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  • Hi All

    Back running again after 3 stress fractures destroyed 2016, 12kg over weight but getting back into it, 13 miles today the furthest I've run in a year. Took just over two hours but not too fussed about that.

    2Old : Still churning it out

    Barry: good steady training, a watt bike would be handy at the mo.

    AA; what IM?

    Chick : enjoy your hols

    its good to be back in the game!


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD-is that really you? Good to see you back. Nasty injury ,so well done getting back. Dont push too hard. Have you been cycling or totally out? 12kg is a lot of cake but will soon be burnt off. As you can see most here are now doing a bit or more of splashing and cycling too. Hope you stay around. 

  • Woohoo DD - nice to see you back. Anything planned this year? I'm doing IM Vichy in August. image

    2old - I saw your double in strava and was like What the hell?!! Nice one. Hope arm mends soon. You should look for another oly!

    barry - doing some good brick sessions I see!

    well this week has been busy for me. the youngest AA went off travelling today leaving me a bit broken hearted so the only way has been to train through it. Did 31 on the bike on Wednesday and hated it. Fog and ice and lorries. 19 miles very slow yesterday was fine. And I bought a second hand turbo. A muin fluid. Had a play on it today - bloody hard work!! But at least it means I can train regardless of hazards. And safer. Swimmung coming on well this week. Paddles and pull bouy mash My shoulders!!

  • Hi Guys, I have been missing for a while. Not really much has been happening on my side apart from trying to get over this niggle from before Amsterdam last year. Seem to be getting the problem from around the Piriformis area.

    I have been stretching like a stretching lunatic and regular massages. But still get the tightness. More in the morning (yes, getting old!) seems to give me sciatic symptoms as well.

    Girl I have my massage from gave me a physio contact, and with London schedule starting next week, I thought I better try and get this sorted as I think as the miles crank up I will fall over image

    Anyway on for some dry needling next Wednesday, physio found some nice trigger points to concentrate on!

    Good to see you are all getting along and hopefully I can get a bit of time to catch up with you all image

  • Hello, Im lurking again .... running London again aiming to get as close to 3.30 as I can A dream is sub 3.30 .... ran 3.45 last year and then a 3.51 2 weeks later unsuprisingly led to injury and best part of 3 months out. Got back to running and and gradually built up doing some off road and trail events .... rather tardy in my training for a half meant I struggled to a 1.44 after being consistently under 1.40 and snagging  a half PB of 1.36 12 months ago (it did have 800ft incline according to strava but no excuse) which I was devastated at ......

    So new year and another London, have a coach who is doing my plan this year and it is very different to the plans I have previously followed but having seen the results he gets for others Ill give it a go .......



    will continue to lurk here and 3.30 to 4 forum ,,,, image

  • DD - Good to see you back, and three stress fractures!!!

    2old - Thanks, Oly needs to be in March and HIM early May.  well done on the YKW anyone close to you in the age group?

    Nell - Sorry to hear your woes,  piriformis issues  irritating Sciatic nerve kept me out of VLM 2015.

    Washwood -  Hi again, put the bad race behind you and move on, stick around and good luck with the new plan.

    AA -  All the kids moved out now? Must be hard without them around day in day out.   Enjoy the turbo. I'm still without indoor training option so have been out on the road.

    So that's the first 10 weeks base phase finished.  Good weeks training completed:
    Mon - 2.4k swim (6x400m),  1 hour zone 2 run 7.4 miles
    Tues - Zone 2 bike 44 miles(moved from weekend due to naff weather) first outdoor bike since IM last year and it was a bit of a shock to the system
    Wed - 1 hour Zone 2 run 7.5miles
    Thurs - 1 hour zone 2 bike into 15 min brick run
    Fri - zone 2 bike 36 miles, felt better than tuesday
    Sat - Bike hill repeats,  1 hour swim (swim club)
    Today - 90 min zone 2 run . just over 11 miles, longest run in a long time

    13 hours training for the week.


  • Are you doing an Iron Man Barry ? I've entered my first tri (only a sprint) would like to build up to a 70.3 in 2018 ...... Swimming is fine just need to get some speed up on the bike and work on brick sessions ..... That said I have enough on this year with my first ultra and a 24 hour solo too :/ 

  • Hm - I posted on here a couple of days ago but then everything vanished, my post included.

    Hope by posting on here now I can bump the thread up to the top and entice everyone back :)

    So, holiday was great but also very, very lazy ...  I just couldn't be arsed to run much apart from a couple of rather beautiful beach runs. Swimming did not happen either as the water was a tad too cold for my liking and there were mostly rip current warnings in place. Then I caught a nasty cold at Miami Airport on the way back home. Just why do Americans think it's a good idea to cool everything down to fridge temperature???
    Out of action for over a week. Have done 3 tentative runs since but breathing still a bit laboured. Hope mojo will come back in the next couple of days.

    Great to see you back, DD. I was out of action for most of 2016 with a stress fracture too :(

  • Well here we are, thought it was phone playing up, cheers for link Chick, looks like we've lost a few messages.  Nice of RW to let us know it was changing, or maybe me not paying attention.

    Chick - Good to have a break from all the exercise I suppose, hope you're fully recovered soon. 

    Training all good for me, lots of running,cycling and swimming, shock.  ;)  (rubbish emojis)
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Hey thanks for the link Chick.  I'm sure this new forum is better but it all looks very odd!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Thanks Chick for reviving - or trying to -our thread. Glad you had a good holiday tho sorry about your cold .I can't understand why they have the aircon so cold in the US. How's the relay marathon training going. ? Any other races planned?
    Barry - good to see you've recovered from your flat tyre crisis.  Still seems odd seeing you running slower than 7.30mm. Did you fix your indoor bike?
    Minni- we lost your thread once before I recall but it was restored. How are the hills ?
    Busy here too. 56 or so miles last week and my highlight being a 19.59 Ykw. . Thought sub 20 was in the bag by 2.5 miles and then stopped looking  at my watch and nearly blew it. 4th overall. The fast guys were away doing xcountry I expect. 
    50 miles so far this week. Front loaded the week as I have a busy weekend coming up .
  • Good training, boys.

    I'm going to start again properly next week. Managed a few easy runs and a spin class this week. tree cold is on its way out :)

    Can't get Garmin to upload my stuff. Guess their site is down :neutral:
  • edited February 2017
    Chick -  Hope you get the Garmin woes sorted it is the bane of my life sometimes getting training uploaded but all good at the mo.

    2old - Excellent mileage and very well done on the YKW(and even better yesterday) , they finally agreed to fix indoor bike after a few emails - but not done yet.  Not too concerned as enjoying the outdoor rides. will be interesting if I can get my running speed back after IM.

    So week 13 of Fink done:

    Mon -  2.4k swim(6 x400m), 45 mine zone 2 run(with 3 x 3 mins zone 4(caning it)
    Tues - 45min bike into 15 min brick run
    Wed -  Hour zone 2 run with 5 mins zone 4
    Thurs - 3k swim
    Fri - 3 hour bike(52 miles :) ) into 4 mile brick run
    Sat -  hour bike inc 7 x hill repeats, hour swim club
    Sun - 75 mins zone 1/2 run
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick-my Garmin plays up a bit every now and then which is very annoying and it sometimes refuses to sync which is even worse .Yes get back in your stride.
    Barry-that was a big and well executed week-that schedule is nicely thought out. Amazing how well you are swimming now. I'm sure the endurance you are building up will provide a perfect platform for you to get the most of the natural speed you have.Thanks re my ykw.
    We need Nell,DD,AA and Wash to find us here.
    Another week over-64 miles with 2 LRs ,an 8 miler at 7.03mm and a ykw PB of 19.48-6.17mm av. I'm starting to feel the benefits of the last 6 weeks of 50-66 miles a week.
  •  Hi Chick, Thanks for the link.

    I would have got on earlier, but have been down with a cold since Wednesday. In Cavalier fashion I decided to meet up with a friend and hit the 4 x 1200M intervals head on, make or break the broke me and I spent the weekend in bed and in front of the TV. I am not very good company when I cannot get out for my run!

    Positive note is that the dry needling seems to be relieving the tightness, but then I haven't ran for nearly a week now. Had a needle session yesterday and feedback was positive from the physio.

    Just need to get rid of this cough now!

    Hi Barry/2old, You guys seem to be on track?

    Hi Chick, Sorry I haven't had the need to upload anything to Garmin Connect over the last few days so cannot comment :/

  • Yay found us. This is funky!! Bit more mobile friendly  :D
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Nell-glad you found us.As I said previously, I wasn't sure if the dry needling or the rest or both did the trick but then who cares if a recovery results.Good you are improving too Not very clever doing those intervals with a cold (as if I would do that sort of thing ;) ) Get well soon.
    AA-about time you got here
    Monday-21k easy pace and yesterday same distance but at 7.28mm av with first 4 miles easy. Doris is here so I think its a swim or TM today.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Well done you guys braving Doris yesterday,I played safe and did a swim 2k and 10k TM session. Last 20.5m LR of Feb done this morning and now I'm wondering what runs to do this weekend. Not sure I can be bothered with another ykw tomorrow and Sunday may be a write off after a Saturday night birthday party.
  • 2old - is it your birthday today then?! Nice long run yesterday!
    i did my 2nd 20 in the build up for London in a low heart rate zone so less stress on the body. 9:38 pace  :D
    today I'm heading out in the wind for a long bike ride. Why does the wind always get going when I'm due to ride...not like it's hard enough already!!
    happy weekend guys!
  • Enjoy the long ride, AA. I don't think I could cope with ironman training in the winter ...

    Must go for a swim ... Haven't been in absolute ages :# right now it's the height of the annual flu pandemic and I've been shying away from damp public places ...

    Oh dear Nell :o intervals with a cold = recipe for disaster...

    Consistent running all week, most of it on the they were mostly 5 and 6 miles. To alleviate boredom I did circuits, spin and a couple of yoga sessions. My running sucks (as in slow and shit) but the variety of other stuff is good fun and I feel kinda trim and toned ;)
  • Nell -Hope you're fully recovered and back on it. Good news on the injury.

    2old - You're training well as ever and hope the hangover was n't too bad Sunday.

    AA - Well done on the long slow one.

    Chick - Great mixed training.

    Last week was good and not so good for me:
    Mon  - 1 hour zone 2 run with 2 x 4.5 min zone 4
    Tues -  5 x 400m swim including a PB :) , 45 min bike into 30 min brick run
    Wed - 1 hour zone 2 with 7.5 min zone 4, legs felt tired
    Thurs - 3k swim in 66 mins(PB) very happy but pinged right calf when turning off wall.
    Fri - Calf did n't feel too bad just a little tight.  3.5 hour ride new hilly route 57 miles, was meant to be into 30 min brick run, but felt calf and left knee so walked home after 5 mins.

    Maybe an accumulation of training/fatigue (night shift) but  very tired and hungry (normal) so have rested for last three days, will swim tomorrow.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    AA-not my birthday, that was in January but a lot of my friends are turning 60 which is very unnerving as that's where I'm heading.Still looking on the bright side ,the gfa time for London is about the same as yours then ;).Nice LR there especially with that tough bike ride the day after. I haven't the patience for a low heart rate LR ,though running by feel suggests its not overly high and also I  need to get used to pushing it a bit but not too much.Looks like another week of crap weather so I don't envy you out on your bike-still there's always the turbo.
    Chick-looks like you're training pretty well there just not the big mileage we used to see.Those miles are still in your legs so you'll probably be getting faster this way. Spinning speeds up leg turnover nicely.Enjoy the swim.Bored? Cant see why -the TM is lots of fun :)
    Barry-hope the knee is ok...I'm sure a bit of ice and rest will sort it out quickly.Wonder if the cycling is causing tightness in the glutes and hamstring causing your calf and knee to complain.Maybe try various squats and lunges to alleviate this?
    Another week ticked off with a total of 63 miles including a LR at 7.45mm av, and two HM distance runs ,one at 7.23mm av . No YKW this week as I felt in need of a Saturday lie in. I did pencil in the Oulton Park Hm for yesterday but gave it a miss after a late Saturday night and swopped it with a bracing 5k walk in the morning and 10m TM run watching the EFL Cup Final. 8 weeks to London, so that's only 5/6 depending on what taper is planned.
  • Chick - I bet you're super fit and toned with all that gym work. 
    Nell - hope you're feeling better. I went first defence yesterday in panic. 
    2old - cracking mileage. Looking forward to London??
    barry - hope your knee is better after the rest. Maybe picking up the zone 4 stuff takes a bit of getting used to for the body?
    had s bit of a pull yesterday behind the knee when doing intervals so stopped straight away. Testing it out this morning with 45 min bike (turbo) then need a 15 min run....
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    AA-yes I am looking forward to London especially as I see it as setting me up/free for my races for the rest of the year and  I love the buzz of the occasion. I'm just praying I don't get injured. Looks from Strava that your knee pull soon fixed.What are your feelings about London? 
    A bit over 17 miles yesterday- 7.43 mm av.It was supposed to be 15 but I misjudged my route. My hands were frozen. 
  • 2old - you must feel like you're in a marathon drought!! I'm looking forward to London. Just really want to et my good for age. Having had it for 16 years I don't want to lose it yet! Tomorrow will be a big test if I can do 14ish miles at 8:35 pace without too many problems. My knee twinge seemed ok on my 15 minute brick run this morning. Everything just feels a bit tight!!
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    AA-yes I do especially as I follow some guys on Strava who seem to do one or two a week. Anyway a good time at London is the aim so everything is directed towards that . I've got Wigan HM mid March and maybe Liverpool HM early April to see where I'm at. Don't get too worried about your time tomorrow- just get the miles in your legs. Glad all went well today .

    finished Feb with a slow 2.1k swim and 13k on the TM 7.22mm av. 240 miles in total all at an average pace of 7.41mm. Happy with that .
  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi 2old, You seem to have recovered well anyway and are running well? What date is the Liverpool HM?

    Hi Chick, Yes I think 5 or 6 miles on the TM is my max before I explode! Yes intervals on a cold is not to be done, but do we ever learn?

    Hi AA, Hoping the 14 mile tester went ok.

    Hi Barry, again nice consistent training from yourself. I think I am going to give the HRT a gossoon. I have drawn up one or two schedules for it. I find it quite intriguing....

    I am into hopefully a full week of training after the cold. I must admit it did give me a kicking and it was hard to get back into things.

    Last week ran Wed 5, Thurs 5, Friday 5, Saturday 6, Sunday 13.5 all easy to moderate pace (mostly easy!)

    This week Mon 6 (easy - Mod),  Tuesday 11 x 400 with  1 mile warm up and cool down, Wed Easy 6, Thursday 6 miles at MP with 1 mile warm up cool down. This was quite testing with the wind and a 0530 start, so hit 3 hour pace and just a bit longer in places. But happy I had a good workout. Friday - Gym this morning.

    Hoping Sat 10, and Sun 14, working this weekend so will be juggling and my wife developed a detached retina this week and was in for an op, so that has been the new challenge and another ball to juggle.....makes life interesting though eh?

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Hope your wife is OK, Nell. Sounds like you're back in full-on training. MP at 5 in the morning sounds like a right old killer. I'm asking myself how on earth did I manage these pre-dawn runs when I was marathon training? It seems like a lifetime away now ...

    Hope the knee is OK, AA and the calf settled, Barry. I often get cramps when I swim (calves and feet). Guess it's because I'm trying too hard to stretch my feet so they don't anchor me down :LOL:

    5 mile lunchtime run for me today. Yoga tonight, spin tomorrow and hopefully finally a swim after staying away from the pool forever for fear of flu germs ... 
  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Chick, Thanks she has to spend 45 mins of every hour lying on her left hand side at the moment. She manages to get have her breakfast, have a shower and dry her hair by lunchtime!

    What intensity are you able to train at now Chick? I have never attended a spin class, it looks mental....

    Well 10 miles Saturday and 14 miles Sunday. I was working Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, so had to schedule things accordingly. It meant the Sunday run was 1545-1745 which was a bit of a blessing, as the legs were still aching Sunday morning. I was not looking forward to the Sunday run, but it turned out a nice afternoon, so I ended up quite enjoying it. Unfortunately with the later runs, I suffered the DOMS in bed last night!

    5 VERY easy miles this morning.

    Piriformis seems to be ok'ish today, so hoping that is positive after a full week. Another dry needling session Thursday so hoping things will hold out till then and we can move the sessions out further....

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I see we're still on the dark web.  It took ages the last time to get the thread back.  I will give them a nudge.  So annoying when there are threads up there that are not active. 

    Good to see London preps going on.  I still have a heavy heart knowing I'm no longer in that gang but I am feeling really positive about my running.  After many long runs out on the fells I did 16.5 on the road on Sunday at 8:45 pace.  I'm still on a high!  The stress fracture has reacted slightly, but very slightly to it.  I ended up doing another 8 yesterday.   If this continues I will look to (maybe) enter a marathon in the Autumn.

    I've entered an proper ultra in May  :#  Gulp....

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