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    Agree, Minni. Very annoying. All these old and long since dead Asics threads at the top :/ Crikey, an ultra! How long an ultra? Your running sounds ace. I'm scared of re-fracturing my stress fracture and haven't done anything over 9 miles yet ...

    Nell: OMG. Your poor wife. How long does it take for the retina to re-attach?

    Spin looks a lot worse than it is. You just sweat like a pig coz there's no wind to cool you down but the intensity is your own decision. Crank up the resistance too much and it'll hurt loads. I much rather focus on good leg turnover (to make up for lack of speedwork).

    All in all my training is fun, not hard. I enjoy the variety and I think I'm done with kicking myself out of bed at 4 am to get a 15 miler in before work. No idea how I ever did that :neutral:

    Good week so far.

    Tuesday: spin am, yoga pm
    Wednesday: 9 mile run am, circuits and yoga pm
    Thursday: swim (yay! I braved the germ-ridden pool) am and yoga pm
    Today: a double. Did 5 miles at lunchtime and promised Mr. Chick to do another 3 with him tonight.

    Enjoy your weekend, all.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    OMG - we're visible again <3
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Nell-looks like you have recovered well from your cold.Great training.Here's hoping your piriformis fixes soon though you might have to wait until the taper when you ease off a bit. I agree that the HR method appears intriguing though I wonder sometimes if we do it instinctively when we run by feel. Most of my runs are in the easy to moderate zone and very few in the steady to prompt/fast zone.Maybe more precision would move me on a level? Your wife's retina problem sounds unpleasant though  eye doctors are brilliant these days. My eldest daughter had laser surgery with amazing results.
    Chick -very good mixed training but it must now be time to get back in the pool.A tri is waiting for you !
    Minni-you will always be part-leader- of this gang.I have been so impressed by your return to running-you seem to be enjoying it a lot. An ultra?You are as nuts as Bro....maybe not quite ;).Hopefully you can shout load enough to return us to the top of the page on the forum.Which marathon do you have your eye on?
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    Just back from a ski trip in spectacular Zermatt (the Matterhorn).Sadly no running as the roads were too icy and not worth the risk.Still I'm hoping spending a week at altitude of up to 12000 feet will have some training effect.At the moment my quads feel hammered.
    I managed 66 miles( including a 22 mile LR) in the week before I went and a LR of 20 on Sunday .11 miles yesterday.Feeling some DOMs at the moment as my legs struggle to get used to the pounding again.I also have a right shoulder strain after a fall on my skis at about 35mph :( .  h Wigan HM is on Sunday and at the the moment I think its unlikely I will perform at my best,I have another chance in the Liverpool HM first weekend in April .London is so close now..I'm starting to panic about being ready.
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    2old: I'm sure skiing is excellent xtraining for the legs. May have been a good thing to spend a bit of time with less running. Hope the shoulder injury isn't too bad.

    You'll be pleased to hear that I braved the pool 3 times in the past 10 days o:)   I'm still overgliding and my catch is pants. I also hate bilateral breathing. Lots of stuff to focus on ;)

    So, 4k on the treadie yesterday followed by an hour of spin, then S&C in the evening. 1.7k swum today and hopefully a 5 mile run tonight.

  • Morning all!
    chick - are you secretly tri training?! Spin looks just horrid. I'm doing a few hours a week on the turbo and that's just nasty!
    nell - you're training is going well again. Piriformis pain can really stump you. Hope your wife gets better soon. 
    Minni - you're well and truly back. All that fell running has made you strong! How far is the ultra? You're made for that!! Will miss you at London :(
    2old - you'll smash that half this weekend. Always hard to get your best time in mid marathon training. 
    Im still grinding out the low HR ironman training. Got the Reading half this weekend and just want to steady pace it. 
    Bro - are you running Reading?

    ps - whose on WhatsApp? 
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    AA-the low HR training seems to be working very well for Barry and you're progressing nicely too.Its probably the best way to take on a long term heavy training load.The turbo will add lots of speed to your cycling legs ...its also a good way of catching up on box sets or watching a film or football match....and avoiding crap weather. I'm surprised as you like the TM .Still not sure about Sunday though. Are you tapering for Reading?
    Chick-that's now some serious swimming, good going.Have you found a tri to try? Aren't you on wattsapp-join our training banter group set up by AA.
    Arm/shoulder is really playing up at the moment.I didn't realise how important it can be for running. I had planned a swim today but think it best to give it a miss in the circumstances.I think I might get a sports massage next week.
    A tough week so far.A 43min 10k on the TM on Tuesday with 5m at HM pace and 18 miles yesterday av 7.31mm. I suffered at the end of the LR probably due to going off too fast, lack of food, no hydration,too much too soon after my holiday and the heat. Character building to say the least. I'm now having a mini taper for Sunday. I have seen that there are pacers there so I may try and hang on to the 1.30 pacer.Looking forward to seeing what Wigan has to offer...I suspect more hills than I would like.
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    Good to see you, AA. I'm on WhatsApp. What do I need to do? PM you my mobile no.?

    HM sounds a bit ouch, 2old. Best of luck. My shoulders always hurt from swimming. No wonder good swimmers have massive shoulders :smiley: 

    10 miles for me this morning. Halfway through my left adductor started playing up. Sigh. Not another injury, pleeeease :disappointed:

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

     Hi Chick, I think recovery for the detached retina is about 5-6 weeks. She has to go to the hospital 20th march to see if it is working.if not, it is another op!

    Yes, that is the problem with the gym, whatever I do I sweat like a pig in there...

    Great mix of training there.

    You have the nail on the head there Chick, take away the enjoyment and it is just a slog...It's a hobby it should be fun. :D

    Hi 2old, I feel your pain after skiing then trying to run!

    Yes my wife had laser surgery years ago when the kids were babies. Babies love spectacles to play with. The detached retina is apparently not linked.

    I am with you on the London feeling. I am not confident as yet. I feel I have not put enough in.

    Good luck with Wigan.

    Hi AA, I don't think I could contemplate IM training presently, mind you helps if you can swim more than two lengths I guess.
    I am interested to see the longer results with you and Barry on the HR Training. I think I may give it a go as I want to try something different....Hansons is starting to kill me!

    good luck with Reading.... I am on whatsApp.

    Hi Minni, Glad to hear you are getting some miles in on the road. Hopefully the fell running has done you a lot of good?

    I had a good last week.
    Mon - Easy 5, Tues - 3 x1.5, 1 x1M (9M), Wed - Easy 6, Thurs 9M, 7 at MP (or thereabouts), Sat/Sun 10/16
    This week
    Mon - 6 Miles, Tues 6 x 800 on the GYM TM (6.5M), Wed - club sess - 4 x 1.2M (tempo) 7.75M, Wed - 8.5M
    Fri - rest and I plan 4 miles easy Saturday and then have Alloa HM Sun.

    Still don't feel like I am firing on all cylinders, but enjoyed the club session Wednesday. I hadn't been down for a few weeks with all the happenings at home and work has been pretty hectic. Today I am just finishing a 20 day work stretch. Just unfortunate with scheduled work coming at the weekend together.
    Not really expecting much from Alloa on Sunday, and it is to be windy.
    But I am heading over with a pal so we can have a good catch up. One of the local runners to me whom I was giving a lift has dropped out with a groin strain. he was hoping for 1:35, he is 67 I think. I thought he was 65 but he corrected me...

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Nell-Alloa went well for you.Good week of training .We have to trust it will all come together at the end as it usually does with a good taper.Pity work gets in the way of running.Will I still be running at 67 let alone doing 1.35 HMs?Doubt it
    A 60 mile week including an 18m LR completed after my ski trip.Shoulder still a problem-difficult raising the arm above horizontal. Wigan went ok-1.30.12-1st in AG so best not too be to disappointed I guess.It was the hardest HM I've done with a killer  100 metre hill between the 13th km and 16th km . Not a pb race. Another big week to come. 7.25m steady today in a strong wind

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Nice HM running, folks :)

    Well, we're visible again on here but now we're all on WhatsApp. Runnersworld took too long to sort us out :#

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick-still worth trying to keep this going-Minni/DD? Where are you?
    59 miles last week despite a couple of days off with a cold.High point was a 19.53ykw 10th overall and 1st in AG. One week to go to VLM taper.
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Happy tapering :smiley:

    DD, Minni, Bro - join the fun and let AA add you to our WhatsApp group :wink:

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    :D I must admit WhatsApp is easier for keeping up to date for me

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Just need to get the stragglers on to WattsApp with us 
    Another week nearer London-65 miles plus my second fastest HM at Liverpool-87.07 and 2nd in AG. Taper has started
  • Hi all

    Please could some of you good people provide me with some pacing advice for a first time marathon runner, running the VLM in a few weeks?

    I have been been following a 16 week sub 3:30:00 plan but running a little faster (slow runs @ 8:40, steady @ 8:15, mp sessions @ 7:50). 

    Should I stick to 8:00 and try and increase the pace in the last 4miles or try and run the whole thing at 7:45? I am aware the start can be slow because of the crowds. 


    Stats: 5k 19:30, 10k 42:30 , half marathon 1:31:20
  • I have been deleted by Runners World - they must have realised that I am no longer a real runner! Had to re-register under a different name, so similar but more appropriate. Just wanted to say Hi and wish everyone well for London [other marathons exist!]. Only doing about 10K on roads but still doing all the ultras and cycling crazy distances so not too much change. Not going to write much now as I suspect it might never appear, but off to Wiltshire for 35 off-road miles on Sunday and not liking the temperature forecast much - pretty rubbish for people doing Brighton. If they don't delete me again I may be back..........
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Markopolo-hi and welcome.Looking at your stats and assuming you have got a few 20 mile LRs done I would say you should be capable of maintaining 7-45 to 7.50 throughout.They key is even pacing as it will feel very easy at the beginning and you will want to go fast.Hold back at first and feel the benefits at the end.Let us know how it goes
    2old4speed-great to see you back and thanks for your good wishes.Is al well with you?Glad you're still knocking out those Ultras-Bro has joined you in that extreme sport.It was hot last weekend but Im hoping its stays cool for the 23rd. Hope to see more of you.
    Now well into the taper and keen to see it over.Not long to go until London
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Hey O4S - good to see you again. I'm no longer a proper runner either but at least they haven't deleted my profile yet :)

    marcopolo: agree with 2old. Just try and hold back - the congestion at the start will help. I managed the only even splits in my first (and only) VLM because of that :smiley:

    An old back injury is making running tough at the mo. Still hoping I won't be the slowest of about 60 company runners doing the Vienna marathon as relay on April 23.
  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭
    They seem to have relented and reinstated O4S!! Not really knowing who I am more or less sums up my life at the moment. Got round the 35 miler despite the heat and have 3 twenty five mile run/walks over Easter.  Life is pretty good and so far the PD has only had limited effects on Mr O4S, although he doesn't really do any road running now and sticks to a max of 30 miles off-road. AA contacted me about WhatsApp (what indeed is WhatsApp). If i find a suitable child i may find out and join you. Enjoy the taper!
  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    Just popping in to wish all the old Team Minni crew doing VLM the best of luck for Sunday - as they say, trust in the training and don't be sh*t :-)

    I may be spectating on Sunday - somewhere near Westminster in the last mile....I'll try and look out for those I know who are running and give you a shout.

    My running is picking up a little - went through a serious phase of CNBA after VLM last year, took some time out and then started to get back into it over the winter.  Not doing much structured training, but did manage a half marathon in 1.43 a few weeks ago - given my longest run since last April had been 10 miles I was pleased to get to the end in anything under 8min/mile so can't complain.  Just need to lose a bit of weight, find a bit more time and I might be back on the streets of London next year....

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭
    Hello! Just swinging by to say good luck to anyone racing this Sunday - if I spot you on the green start I'll say hello (although I'm sure you'll all be on champs by now!).  I had a bairn just over 6 months ago :o ! and my goal race is Stirling next month so shall be plodding along to enjoy the day as thoroughly as I did last year - turns out running London is a lovely day out when you aren't trying!
  • Congrats KFC and Hi Freemers. You will all be getting up and heading for the start as I drive home after 63 miles off road in the Quantocks - will think of you as I tackle a massive bacon butty!
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    O4S-glad to see the old you has returned.Now to meet your next challenge-Wattsapp. 63 miles? ever...well done
    Free-thanks for the good wishes -did you see me struggling near Westminster?You'll soon be back up to marathon distance
    KFC-hi and congrats on the bairn...didnt see you on Green but it was very busy...I did speak to a lady with a Norther Irish accent-was it you-doubt it.Hope you had a great race
    VMLM was a tale of two halves for me..1st 1.30, 2nd 1.38 so overall 3.08.49.My sub3 attempt was doomed from the start but had to give it a go.Happy with the time but fair to say I suffered from 16 miles on and had a few worrying hammy  moments in the last couple of kms. Pleased to meet AA to travel there and walk to the start area.

  • Hi all. An update on a thoroughly enjoyable VLM. 

    Despite all warnings, I had to frequently remind myself to hold back over the first 15miles; even the 3:30 pacers went off at 7:45 min/miles. 

    I overtook them and settled into an even pace which was going well until I pushed from 4 miles out and then was struck with a cramping quad on mile 24. This slowed me significantly but the crowds and overwhelming sense of occasion spurred me on to a faster finish. 

    3:27:19 for my first marathon. I am delighted, have the bug, and am already setting my sights on 3:20:00...

    Thanks for the advice. 
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Marco-congrats on a well paced run.Looks like we both had a bit of a fright in the final run in. My first marathon was London in 3.26 followed up in the October with 3.21 in New York.My other race times were no where near as fast as yours then so you should achieve 3.20 and better that sooner rather than later.
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Well done Marco :+1:

    Hope you had a good one kfc and congrats on the baby.

    Freemers: good to see you too. A 1:43 half on minimal training is great. I doubt I could pull something like that out of the bag.

    O4S: We miss you and your crazy bike rides. Good to hear that PD isn't affecting Mr. O4S too badly.

    I had fun at the relay marathon in Vienna with the team from work. An all expenses paid trip in a beautiful city is not to be sniffed at. Managed my leg (just shy of 10k) in 44 and a bit. Fastest I've run in over a year.
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    I thought this thread had disappeared forever but its still standing!

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