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How about it has been thick snow for the past 4 of 5 weeks and I am going mad not being able to train? Any suggestions?


  • xtrain - core and weights indoors or if your brave on the patio. Add some skipping.

    HTFU and get out there and run like the rest of us.

    go swimming, it's a good time to improve on your technique as well as get in some lengths. The pools empty everyone else is hiding indoor.

    Go to the gym - as above it's empty everyone else is indoors or shopping.

  • Run in the snow - it is fun. Just layer.

  • if you're worried about ice, just find a park. Might be boring doing laps but better than nothing.

    Round my way the roads are fine now, but pavements still dodgy...

  • biker-sugarplum-mouse wrote (see)

    Today nowt again - lazy. image

    The temp is now up to -2 but there's still frost on the frost. I don't do cold.

    Both posts on the same day.  Brilliant.

    biker-sugarplum-mouse wrote (see)

    HTFU and get out there and run like the rest of us.

  • 6mins apart as well. image

    Another forumite exposed as a do what I say not what I do monger!

  • Moraghan wrote (see)
    biker-sugarplum-mouse wrote (see)

    Today nowt again - lazy. image

    The temp is now up to -2 but there's still frost on the frost. I don't do cold.

    Both posts on the same day.  Brilliant.

    biker-sugarplum-mouse wrote (see)

    HTFU and get out there and run like the rest of us.

    Stevie G . wrote (see)

    6mins apart as well. image

    Another forumite exposed as a do what I say not what I do monger!

    It's sunday - I don't run most sats or suns. I run week days days.

    You have taken everything out of context. Wow - what clever people you are!! Twats.

    I do run in snow, wind, rain, ice. - I don't do cold - thats my body + Raynaurds, doesn't mean I don't get out there and run. Just because I take 2 days off to spend some time with my other half you think you have the right to make derisory comments.

     Just because I do thwer exercise apart from running - running is by far far from my fav activity, doesn't mean to say that I don't go out and run in inclement weather.

    So - if you do as I do - you'll be out running in the freezing fog being unable to feel your hands and toes - finish your run and be unable to open the door as your hands don't function, spend 2-3 hrs trying to recover from the cold before you can function again - well go on then!

  • What a ridiculously whiney post! image

    Erm, it was YOU that said that you had been lazy because it was cold. YOU then proceeded to tell others to HTFU and get out there. That is hypocritical beyond question and that deserved the comments from Moraghan and Stevie G.

    What all this other guff is about in your last post is anyone's guess...... very melodramatic but nothing to justify you telling others to HTFU!

  • Friday 24th. 
    biker-sugarplum-mouse wrote (see)
    bit of core this morn but cat stopped play - you try doing crunches with a cat pinned to you by its claws.

    Thursday 23rd.

    biker-sugarplum-mouse wrote (see)
    Today nothing, felt rubbish this morn but feeling better now. Still I think another day off wont do me so much harm. T'other half has man flu. image

    Dustin, I wake up everymorning thinking that I'll start a diet and loose some weight. I go to bed every evening wondering what happened? image

    Wednesday 22nd.

    biker-sugarplum-mouse wrote (see)

    Today nothing - unless spending the day sitting in a car is considered hard. image 

  • Good God woman - you make me look cheerful!

    It's just a pathetic litany of excuses."My cat wouldn't let me do my sit-ups".  Ha ha, brilliant.

  • biker-sugarplum-mouse wrote (see)

    Just wondered if anyone wanted to share an opinion on the merits or otherwise of breaking my long runs up into 3 shorter runs in the same day. for why - because I have Raynauds. I can run 20 plus miles in the cold - I've done it before but it's tough and takes me forever to recover. I did a long run on weds - planned a 20 mile route but had to cut it short as my hands and feet were numb - which is probably not true, they were in agony. My hands and wrists and elbows. Thats the way of Raynauds.

    To think I was doing this last year in the middle of a work day. No wonder I was drinking so much hot chocolate. Anyway, my routes this year are tougher and more exposed, so can I realistically break the run up? Will I get the same benifit, am I wasting my time, is it a useful exercise only for when it really is Baffin out there?

    even today I had pins and needles in my feet when running and my toes were blue when I got in. - this is due to Raynauds, nothing else.

    Moraghan wrote (see)


    I hesitate to reply to you because your typical response towards my contributions on this website is one of snideness and scorn.

    However, I suffer from cold hands, have done a lot of running in Washington DC winters and don't like to see people being held back for physical issues. I suggest you go to a ski shop - they do warming pads (you can only use them once and might be charcoal based) which you can slip into your gloves and they would see you through any weather.  I don't know what they are called because it's a long time since I used them but they aren't heavy enough to interfere with form on your hands etc.

    I'm sure they also do some solutions you could make work for your feet.

    I was sure I remembered some help about the cold hands... image

  • So on weds I had to go out to do xmas stuff. Actually I did swim in the eve when I got home but didn't post it. Thurs I went swimming again. Chose not to post.

    Fri and Sat I went for walks with partner, as I did today. Nothing says you have to run everyday.

    Core - crunches are the last thing I do - 1:30 hrs of core and weights is hardly doing nothing. Still did 150 crunches.

    cycle 120 - 180 mile a week, swim 4x a week and run 50 miles a week. Don't think that a week off as a) I want one b) I have too many niggles that I don't want to get worse c) I'd actually like to spend some time with my other half. is unreasonable. If I'm less than motivated to run - well so what.

    I never said that I had been lazt because it was cold. I said I had been lazy - followed by a full stop and a new paragraph

    grammer - new paragraph means new subject.

    it's cold wow - I suffer in the cold. Con't be helped and there's sweet fa I can do about it. I have gone white and numb up to my elbows before now. Not wanting to put my body under that kind of strain is reasonable.

    Being lazy has nothing to do with HTFU - I can and do do that as highlighted.

    The OP said they were frustrated at not running - I have never said that I'm frustrated at not running or not being able to do anything.

    parkrunfan - sorry that you can't read. Still - I said


  • Curly - it doesn't help. I have hand warmers, been using them for years. Had this problem since I was about 11.

    cold hands, cold wrists cold feet and ankles. Going white and numb / blue and painful. Unable to use my hands. I also can't keep my ears warm enough and have had headaches from that.

    I've tried wearing more, I've tried wearing less. I've tried running faster, I've tried running slower. Nothing really makes much difference.

    The OP asked for suggestions - I just gave a few.

  • FFS!!

    A full stop is the opportunity to take a small pause so as to make a little more sense than a continuous block of text. Alas, I think even the mighty full stop was not up to that particular task in the above...! 

  • What ranting image Reminds me of a couple of recent forumites I must not mention image

    At the end of the day, when you're using fairly abrupt terminology like HTFU and get out there like the rest of us, yet ...aren't actually getting out there yourself as it's too cold, then a forum wouldn't be a forum if some twat didn't pop up to point out that ridiculous contradiction.

    Just as ridiculous as trying to patronise someone about sentence construction, and then spelling grammar wrong! image

    ps imageimage  Relax old girl, it's only a running forum.

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