I am running the 9bar JOGLEULTRA in 2011 and will be purchasing a new phone soon (since mine died after a long run in the snow) I am interested in the new iphone 4 owing to its GPS functionality but would like views from fellow runners before I shell out the the £££s. I am technically savvy and like tech toys.

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  • If I was looking for a device providing information about my running, I would buy a GPS based watch rather than a phone of any description.

    In terms of a phone I think the iphone is a great example of marketing, its interface is good and exceptionally easy to use, however as with all apple products it is tightly controlled and very restrictive. The technology of the phone is past generation as such if you are tech savvy you should be looking at android based handsets.

    I personally like Andriod handsets as they are easy to root, and have the latest technologys available. Some of the handsets now such as the latest Sharp Galapagos have features not available on other mobile devices such as a 3D screen.
    The latest android OS release 'gingerbread' also supports NFC. Any device which support this will be able to send and receive information like coupons and other content simply by waving their phone next to another NFC device. No need to open an application or snap a picture of a barcode. 

    The Bank of America and the 7-Eleven stores are using NFC-based payment systems many carriers and brands are executing trials in the UK as well.
    The iPhone 4  doesn't support NFC. By embedding this functionality in the latest Android update, Google the creators of the Android OS has taken a big step toward getting consumers to start thinking about their phones as "mobile wallets."

     If you care what other people think and want ease of use, buy an iphone, if your tech savvy look at android imho

  • I use a Garmin watch for fitness data but since I will have to carry a phone as part of the required kit I am interested in getting a runner's take on smart phones. I can read the tech specs but personal experience is what I am after, ease of use while out on a run, water resistance, odd quirks. 

  • I have experience with both platforms. As such I will attempt to address your specific question.

    The iphone4 most certainly is not water resistant or sweat resistent, This is actually stated in the Apple documentation on the product, in fact it even states not to use the device in the rain or near washbasins. It is worth noting that damage to the iphone by contact with any liquid is not covered by warentee as such if you get this device it would be wise to insure it against damage.

    The biggest issue in terms of water resistence of the iphone is that the ports such as the headphone jack is wide open for a start. There are a number of cases available for the iphone which 'help' protect it more against water damage such as the one at the following URL:

    There are a number of Andriod phone such as the Motorolla DEFY which are water resistant (Ive seen this phone function completely underwater, although it is only sold as water resistent, not water proof, I believe that youtube also have videos of people swimming with it)  I have also seen the device thrown at the floor withough the toughened gorilla glass breaking.

    As someone who gets a great deal of exposure to mobile platforms from most major handset manufacturers I think the iphone is the one with the best experience, and least quirks. The reason for this is that the device uses old and previous generation hardwear which has fully matured.
    If you want the latest a greatest being tech savvy you would need to put up with a few quirks imho

    On a running forum I do not think in general you can get much more than perspectives regarding the apps people use on the devices they own.

  •  I have had a good look at the specs and the Motorola DEFY does look good especially the fact that I could buy the rest of my kit for the whole JOGLE with the price difference between it and the iPhone 4!

    Thanks Squeakz, the snow killed my phone so this has been very helpful

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  • I've good experiences with an iphone and pretty dire weather and only a arm band case. Still working well although at times I've noticed the GPS dies when the phone gets wet. Huge variety of GPS software with mapping build in either the google maps or downloadable mapss. Most running software either free or only a few £. See separate thread on iphone software for running. Biggest problem with iphone I find is battery. You'll be lucky to get 3 hours out of the iphone when on GPS. Don't know if this is enough for your race.
  • For such an event I would even consider carrying a "proper" GPS with inbuilt maps that I could either carry in the hand, clipped to a rucksack, or in a pouch, e.g. the old school but good Garmin GPS 60 CSX with proper compass, proper maps, uploadable routes, turn indication with the right map chips, replaceable AAs, etc. they will also tell you nearby waypoints, such as shops and garages for food, and accommodation. I would avoid the touch screens models because they are harder to see in daylight, use in rain and have worse battery life. You could also plan a little geocaching along the route image
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