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  • Happy new year team!

    chick - excellent hill reps. Love those hills!

    carrot - you've had a cracking year. 

    bro - this is your year!

    spoons - your gf is now faster than you haha! Always gonna happen!

    2013 for me ... Never count the miles but got a nice HM pb 1:29.06 and 7 mins marathon pb- 3:19. And knocked out a Half ironman on a skank PF foot. First ever YKW in oxford too! Just happy to be back running again. 10 miles on tready done as all the bloody lanes are flooded here again image

  • 4 mile recovery run here, lovely sunny day but more gales and floods forecast for tomorrow image

    Nice hills Chick, I stayed fairly flat today after the last two races but need to get back to hills soon.

    Spoons: BA sympathises image

  • Spoons2Spoons2 ✭✭✭

    Freemers - yes - PB for her. She's getting quicker and I'm getting slower. I still hold all the best PBs though. But for how long..... image

  • Whoops, I forgot to congratulate Minni on her 10k image   Of course we ignore Garmin measurements. If it's billed as a 10k than you bloody well ran 10k image

    Bro: a bit jealous of your weight loss. I ate like a pig and I look like one at the mo image But yeah, here's to a dry January image

  • Happy 2014 everyone image

    Well done on the Resolution 10K Minni, it was pretty grim out there yesterday afternoon so can only imagine what it was like on the Town Moor.

    Barry I'm just training a differently.  I think joining the club and getting a weekly track session has really helped too.  I always wonder why we get funny looks from others when we're out running in bad weather - from people who are also out in the wind and rain!

    O4S well done on getting a decent result at your third race, that's a nice scoop of prizes! Sounds like it was a comical evening last night at your belated Christmas dinner....

    At least the 10K was pain free Spoons! Well done to your GF too, how very chivalrous to let her get ahead image

    Not surprised your legs are trashed after that session Chick!

    Weight loss over Christmas time Bro, nice one. Well done getting in all those sessions.

    No such thing as a quiet New Year for the Northern Veggies.  Ended up having a vast quantity of wine and curry in a packed pub on New Year's Eve, got up and did two parkruns yesterday morning at 9am and 10:30am, then back out again yesterday afternoon 'for a few' - eventually rolled home some time around midnight.  Back to work tomorrow but at least it's only a one-day week image

  • Happy new year thread. Hmmm most names back to normal, apart from AAs... Always Aching ?

    You'd think everyone else was training for something? image great long runs by Minni, Simon, Spoons, Carrot, Chic, Freemers, bloody everyone.

    Chic, a 60 mile week already? Some great mileage by Carrot.

    Pinklady, how is the knee?

    Great race(s) O4S, and DD.. Hope the groin niggles are minor.

    DarenF a 1:31 half in training? Wow.

    Minni tee total? Wtf?

    SiUk, welcome. think I'd aim to just finish first marathon no sub 3:30. Get a safe 3:30-3:50 rather than horrible blowout, then enter autumn one with all that experience - and not Snowdonia image

    Have had flu / virus last few days but no sign last week. Helps makes sense, sort of. Arms very weak, and even balance off, almost passed out Monday walking around house, just managed to get on the bed. Lots of Christmas cake & mince pies since to compensate image

    Minni, long term injury 2008-10 was left Achilles, caused by left hip problem, chiropractor fixed in 2011. Occasional twinges but that XC race really pushed it hard wearing spikes - no XC for time being. Too risky.

    Off for a steady run, test achilles, meet up with club pals.

    Have a great year everyone
  • Bro - How about perfect travel plans for 2014, as one of your resolutionsimage.

    FRC - Hope your Achilles holds out.

     Beautiful, sunny, cool calmish day for my intervals, 6x800m with w/u and c/d. Aiming for 3:30 ie 7mmp. 3:35, and 3:34 to start, then next 4 went pear shaped, 3:52, 3:53, 3:52, 3:42. These were the 1st intervals of this campaign, and also 1st since Mar 2012, so that's probably why they were pants, but 5.74m in the sunshineimage. No weight loss here, and still another Christmas pudd to go. My sister said she def wanted one for when she came up 29Dec, but then decided she didn't, so spare Pudd and brandy sauce, (women)image.

  • Rubbish interval session for me tonight. Knew it was going to be as I was knackered before I started - some tough sessions in the past week plus haven't had any time off work to recover from NYE like most of you probably have! Meant to be 5 x mile @ 10k pace with 400m steady recoveries. Reps went 6:25/6:26/6:33 with recoveries @ 7:4x before I baled out after 3 reps with nothing left in the tank. Not too concerned, as that's a ridiculously tough session even on fresh legs.

  • I ran the Brighton Marathon last year, did it in 3.31 which for my first ever marathon I was pretty pleased with!

    For my training I downloaded a plan on this website and transferred it on to my Garmin Forerunner 300 which I used.

    I was looking for the same shedule again, was a 16 week program, the link no longer seems to be available on this website? Not sure why Was wondering whether anyone knew how I could download the same plan again on to my garmin device / in to the training schedule? 



  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    O4S - Please can I be in your gang?  I was first V40 on NYD. image

  • evening all ...started the long fitness rebuild with my first run 4miles in 36minutes, was a bit of a shock to the system but its a start image 

  • Minni: a junior member I assume image  I can teach you a thing or two about dinner parties image  never mind the growing old disgracefully, which I am told I am pretty ace at. The running is an entirely different matter......... Congrats on the position (child that you are)

    Battening down the hatches here, surrounded by severe flood warnings (danger to life) and very glad we live on a hill!!

  • Frc - always aching was my original name 10 years ago and I shortened it!

    o4s - looks awful out your way. Our village is on top of a hill which brings quite a smug feeling but everywhere around us floods! 

    Minni - cracking start to the year for you!

  • Minni - congrats on the bling, great start to 2014!

    Glyn - you + me both, on the long road back, good to be back out there image

    Not sure Will if you have to subscribe to the magazine nowadays to access the schedules etc..?

    thanks Chick + Daren for the come back advice - have been plodding out 3 milers, did 4 yesterday + felt great was going to go further but stopped while still feeling good. am wearing the garmin but only so i know how many miles i've done. still doing the physio exercises, stretching thoroughly + rollering aftereards, all takes longer than the actual running but needs must!

  • well done Minni on the 10k

    FRC I changed back to different trainers & the knee is not as bad.

    5 miles for me yesterday with 3 @ him pace, getting there. Supposed to be rest day today but packed my kit for lunchtime running. Swimming training this evening as well

  • Rumour has it I have just entered the Yorkshire Marathon...

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭


    Me too Daren!  Race ya!

  • yay Daren + Minni! i was so tempted, course looks fabulously flat but really couldn't afford the £38 post Christmas (bummer of vowing not to touch the credit card in 2014!).

    however, the flat Abingdon is also mid October + entries opened on Feb 1st last year, so going to go for that image

  • And me! The Yorkshire posse rules image Daren - I have nearly fallen off my chair image

    Kiwi - I was toying with Abingdon too - probably go for that in 2015.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

     Excellent!   image

  • Yay Minni and Freemers! Minni, I'm not racing you - your PB is about 50 minutes better than mine remember!

  • Does a relay team have to use the pre-entry?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Yeah it's one of the things I've always enjoyed Daren, the fact that you're so good over many distances but I still have the only one that really matters.image  Not for much longer though (I'm pleased to say)

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    O4S - I don't think so. 

  • Will - don't think the Garmin ready schedules are available anymore.

    Glyn - well done for getting out.

    Should be an interesting race Minni and Freemers endurance against Daren's speed.

    Kiwi - Might see you at Abo,  if I don't do an overseas one , I've done it 4 times and it's a very good race.

    Daren - Agree yesterday was a poor day for speedy stuff that was a tough session with the recoveries. my plan was 6 including middle 4 at HMP struggled to get a 6:53 avg and it was hard work, maybe the 10 from new years day was  still in my legs.




  • I'm in the Yorkshire mara as well- yay!!!imageimage

    Sounds like yesterday wasn't a good day for quality stuff for anyone. My tempo had to be cut short- it just wasn't happening. I blame the shock of having to get up at 5.30 after 2 weeks of lie ins... Was knackered all dayimage. Back to the normal routine now so hopefully can nail it next time.

    Was supposed to do a short plod before work but the howling wind and rain outside made me reconsider.image Will go out at lunch and run home instead. The first dry weekend of January looming...image

  • Another sat on a hill smirking as the water flows down the hill.

    Minni: wow enjoying 10k's, shock, horror

    Enjoy York folks, will decide my autumn schedule later in the year.

    Day 1 on wagon completed, seems a long time until April! Though i have a weeks skiing and i wont be dry then.

    Will run hill repeats later.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Bugger my guard was down. I forgot I'm supposed to hate them! O4S's enthusiasm is rubbing off on me! 

    Daren - pity you hadn't thought earlier and entered the Asics competition. I'm sure you would have won the sub 4 group! image

  • Will - Yes the mara and half mara garmin scheds don't work, only the 10k plan. Could be only for subscribers now!. There's these training plans on garmin connect site you can download........

  • Daren - get you!!!   Well, it's about time image

    Enjoy the hill reps, DD image

    Why on earth did I decide to do 11 miles steady todayimage?? Idiot! My legs had nothing in them and it was windy (again ... yawn). Anyway, pleased I managed 11 and a bit miles but it was not enjoyable at all and my legs really, really hated me!

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