Friday 24th December

Good morning and seasons greetings!!
Birk - hope you feel better soon & madame O - glad it went well. Sane is always a good selling point

Made it to the club last night where the Hampshire micro climate was doing its thing.
6 or so miles on solid compacted snow in the freezing fields. 6 miles away at home it was all clear.
In an x-files moment, the watch stopped at 45mins 45.45 secs....
Today - maybe 2 or 3 miles but legs jaded after trying to stay with my usual peer group!

Have a super Christmas and enjoy the holiday season!


  • Thanks for the save Dustin - I was all set with the Pogues this morning! Spooky timing last night.

    MadameO - I'm afraid I had to ask what a 'Hellboy' figure was. Glad you're happy with your two early gifts though - and the date!

    Yesterday's lyrics - 2000 miles, The Pretenders.

    What:              should be a turbo may be a run.
    Why:                all running no riding makes LMH a bad triathlete - but it is nearly xmas.
    Last hard:       7/11.
    Last rest:        18/12.

    Lyrics - I believe I do.

    Off to the in-laws this afternoon.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning

    What:3 Miles done in Minus 8 Degrees.Ya Beautyimage

    Why: Good to be backimageimage

    I'm 'quietly pleased' to-day to be back running as you can tell !

    Morning Dustin.

    Lyrics: Not sure.

    Have a cracking Chrismas Eve you lot

  • Morning LMUH image

    Never realised you'd posted !

  • Morning

    MadameO: Glad it went well, but sane ? You are a runner and therefore according to 99% of the population insane.

    What: Out into the artic AKA Devon in a moment for 6
    Why: Its out there
    Last Hard: Wednesday
    Last Rest: Monday

    Have to brave the shops this morning

  • Morning!

    Back from the supermarket! 

    What: probably around 20 mins
    Why: last 10 mins of yesterday's 30 was a struggle.
    Last hard: last 10 mins yesterday
    Last rest: Dec 21 '09

    Lyrics: nope. Reallyshould have got yesterday's.

    Enjoy the festive period everyone.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    LMuH - you are not alone in asking what a hellboy figure was.....
  • Morning again.

    I'd no idea either what' Hellboy' was...

  • Morning!

    Mr S will be sporting his 'Bah  Humbug' badge today image

    DD - how is Devon?  We are booked into a hotel on Dartmoor next week

    What:  probably nothing
    Why:   Work and the Monster in Law getting in the way
    Last hard:  Last night in the snow
    Last rest:  22.12 (forced on me by the gym closing early)

    Lyrics:  No

  • Morning,

    DD - yes, but the beauty of it is that he's a runner too image 

    Good to see you back in action Birkmyre.

    Hellboy is a comic about a paranormal investigator who just happens to be a big, red demon - was made into a film starring Ron Pearlman:

    And this is my little figure. The picture isn't very good but the detail on it is incredible (he's only 2 inches high).

    Off to London in a few hours to see my family... but first:

    What: 7 miles slow

    Why: I have a VLM place to train for!

    Last hard: Resisting yet another dress in the sale yesterday. I failed.

    Last rest: Wednesday

    Lyrics: No

  • GREAT news, Madame O - on the date as well as the VLM front. Crikey, never heard of Hellboy either ...

    Birk: good to see you back running. Stomach bugs do have their advantages if you want to lose weight image

    Got my Yaktrax early from Santa image. Tried them out today but they seem pretty useless in deep snow. We have about 12 inches now with 25 inch snow drifts in places. Had to ditch my offroad attempt because of that. So here goes

    What: 12 boring miles round and round our estate image
    Why: too much snow everywhere
    Last hard: that interrupted offroad attempt
    Last rest: Weds
    Lyrics: no

  • I'm off darn sarf - have a great xmas everyone.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Well done on the VLM place MadameO

    What 11.25m very icy run
    Why - Building it all up
    Last Hard - Hitting the ice at 5k today and sliding down a hill
    Last Rest - at the bottom of the hill.....

    Thigh and Quad sore and no doubt a big bruise wil appear...

    Signed off from the Physio today, am allowed to load as much as I can on the achilles now.....image

    Take care and for those not posting tomorow, Happy Christmas

  • MadameO: Ok then he is not sane either! Good luck with the VLM place.

    USB: Pretty snowy in Devon at the moment, I'm near Tiverton about 12" of snow on the ground. Roads are fine though

    This mornings run was tough in loose snow, ice ruts, packed snow etc.

    Just been to the pub for lunch, all is well

  • Keeping my fingers crossed then - I'd rather get a run in on the moor than in Plymouth
  • Hi all

    Birkmyre - glad you have had a run!

    Madame O - congrats on the VLM - 3:15 this time?

    What - 60 min nice and easy

    Why - trained twice resterday - so recovering today image

    Have a great evening everyone and Happy Christmas image

  • Hellboy is kinda cute, in a demonic kind of way...

    What - 6mile hike around the moors. Snow at least 2ft deep on top, but frozen solid. Made for an interesting walk...

    Why - Spend some time with Mr.Berry now he's finished work for Chrimbo!

    Last hard- my poor bum from Wednesday...

    Last rest- earlier this month.

    Bah humbug and whatever.

  • 8 miles d& d on TM.

    Will go for a few miles outside somewhere tomorrow in spikes. I have to get out, snow or not!!!!.

    Hey LMH - you should have got him the update for xmasimage

    Mad O - did he get you a christmas present??? - nice one on VLM - get training!!

    Good to see you out Birks.

    If i dont get in later happy christmas to all.

  • Morning folks.

    Very nice MO. I love all the comic book type stuff! image For some reason though, Ron Perlman in Hellboy makeup reminds me of Ted Danson (Cheers) for some reason I can't quite put a finger on........

    Simon - I've got a few cold related cracks on mine too - I'm not very good at remembering to wear gloves!

    birkmyre - hope you've got that appetite back for tomorrow image

    Binned yesterday evening's planned 30-60mins of easy xtrainer as I was tired after running around shops sorting out last minute things (Tesco Direct messed up on something; but with a bit of good karma the store had a better deal! image )).As I had done ~5:40 of cardio in the previous 3.5 days that was both perfectly alright and a pleasing start back to better training volumes.

    What: rest day (same tomorrow).
    Why: Jr #1's b'day (Christmas).

    Sitting down shortly to a traditional(ish) Czech Christmas meal ahead of the main event tomorrow. Should provide a bit of winter insulation image

    Probably won't get on tomorrow, so Happy Christmas to all image

  • What: swim and run d&d
    Shopping d&d
    I might bike
    Why: indeed
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Monday
    Lyrics: nope

  • evening

    Lyrics no

    Hellboy yes

    bit of core this morn but cat stopped play - you try doing crunches with a cat pinned to you by its claws.

    tomorrow is Christmas.

  • Happy Christmas Eve one and all!

    Birkmyre, glad you're back running again

    DD - you seem to have adjusted remarkably well to the sudden change in climate image

    Madame O, Congrats on the VLM and the new dress image

    RFJ - have fun with all that achilles loading

    USB - hope the monster in law gives you some space!

    What? 8 miles steady
    Why? because I can
    Last hard? the last 6 days of no running
    Last rest? as above

    Lyrics? no

    Have a lovely Christmas everyone
  • Evening,

    Thanks for the VLM congrats... yep, time to get training! 41 - I would sell my soul for a sub-3:15. Unfortunately I remortgaged it last year for a pair of awesome boots image

    Paddy, it was the first time we'd met so not really at the present giving stage... hoping there will be a next time though (date I mean, not Christmas... well you never know, but waaay too soon to be thinking about that just yet!!).

    At my dad's now, munching my way through the contents of his fridge which are way tastier than mine. No doubt I'll post tomorrow but for anyone who doesn't, have a wonderful Christmas!

    Edited to add happy birthday to ZaTTu Jnr too image

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