The 2011 Marathon Tread



  • Freemers nice improvement in a weekimage I'm hoping to do it this weekend but find that although it's a flat course there are quite a few sharp corners and  with the last lap you can get caught up in the slower runners.  No, I won't be doing Wymondham 20 as tempted as I am.

    jasond - This year I am taking one rest day a week however good I am feeling.

    chickadeee - Well done on the three hours. I always wear a Garmin but only look at it when the mile beeps. It never effects my pace as I run by effort and just use it for feedback. Do you usually run by heart rate?

  • Hi everyone! It's nice to see those long runs building up image

    15.5 miles for me this morning. It was colder and a bit icy in patches.

    Back to work tomorrow and the serious training begins. I'm just finishing off the last of the wine and the cheese. From now on it's all healthy stuff until April 17th (well mostly).
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Just booked my place in Amsterdam, my sister is doing the half so should be fun.

    Mr Spoons I will be healthy once I've finished my Christmas chocs, well done on the long run.

    Did an easy 4 miles today, planning something faster tomorrow. Last day of hols.

    Any word on how Gobi got on with his marathon & which one?

    Zion - on the rest day thing, I was thinking of cutting out the rest day this year. Do you think that leads to injury? 


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    6 mile recovery (hint to everyone, don't do 6 miles only a couple of hours after curry and riceimage) Feeling lots better now lol.

    Gobi came first in the marathon i think.

    Freemers well done on your result.

    Jason like you I need the recovery runs but also find the swimming is helping,

    Mr Spoons nice long run the snow is back here but hope it's away by the morning.

    Fiona well done with your running enjoy your speed session tomorrow.

  • Fiona C - I have decided to have a rest day as I am hoping it might help in avoiding illness more than injury really. I found I could run quite a few weeks without feeling as though I needed a rest but wonder if I did actually need it after falling ill just before my two planned marathons. I never really got back into proper training for Newcastle and got to the start line for that one! My own little experimentimage

  • Fiona- well done on Amsterdam- should be flat, fast and fun!image 

    Zion- makes sense

    Mr S- healthy eating for me too! I've thrown the Xmas cheese in the bin- and there was a lot left!! No more alcohol except for Valentine's day and my birthday before VLM!image Got to try to work out how to shed weight but still keep enough energy for runs- thinking that carbs and protein with a little oily fish (omega 3/6) and milk (calcium) is the way forwardimage

    Realised that this year's VLM is at the beginning of Easter holidays, so really making an event of it and I've just got my card out and booked a holiday cottage for the whole family near St Albans for a week starting the day before VLM- 30 mins train journey from St Pancras, but more family friendly than central London (and cheaper!!)image

  • 26.5 mile race as it turns out, ran 3.02.18 for sub 75% HR effort :¬)

    Went through marathon in 3.00.30 and finished in 3.02.18.

    Really easy day, jogged the first lap to make sure a few other runners could get round the course and took the lead around 12 miles. Pace and HR remain steady throughout the run.

    ps. My long runs start at MP + 120 and sometimes get as fast as Mp + 60. Obviously I sometimes put MP in my long runs but not all the time.
  • Gobi- well done!! Again!!!

    I'm confused now about what pace to run at- so much advice from everywhere!!image Happy to put in as much effort as needed- just want to make sure it's in the right placesimage Following P&D at the moment, but G's LRs much slower, while other guys i know are busy tearing around the countryside every weekend at sub 7.30 for long runsimage

  • Well done again Gobi

    Jason - don't forget the fruit and veg! A thought - are all the people that say LSRs should be MP+30 or MP+45 winning as many marathons as Gobi?
  • Jason - I just looked back to 2008 where I ran my best marathons.

    My best marathon pace that year was 6.01 and my fastest long run in the whole year was 7mm avg which was a fartlek with paces from 8.30 mile pace down to low 5.xx

    My slowest long run avg pace was 8.38 and this was for 20 miles so not even a long long run.

    I firmly believe in aerobic conditioning and believe that nearly everyone does the long run too fast too often and too early in the training plan.

    Night all.
  • Gobi,

    Well done.

    Mr Spoons & Jason,

    I've noticed that regarding paces.  I tend to use McMillan Running to work out my paces as that gives a band.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    7 miles this morning with 1 mile warm up 5 miles tempo 6:18 pace and 1 mile cool down all on the treadmill at workimage.

    Gobi well done with your win, you make sub 3 sound like a stroll the park.

    Jason nice running and it sounds like you have found a great spot for a week, we are staying for 5 days again and doing more sight seeing and going to take in a couple of shows.

  • NP - sub3 is a long way from my best so I guess for me it is but I firmly believe it is due to time devoted to aerobic base.

    What is the everage pace of your training?

    It strikes me that you always seem to be running fast.
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Great start to the year Gobi!

    Managed what the schedule said - Treadmill run 3 lots of 2 miles at 6:30mm pace with half mile recoveries. 9 miles in total. Hard going, shows that I need to improve a lot but that's ok. image

    Nice tempo NP.

    Wise decision Zion, got to stay well to run.

    Like the holiday plans jason. Nice to have something to look forward to.


  • NP & Fiona,

    Well done.

  • Still sick haven't run properly for getting on for a month image 
  • (((Joe)))

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • That sucks Joe, what is wrong ?

    I am off for a run now
  • I've just put an interval session into my Garmin.  Now to go and run it
  • Taper , sick , snow , sick. very p*ssed off.
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    That's rotten luck Joe, hope you get better soon. More snow forecast for later in the week here too.image


  • that is a bitch Joe

    Just done 3.4 miles and although tired my body is working fine. Plan to do my 10 miler tomorrow morning :¬)
  • Joe- tough one, mate. Know how you feel- I picked up a bug just in time for Snowdon mara last Octoberimageimage

    Bridget- good luck with the intervals image

    10m for me tonight- still tired after Sunday's effort, so ran really slowly tonightimage 8.58 av

  • Sorry to hear you sick Joe, a tough month.

    I like the debate about speed to run. Thought I should take some of the advice and jog 10k tonight. I mean jog...10:44 pace. Felt fine though and I hope is a sensible speed to build my mileage...

    A day off tomorrow as I have had 2 days of running... I am doing my best to learn how to listen to the body...Good luck with your runs tomorrow..
  • Nice running people

    My 3.4 miles was at 8.29 pace so also very slow
  • 3 mile reps x 3 with 400m jog recoveries done.  9.00, 8.49 and 9.08.  Last one into a bit of a headwind and felt really hard.
  • Evening all!
    I went to running club tonight for 1200m reps on a hill.
    However every time I tried to run faster than 9mm I got a stomach ache! image
    So I just jogged round in the end. Wierd really, I feel fine now.

    Bad luck Joe. Hope you get well soon.
  • Get well soon Joe. Lots of bugs going around....not easy to miss them!

    USB - good reps....and that third one will get easier next timeimage

    Mr Spoons - something you ate maybe? Too much chocolate I betimage

    Gobi - no after effects from the marathon then - although I guess you do so many you recover pretty well afterwards?

    Rest for me yesterday. Will do a steady 8 miles after work today - and then won't get another chance till Saturday when I am on holsimage (Not that I think I'll need shades in the Cotswolds...)

  • Morning all!

    Zion: hope the rest day was nice. I am trying my best to run by HR. I am just terribly competitive and like Gobi said: like many others I do most runs too fast. I am going to work on it during this training cycle. On average I ran much faster last year but I was still in UK then and there wasn't this btch of a German winter. Brrrrrr...  Maybe it's a good thing that I moved back - it forces me to run slow image

    Joe, that sucks mate. Hope you feel better soon.

    Nice reps on the treadie, Fiona.

    Did 14.4 miles at 5am today image. It was cold image. -4 again and a biting wind.  At least no Bambi on ice performance today as I swapped the local ice rink that used to be my running park for roads. Weather forecast for the weekend is +5. I can't wait.  I am crap in the cold. On a more positive note: I just looked up last year's training log and the same workout last year was at exactly the same pace, but this year my HR was 6 bpm lower image.

    Enjoy the hols, Freemers
  • Joe really hope you are able to run soon.

    FionaC fast reps indeed!

    Gobi well done on another winimage

    Mr Spoons hope all is well today.

    chickadee that does sound promisingimage Hope the weather improves for you soon.

    Freemers have a wonderful holiday!!

    Easy 11 for me this morning. A couple of easy days planned now as I want to have good bash at parkrun on Saturday.

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