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    Oops just linked that with my log on details!  Will try to change it....

    .... sorted. 

  • I think everyone finds it hard to sleep well after a hard session, hence I never sleep very well on Wednesday nights!

    A Aerobic run is just that but a easy conversational run not at MP nor as slow as recovery.

    Another fan of not tapering for secondary races, for my last marathon in October I raced a sprint triathlon on the Friday, then did a aerobic 6 miles on the saturday before racing on the Sunday.

    Minni, Today was a easy 25 miles on the bike pre dawn as I'm racing tomorrow.

  • Easing back in easy - did 17 miles on the treadmill this morning. (!) Plan was to run on the treadmill and stop if I felt bad. Always easier running on a treadmill and feels kind of cheating. Took it at 11.4kph for 2 hours and did the last 5k at 8m/m. Just feel a bit tired this evening and I can't run tomorrow. Not gonna try and push any speed work until I'm completely over it.

    What long ones is everyone planning this weekend?

    CG - good luck on your 18 tomorrow - that will fell like a short run!

    Minni - hope you manage to get your run in tonight. I never run in the evenigs. Sometimes I wish I could as I put myself under so much pressure sometimes to get the run out the way before work.

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    Cough, cough... AA... 17 miles!  What are you like?!  Great session especially with the last 5k @ 8m/m.

    DD good luck with the race. Is it running, cycling or tri?  Did you say you're doing the Dubai marathon, which I think is a week tomorrow? 

    I squeezed in 8 miles tonight at 9.13m/m  with the last mile at 8.03.  I now have 24 miles left to do this week and if I do the fell race on Sunday, which is 12,  that leaves 12 over tomorrow and Saturday.... 

  • Hi All late in today was racing a Olympic Tri in Abu Dhabi on the F1 circuit, finished 3rd M50 yet again!

    AA: 17 miles on tready takes some doing, I have done similar tready runs in the past, I actually find tresdy runs harder than outside.

    Minni: Dubai marathon is next friday, have no idea how it will go as I have hardly run above 30MPW for a year, but have done a lot of cycling and swimming as well. At Athens in October I got tired in the last 4 miles but beat quite a few clubmates who would quite often beat me, so might be fitter than I think. Will set off at 4-50 Min/K's either it will work or the wheels will come off, but at least I will have tried.

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    Great stuff DD! Remind me of the Olympic Tri distances?    My cousin-in-law did the Athens marathon but can't remember his time.  Well over 4hrs I think.

    Cross training for me tonight in the form of 5 11yr old boys for a sleep ovver.....

  • AA - You nutter! I don't think I could run 17 miles on a treadmill

    Minni - Good luck with the sleepover. It sounds tough.

    Ran with 2 hard core fell running friends today on a route including some of a really tough fell race (Blackamore). Ended up with 20 miles with over 2000 feet of ascent with average pace of 10:15. Did the last mile on road in 8:30.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Nice run CG, Sounds familiar! Is it wet under foot? Was that your long run for the week? I like to add a mile or two on the road to the end of a fell run run, just to get that bit of speed up. I wear fell shoes and they're not ideal in the road though!
  • Very wet, Minni. My fell shoes that had been nicely cleaned by the snow are now disgusting.

    I agree about fell shoes on the road. We were all hobbling along and moaning about our knees. Not a great advertisement for runningimage

  • Just dropping in to say Hi Minni. There is a good flow to this thread and no free running shoes or gear in sight - real running and real people - it's what I like!

    17 miles on the treadmill AA - how long did that take - have you got one at home as they usually chuck you off at the gym or they shut down after an hour?

    Minni wrote (see)
    Nice run CG, Sounds familiar! Is it wet under foot? Was that your long run for the week? I like to add a mile or two on the road to the end of a fell run run, just to get that bit of speed up. I wear fell shoes and they're not ideal in the road though!

    I can never get the momentum up on XC or trail - I prefer the tarmac I'm afraid to say. I've noticed on my Garmin naytime I do a LSR that has a mixture of XC and tarmac, I always get a more consistant reading in terms of constant pace on the tarmac than XC. That's what I like, to get into a zone where you can knock out the miles.

    Agree with MM, you should be dipping back into the sub 3.15 thread. I do and I'm not a sub 3.15 'er yet!

  • KR: Nowt free on here except advice and hopefully motivation, I should imagine most are slower of road but I do love pounding the hills / trails myself, tarmac can be very boring.

    I also lurk on the 3-15 thread from time to time, not that I have many aspirations to reach sub 3-15 anymore, still would like to be sub 3 age graded though, I have been so close so often!

  • KR - took about 2hours 23. Yes I have an old reconditioned precor oe in the garage. Find it good mental training!! But then I am a bit mental!!

    7 miles on trails and road today in 8 min/mile ave - found that bloody tough and coughed a lot at the end. Into the wind was a killer, but lovely with the wind behind you!!

  • Well windy here today too. Completed my first ever progressive run today - swapped long run to today as my club is hosting the local x-country 2mrw, so that will be a short fast 4 mile race.

    So mentally was dreading this session, have never added marathon pace at the end of a long run (probably exactly why my marathon times have only improved by 1-2 mins in the last couple of years!) Did 15 miles, first 6 at 9m20 and last 9 at 8m20 - i know this wasn't hitting 8m/m, is that really bad at this stage of training? I was just so pleased to have picked up the pace in a long run.......

    What mileage is everyone else doing this wkend for their long run?
  • Hi Kiwi, that's fine at this stage. It's only January. I don't do any MP stuff in my long runs until Feb.
  • Kiwi: It doesn't matter what pace you kicked up to towards the end, its the fact that you did kick upwards that matters, well done
  • Thanks guys, it did feel like a good run.
    Thought would check as am still getting a handle on the P&D schedule.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Hi Knight Rider!  Good to see you over here.  I have to admit I prefer the tarmac too but 'road' running is a swear word around there since we're surrounded by hills and fells.  However, I have done some 'deals'...  I will run some fell races (doing one tomorrow) in return for the fell runners doing some of my mid runs with me on the road.  This is helping get my mid-long run paces up since they are faster than me.  So far its working well.  

    Dubai Dave wrote (see)

    I also lurk on the 3-15 thread from time to time, not that I have many aspirations to reach sub 3-15 anymore, still would like to be sub 3 age graded though, I have been so close so often!

    What do you mean by sub 3 age graded, DD?

    Kiwi - well done on today's session.  How did you feel at the end, tired or fired up?  Good weekend's running  with the XCountry tomorrow.

    My long run should be 16 but I'm swapping that with the 12mile fell race......

  • Minni: Being a old git I age grade my results back to a 30 year old ( The point at which you begin to decline) to check myself against the young studs in the club and to check that I'm still as good as I was 20 years ago!  You can find a age grading calculater here Age Grading.

    Using my 10K times I'm actually better than I was at 29.

     Good luck with the fell race, hope its not pouring down!

  • Forgot to mention that I want a age graded time which is sub 3 hours for the marathon, my definition of a decent male club runner has always been sub 60 for 10 miles, sub 3 hours for a marathon. Well I just sneak under the first age graded!
  • Minni - i felt really fired up after yesterday's run, tired for the rest of the day tho (but that's normal for me a long run)
    Good luck for your fell race!
  • kiwi - that run souds really good. I'm awful at upping during a run. Hope you feel better today.

    I did my 5x1200s today. Haven't done any speed work for a few weeks because of my chest an I found this hard today.

    37 miles for the week - longest for ages .

    Hope your fell race goes well Minni

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I like your thinking DD image and I like the age grading calculator - it tells me if I was 20 I would be running a 3.23 marathon. But, I'm not 20.....

    Fell race....OMG. I'd got all the gear dug out - fell shoes, icebreaker socks, bandana.  I was keen to get the look of a fell run in order to get the feel of a fell runner. Unfortunately I was still about 5 stone overweight - these guys are skinny! I was feeling very nervous at the start line and was most worried about getting lost.  The run was in the Northumberland National Park (better known recently as Raoul Moat country), and I knew some of it was through woods. Because I follow my feet I am prone to going in the wrong direction.   However, this didn't prove a problem because I ran a lot of it with someone who had done it before, so I followed him!  The total ascent was 2500 ft and this was in the first 7 miles.  Some of it was runnable but some had to be walked on stoney paths.  The route then evened out on what what would have been a nice 2 miles stretch but it was flooded from the melting snow.  Therefore, it was 2 miles of knee deep water and mud with lots of heather thrown in for good measure. I fell a couple of times and was pleased when I say a trickly of blood mixed with the mud. Yes, now I've got the look!!!  The last two and a bit miles were downhill.  Again, some of this on stoney paths which slowed up the pace but finally I got a couple of miles at a decent pace at the end (8.33; 7.34).  I had looked at past times and reckoned if I finished in about 2 hours I'd be happy. Finish time 2:02. Job done.  And I got a prize but not sure what it was for (3rd F40 I think). 

    Give me the road any day!

  • Well done Minni, what a brilliant run!  I take my hat off to you running up mountains, you must be so fit!! Sounds like a nightmare to me, hills are not my friend! 

    Did a very muddy 4.5 miles cross-country today, felt surprisingly good after yesterday's long run.

    Rest day tomorrow        image

  • Minni: fantastic, as you say job done, we like prizes!
  • Brilliant Minni. Was your prize beer? It usually is in fell races.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    It was a bag of Aero bubbles - the beer had been snapped up by the whippets!
  • Great stuff Minni. 2 miles of knee deep water doesn't sound like fun. It might have been easier to swim it.
  • Well done Minni, sounds like a tough race and nice to win something. I don't think I could ever do a fell race as I'm scared of downhills!

    AA I'm envious of how quickly you're getting back into things. I've had around 4 weeks of not being able to do anything thanks to back to back flus/bad colds. Ventured out for a slow 2.5 miles on Thurs and struggled which was a rude awakening. image  However managed 3 miles today which went a  bit better so now just aiming to run frequently so that I can build back up the distance.

     Plan had been to try to get a half marathon PB this spring before attempting another marathon in the autumn but now I think I'll treat the half as a test of where I've managed to get my fitness back up to without expecting a PB.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Mr Spoons wrote (see)
    Great stuff Minni. 2 miles of knee deep water doesn't sound like fun. It might have been easier to swim it.

     You had a similar run yourself?

    BecsA -  great to see you back.  A spell off for illness gives your muscles a chance to recover and repair so they will be fresh when you start again (that's what I always tell myself!). I'm sure you'll be back in sooner than you think if you keep building it up slowly.   Which half and marathon are you looking at? And what is your half pb?

    Kiwi - I'm no fell runner!  I pretend to be sometimes but I find it really hard.  I always finish further up the field in road races than fell. Well done on your xcountry, especially after yesterday. 

    What does the week have in store?  For me, its a slightly easier one on the P&D, which is good for the half on Sunday.   DD has a marathon on Friday.  

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