The 2011 Marathon Tread



  • Well done Jason.

    To be honest, this having a night in / day off the training lark is a bit dull without a few drinks. I don't usually have time to watch the telly. Is it just me or is it rubbish?
  • Curry and chips here.  No Nutella but we do have some indian sweets image
  • Mr S- No, it IS rubbish!!image
  • Yes telly is rubbish.

    curry and chips mmmmmmmmmmmmm. that's what I miss about not marathon training, cant run it offimage

  • Fajitas followed by Ice Cream here.

    Nice to relax with friends.
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Not had a chance to get on since Wednesday lots of reading back, only ran 7 miles recovery on Thursday and had a swim yesterday so have missed out 2 runs and thats just down to work but I should still finish this week at around 72/74 miles after todays runimage.

    Looks like I started something with the nutella,mmmmmmm strange how some people can't eat peanuts but are ok with other types of nuts, I never knew that.

    Paddy Larne half is 20th March and the Omagh half is 2nd April so 5 and 3 weeks out from London.

    Chick it looks like all your training is going to plan and your getting some miles in, it's great to watch the HR drop for the same pace, or the pace rise for the same HR.

    Terry welcome Tom is correct I did Barcelona a couple of years ago it's a great marathon and the start and finish is at the palace, regarding the medical certificate you didn't need one in the end and I was never asked to show it. Enyoy it's a great city just keep your hand on your wallet when doing the tourist thing.

    AGF good luck for your race on Sunday.

    USB  hope the rest has done some good and the pain is a thing of the past.

    Jason see your putting in the miles, looks like your over the fuel issue of the other day, not nice running on empty but it shows what the body needs and how quick it can recover once you have had something to eat.

    Tom thats terrible that you should have had an appointment by now, is your Doc going to chase it up for you? I know your still doing some runs and swimming and yoga are you still in much pain?

    Gobi nice hill work on the treadmill, smoooottthhhhh  as a cashmere cod pieceimage now we all know what you wear under your shorts to keep you warm in winter lol. Hope you enjoyed your ice cream.

    Fiona are you on your second jar of nutella yet?  hope the 20 mile run today was ok and you can get a 3rd jar started, nice running so far.

    Jayc enjoy the Xmas pudding on Sunday .

    MrSpoons Curry and Rice for me last night mmmmm

    right time to head out the door and run up my hill back soon...

  • Pizza & wine with cheese & crackers for pudding for us last night (and we've still not finished the christmas cheese up).


    Well done on everyone's training & good luck with this weekends races/long runs.

  • Why is it we all buy so much cheese at Christmas?

    I ran an easy 6 miles this morning on the trails. I got attacked by some brambles, other than that, pretty uneventful.

    I'm up at silly o'clock tomorrow, going to Lincolnshire for the Ropsley Raid X Country half marathon. Never done it before. All I know is it's supposed to be "very muddy".
  • We had our first birthday at MK parkrun today with a record field of 214 image  Cakes afterwards too image
  • Mr Spoons wrote (see)
    Why is it we all buy so much cheese at Christmas?

    a VERY good question!imageimageimage

    Good luck with the race Mr S and anyone else racing. A very wet and windy 6 for me this morning, similar to follow this evening

  • Mr Spoons & Jason,

    I can answer that one because in my case Chris did the shopping & thought I'd eat more cheese than what I did.  Left to me I would have just got some Stilton for him & 1 Boursin cheese for me!


    That sounds good.

  • HY4 lol

    Good luck tomorrow Mr S and AGFimage

    NP how do you remember what everyone has been doing? I second everything image

    First 20 mile for me in what seems a very long time. Very windy in places but just took it comfortably and turned out to be the best 20 training run I have ever done avg 8.53 and could have run more. Very happy indeedimage

  • Zion,

    Well done.

  • Well done Zion. As you're all ready is there a marathon next weekend you can do as you've obviously peaked far too early lol image
  • Hope you can't peak after two weeks training image but am really hopeful I will be ready for Brighton nowimage

  • No pain I am going to attempt Omagh as well this year.  Lousy week all round - had stomach cramps most of the week, 6 miles Monday, 10K (hill - treadmill) Thurs, 5 miles interval this morning, will try for 11 miles LSR tomorrow if I can.  I am not finding marathon training as motivating this year even though I have a stronger mileage base compared to this time last year.  I was a lot more disciplined last year.
  • Thanks Zion.  Good running today, no wonder your chuffed.

    An 800M swim for me today so that I kepp off my legs.

    Tomorrow = race, steak meal and Cinema ( Kings speech). A good day I hope...even in the forcasted rain...

  • No Pain - 4 and 2 weeks?. I might give one of them a go - i'll see how i feel closer to the date. Ballycotton was my last planned race.

    16 miles covered this morning in the gales and rain  - nice!

  • We used to buy too much cheese at Christmas as we would buy stuff we fancied and stuff we thought the MiL would eat.  Having chucked things like stilton away we now just get what we fancy and she has to take potluck!  We've got a cheese stall appeared at our market run by a French lady and so this year we got 3 or 4 cheeses from her in reasonably small amounts and they kept really well.
  • Well done on the 20, Zion sounds like thing are going well.

    Enjoy the races tomorrow MrS and AGF, that sounds like a good apres race plan. Marathon this weekend G????????

    Pilates/3M Treadmill/Row/powerplate session, after timing duties at Parkrun. No swim as the pool was too full

    NP, yes still plodding on but it all depends on the day how far I can go, hence the treadmill, I can just stop when I need to without having to walk home.
    Don't think the Dr can speed things up, I've been at the mercy of the NHS for the last nine months so I am getting used to waiting,

  • TomS,

    I can sympathise with you as my dad needs a knee op (has a hole in the middle of his knee) and isn't sure if or when he'll be getting it as he's been downgraded from an urgent case.  I believe he is appealing the decision.

  • Hey everyone ....

    Not posted on here before but thought Id join the happy throng !!

     I have my first Marathon on March 13th - 'The Duchy' in Cornwall.

     I did the first of 2 loops as a training run today - 14 miles 8.20 pace .... very, very windy indeed taking us along the north and very exposed cliffs. My furthest distance so far is 16, I plan a 10 mile race next week but the week after will try to up to 17 miles.

    I do spinning on Mondays, short fast run on Tuesdays, Club run (about 7 miles) on Wed Thursday is rest day ... Friday altenate is track for mile reps, speed session. Long runs can be sat or sun depending on if track is the friday or not.

    26 miles is still daunting but hope the training will pay off .... I am diabetic (5 injections daily) too so if anyone has any practical tips please let me know ! 

    At the moment my calves are the only thing which are suffering (but only lightly) any tips of rubbing out the tightness ? Strangely I thought mondays spinning may cause me grief but this seems to help which is a tad bizzare since it is working the same mucles in a short spurt.

    Thanks all


  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Welcome Misty image. Compression socks or compression tights are great.

    Have been eating the nutella out of the jar. image Had some before my run this morning on a bagel, a good healthy start to the day image. Tom stay away, it's addictive!!

    Thanks Gobi, kept today's run easy. Glad to see no MP til Feb!

    Still in tights but only one long sleeved top under the Gore waterproof! Rain tipping down on my long run, misjudged distance 20.85 miles but felt great as running slowly.

    jason 10 at MP! Sounds tough. Had chilli tonight too, no alcohol and 3 chocs. I have a real sweet tooth. When icing the Xmas cake I ate all the spare fondant icing on it's own. I blame the cold weather and dark nights!! image

    Don't watch much tv either Mr Spoons.


  • Welcome Misty Dawn image

    Re: the calves, lots of stretching and massage is what you need. Best bet is to get a sports massage. I have one once a month. I'm lucky, I have a great guy, 3 mins away who is cheap. Once you get the hang of it you can do self massage although it's never as good.

    I don't know much about diabetes but 5 injections daily sounds full on. Are you OK with energy levels on long runs? Do you have to have injections half way round?

    Stay away from the nutella Fiona. It's evil.
  • Misty- hiimage

    Fiona- not looking forward to it!

    Mr S and AGF- good luck with the racesimage

    2x 6m recovery runs for me today- blowing a gale and raining both timesimage

    Just about to make a low fat chicken and lentil curry, washed down with a glass of redimage

    But the "red" is cranberry and lime juiceimage

  • Calves - stretching and compression gear

    Tom - 15km race tomorrow plus miles

    Misty - what is your marathon target ?
  • Hi all ....

    just indulging on glass of red (of the full fat alchohol variety !) and marmite on toast ....

    Mr spoons, my body seems to have got used to 14 mile length runs I take an energy gel about 7 miles (high five) in to keep energy and glucose levels up which works on both accounts. No injections on way round thank goodness. I have a slice of wholemeal toast and then a bowl of porridge before a 14 mile length run which takes me through 2 hours ok .... no idea about 4 (hoping for sub 4 but realise as first marathon anything can happen).

     I have left a message on my local sports therapy for a massage, but mainly as my back is hurting me at night (ok during the day tho) so I may get her to check out my calves while I am in there..... thanks

    Total respect to you guys all training ... its hard work !!


  • My training pace is generally about 8.30 .. race pace for a short distance can be sub 8 (just !) .. improving very slowly on pace but concentrating mainly on distance, duration ....

    I did Eden half in 2hours 2 seconds (how anoying !) and Indian queens half in 1.52 last year after only running for 4 months training 13 is not 1.50 so I would hope race pace would be a tad quicker (but I know my race nerves get the better of me so maybe not too much faster).


  • Misty as I always say here the training runs are too hard

    I often run at 8.20 pace and I run a 2.39 marathon.

    8.20 pace is basically 3.40 marathon pace, is this your marathon target ?
  • Just seen the post above

    Sub 4 means you are running way too hard in training

    3.55 pace is about 9min miles
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