racing O4S!
  • Just reading back, everyone in marathon swing.

    Nice racing O4S as always.

    10k was as Paul Calf would say a bag of sh*te. Awful.

    Ran 39:57 last Dec and 39:10 for 6.1m race 5 weeks ago, both tougher courses.

    Had what I thought was mild cold/ tired Thu/ Friday last week , minor sniffles not even flu, slept 10 hours Friday night, felt okay doing Monday speed session then rest. By Friday shouldve been okay but not?

    First couple of miles at 6:20-6:28, then felt tired up slight hills, and some nausea, legs just not going went 6:45 and 55 then couple of 7.00.. Never felt like it before, pushing hard but like running in glue?, sooo tempted to give up.

    Finished 41:59, then threw up by the finish line. image

    Left leg sore, calf, Achilles, outside edge of foot (PF?) and even one toe so limping after, but fine now after icing, recovery run today.

    Any good ways to prove & test your fitness? Resting HR is normal.

    On bright side, Mrs FRC ran 7 minutes faster than in July & August 10k.. Only 3 seconds off 3 year old PB... And she had to tie a shoe lace, and 2 parts flooded. Great result.
  • Hi everyone,

    I started training for London this week, its the end of week 1 and I realise that my goal of sub 3:15 was ridiculously optimistic and if I carry on with the sub 3:15 plan I am in for 15 weeks of disappointment then disappointment on the big day as well.

    So here I am at the beginning of week 2 and I am switching to the sub 3:30 (which was my original plan anyway so not sure where sub 3:15 came into my crazy brain)

    I have run 34 miles this week so far, and am hoping to keep motivated using this forum.

  • O4S - Well done on some more bling, 'polishing your bullets', isn't a euphemism is itimage.

    I've realised that now is an ideal time to get stuck into mara training, and make the most of it, before I go back to work. So hopefully I should already be upto 18m lsr's by the time I return. 7.5m progressive recovery TM sess for me this evening, so 23m for the w/end. I don't think I've ever done that in Dec before, so roll on Jan. 

    KFC - Glad to hear your mojo is returning

  • Great running folks - brilliant racing as always O4S image....but I can't believe you let a mere slip of an F40 beat you! image

    Good to see you back KFC - sounds like you've been a tad busy...but hopefully you can get right back into the swing of training quickly.

    FRC - sounds like something not quite right....especially if you threw up image  Take it easy for a few days and see how you feel.  Still a lot quicker than my 10k PB though!

    Chick - amazing mileage from you, especially after your back problems. My max weekly ever is 59!

    Carrot - nice session there.

    Minni - Good to get a 20 in. Hope the accident wasn't too bad?

    40minutes - welcome back! How is your running going? Which marathon are you doing?

    siUK - welcome! What's your running background - marathon PB? Stick around here image

    So having felt the effects of my cold Friday, I have had a great weekend of running! I moved my intervals to Saturday, and took a punt on doing 16 x 200m. I've never done intervals that short before, but it was on Malcs plan (from the Asics sub 3.30 thread) and thought it would be a good idea to get my legs turning over quickly. Plus I'd been listening to the Pfitzinger (from P&D) interview on Marathon Talk and he was talking about something similar, so I decided to give them a go.  Absolutely loved it! Hit 6m/m for the last couple of reps, which is unheard of speed for me! And because they are so short I never really felt that puffed.  I'll definitely do that session again sometime, although I probably prefer longer reps generally for marathon training.

    Then yesterday I did my first 20 of the campaign - felt great all the way, averaging 8.30s. The weather had eased off, so not much wind, and it was crisp and cold which I love. Roads a little icy until the sun got onto them, once that happened it was just glorious image


  • Simon: that would be telling.........image

  • Well done on yet another blingtastic performance, O4S image

    Sorry your 10k didn't quite go to plan, FRC. 41:59 is not a bad time and most importantly you stuck it out. Great progress for Mrs. FRC though.

    Hi to SiUK.

    Hey and welcome back 40!

    Just 3 gentle recovery miles this morning. Back in work today image


  • xpost Freemers: brilliant running!! I quite like 200s. They are over before they can hurt too much image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Nice running Freemers.  Moz has had me doing some of those 200m sessions and I agree they are great for the likes of us who prefer the longer stuff and find the faster stuff hard.  A lot of effort but not to long so the negative thoughts don't have time to creep in.  That Pfitzinger interview was brilliant.  Might listen to it again today.

    FRC - you were shit! image  Seriously, I wouldn't be worrying about it.  Sounds like you have some kind of lurgy and you just need to move on.  Sounds like you may have some injury going on - you've mentioned the achilles before.  Perhaps a couple of weeks complete rest might be in order?

    SiUK - a lot of us on here have achieved 3:30 and some are still working towards it.   Its a nice time to bag and a big stepping stone to faster stuff.  Tell us more about your pbs, running etc.

    Simon - can a progressive be a recovery? image

    I've slept most of the hangover off now but left with a sore throat.  Today is 11 miles, 3 easy and 8 steady. 

    Its great running in the daylight and I'm making the most of it!

  • Hi Guys I started running in January last year having been pretty un-active for about 13 years, didn't think I liked running but gave it a go to increase fitness and lose weight and got into it started to enjoy it.

    My PBs are

    5K 20:19

    10K 43:51

    Half Marathon 1:37:44

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    So you're spot on with your race times.  Just need to build up the endurance now.  What kind of long runs are you doing at the moment and how do you find them?  Are you male or female??? This can make a big difference! image  Do you have a HM planned before the marathon?


  • Well done to O4S, DD and BA for being plain crazeeee. Good job it was n't today the weather is shocking again down here. Congrats on the bling O4S.

    FRC -  Bad day for you, obviously something not right, you are better than that, move on to the next one. Well done to Mrs FRC.

    Good running by all over the weekend especially those with hangovers, my last drink was a session in the pool bar (and after) in mexico early November and next one will be celebrating or commiserating on 16 Mar. 

    40M - Hi , which mara are you running?

    Welcome SiUK,  3:15 does look a bit optimistic but 3:30 is doable with your current times,  but more importantly for the first one is finishing.  

    5 slow yesterday giving me 50 for the week and 4 slow this morning in the wind/rain.

  • Hi gang,

    well done on the Bling O4S, there is no stopping you! Good runs from DD and BA too, sounds like a difficult course.

    Nice intervals Freemers and up to 20 miles on those long runs already, going strong.

    Minni - good you've got a 20 in, scary coming across an accident, hopefully it wasn't too bad?

    KFC - good you've found your mojo, sometimes a break is just what you need before coming back with vigor!

    Chick - boo that you are back to work image Nice to see your mileage building back up.

    Carrot - good for you doing 17.5 in that wind, beat the spa evening was fun.

    Pink - how is your knee now? Please don't leave it too long to see a physio if it continues to play up, speaking from experience, best to have it seen to before it gets worse.

    FRC - sounds like you weren't 100%, put it behind you. Well done to Mrs FRC.

    Barry - nice mileage from you.

    Welcome 40M and SiUK - you'll get lots of support on here.

    Half marathon training starts today for Mr Kiwi and I - obviously with our combined recent ill health, we've not had the best base training, so will be easing into it gently. Excited to have a race to train towards! Will see how things go, if the knee holds up plan to book an autumn marathon this year.

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