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  • 2old - Had to google where you are -  sounds funimage

    AA - Good luck and enjoy for tomorrow, hope you're ready,  raring to go and hammy is behaving.  Weather looks kinder for tomorrow.

  • Hi 2old, say hello to Ragnar, I have just finished watching the last Season of Vikings image You on a cruise?


    Lovely 10 miles this morning, no wind here and sunny image Not quite tropical but as good as it gets for the beginning of October..... I'll take this in two weeks!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Nell- yes but nearly over. I read and enjoyed the Viking series of books earlier this year . Interesting visiting where they cam from .Looking forward to a run on dry land though a TM in rough seas is an interesting challenge .

    Barry- how's the injury?

    AA- smash it tomorrow please. Good luck
  • thanks guys. Feeling a bit nervous. 

  • As you all know, I totally messed that up doing 3:53. Bit gutted. I set off well and felt like I was reigning it in to start with. Then @12/14 miles things started to get tough running along the sea. It just got hotter and hotter and I couldn't get enough water into me. Couple of killer hills up the cliffs felt too hard. I was feeling really dizzy with the heat. Anyway I saw my 3:50 goal slip away. There was no water @ Poole harbour which was 21-24 miles and I was flagging big time.  Anyway - somehow  still forget the pain of a marathon even after so many! think I may defer London next year and concentrate on my ironman challenge! 

    Barry - please tell me I can manage ironman pain better than I did yesterday. All i got was more mental strength fr finishing it!!!

  • Hi guys, remember me??

    AA: sounds painful - which marathon was that? Are you definitely planning an ironman?? image Respect!!

    I've put running on hold more or less because I realised my injury was there for a reason. The reason being that I ought to focus more on strength. So, I've joined a gym. I'm doing a yoga class once a week (yes, me - the most inflexible person on the planet). But I quite enjoy it in a slightly masochistic way. I also do spinning and various core and conditioning classes.

    Oh, and I've finally learned how to swim properly (i. e. proper front crawl instead of ridiculous doggy-paddle or girly breast-stroke). Still incredibly slow but I finally feel ok in the pool and quite enjoy counting the tiles image

  • Hi AA, Sorry to hear things didn't quite go to plan. Deferring London and concentrating on an Ironman and you ask Barry will it be easier? image

    Enjoy the rest....

    Hi 2old, TM on a rough sea.....ouch!

    Hi Chick, Strength is the key. I attended some Pilates classes for a period whilst my son was swimming. I am sure I was the side entertainment and the others positioned themselves to watch me fall over and struggle!

    Hope the cross training helps image


    Having got over the ITB issues, I developed a pain in my lower back upper right glute on Sunday. At 8 miles I was going to stop and then it eased off and I finished the 16. It was pretty uncomfortable after that and after 3 miles yesterday came back on again. Binned todays interval session and have an appointment booked tomorrow with the massage wonder... Been stretching, icing and praying. Not ideal with under 2 weeks until Amsterdam image

  • nell - Cotton wool time for you

    AA - Well done on another marathon completed( positive thoughts).  Hmmm the IM run was one of the hardest things I've done, but it is a different kind of race and especially as its first one the main thing is to keep going,  finish and accept it will be a run/walk at some point.  You've potentially picked a hot one but on the plus side there will be lots of aid stns.  Re VLM if you're going to do it still treat the IM as your priority  which I didn't do this year.  Are you going to follow a plan, I'm doing Fink 30 week plan starting in November rather than DIY this year.

    Chick - I've been doing S&C 3 times a week trying to get more injury resilient.  And welcome to the dark side, don't worry about your swimming speed I'm still slow but can do the distance, when's your first tri?image

    Still no running from me image but maybe next week.

  • Mate of mine wanted to sign us up for the inaugural IM Hamburg 2017 image  I said no way. There's a tri on my doorstep in June next year. Might try that... image  although I'd like to get some open-water swimming experience first. The pool is fine for now but it ain't the real thing.

    Oh, and the thought of fancy bikes, wetsuits and other expensive must-have tri-gear puts me off a leeettle image

    A good hour of technical drills in the pool done this morning. Is it normal that I find swimming loads more exhausting than running?

    Fingers crossed the injury subsides in time for Amsterdam, Nell.

    And hopefully you can run at some point next week, Barry. Are you injured at the mo?

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-dont beat yourself up about the marathon-a sub 4 is very respectable .Races along sea fronts can be tough too as they just seem to go on and on even though you can often see virtually to the end. Maybe tri training isn't enough for marathons? You are probably right to choose between the IM and a fast London race especially as you want that gfa.

    Chick-good to see you back and now a technically good swimmer too.Triathlons await you.I think I beat you in the inflexibility stakes 

    Barry-it seems a long time since you last ran..hope it happens next week

    Nell-fingers crossed that niggle fixes quickly. I stopped off in Amsterdam last week and was nearly wiped out by numerous bikes.Hope they stop them for your race.

    Back on dry land now after an interesting but overindulgent Baltic cruise-Stockholm,Helsinki,St Petersburg,Talinne,Riga,Copenhagen,Malmo,Amsterdam and Brugges. Lots of sight seeing but no 'on land' runs so I kept the TM busy. Week before last I managed nearly 50 miles and last week just over 40 but no LRs.

    Still undecided about Leicester which is on 23rd-I will see how my LR goes this weekend though I was happy with my 8 miler last night 4 miles of which were sub7mm

  • chick -  Yeah lots of gear to choose from, part of the fun, but don't need a fancy bike just ask 2oldimage.  Yeah found swimming hard work at first, all about technique and as runners we are used to getting oxygen all the time,swim fitness  it will come with time and well done for learning to swim "properly".  I picked up a hip injury in June so didn't run before my IM in July and ran/walked the run which didn't help, hopefully over it now and back running soon.

    2old - yeah has been a while, but want to make sure I'm fully over it.  Did you have a plan for Leicester, PB attempt?

    1 hour high rpm bike yesterday,  1k swim and gym this morning.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-since the pedal fell off my 30 year old bike I've had no option but to use my 'pride and joy'but it has still to go out in the day maybeimage.Did you say to Chick your swim was slow?Didn't look that way in your IM. Are you waiting for a physio's go ahead to run or just listening to your body? Still unsure about Leicester-even whether I will do it-but definitely not a PB attempt-leaving that to London all being well.

    A cnba'd day yesterday and 11m on the TM today which is just as well as I have just been told I have a flu jab later.

  • So my 50 quid MTB will do image

    I'm sort of hoping that open water swimming will feel a bit better just as running outside feels so much easier and more natural than the treadie. My asthma doesn't think too highly of chlorine so breathing is a bit of an issue but the inhaler helps. I'm also counting on a wettie to help with buoyancy image

    Hope the hip is on the mend, Barry.

    S&C class at the gym plus yoga today image

  • 2old - rhas impressive mileage for a treadmill and a holiday!!! Nice one! 

    Barry - when are you planning to run again? Yes - I bought Fink's Be Iron Fit book and and looking at a 30 week schedule for that. I start in Jan. When's yours?

    nell - how's the injury???

    chick - welcome back my lovely! I heard about Hamburg!!! Good to see that you're now swimming. Open water swimming is easier than the pool if you ask me! 

    Im over my failure at Bournemouth now. I always knew it was gonna be touch and go with the sub 3:50. Hey ho! Went to the pool yesterday for first time this year!! My arms ache today....I miss my wetsuit!! Gonna get out on the bike this weekend. im looking forward to getting my teeth into this IM training now! I've entered a sportive in 3 weeks...73 miles. Never cycled that far!!!! Be good motivation for me! 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick- my 30 year old bike cost ??40 so in inflationary terms I'd get a carbon road bike for that now!

    AA- like your positivity , another week another race. Not sure my holiday mileage is right for a marathon and I Carbo loaded too soon

    20 miler done today after 9 at MP yesterday making 54m this week.Felt tough - 8.05mm AV after easy start-and I needed a drink stop. Still not sure about Leicester especially as Mrs2O couldn't be persuaded that it was a short break holiday . Anyway if I am going it's now taper time which seems odd .

    Walking in the lakes tomorrow.
  • Disappointed.

    Unsuccessful balot entry for London 2017.

    That's now 9 years in a row.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Geoff-maybe  time to go for a charity place. It's not as difficult as you think to raise the cash when its for a worthy cause. Alternatively get yourself a gfa image How's your running going btw ?

    Nice day in the Lakes yesterday. Love it when the sun shines there.6 miles at 7.30mm av this evening  . Provisionally booked my Leicester hotel today so I can decide next week if I really want to put myself through it again one more time this year  

    Oh yes my London GFA place arrived today- sorry Geoff  . Wonder if Miss2O got in in the ballot?


  • 2Old - I have approached 2 charities and waiting conformation to see if I get a place with them, both good causes, should know by the end of the week. My running is going very well thank you even though that I may not post on here much at the moment, currently not training for anything, but think this is about to change, my times are just outside a gfa time, but a target within range though.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Geoff-good luck with the charities.Glad the training is going well.What plan are you looking at for London?I'm probably at the same level now after a Summer of excess which is normal for me but I somehow manage to get it all together for April as long as I avoid injuries and the ravages of age.

    First swim for a while today so it was even slower than usual .Miss 2O received a rejection magazine yesterday which secretly probably made her very happy.

  • tough luck, Geoff image hope the charity route works out.

    Guess you could just jog Leicester, 2old?

    I can't believe that I used to run marathons image Right now even 6 miles seems such a long distance.

    Did a spinning class this morning and 20mins on the treadie to cool down.

  • Hi Chick, Looks like the Tri is your new objective? I agree stay outdoors on all disciplines image

    Hi 2old, So is Leicester on?

    Hi Geoff, Hope you have luck with the charity option for London image

    Hi AA, How are you feeling?

    Hi Barry, Hope you are feeling better with the hip?

    I haven't ran since last Tuesday. Friend who is a physio was round Wednesday last week as my emergency team and my upper right glute was solid pushing out the pelvis. Lots of manipulation and screaming from me! Lots of stretching through the week and wearing heat pads to keep the muscles warm. She was back again on Sat/Sun and seemed to be a bit better, pelvis back in line now. Massage yesterday and my legs were wrecked after that last night.

    I went on the cross trainer yesterday for 10 mins and 20 mins today. Felt ok, but still feels a bit uncomfortable around the Sacrum area, wouldn't say painful.

    So I am in the unknown at the moment. We are all going over as a family for a break anyway from Fri-Tues. Physio friend coming around tomorrow for a look and see if things have improved. Stretching doesn't feel as tight as at first. Just have to see how the week pans out image


    Oh and got my London GFA magazine yesterday image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-me jog?Ha ha...I wish. So a spin class, a TM session and a swim...when is your first sprint tri? Good to see you making progress back to fitness.

    Nell-probably will do Leicester but it means missing a family race day at Aintree and spending a night in a Travel Lodge insteadimage The dreaded hip/glutes strike again. Try facing a table or kitchen work surface, lie down at the hip face down on it with both legs straight down to and on the floor, then raise one leg behind straighten it and bend leg up at the knee , repeat and do for both legs. It helps me with low back ache, tight hammys  and calf and even grumbling achilles. Looks like there will be 3 of us in London next year then....unless AA joins usimage and maybe Barry tooimage. Maybe a swim will help too? Fingers crossed you get to Amsterdam-still time to recover.

    9k run last night av 7.22mm. 


  • Hi 2old, Thanks for the stretch, seemed to hit my hammys more, but that might be the way I was doing it. I'll keep it in the mix all helps thanks image

    I think Leicester could be a lot of countryside running? I used to work in the field in the Midlands and from what I remember it was pretty nice....crikey, that was well over 20 years ago now though!

    Yes, I am warming to London again now, didn't enjoy it as much as last year. maybe because I missed all you guys at the start..image

    Friend came around last night. She didn't go in too deep and just performed some stretching and trigger point stuff. Said things look a lot better. Actually felt a lot better last night and feel a bit more free on the hip now.

    Then went to see The Divine Comedy and had a splendid evening!

    Keeping up the stretching now and trying to stay positive image still no running yet...

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell-glad the stretch helped (need to be relaxed when you do it)and that overall things look more positive for you. We need to be more organised at London next year to ensure we meet... who knows it may be my last oneimage.I quite like country runs.Looking at the route it has some similarity to Boston-a lot of that is in the country,its down hill for 6 then undulating, hills at 14 but  with a 'Heartbreak Hill' at mile  24 instead of 19-21 as in Bostonimage

    AA-hope all is well

    As usual I broke the golden rule of tapering and did some DIY yesterday and now I have a severe back strainimage .Had to bin my run yesterday and will have to do so again today as well.Glad I have a week to recover.

  • Hi all

    geoff - sorry about that. Fingers crossed with charity place. 

    2old - yes - good for you re Leicester. Wrap yourself up a bit. 

    Nell - really hope it all goes well for you at Amsterdam. And I hope it's more taper madness than anythung that's gonna hinder you on Sunday. 

    I've done a few runs since Bournemouth. And a couple of bike rides. Hammy still causing a bit of an issue. But all going ok. Mentally getting there now. My boy also didn't et into the ballot Which makes my decision harder as if he was running it I definitely wouldn't and I would cheer him on. The only way I'll take up my gfa place is if I'm in 3:30 shape else I will lose it for good! and I've had it for 16 years!! now just depends on my winter ironman training but somehow i dont think that's gonna get me in that shape!

  • We're all falling apart image

    Hope everyone's niggles heal quickly.

    I did circuits at the gym today lunchtime and now I hurt all over image

  • Blimey 2old, I would have thought you would know better! image

    Yes agree, more organisation next year. I was late this year and just threw my bag in and jumped over the pen and was off. Not the best approach.

    Hi AA, Glad to hear you are getting back out, at least with London you can leave the defer up to the death. Be good to see you though image

    Hi Chick, Them circuits use muscles you never knew existed image 

    More stretching from me..........................image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    AA- I'm not convinced that a bike focussed IM training regime will get you into sub 3.30 shape ....if you were to focus more on running and do less cycling it might be different . I don't envy you doing long rides through the winter - give me a LR any day . It's interesting how badly everyone has done in the ballot this year so you can't take the chances of losing your gfa

    Chick- bet you think running caused less pain than all the hammering cross training and gym work does to your body. I'm run fit but fit for not very much else

    Nell- yes I should know better. Fortunately my back is on the mend as I found out in a test run tonight after a Piri Piri chicken meal . Definitely intend to make proper arrangements for London next year.

    Back stiff all day but not painful so thought a short run might losen it up which it did. So another 5 and a bit miles done tonight
    2Old wrote (see)
    Chick- bet you think running caused less pain than all the hammering cross training and gym work does to your body. I'm run fit but fit for not very much else

    Same here. The only thing that I can do is run and even that not very well. So at the end of the day I'm not fit at all. My DOMS today is worse than after the last marathons I ran image

    Still did a yoga class this morning. Felt a bit better afterwards but sitting on my ass all day made things worse again.

    Will go to the pool tomorrow. Swimming should help.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- hope the DOMS are gone today. Enjoy the swim?

    Nell - is it Amsterdam tomorrow? I've lost track. If it is best of luck. 

    A bit over 10k yesterday 7.16mm av and HM distance at 7.29 mm av today. Sluggish to start but improved as I warmed up. Taper niggles - low back stiffness, right knee sore,right shoulder ache, insomnia so  all ok I guess. 

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