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  • Hi gang, and a belated happy Christmas!

    Kiwi, I'm guessing that's Brentwood HM you're training towards? I'm doing Great Bentley in Feb and then Brentwood in March. Before that I've just signed up for the Benfleet 15 in a few weeks, which is meant to be pretty tough (and having done cross country on part of the course, I'm pretty certain it will be). Have you done it before? Will you be coming along to the club again now you're back in training?

    Congrats on winning more bling O4S! You are really flying at the moment!

    FRC, bad luck on the 10k. I'd just write that one off. You were probably still feeling the after-effects of your bug.

    Welcome, SiUK and 40M!

    Well done on those getting the long runs in early - all looking good for some good marathons this spring.

    Been a few weeks since I posted. Got man flu just after my fast 20-miler a few weeks ago, and struggled to find my mojo for a couple of weeks afterwards, not helped by a busy time over Christmas. Last week I was finding everything a real effort, but had a few days off, a really good night's sleep and set out on a training HM on Saturday morning, aiming to run about 7:10s. Went off too fast but felt comfortable so went with it and ended up running 1:30:56 for an undulating 13.1 miles! Just need to turn these training times into good race performances over the next couple of months...

  • Hi guys - I'm back at work today image

    Cross country race yesterday was a great success. Everyone loved it. image

  • I'm 27 and male. I have a bit of a higher BMI than is ideal but I have lost about 2 stone since I started last January. My long runs at the moment have been about 10 miles. I ran 12 yesterday at a 8:14 pace and I was running 15 miles in the lead up to my half marathon I am planning to run Llanelli half on March 3rd
  • SiUK: welcome, the girls will sort you out

    Free: yep i like 200's as well, the trick is to keep the recover Short.

    40Mins; nice to see you back

    Darren: your going to be busy

    A fabulous four for me today, all niggles hurting as expected so it was nice and easy. 

  • Very well ran over what sounds like a challenging course O4S! The bullets look great.  Yes, you should be afraid of race directors at those parkruns!

    That's a quick 12M 40 minutes. I'm training for Barcelona in mid-March hence the 17 milers.  Everyone else is just bonkers.

    Welcome SiUK, which training plan are you following?  You've raced some decent times from only running a few years.

    Shame the 10K didn't go to plan FRC, sounds like you've got a bit of underlying illness or a bug.  Onwards on upwards!

    That's a good session Free. Nice change to the longer reps once in a while.  Well done on the first 20M too!

    I'm enjoying the daylight running too Minni, and not having to get up at a ridiculous hour!

    Fabulous 4M easy must be the order of the day, same from me too. Spa evening last night was lovely, so relaxing! 


  • SiUK: for what it's worth (bearing in mind I'm one of those who hasn't got under 3.30) I reckon you need to concentrate on getting your long run up towards 20 miles and then start putting some MP miles into the long run. When I was considerably younger, my PBs were similar to yours, but a bit quicker for 10k and HM, yet I never managed a sub 3.30 marathon. I put in down to not enough long runs and doing all the long runs at an easy pace, so I couldn't maintain the pace over the second half of the marathon. 

    I now need about 92.5% age grading to go sub 3.30 so have set more realistic targets!!

  • Evening all

    well done on all the long runs ladies image

    O4S - truly fabulous. New trophy room in your new house?!

    frc - those races make us stronger. You must be ill though. 

    Welcome Si

    barry - nice mileage. 

    I did an all day booze sesh on Saturday. Went to bed at midnight. Up early and out to do my 14 miler before the hangover kicked in. Nice icy roads to make it harderimage  42miles for the week. 

    Fabulous 4 must be the order of the too!

  • Thank you for the welcome everyone.

    I am following the 16 week RW ultimate marathon schedule sub 3:30

    The long Sunday runs are as follows.

    Week 1 - 12 Miles (sub 3:15 schedule before I decided to switch)

    Week 2 - 11 miles

    Week 3 - 13 miles

    week 4 - 14 Miles

    Week 5 - 15 miles

    Week 6 - 18 miles

    Week 7 - 20 miles

    Week 8 - 15 miles

    Week 9 - 20 miles

    Week 10 - 13.1 miles

    Week 11 - 20 miles

    Week 12 - 22 miles

    Week 13 - 20 miles

    Week 14 - 18 miles

    Week 15 - 12 miles

    Week 16 - Marathon

    Do you think the mileage is high enough and enough long sessions?

    My sticking points here are I am currently revising for an exam and my wife and I are due a baby 2 weeks prior to the marathon so I have a lot going on.  However I am pretty stubborn minded and driven.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I hope the baby isn't two weeks late!  I think that sounds fine for you. Just make sure you get the long runs in - they are the most important.

    Nice 14 AA.

    A fabulous failure for me today.  Went out for a warm up with the dog but it was so vile and I'm not feeling great so canned it.  Feel like I've got the lurgy but in all honesty I think its probably day 2 of the hangover. image


  • SiUK: the mileage is fine, its the pace which is all important. Make sure the last 6 miles of those long runs are at Marathon pace. Equally miles wont work unless you include speedwork and tempo runs, you have to learn what each pace feels like. 

  • Minni  - 2 day hangovers, I don't miss those.

    Daren - very impressive HM training run.

    SiUK - I'm following the 3:15 plan, for your first marathon the amount and distance of long runs is fine .  I would concentrate on getting the long runs done building your endurance, the RW plans have some MP(steady) runs during the week, and if your training is going well potentially put some MP miles in on the last couple of long runs.

  • Nice 14 AA.

    Daren - yup, Mr Kiwi + I shall be running Brentwood half. i did the Benfleet 15 in 2012, loved it, quite hilly and the start was a bit congestioned at points where you had to wait on others,to climb over turnstils but you'll be faster + nearer the front so shouldn't be too much of a problem, some nasty hills, not sure if they've changed it now to include part of the olympic mountain biking track..?

  • Hi All - Back again with tail between legs image.......Shameful year from me virtually no running at all maybe about 8 weeks running this year. I entered the great north run because my cousin was doing his first and only had 4 weeks to train after 6 months off ( not through injury but sheer laziness ) . amazingly ( although not for you guys on here ) I ran 1:44 and was well chuffed considering how out of shape I was and felt I had the bug I am now and that was my last run of the year, pathetic . I am going to try and make a pact that this year I will keep my running as a regular part of my life and achieve what I know I can if I put my mind to it.


    I got the Ronnie o'sullivan book this xmas and its really made me think that I need to run all the time to help me balance my life ....its really annoying having to start from complete scratch all the time like some sort of ricky hatton training regime, I never even give myself a chance tbh !!!


    it all ends now coming into 2014 and tomorrow I will be back on the road for 3 months mileage build this space and thanks for listening

  • glyn - good for you. 

    Had to go back to my original name as mine had gone!

  • KFC welcome back

    O4S congtratulations on more bling image

    welcome SiUk

    good mileage AA - I guess the foot is holding up?

    FRC sorry to hear the race didn't go great for you. Well done to Mrs FRC

    Kiwi I'm being sensible but planning to book in to see a physio at my old running club if it continues - Barry went to see him with his calf prob so I know that he will be ok.

    Rest day for me yesterday & back to work image although the time did go really quick. Back in to work today & running kit is packed for a run at lunchtime. Hopefully the knee will be ok. I'm switching back to my other trainers to see if that will make a difference.

    Hope you all have a great New Year's Eve image

  • Pink - the foot is doin really well thanks. It's my opposite hip that's causing me more issues image

    Just back from the shittiest run yet. Supposed to do 8 miles with 10x100m strides. Had absolutely nothing in my legs. Every turn was into the wind. gave up the strides after 3 efforts and jogged it out to make it 9 miles. No mojo. one of those "wish I hadn't bothered" runs! 

  • Glyn -  Welcome back, sounds like a plan just got to stick to it.image Any races planned to add a bit of extra motivation, maybe a few Parkruns if you've got one nearby.

    AA - At  least 9 miles banked if not what you wanted.

    7.5 miles this morning for me including 10 x 2 min hills repeats, headwind on the way upimage but all good training.image

    2013 not a good year personally  and a bit of a disappointment running wise.  London and Berlin Marathons were enjoyable and a great experience but the results were n't what I wanted. Just over 1000 miles logged.image
    On the plus side  managed a 1:28 HM at Wokingham and got a 5K PB in September.  Managed to meet up with AA and FRC and I'm sure I saw O4S run past while spectating at Swindon HM. And great that Pink has joined the madness and is now running,  improving and kinda understands why I do it.

    Here's hoping for a injury free and better 2014.

  • Just foolishly did a lunchtime 'plank challenge' with two guys from work. Managed 5 minutes image. Was beaten by one of them by 8 seconds, although he is a personal trainer so no shame in that. Back is killing me now!

  • Welcome back Glyn. Stick around and get those runs in image

    AA: maybe it was a bit too much doing 9 straight after 14?

    Daren: yet another impressive training run!! 5mins of planning is hard core (pun intended)

    Barry: yeah, I second that. Let 2014 be fast and injury- free

    Beautiful sunshine here but looks are deceiving. Pretty cold with a strong wind. Managed 10 and a bit steady around 7:54 pace. My legs felt dead :-/
  • Six miles including 4 @ MP for my last run of 2013. A bit wimpy as it was on the treadmill - that wind is a killer so you can't get down about your run AA.

    1,872 miles banked for the year and over 200 in December which I'm happy with image.

    Wishing all my forum friends a Happy New Year, full of PBs and good running image

  • AA I wouldn't be worried about not hitting the pace when it's windy like today.  I wonder who has nicked your name?!

    Si that looks like decent enough mileage.  As long as the baby is on time, or even a week early, that should be OK, you'd be dropping mileage by then anyway.  It's just the sleep deprivation that might be a problem!

    Two day hangover image Enjoy the time on the wagon Minni!

    Good hill session Barry!

    5 minutes is a decent plank Daren.

    My last run of 2013 was 10M steady.  Very wet and windy out there, I was picturing Barcelona the whole way!  2,417 miles logged this year.  This included:
    13 minutes off my marathon PB
    3 minutes off my half marathon
    4 minutes off my 10 mile
    3 minutes off my 10K
    and a measly 40 seconds off my 5K, but 5K is a stupid distance anyway.
    There's been crummy races, hungover races, brilliant races and the XC Nationals in February in the snow which was beyond ridiculous.

    Roll on 2014 image

  • You had an amazing year, carrot!!

    Not many races for me but

    5 mins off my marathon PB

    5 mins off my HM PB

    half a minute off my 10 k PB

    Guess I cannot complain.

    There was a ridiculous amount of race cancellations in Jan, Feb and March due to ice and snow and I remember being really pissed off when I had to battle against yet another blizzard ... I had my usual shit phase over the summer but I'm used to that. And when I hoped to speed up again in September I got injured. But thanks to a brilliant doc I am a lot further with my training than I thought I would be when I restarted image

    110 days till Boston!!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Welcome back Glyn.

    Daren - you planker!

    I didn't run today as I'm still feeling under the weather.  Thinking its slightly more than a hangover now!   Still hoping to race tomorrow though. 

    1961 running miles recorded, which is slightly lower than last year. 

    • Some cycling miles, especially earlier in the year but I don't keep a note of them.
    • No swimming miles!


    • Biggest highlight was definitely the marathon.  I never really thought I would reach this standard and I still find it hard to believe sometimes.  To come down The Mall and see 3:15 on that clock is a moment I'll never forget and I still get a lump in my throat when I think about it.   I have to give credit to Morgahan for this because undoubtedly without his coaching over the past couple of years I'd still be at the 3:30 mark, or might have given up.
    • Joining a bigger club as second claim and running in their XC team has been really enjoyable.
    • Finishing well up in races and winning quite a few V40s


    • None


    • 10k: 42:52
    • HM: 1:31:21
    • Marathon: 3:15:48

    Goals for 2014:

    1. Marathon PB
    2. sub 1:30 HM
    3. Part of the winning ladies team at Thunder Run
    4. First ultra
    5. Enter Comrades 2015
    6. Give up drink

    Here's to a great 2014!

    (Barry - I'll sort that race list out)

  • AA look after the hip but don't be disappointed as you still ran 9 miles

    Went out lunchtime today for 5 miles - 4 of them hills & my knee was ok, interestingly I wore my old trainers & felt ok. Nice to go back to work only for the office to be closed down early

    As I have only been running since last April I can't comment on any major races but highlight's for me have been:

    • Deciding not to get too comfy on the sofa after my foot operation & believing that I can run again.
    • Listening to my OH's advise on running & sticking to it - yes he will be shocked at that one!
    • Knocking 6 minutes off my 5 mile time
    • Convincing myself that I can run a park run & enjoy it - I've ran 6 now
    • taking part in a 10k & achieving my goal of under an hour - I think it was 48 minutes.
    • Joining this thread

    I don't really have any lows apart from feeling Barry's disappointment at London as I knew how much it meant to him.

    Happy New Year everyone


  • Minni - You've got no chance with No.6image.

    AA - Count it as miles in the tank.

    Glyn - Welcome back, and have a good 2014.

    Daren - You'll have to challenge Spoons to a plank comp!

    A large meat feast pizza for lunch put paid to any fast pace miles in my planned 8miler. So took it easy to avoid puking, and made it into 9.9m @ 9.17, and miles in the tank. Due PF injury earlier in year, limited running, so no races, so no Pb's atal, but plenty of cycling. But even that came to a sudden halt in the endimage, but at least running injury free againimage.

  • *scuttles off to do a 5:09 plank*

    Well I'm ending with 2 thoughts. 2013 was the lowest mileage I've run in years. I'm starting 2014 the same way as 2013. With calf/shin/ankle pain. I'm supposed to be doing a 10km race tomorrow but not sure now. I may give it a go and see how it goes. If it's anything like my last couple of runs I'll pull out after a mile.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  • 2013 started badly, culminating with a PW at VLM. Then more or less stopped running  over the summer and took to two wheels with a great trip from Bristol to Spain and across the Pyrennees. Running mojo returned and have really enjoyed the shorter distances from Oct - Dec. I found the marathon training became a drag and not sure I can be bothered again, might just give it a whirl on the day and see what happens! 

    Highlight: achieving 89.5% age grading on Boxing Day

    2014 target: at least one 90%+ age graded run

    Happy New Year - our 10k run is looking like a swim..........

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    O4S - 90% is something the rest of us can only dream of but it's well within your reach.  Champagne will be in order when you do it. Did you ever imagine you'd be saying that you enjoy shorter distance? 

  • Spoons2Spoons2 ✭✭✭

    O4S - 90% is well within your grasp. Will you be giving up or doing less ultras?

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