Cliveden Cross-Country 6.2

Apparently its looking touch and go again...

This is one of my favourite races and it'll be such a shame if its cancelled again. The Burnham Joggers website mentions the estate roads as being the main problem - perhaps they could consider hiring a plough/gritter to clear them? Many local farmers have plough and grit attachments now as they are working on behalf of the local councils.

They should also definitely consider cancellation insurance for future events - losing the entry fee once was bad enough, but two years in a row would be very annoying indeed!



  • I guess it is the decision of the  National Trust.  I see that the estate does not open to the public until 13 Feb - perhaps if it is cancelled then there may be time to re-arrange it?

    Provided there is a thaw that this...

     Happy Christmas...

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    From the website.....


    It is with great regret that we have had to cancel this year's Cliveden Cross Country race.

    The National Trust have advised us that the ground conditions are poor/hazardous with a lot of lying snow and the weather forecast shows little prospect of significant thaw before the 28th.

    The main car park is hazardous due to ice and the paddock parking area is unusable due to deep snow.

    In addition, the main toilet block is out of action until the New Year because of burst pipes.

    The race committee are looking at the possibility of re-staging the event in the spring and runners are asked to hang on to their race numbers/chips for now.


    Gutted - that`s two in a row for me for this event. I so wanted to race up those steps.

    Treadmill here I come.

  • Perhaps I jinxed it? Entered for the first time last year and entered it this year...

    Perfectly understandable, I live fairly near and its very icy in parts on the pavements/side roads

    Spring - mmm - but Clivden will be open to the public then, unless the race is held early-ish in the morning

    Will go for a walk instead on the 28th

  • Very disappointing!

    I do hope they can re-arrange it, otherwise that's £14 down the drain two years in a row as well as the disappointment of not racing, and the wasted training out in the snow the last couple of weeks when I should hav etaken a break!

    Like I said before, they should have cancellation insurance.

  • I hope they can reorganise it for the spring or thats two races we would have missed because of te snow. As we also missed Pednor 10. 

  • Just lurking on this one...the boxing day Aylesbury 5k was called off too image

    What a rubbish period right now

  • What a rotten shame. That's the third year in a row I've missed it, I had flu in 2008. It is such a popular race, too. Last year's (well, this year's, really, January 2010) Wendover 5 miles was rescheduled to March, following two years of cancellations due to the icy conditions. It was still absolutely freezing cold in March, but at least there was no snow or ice. Maybe Cliveden will be able to do something similar. I hope they don't make it February, I'm away then. Commiserations to Burnham Joggers, they must be gutted having put in so much work only to suffer another cancellation. They must be wondering whether it's worth trying to put on the race if this December snow is going to be a regular thing. I hope they work something out, this is such a superb race, definitely a favourite of mine, and of many others too.
  • Not a good end to the year - missed a last ditch attempt at a sub 37 at Andy Reading due to winter vomiting bug (nice!), then the boxing day 5k cancelled, then Cliveden!

    Let's hope the Bucks XC champs in Hughenden on the 8th Jan survives at least!

  • Bucks XC champs? What does that involve then Bus Boy? All the top dogs in Bucks thrashing it out?

     Have a race the next day so can't make it...especially if I might come last image

  • Plenty of middle dogs and slower dogs too I hope! 

    Here's a link (entries closed on 22/12 though).

    This looks like a good race, but I've only ever done one "proper" cross country like this one, back in 2005. There was certainly a spread of abilities at that one so you'd have done pretty well I guess if you've maintained your S.Bucks 10k form!

    I came across this one almost by accident last year, as I think its quite club focussed being an "official" county champs race, but it's at Hughenden, which is my favourite training venue and very close, and only £5 to enter so I couldn't resist!  Last year's was postponed due to snow and relocated to Luton (not nearly as attractive a proposition!) so I didn't run it.

    At 13km and hilly it's going to be a bit of a test as I've had a lot of time off and not done anything more than 6 miles since November!

    What's your race on the 9th?

  • One of the Thames Valley cross country league races. A few of those to get through the winter (if not cancelled) and then it's Wokingham.

    Slightlywondering where my long runs are going to fit in with the current weather and 3 or 4 sunday races before then though, bearing in mind we're only 6-7 weeks away!

    Then probably Eastleigh 10k...super fast 100 under 36mins type fare...then the usual suspects Maidenhead and Marlow.

    No doubt be seeing you at at least 3 of the 4 image

  • Every time I've done a long run in the past couple of months some lergy's got me afterwards! 

    I've entered Wokingham, but you're right - not many training weeks to go! I'm doing London for the first time this year, so won't be doing Maidenhead as its just five days after London (trouble with it having to be on Good Friday I guess!)

    I'll probably do the Bramley 20 as well in Feb.  Eastleigh looks interesting though as I'd hope to be properly fit again by the end of March....

  • Bit of a poor show in some respects; there was barely any snow and ice left on the North Downs when I came back on the Wednesday, thaws happen fast in the UK.  Running was certainly tricky on roads/pavements during the snow and ice but a joy on open ground.

    The National Trust does not open the estate until later February, so what is the problem with getting on with the event now?  With the £ millions they get in membership fees (including me!) they should have got the toilets sorted.

    It doesn't look as if the NT is much keen to have hundreds of runners on site, they were quick to cancel and there seems to be no enthusiasm to make this event happen.

  • Just read your reply Bus Boy. Yeah get on Eastleigh, 100or so under 36mins says it all. There are some races to do to get high up the field, and some to get a time, and this is very definitely the latter.

    Had a trip down to Gosport in November for the half (slight cold that week, just took the top edge off, ending 21 secs OVER the pb),. but showed me distance travelled doens't necessarily affect race performance. Eastleigh's slightly should be a  good one.

     Good luck on London. I'll have to clamp onto someone else at Maidenhead...a few people I'd beaten at Wokingham (on chip at least) got nicely under an hour, whereas I was scrabbling 48seconds over.

    Probably a case of you need to be on course for sub 60 the whole way as otherwise it's easy to let it slip!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Stevie G - I always think the second half of Maidenhead is a bit slower than the first half anyway, so definitely one to bank a few seconds in on the early miles! Mind you, if you're on the form you were for the South Bucks 10k you'll be a long way inside the hour this year!

     Anyway, off to get covered in mud at Hughenden in a mo!

  • National Trust say they can't reschedule the event because of loss of entrance fees but the grounds don't open until Feb 19 and the 2010 annual report shows them with a massive financial cushion:

    In the year to 28 February 2010, the total value of all investments increased from £734.6 million to £889.2 million. As noted above, the General Pool comprises the majority of Trust investments, and its funds under management rose from £597.6 million to £826.2 million over the financial year.

    Think I'll be cancelling my annual bankers' order to the NT!

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    Latest from the

    Cliveden Cross Country Update

    It was a great disappointment for entrants and club alike that the 28th December 2010  Cliveden Cross Country had to be cancelled. The Race Committee has since then been in negotiation with the National Trust. However, with the Cliveden Estate now open to the general public, it has not been possible to re-schedule at Cliveden.

    The Race Committee felt that they should at least organise a substitute event for the original entrants, even if another course would not have the charisma and challenge of Cliveden. This substitute event will be a 10km cross country at Black Park Country Park on 6th March, starting at 10:00. Many of you will be familiar with this venue in the form of the Black Park parkrun, a 5k run held every Saturday.

    We can only apologise to those for whom the date is inconvienient but hope that as many as possible of the original entrants will be able to make it. No new entries will be accepted. Entered runnings should retain their race number and timing chip, if yours is missing please contact Cliveden Cross Country using the form on the About page of this website.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Hmm, I'm sure Burnham joggers are doing there best but this isn't a great alternative, and I'm not sure I understand why it couldn't have been rescheduled before the re-opening.

    What about an evening race at Cliveden instead, once the clocks have gone forward? Maybe in May?

    It's a real shame that they've decided not to try again next year as well - one of the highlights of the calnedar this race and definitely adds to Christmas! Surely cancellation insurance would be the answer??
  • I've not done this one...but it does seem odd to give a completely different race as an alternative!?

    Is it off for 2011 then Bus Boy? Didn't read that anywhere? Surely, it's just bad luck the last 2 years have been very bad weather. I don't remember a year like it before that.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Either I'm going mad and imagining things or the text has change on the Burnham Joggers website! I'm sure when I read it yesterday there was a statement about not wanting to risk it at that time of year after two cancellations due to bad weather - perhaps they've changed their minds - hope so!!

    How's the training for Wokingham going then Stevie G? I notice you've posted a pretty quick time estimate...

  • Had a bunch of xc races which have gone well, but hopefully I've got enough long runs in the bank.

    Hopefully 1hr 18 shouldn't be too optimistic, as that covers up to 1:18:59 and last year I'm sure I did 1:19:07 only for it to come out as 1:19:21 by the time they'd screwed the results up!

    Did Gosport in 1:19:43 when I'd had a cold in the week, and I'm sure it's not as fast as here's hoping!

    Doing Reading 5 weeks after, so 2 chances!

    London's obviously your big one, anything else in the mixer?

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Trying to get back in shape for Wokingham and toying with Bramley 20, but it may be too much too soon, so might do Finchley instead in March. I've not really thought beyond that, other than wanting to get a good 10k in at some point - possibly Silverstone - and then the usual local stuff over summer (Marlow 5, Penn 7, Wycombe Half,risborough and Thame 10ks etc).

    I'd like to get some long fell races in later in the year, but the big limiting factor is my dodgy knees at the moment, which are flaring up whenever I try and build the weekly mileage, so just playing it by ear and messing with a bit of cross training...

    I reckon 1.18 ish at Wokingham should be pretty safe for you, as long as you've got the long runs in to back up your speed - my stategy this year might be to try and stick with you for as long as I can at Wokingham and see if I can hang on for a PB!!
  • The times you’ve beaten me have generally been over longer stuff, so maybe I’ll be clawing onto you at Wokingham!

    I’ve had a lot of long runs in the last few months, and even when I’ve had a xc race on the Sunday it’s been an 8-12 midweek should be plenty.

    An 18miler this Sunday, with a 12 on Thursday, and also covering 11 in a quality session Wednesday is my most stacked week!  Couple of halfs and Maidenhead to think about first and then I’ll join you at Marlow for a rampage through town. Doing it last year reminded me how much I’d missed that one.

    No plans after that, might even just stick to a 5k series mid May to mid July.Wycombe is a problem to that, but might just do it anyway, as a Category B race, but last year showed me what happens when I shoe horn a hilly half marathon into 5k geared training! Top 10 in the Wycombe half one year would be excellent, emulating your result last year. 

    Silverstone is one that I’ve always wanted to do, having done the half there 4 times, but it’s badly placed, the day after a stack of doable Bank holiday races on the Monday. Will probably pick one of those as a fun event.

    But it’ll be good to stay in touch outside of the random events threads we chat on. Why not get involved on my training thread above ? A good little bunch of runners in our kind of ability range upwards. .

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Blimey Stevie G - you are putting the miles in! You'll annhialate me at Wokingham!

    Agree re the Marlow 5 being fun (if I can hold the retching in!!). Silverstobne being 2 days after pednor and just before Marlow should make an interesting week!

    I'll definitely take a look at that thread - might give me some encourgament to structure my training a bit more!

    The bit about Burnham joggers not wanting to do Cliveden at Xmas again came from the email they sent round to entrants, but looks like they might do another time - a summer evening would be good!:

     "The sad news is that following our experiences of the past 4 Cliveden Runs (2 cancelled and one left on a knife edge until the morning of the run) it seems unlikely that we will go ahead with another post-Christmas run. However, the NT are quite keen to explore putting on a different type of event at a more genial time of the year, something we will be happy to pursue."

  • Although I've never done Cliveden, I always thought maybe one year I would, so a bit of a shame to move form it's traditional slot. But I suppose the club can't really afford any more cancellations for one of their flagship events.

    I can definitely recommend the structured weeks. Before I just used to run what I fancied when I fancied, and all at medium hard pace. Now it's 90% easy pace, one long run and 1 or 2 quality sessions a week depending on time of year.

    That 18miles is strictly a one off..that's an epic run!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Anyone doing the Balck Park replacement for this tomorrow??
  • Hopefully yes!

     They have got the directions wrong, it's the A412 not A312, to take - otherwise quite a diversion!

  • Anyone seen the results of the re-scheduled race last Sunday?  Nothing on the BJ website yet.
  • Nope; not sure what all the ankle tags were about?!

    The Results page of the website says: Under Development.


  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Ankle tags were for electronic chip timing, which usually suggests the results are processed quickly and up on the website by the next day at the latest!

    Hey ho, can't get too impatient I guess, given the organisers are all volunteers, but I'm going to chase if they're not up tomorrow!

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