The 2011 Marathon Tread



  • Freemers I feel tired for a few days and get mild DOMS

    8.4 miles today at 8.37 pace :¬)

    All about active recovery before my next race.
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    7 miles last night on dreadmill and 14.41miles this morning ran to Heart rate this morning first half under 145 second below 150 very happy with thisimage. Might get into the pool later this afternoon if everything works out.

    Joe get well soon mate.

    Jason nice running

    Gobi last time I slowed down my LSR to over 90 seconds per mile I bombed out in the marathon I understand what your saying but it just don't seem to work for me.

    Chick well done on your 14+ mile run  hope it starts to warm up soon.

    Fiona it was snowing here during my 14 mile run.

    Freemers good luckwith the 8m run tonight.

  • NP - hating to point out the obvious but there is more to marathon training than the LSR so blaming a whole campaign on it seems somewhat flawed.

    Anyway it is not about doing all the LSR runs at plus 90 seconds.
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Lots of nice slow running going on, I'm out for a slow 6 miles tonight.

    Hope you have a great break Freemers. Feeling sorry for you chickadee, you've had far too much snow!

    Zion, Gobi & NP you guys must have been up early to get the miles in!

    Back to work today and regular food. No more Xmas pud and custard for brekkie. image


  • 5am which is quite normal in my world
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Fiona LOL Dark O'Clock the Dark Lords Timeimage well I managed to get to the pool and did 40 x 25 m front crawl before they split the pool in half across the widthimage don't know why they couldn't do it down the length.

    Gobi I never did enough mile at marathon pace on the lonng runs for that marathon it was all easy miles. I am feeling happy with the way my training has gone so far, this weekend coming is my weekend on duty so the miles are reduced a bit on the Sunday from 20 to 14.

    Just got a great tri suit from Triuk reduced down to £34.99 must try it out on a run tomorrow image

  • commonly known as Gobi O'clock

    NP - sounds like you went from all too fast to all too slow :¬)
  • Well done on everyone's runs.
  • I've been emailed by my mentor image
  • Bridget,


  • Some excellent training today guys. Some real commitment getting up at 5am etc and getting those runs in..very impressive. I will be running again tomorrow.

    Bit of a fashion Faux Paux today. White socks at work. They were compression socks. My black ones were in the wash and I thought, why not. No comments, not sure if I got away with it. 

    Back running tomorrow. 

    there were loads of runners out tonight when I cam home. People keeping new years resolutions....image

  • Some very good runs and swims out there- especially Chick's early 14m- I struggle with 6m in the morning!image

    Bridget- is that the first time your mentor's contacted you?image Surely not....

    14.03m for me tonight- slow av 8.48, but not through choice- lolimage Still suffering from Sunday....

  • Easy 5.5 for me tonight. I'm getting up at Gobi o'clock for swimming training tomorrow lol.

    Hope Bridget's mentor doesn't overdo this mentoring bit.....
  • jason - yes but hopefully it is onwards and upwards

    5.25 easy miles tonight.  Legs a bit heavy at times, I suppose last night was hanging around still

  • Running my second Belfast marathon in May, last week's training

    4 miles

    8 miles

    intervals 9km treadmill

    LSR - 9 miles

    This week  so far have clocked up two 7 milers averaging 8:40 pace.

  • Indo77,

    Hi & well done.


    Well done on everyone's runs.  

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Joe, how are you?

    Hi Indo77, do you have a target time for Belfast?

    HY4 how is the recovery going?

    6 miles easy last night then a very short TM session this morning with 2 miles at 6.40mm pace. Might turbo tonight.

    jason 14.03m image Getting over my OCD but still could not cope with this!


  • LOL, AGF! White socks, oh my word.

    5 mile recovery it was at Gobi o'clock this morning.
    I must say I quite like it. It's nice to have the training d&d before work and life can get in the way. And there's a lot to be said for solitude ... I like to think I'm alone in the world when there's hardly any traffic on the roads. Bliss. Used to run with the ipod all the time but this time around it sort of gets on my nerves. Somehow it's easier to settle into a good rhythm if you can hear your steps and your breathing.

    Hi Indo 77 and welcome.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    7 miles recovery at HR welbelow of 130 avg 8:13 pace image.

    USB about time he was in touch with you how many weeks to go now?

    Mr Spoons like you will be up at Dark O'Clock to swim tomorrow, might even give the new tri suit a go! well done on the run. Question about the swimming I was bought a pair of gloves with webbing between the fingers to give the upper body a better work out whilst doing front crawl, should these be used with the pull bouy?

    AGF White socks back in then? lol would stand out like a sore thumb at workimage

    Jason see the miles are growing, nice always find the first couple of weeks the hardest it's just getting the head round the step up in miles/time.

    Indo 77 welcome some one from my neck of the woods, done Belfast 4 times myself.

    Fiona lol at the OCD well done on your runs and looks like you have some pace from last year still.

    Chick well done, your right about no traffic and solitude, doing them and the long runs on your own makes you strong in mind and body.

  • 2300m for me in the pool this morning - 92 lengths. Run out of time so didn't manage the magic 100 grr.

    Welcome Indo image What was your previous marathon and what was your time?

    NP - I've never used the gloves personally but I think you would be best to use them with a pull buoy (or just cross your legs like me). It will be interesting to see what a difference they make. Webbed hands will be able to pull loads of water so you should get some speed up, but it will be a lot harder on your arms and shoulders. Another crazy one you can try is swimming front crawl with clenched fists. You swim like mad and don't go anywhere!
  • Morning all....

    My 8 miles turned into 6 yesterday image. It was chucking it down when I left the office and I had no rain jacket with me, so rather than get soaked to the skin I went to the gym to run on the treadmill. Normally I go lunchtimes when it is relatively quiet, but as I found out, 5.30 on a Wednesday is busy're meant to restrict the time to 25 minutes, which I managed to stretch to 45 and a bit by pretending not to notice the queue of people....Anyway, it was good because it made me run quick!

    Signing off for a week now - looking forward to some R&R (and running - R&R&R?) in the cotswolds...happy running everyoneimage

  • Have a lovely holiday Freemers.

    I guess the busy gym is just a January thing. I remember this from last year and by February it was empty again.
  • Fiona,

    Annoying & frustrating.  I was meant to tart my graduated return on Tuesday & got my doc to sign me of for another week (was hoping for a fortnight as can only type with one hand & can't drive yet).  Unfortunately as they didn't have the letter from the last Fracture Clinic doc she wouldn't sign me off for longer.  I do have a bit more movement but not sufficient for me to do my job thanks to the exercises I've been given.


    Hope you have a good holiday.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • Last marathon time was 4 hrs 20 mins although 10 minutes of that was in the toilet image

     Aiming for 4 hours.

  • Hello Indoimage

    HY4 - Not being able to drive would drive me crazy! Glad things are slowly improving for you.

    chickadee that's one of the things I most love about running, the peace.

    AGF the sock choice did make me giggle. Seems like your return to training is going well.

    Ended up doing a hill session this morning as the weather is looking very dubious for parkrun on Saturday. 7 miles in total with 3 just running up and down a grassy climb. Loved itimage

  • Zion,

    That's what's getting me the most.  I'm going to try to drive at weekend.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Freemers enjoy your holiday.

    Indo you should try and do your LSR over the last 20 miles of the course, park up on the Ravenhill Rd and run through town along the course, it's a great way of getting use to the hills before the Antrim Rd and the drop down to Giddiens Green.

    Zion nice session.

    Anyone see Tom?

  • Hello Indo

    Good news Bridget

    No running for me today as I am rough as boots
  • Hello NP, I'm still lurking.  Nice to see almost everyone's training going well,  hope you have a speedy recovery Joe and HY4.  Hope the snow holds off for the holidayFreemers.

    Met up with a couple of fell running mates on new years day and they talked me into showing them the first half of the Edale Skyline fell race, so 10.5M and quite a bit of climbing albeit slow and steady and a couple of 3M treadmill runs inbetween swimming and Yoga, glad I got out over the hills again as it has made me more determined to get myself sorted so have made another doctors appointment next week to see if I can get things speeded up.

    Hope it's nothing too serious Gobi.

  • Gobi,

    Hope you feel better soon.


    Thanks.  Hope you can get things speeded up for you. 

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