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    I'm going for sub 3.30 again and I'm following a 17 week plan.  On Saturday my session was meant to be 30 minute hills, but I was worried about doing it on a steep hill because of past calf trouble, so did it on a challenging incline instead.  Will it matter that the hill wasn't steep in regards of the training benefit for the marathon?.  I do run my long runs that have difficult hills in them, so I do hills on a regular basis, just not a specific hill session. 
  • Hi there. Hope nobody minds me dropping in on this sub 3:30 thread. I wonder if anyone has any thoughts/advice on how realistic it might be for me to try to challenge the 3:30 barrier. A year ago my HM time was 1:53 and then I ran London Marathon in 4:12. A year on and I managed 1:44 in a half marathon and then yesterday I did Manchester marathon in 3:47. Delighted to be under 4 and ven more so to be under 3:50. Age 49 later this year I'm wondering if its realistic to target this and if so what it will now take to take another big slice off my PB. I've been averaging about 125 miles a month in my training for last 3 months and decided I can maintain that onwards. Probably have the time to edge towards 150-160m a month but probably not much more.

    Anyone been in similar place and subsequently got down from a first marathon of 4:12 to then 3:47 in 2nd marathon and then gone on to get either below or close to 3:30?
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    If it helps Phil the last time I ran 3:29 my half marathon time was 1:34 & my 10 mile time was 73 minutes.  Park Run around 20 minutes.  You need to be running close to this sort of pace in your shorter distances to feel 'comfy' at 8mm pace for the marathon.  More miles is definitely the key - if it offers any encouragement I'm 60 years old and run 55-75 mpw when marathon training with a 'recovery' week of 40-50m every 5 weeks or so.  I'm retired now which helps  :)  Congratulations on your progress so far and good luck with your targets.
  • Wardi - many thanks, that is a great help. I've taken a note of the timings and the mileage that you detail, including the recover week mileage. Thank you and congrats on your great times. :)
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    Phil - I went from a 3.47 marathon off a 1.41 half, down to a 3.33 off a 1.39 the next year.  The following year I went 3.24 off a 1.35 half.  So I think you definitely need to keep getting the half times down a bit and the marathon times should then follow. 

    My mileage would be a bit less than Wardi's - the maximum I have ever done in a week is 62, in a marathon schedule it would tend to average about 50.  I'm also 49 (and ran my absolute best marathon of 3.13 at 46, so it's definitely possible to do it in your late 40s!).

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    Phil - I ran my first marathon a few weeks back at Manchester, was expecting to come in around 4 - 4:30 but managed 3.42, was very happy with that, would love to get a sub 3.30 and have my second marathon coming up on 13th May at Stratford Upon Avon, not sure I'm going to beat my Manchester time as I'm still feeling a little sluggish but hope that will wear off come race day. I'm 41 by the way.
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    Wow my thread lives on.
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    Dubai Dave - hello!  Just logged on to RW for the first time in ages and great to see this thread still here!
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