Running after female sterilisation

I've finally taken the steps and was put on the waiting list for this operation. The waiting time is between 3-6 months, I'm running the first marathon in October. I'm wondering whether anyone here had this done during their running 'career' and can tell me how quickly you can recover, I've been told that if it goes well it will be around one week, I can take this long off marathon schedule, 1.5 weeks at the most but not much more. Thanks for any advice.


  • Research suggests that runners do not de-condition until after 2 weeks off, and that's pessimistic. In some studies, the runners had 3 weeks off all exercise and were able to set near-PB times. Unless you're an elite, aiming for a sub 2:30 marathon, I wouldn't lose sleep. Having time off running for pleasure is a pain, though - I don't like doing that for more than a few days!
  • I know from personal experience that if I take time off,as long as I eat well properly and cross train (commuting by bike to and from work) all is well.

    When I get back I may be a bit stiff and slow but Im back and thats the main thing.

    Do not go back straight away at the paces you were doing before your break. Start slow build up give it at least the same amount of time you were off that way you really can't injure yourself.

    Its good to take time off, your muscles rest, niggling aches fade away and you wont become one of those crazy obsessive runners who think quantity trumps quality.

  • Are you sure that it is one week to recover and not one week before they let you out of hospital? If you have a week off and then do a fairly steady week it might do you the power of good, especially if they give you enough notice to allow you to plan your training around it.
  • RGS, it's done in one day, you are in hospital for about 6-8 hours then you go home. Normal recovery takes about a week without any complacations. I googled it and it's a straightforward enough procedure, I was hoping someone here would tell me how it was and how long it took them to recover. My only worry is that due to budget cuts and targets etc. the wait will be longer than 6 months and it's going to be around the time of the marathon. I sure hope it won't affect my marathon training but I sure want to have it done.

  • Hi acggirl, I had the op 3 years ago. Went  in to hospital at 8am and was out for lunch time.  Checking back on my running logs I ran 5 days later, did note that I felt a bit sluggish next few runs, but not bad enough to stop me running.   I can remember doing a body pump class about 9 days later and had a weird sensation when doing core work so wouldn't recommend anything like that for a few weeks after the op.

    Everyone is different and I think it depends on the individual, and as the above posts say, a few days off and an easy week won't do your training any harm.

    Last year I had a marathon in Oct and dreaded the thought of 2 weeks training right in the middle of my plan in sunny Cyprus, I started my plan 2 weeks early to allow for 2 easy weeks when I was on holiday, you could maybe try that.  

  • Thanks plodinalong, great news, that ties in with the gp told me and what I read on the net, great that I should be beack to normal soon enough.
  • I was steralised on Tuesday but have been told I can't exercise for 2 weeks which I think is a bit too long as all I want to do is put my trainers on and run . Could cross training be ok until Im able to run again 
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    Share the results, please. I heard people become more fast after such a procedure.
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