What was your best Christmas present?

..... Inov8 Race Pro 12 Performance Pack with hydration bladder image


  • I got the latest upgrade for my quilting program. I bought him a Garmin thingie
  • a box of Ferrero Rocher all to myself. image
  • my new salam0n XT wings image image image already tried and tested - twice image
  • All of it!
  • A Garmin thingie? Is that the technical spec?
  • AC/DC Illustrated History book from Santa and bought myself some thermal tights as getting cold bum running outside.
  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭

    One of these:


    And a Maru MX1 legged swim suit.

    Although that's two, they are equally the best image

  • an entry to ironman wales and a £100 cheque towards race fees next yearimageimageimageimage
  • sarah the book-elf wrote (see)

    One of these:


    Noooooooooooooooooooo  image
  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭


    'Tis excellent imageimage

  • Triathlon T-shirts that says "Threesome Anyone" image
  • Marmite Chocolate, with Marmite toast rack, Jar of Marmite and a Marmite spread knife and Marmite Cashews imageimageimageimage
  • A Wii Balance board with wii fit plus and a yoga/pilates 'game'

  • Mr FBGF bought me an IPAD!!!!

    Mr FBGF's mother bought me a family sized Actifry.

    Son number 1-lovely pyjamas

    Son number 2- Michael Ball handbag and laptop bag

    Son number 3- bracelet and Fitflop slippers.

    Best Xmas ever but also because I had all 3 sons home for Xmas for the first time in 7 years image

  • Walsh Spirit Lite shoes, hopefully..!

     I also got a very nice cup from my daughter, with a painting of Pen Y Ghent on it.

  • A ticket to see John Bishop live image
  • I got some Danger Mouse pants

  • I treated myself to a book on The Marathon Des Sables. I wrapped it and put a tag on it to myself from my husband. When I opened it I told him how generous he was and that the entrance fee was around £3500. He just smiled. He knows I will die in the desert drinking my own urine, trying to work out how to let the emergency flare off.

    Flip side is though, that I reckon I could write a better book. Not a chance this man could suffer heat stroke, his head is up his arse.
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