The 2011 Marathon Tread



  • Chickadee,

    Another vote here to get to spring quicker. I don't do too much running over winter anyway usually but with the weather we've had recently I would have got out.  We had to take the winter duvet out last night because it was a low of 10C!  (Mind you we've not had the winter duvet in the previous winters since moving down here. I think it's only because of my shoulder that we've had to resort to it.

  • Jason, thats some determination.

    Chick...some more great running in the early hours.

    Tom, Hang in there mate. 

    I am glad that the stretch was useful to some of you.. As for me I just ran/jogged 5 Miles. It was smooth too.....but not quite Cashmere Smooth. More like felt !! 

    Will do some more jogging tomorrow and then I have a 12k Race on Sunday in the countryside.  It will be nice to getout and about !!

    Nuttella....never had it. Sounds like I will like it though !!

  • Cheers Tom

    Nice to see AGF getting that smooth feeling

    Hills this evening not so smooth but a good hard session all the same.
  • Extra slow 4+ miles for me.  I allowed discomfort but went slower if it got to pain
  • Has spring sprung already?

    12 degrees here.

    5 x 2 minute sprints at 6% on the dreadmill tonight. Did some weights and core afterwards. A nice short and sharp session!

    Not very smooth though.
  • spoons - nice one, I like running on the treadmill but I don't do hills on them!/video/video.php?v=10150093884524052&subj=583942806
  • Nice video Gobi. Did you fall off when the camera stopped?

    I think the best thing about treadmills is being able to pick an incline.
  • Spoons I only run on ZERO this was purely for a challenge 12% for 3 minutes and I was running 10mph at the finish
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Blimey, at 12% I'd be 10mm max!!

    Ok who suggested Nutella?? I think it was NP...went shopping last night (after a nice 7.75 mile run at 7:28 av pace - middle 5 miles 7:10 ish) and bought a large jar. Got home and first thing I opened to taste - yum! image AGF it's like the middle soft bit of Ferrero Rocher chocs. So now I have to resist it - might be my treat after my 20 miles tomorrow but also trying to lose a bit of weight. Plan 4 or 5 miles tonight very easy.

    Hope your Doc speeds things up Tom. Totally agree about the weather, although it's now a tropical 6 degrees and snow all cleared (for now).


  • Gobi,

    That's some incline!


    Can the doc do anything to speed things up?


    Well done on everyone's training. 

  • EEEEK Gobi!!!

    LOL, Fiona.  I am still resisting the Nutella urge...

    Went out last night on a colleague's leaving do but I ate no crap and didn't drink anything with alcohol in it image. Made myself some tea and toast when I got home as I was starving!

    13.8 miles done this morning. Perfect running weather: +9C and light rain. Loved it. My pace is still slow but I am trying hard to do the MP + 90secs bit and it seems to work. At least the ratio between slow pace and low HR looks ok.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Nice running chickadee and well done on the willpower.

    Gobi, should my long weekend runs be at MP + 60 - 120s or should there be any MP in there at this stage?



  • Very well behaved Chickadee image

    Fiona - have you finished that jar yet?
  • Fiona MP + 60 - 120 start out near 120 if you want and slowly get quicker NO MP needed before Feb.

    I did 8 miles before 7am in shorts and a tshirt. Windy and warm in Berkshire. Swam a km as well.
  • Apologies if this is in the wrong section, but I'm running the Barcelona marathon in March and wondered if anyone knows if you need a medical certificate to register?

    I've emailed them (no response yet) and can't find anything on the official site about it, but I don't want to get out there only to be told I do in-fact need one.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  • Terry

    Padams in the Sub3 thread has raced in Spain so may know. All I can say is that when I did a half in Spain I didnt need one but that was a few years ago.

  • Thanks Gobi.
  • Rest day for me today.

    Friday night is usually beer and pizza night, although sometimes it is wine and pizza night.

    I'm trying to be good so my intention is to have pasta and water. My Friday intentions often go wrong during my drive home from work. I'll keep you posted.....
  • Mr S - I hope you dont hit the wine while youre driving homeimage
  • Rest day for me too ............ apart from the exercises
  • A small jog for me today, As i want to hit 20-25 miles per week through jan/february. A rest now before Sundays 12k Race. I will jog first half and Tempo the second half. ( hopefully overtaking a few). It will get me out and about, but at this stage of rehab do not want to race...
  • Mr Spoons,

    Sounds like our usual Friday night dinner as that's all we can be bothered with after I've got the shopping (or in this case both of us until I can drive again).


    Sounds like a good strategy.

  • Terry, NoPain ran Barcelona last year as far as I remember I don't think a medical cert was mentioned, I'm sure he will be able to put you right when he pops in.  A few members of our club are going to run it this year.

    3.78M Treadmill (I only run it on 0% at the moment) and 1km swim.

    Sounds like a plan AGF, I'm sure you will be passing lots.

    I was in Tesco last night and totally forgot about Nutella, thank god, if it tastes like the insides of a FR I would have done the jar and gone back for another image I think it must not enter the houseimage

    MrS, pasta and water, yeah right.

  • Chicken fajitas were lovely tonight... However based on fionas description I could now do with some nutella ... A choc brazil nut left from chrimbo may have to be the route..
  • Chickadee - nice run. I've just posted my entry for the Dursley Dozen on 13th Feb so will need to be upping the miles again soon if I want to improve and meet my target for the race!

    Jason - top mental grit shown there. Most of us, well me anyway, would have said "@rse to it" and called in at the offy on the way home image

    Gobi - was the km swim across a flood? I'm in shorts again but still thermal and running top, no t-shirt for me...

    Lots of % incline stuff going on with the dreadmills then... 5.5 miles tonight with miles 2 and 3 on an average 9% gradient run at 8:45 and 9:17. Quite pleased as it was in the dark with a headlamp and had to contend with a fair amount of mud and water en route too image

    4 miles easy on Weds, 6.5 miles hard tempo Thu.

    Got a fair bit in this week.

    Merthyr Mawr Xmas Pudding 10K on Sunday, Postponed because of snow on 19/12. Great race and really looking forward to it...

  • Oh yes.

    Friday is beer/wine and pizza night Mr Spoons. It's the LAW image

  • Jay - 9%? You mountain runners are made of strong stuff!

    < sitting here sipping on my diet coke >
  • Jayc- lol!image' /> Good luck with MM- really fancy doing that one next yearimage' />

    Nutella tastes like it looks IMHO- image' /> far, far too sweet for my tastebuds!

    Gobi- interesting what you say about MP cos my AM plan has me down for doing 17m this Sunday with 10 @ MPimage' />image' />

    13.4m @ very relaxed 8.32 av tonightimage' />

    No nutella here- Low fat home made chilli and wholegrain rice washed down with fizzy water for me nowimage' />- this is going to take real willpower as Mrs JD just bought a bottle of wine!image' />image' /> 

  • It's over 20 years since I had a nutella sandwich. White sliced bread, loads of butter and even more nutella. I'm not sure I could eat that now.
  • Update- chilli devoured, wine avoidedimage' />
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