What will you change about yourself in 2011?

I'm interested to know...?

For me so many things mostly to do with the way I think. Mostly I jst really want learn to focus more on the here and now and love life more and more.



  • 2011 promises to be such a good year I will just make sure that I work very hard to make it happen.
  • I agree with Kev.  I love the New Year, the close of a good year, with the promise of even better things in 2011.

    My NY resolution last year was to improve my fitness.  I went from a couch potato, to someone who now runs 5k comfortably 3 times a week.  I cycle and love walking.

    This years resolution is to cut down on my drinking (alcohol obviously!). It's become the norm for me to drink wine most days - I think that's too much, especially when you add it to the occasional binge. 

    Plan is to have January completely off the drink to break the habit and then drink within healthy limits.

  • Snap then KK!image

    Running Kev, 2011 has a much nicer ring to it that 2010!!!

    Katie - a month off drink sounds good. I love the start of Jan and all it's new beginnings.

    I've already given up the chocolates!image

  • Might change my sex, who knowsimage
  • As you say Katie 2010 has been so good - bring 2011 on!

     I will also be cutting down alcohol and calories generally!

  • Millster wrote (see)
    Might change my sex, who knowsimage
  • Stop ending up in bed with teenage nymphomaniac blonde's with massive norks
  • Nothing, I am virtually perfect!
  • You may be virtually perfect..but in real life thats a different matter............image
  • seren nos yn canu wrote (see)
    You may be virtually perfect..but in real life thats a different matter............image


    I need to move a bit more and eat a bit less.

  • The New Year is always a good time to change some things and to start a few new things.   
  • i'm not too sure, but a good thread though

  • Take a few more risks.

    I think that about sums it up for me image

  • Hmmm....

     Give up smoking

    Beat this depression image

    Stop trying to be all things to all people image

    That should be enough to keep me busy! 

  • Good on you lacebylady

    I'm going to change my attitude.  I'm probably going to be made redundant, but I've hated the place for years, and if possible it's actually got worse in the last six months.   I need to get my head around living differently.  It will mean a big drop in income whatever I end up doing, and no more final salary pension, but what price quality of life?  Carpe diem.

  • Couldn't agree with you more Hashette re changing attitude, its a big one. I really hope your work situation improve. What else are you thinking of doing?

    lacebylady wrote (see)


     Give up smoking

    Beat this depression image

    Stop trying to be all things to all people image

    That should be enough to keep me busy! 

     Lacebylady yes, just be yourself. I found one of the hardest things to do was learning to say "no" to people and just accepting that sometimes you just can't do everything for everyone. You have your own life to lead to. Keep believing in yourself, good luck with the stop smoking and beating depression.

  • Couldn't agree more AL.

    I've got a fantasy about just going temping and doing something secretarial/adminy for a while.  No hassle, no pressure, if I don't like it I leave.  It will pay naff all, but it's probably about the only way I can keep on working - I'd go mad just sitting at home applying for jobs and fretting.   Besides it might lead on to something permanent, who knows?  

  • I really want to be more positive about myself and to finish what I start. 

    (Plus the usual lose weight, run better, drink less booze) image

  • I want to be less grumpy!
  • I need to be less lazy in the mornings, which means going to bed earlier. And more sex. OH and I are only young but don't make enough time for it.
  • I'm going to drink less and be less of a dating retard... (Hmmm, these two may go hand in hand methinks.... image )

    Good call on the have more sex one. Can I sign up for that one too? image
  • What motivates people to change themself is what I'm interested in.

    Dissatisfaction with your lot?

    To be happier?

    To get out of a rut?

    Just wondering.

  • To get out of the current rut

    Be more selective about work I take temping wise one job literally bored me stupid last year and the moew bored I am the worse financial decisions I make

    Find the will power to carry on the enforced reduction in crap and alcohol comsumption that has caused my wasitline to shrink and health to improve when I am earning again

    Embrace the new career coaching stuff I have been referred to

    Sell the friggin house so I can let go of the last remnants of teh millstone that was my family 

    Accept compliments with a lot more grace than I currently do and start beleiving them

  • JJ - what motivates folk to change?

    Thinking aloud here - to move on, to progress to develop in some way.
    I did the same job for 3 years, giving up the thing that I loved most (art) and took up running - good escapism but nothing more than that for me. I prefer swimming. My long term goal was always to do an MA, I can't do that if I'm not doing any art.

    My goals for 2011 are to get back on track. I'd love to lose weight and grow another 2".

    When I don't have a job I want one and when I have a job I don't want it. I like doing bits and pieces, temp work suits me. I decided a long time ago not to work full time, now I think not to work split shifts again. They ruin your day.

    Maddy. wrote (see)

    Accept compliments with a lot more grace than I currently do and start beleiving them

    Couldn't agree more. I've recently started worrying about whether I ever said 'thankyou' when I've received a trophy or medal at a race - I'm still gobsmacked but I must remember my manners - I feel embarrassed for grinning like a big Cheshire cat!

  • loose the excess fat.

    OK, being realistic, loose some of the excess fat image

  • arctic lady wrote (see)

    I've already given up the chocolates!image

    image Madness!!!

    For me stop putting myself out for folks who ack like a*se's, eat more chocolate, see my Gran more, get some open water in to sort out the crawl and err I'm sure there is something else? image

  • I want to be more organised.  I have loads of time that I waste doing non-productive stuff that doesn't even entertain me.  So this year I want to actually put some of that time to good use.

    I'm good at putting things off, and I am going to try to do that less.  In fact, you have already inspired me to actually get the ball rolling with cavity wall insulation and new double glazing, that I have been talking about doing for at least three years!

    My procrastination also applies to small things.  I will go for a run when I say I will and not two hours later.  I will put the washing on and do the ironing in a timely manner.  And I will get those small horrible jobs done at work that I ahve been putting off for months.

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