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  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Back from my holiday in St Lucia and its very quiet here

    AA-when is your marathon and where?Ready for it?Great tri stuff going on-you'll be ready for that IM by Xmas -then maybe you can focus on London-or is that your plan anyway?

    Chick-I bet you will run 20 miles next year-the miles are in your legs which just need a gentle reminder.Odd getting blisters so easy any idea why??Any more snow your way-the pistes need some?

    Barry-yes that  pic/banner was everywhere-what's it like to be a star?Looks like your tri training is moving along nicely

    Nell-those paces look gut busting -I wimp out when I feel my heart pumping hard but maybe I need to do some.I fancy some X country but I'm not in a running club and feel I've left it a bit late. Hope the back is ok now.

    Pretty active holiday managing on average 1.5 to2.5 hours of swimming/runs/fitness classes a day.Still managed to put on weight-all muscle I hope.The ex hurdler Colin Jackson took a few classes which made me realise what a different league he's in-even now- and how I need to do more strength and flexibility work.

    Home on Friday,10.5k run Saturday and another Lancaster HM on Sunday.Nice and cold ,just as I like it and even after the holiday still managed to scrape under 1.30 with 89.58 including a last k in 4.08m. 34th overall and 1st V55 but I left before prize giving so no idea if there was anything for that ....probably not.That's my 3rd HM this year 87m,88m and 89m .Need to reverse that trend.

    10k last night. 


  • 2old - you are doing som fantastic running and racing. What's your next goal? London? So impressed with your times even the week after a race when normal people have DOMs and take a rest!!

    barry - how are you finding the Fink training plan? Are you doing mainly indoor training? 

    Nell - fast running there.

    thanks for all your input about the portsmouth marathon but I decided not to do it and actually re focus and try and run sub 3:50 at London. If I'm not fit enough and here's a risk of injury I won't do it. Don't want to lose my gfa yet!! However, the running is coming back and for the first time all year I'm running without injury which means I can do some quality for the first time all year. so, plan is train for London and also keep up with the pool swimming and  50/60 mile cycle rides (such joy in the winter!!). Nothing too heavy until April, then pick up the bike distance and bricks. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    AA- I'm just about avoiding injury but really enjoying my running at the moment -just hoping to go into January with a good base to start marathon training properly .Your going really well now - some fast long swims already and great cycling in horrible conditions . Build up your run miles and that GFA will be in the bag ...Nell and I need you at the start in London with us

    A couple of swims this week and 15 k last night
  • Top pics, Barry image  Fame at last image

    AA: smart move to bin the marathon, especially as you are injury-free. 26.2 would probably just set you back.

    Sounds like a lovely active holiday, 2old. It's 10 degrees here, so no chance of snow. Hope it's better where the mountains are image

    I'm currently swimming twice per week, do 3 or 4 runs and regular yoga/core/strength work. It's a lot less boring than grinding out mile after mile on dark, wet mornings. I can feel my age though. Everything feels a bit creaky image


  • 2old - very well done on the half, if I'd known about the 10k today I could have stayed in london another day and attempted to stay with you  Yeah fame but would have swapped it for a sub 3:15image

    chick - Happy to hear your enjoying the mixed training, are you planning to "tri" next year.

    AA - Sounds like a plan for London and you have a good amount of time after before your IM.  Yeah mainly indoor training, still protecting the hip a little and can't be arsed getting the road bike out in the cold/wet for short rides. and so far enjoying Fink, nothing too arduous yet which is helping my return to running

    Training going well, went under the hour for the first time last week for 2.5k pool swim, not quick but quick for me. A couple of days in London this week including seeing Biffy Clyro and they were incredible live.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick - pray for some snow in the Aarlburg soon for me. Think Barry is right ...a tri next year?

    Barry- you must have left London as I arrived ...nightmare drive . The 10k was an after thought . Needed you there to push me along instead of wimping out when it hurt . I'm not organised enough to arrange going to a concert and doing a race . Sounds like a good band. Glad to see all us back on track for you and great going with your swimming-your patience is paying off - I go backwards if I stop for any time . Looking positive for the New Year for you .

    Chick- probably wise to give the marathon a miss. Your swims are so fast ...sorry for repeating myself

    Completed a 50m week with the Regents Park 10k. Didn't know what to expect as I've done no speed work for a long while. Still had my eye on sub 40min but soon realised it wasn't to be. 3 laps of the park resulted in 42.09, 48th male and 1st in the V50-59 age group so not so bad really -no I was sh!t . That's all my races for the year done and an essy end to the year to come .Nice 9 m run along the Thames today.
  • 2Old wrote (see)

    Chick- probably wise to give the marathon a miss. Your swims are so fast ...sorry for repeating myself

    You meant AA there, 2old. My swims are the slowest on here image 

    I'd take that 10k time any day 2old. I've never broken 43 mins image  mind you, I've never really trained or tried and now I'm at that stage in my life where lose a number of seconds each year.

    7 miles jogged in the rain. Wonder if my mojo will re-appear in January. I really had to drag myself around ...

    If there wasn't the gear thing I'd be tempted to "tri" but I can't be arsed with fancy bikes and wetsuits. Maybe once I get better at this swimming lark.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick- oops a senior moment for me there. Don't worry about the gear - I did my first aquathlon by putting a running top on with my swim shorts and used a mountain bike for my first two TRI's. Sometimes 'it's all the gear , no idea'

    Not run since Sunday , won't hurt to have a few days off .... pity about the pounds I'm piling on with all these Xmas dinners
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Hello team!

    Sorry I've not been about.  Work is mad and I'm finding myself doing 12 hour days, which is leaving no time for much else.   Still ticking over with the running, not doing a high mileage and running mostly off road.  Another 3 months and my tibia should be fully healed (that'll be 18 months!) but its not hurting now so I'm confident its going to be fine.    

    New Year's resolution - to get back into the forum.  Nothing motivates more!

    Have a good Christmas all. 

  • Merry Christmas all. Hope Santa brought lots of good presents image

    Nice to see you Minni.

    Bring on 2017. Things can only get better.

  • Merry Xmas all.

    Chick - know what you mean but don't need all the gear for a sprint pool tri.

    Minni - welcome back,  looking at strava you're getting back on it.

    Training going well 2 swims 3 bikes and 4 runs this week. highlight being another sub hour 2.5k swim , maybe would have been a PB 85 lengths solo in the lane then 15 lengths in the main bit with the walkers.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Merry Xmas all
  • Great swim Barry image

    Pool tri sounds good. Might look into this.

    5 mile tempo run for me today. Happy with 7:29 pace image

    Have today and tomorrow off (no bank holiday here) but back to the grind on Thursday image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Popping in to wish you all a very Happy New Year. I'm a bit injured after a ski fall so am enforced rest for me.
  • Happy New Year all, here's to a PB smashing new achievement 2017

    2old-  a bit injured? hope nothing too serious.

    Chick - Nice pace.

    Another good week for me, all runs now outside and HR training seems to be working , travelling a little further each time for same HR.

  • Happy New Year image

    Sorry to hear about the fall, 2old. I know why I don't ski image

    Sounds good, Barry image

    5 miles with hill reps for me today this morning. Apparently they make you stronger. Felt a bit image on the last one.

    Yoga tonight.

  • Happy Christmas and happy new year team!

    chick - hill reps (vom!). Well done. 

    2old - how bad is the injury? ive never been skiing. I know I would love it and then would be addicted!!!

    barry - all going week for you which is brilliant. 

    Ive been mixing it up still. Did a massive swim with my ffiend for her birthday. She said  43x100 as she was 43. Think I'll take her out for a 45 mile run for mine in April!! But the swimming is going ok. Finding the cycling tough in these bloody freezing conditions. Still aiming for London in April at the moment if I am not injured and can manage sub3:50. Might enter reading half in march as a test. 

    So 2017 for me is the year of the ironman. vichy France. August 27th. What's everyone else's A goals??

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Hope everyone's NY celebrations went well. 

    Chick-7.29 pace ! Brilliant the recovery moves up another level

    Minni- Welcome home -are you staying running in the mountains or running the low roads like us sometime?

    Barry-all going well I see especially the swimming.The running return wont be a problem for you. 

    AA- you'd love skiing and its never too late to try it. 43x100---thats some going ...and at a fast pace. Get on the turbo and stay warm. Runs going great too I see.

    So I had a tumble off piste when I lost on edge on ice. A bit steep to say the least and I slid and tumbled about 25m at some speed twisting my left knee. It swelled up like a balloon and I worried my VLM campaign was over before it had started. Anyway its still a bit sore but improving so I have managed a few runs a swim and a ski since.Lesson learnt-don't let daughter lead me onto a closed run!

    I have a few plans-London Marathon April, Copenhagen Marathon July, maybe Liverpool Marathon July too. A HM (maybe 2)somewhere in there too plus some YKWs. Might try a HIM later in the season but only for fun and completely unprepared. I managed a record 2020 miles run last year including my 2 fastest ever marathons and a 5k pb , did my first Olli tri and a 20m pb but don't expect to match much of that this year

  • 2old - hope the knee recovers ok. Looks like it has thank goodness. That's a bloody cracking year you've just had. And some mileage. Great plans for 2017. That's what keeps us motivated hey. 

    16 miles done today. Longest since Bournemouth. Was soooo cold. Pleased that it wasn't too hard for a change!! 

  • 2old -  a very very impressive year for you.  You are getting quicker with age. I think you'll do very well at your fun HIM. Speedy recovery hopefully for you. I'm definately in the non/never skier category

    AA - Very impressive swimming and brave to go out on the bike. Well done on the 16 miles.

    Chick - Good to see balance with hill reps, well done, and yoga.

    A race this year is Lakesman IM Tri 18 Jun, may look at an autumn mara and will probably do Swindon HM in Sep, new  town centre flatter route, apparently a lot of runners steered clear of original due to being hilly , but I always ran well on it.

    Training going well this week, over 10 hours in total and even managed a couple of miles under 8 min/mile during a short brick run. image


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA- nice LR there-I'm behind with know I like to accumulate LRs image. Respect to all you hard core bikers getting out in that cold-running is fine but cycling?-No way. Did you say you are keeping your options open about London? Looking good for it so far for you .

    Barry-a few months of 10-12 hours of week and you'll be in great form.You might even be drafting behind AA in the water image. Do you think your period of absence helped with your injury recovery? It doesn't look as though its harmed your endurance much. I'm only asking because I know this person whose getting on a bit who keeps training through his injuries image

    My left leg/knee continues to trouble me so that I have to rest it a lot and refrain from doing the LR I planned. The pain is down the outside of the left knee at the joint and into the fleshy part of the left shin.Trying stretches and massage but if it continues I will visit the physio.

    Only managed 30miles last week -longest 10 plus a swim and ski and some walks and a YKW-20.51, 11th overall, 3rd in age group so still have a bit of speed. 20k on the TM today.


  • 2old -  Well done on the YKW.  The only way I'll be drafting behind AA is if she is towing meimage.   I definately needed the break from running to fix my hip, was a bit concerned with niggly pain when I returned to running, but no concerns now.  Don't  think the person you know is going to change image  I'm currently on week 8 of my 30 week plan, which consists of following:

    10 weeks base:  avg 8.5 hours per week max 11 hours
    10  weeks build :  avg 13 hours per week max 16 hours
    10 weeks peak :  avg 15 hours per week max 20 hours

    Going really well and training to time and  HR is helping me "take it easy" running wise,  week on week I'm running further at same HR

    4 x 400m swim this morning and 4 of the quickest 400m I've ever done(not quick but quick for me) image and 1 hour zone 2 run this afternoon, 7.4 mile at 8:06 avg

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-looks like the rest did you a power of good. I'm very impressed by the consistent building you are doing. I've found that its the secret to getting the best performance for a target race.Most noticeable is the easy pace of your running-in the past I rarely saw slower than 7.30mm. Where do the zones go up to?6-8? Bet you're keen to see what those deliver. Most of my runs for Jan will be slowish apart from YKWs in Feb I will introduce more speed endurance all being well.

    A 12m on the TM Monday, a 2k swim and 10m on Tuesday (to welcome another year  towards an even older age group) and a spin and 5k TM session yesterday. Bit worried when I'll get my LR in this week with the snow and nasty weather and a trip to London on their way.

    AA-I see your solution to getting the LR done-nice one.

  • 2old - Very happy with training so far,  only 4 zones as percent of max HR:

    zone 1 65 - 74%zone 2 75 - 85%
    zone 3 86 - 89%
    zone 4 90 - 95%

    As its harder to get HR up with bike compared to run , bike is 5% lower.  So everything is currently zone 2 , at first it was hard to stay in zone 2 for running but as running fitness has returned now OK.  So at the mo all training is in zone 2 (which is what should be used on IM race day), as weeks progress more and more zone 4(max 10% of training) is brought in .

    All good training last week over 10 hours done in total, 3 swims 4 runs and 3 bike.  all runs outside apart from Friday - too slippy

  • 2old - hope the knee is improving now. Have you had your ITB stripped as that can cause lateral knee pain. your knee maybe out of tracking. Look at you with your 2k swim for fun!!

    barry - really impressed with your consistent zone 2 training and can see the difference already. Do you have a turbo for the bike?

    my training is all still mixed up. still training for London as my ironman isn't til August. The plan with the swim is to get stronger and get my technique right. Been using a pull bouy and yesterdy used some hand paddles. They really make you work your arms and shoulders. I won't know how much quicker I am until I get back in the pond. I've never done a consistent winter of swim training. My bike has gone to pot! Just waiting for the nicer weather. Hopefully can still bang out a 50 miler sometime soon. Running is getting there. Trying to keep to some quality runs in the hope my pace comes back. I only need to run 8:35 pace at London for my gfa so I want that to seem easy. Fortunately the hammy injury that plagued me last year has almost gone. image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    AA - I'm so impressed with your training. You've got plenty of time to get the bike training in once the longer days come.

    What is everyone training for just now?


  • Hi gang,

    just checking in briefly before I disappear to Florida for 2 weeks image  I need to work on my swimming image

    Good to see you, Minni.

    I'm plodding along, trying to get my fitness back (stress fracture meant 4 months of no training last year).

    Next on the horizon is the Vienna Marathon on April 23 as part of the work relay team. I only need to run 10k image.

    By for now

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-you're nicely on track for London-its still early days so relax .The cycling will soon come back to you with all  the miles you put in recently .How about more double days-if you have time. I'm not sure if its the ITB though that area of my knee is my main concern. I will see how it goes.

    Barry-the hours are accumulating nicely and a lot more than I'm doing-or feel able to do at the mo.Any training races planned?

    Minni-VLM is my main target then Copenhagen .How are you getting on and what are you planning?More mountain marathons/ultras?

    Chick-enjoy Florida. You can never have too much sun.Very pleased to see you making progress and 10k of a marathon is probably the way to go anyway.

    51 miles last week-including 18 on the TM- with a weekend off...really needed the rest tbh. 12m on Monday, 9m on Tuesday another cnba/rest day yesterday so that means I will have to get my act together from now on especially as I need to get another LR done. I'm struggling to motivate myself at the moment -this time last year I was doing more swimming with the mileage.Still plenty of time to go and I am having to cope with a number of nagging niggles..



  • AA - I've got an indoor training bike, kinda similar to a watt bike, but unfortunately broke last week, no resistance when pedaling, Could have done with it this weekend with the weather.  Getting it repaired , hopefully, but looking at investing in some rollers. 8:35 pace for GFA - lucky you image

    Hi Minni - Lakesman IM distance tri for me in June is currently only race planned.

    Chick - Enjoy Florida and all the swimming.

    2old -  No planned training races, plan says Oly distance  and HIM but can't find any suitable so will be DIY.

    Training still going well apart from struggling to get out on road bike due to weather.  Hour in the pool today 6 x 400m with some OW practice -  lot of waves due to Aqua Aerobics taking place.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-hope you get the bike fixed soon. I tried rollers once but kept falling off. There's an Oly in Southport in May I think-would have done it myself had I not been away( and having put swimming and cycling on the back burner) .

    I'm struggling with an arm strain at the mo-possibly caused by my ski fall-so best to let it improve it before swimming again

    Feeling guilty not swimming but finding it difficult fitting it in and concentrating on building run mileage. 58 miles last week including first 20m LR and a ykw of 20.32-1st in age group.

    Double yesterday-13k on the TM and aMLR of just under 12 miles. Some recovery miles today

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