The 2011 Marathon Tread



  • Tom, Good Luck, Hope things Improve for you soon....its must be so frustrating for you.

    I don't think white socks are back in fashion, however glad it brought a few smiles. image

    Good stuff all this 5am running. Its so cold when I get up at 6:30...hats off to you all. I know what is meant by the solitude as I have done a number of long runs early on a sunday in the lanes around warwickshire. Its lovely with the sun coming up !!

    Sun...........thats a word I have not heard in while.......mmmmmmmmm  ( day dreams )

    Gobi, I hope it clears up for you. Maybe its the body saying...I need a break for a day or two?

    Zion, great hill session...sounds like you were in the zone.

    NP/Jason/Fiona/Chick....some strong running will benefit it April 

    I ran another 10k in the Gym today. Happy. I am running them slowly. Next one at the weekend. Some steam room/swimming/weights/core/elliptical before then !!!( in reverse order)


  • Hope it's nothing too serious Gobi.

    NP - i think it is 14 weeks, really must get it all down on a spreadsheet image

  • AGF - having 2 days off as I am listening
  • Bridget,

    Have you put the question you said you would on your super 6 thread to Bud yet?

  • TomS nice to see youimage

    Gobi hope you're back on form soon.

  • Nice session Zion

    Hi Tom

    Put your feet up Gobi

    I had a 5km time trial tonight. I did a 1m warmup and had a strange chest pain. Started the 5km and the pain got worse. I stopped after 0.5m and walked back. I feel fine now although tired. I shall have an early night and a rest day tomorrow.
  • Rest well mr spoons and gobi
  • HY4 - I did ask but no response.  I need to know a couple of things for the weekend so think I'll have to try email instead.  Steve seems to have stepped back now.

    Bad session tonight.  Bad pain in the butt stopped me getting the pace up at all and ended up cutting it short image

  • Bridget,

    I've unlurked from your Super 6 thread & posted a comment on there.  Maybe Bud doesn't have email at home?  If the email to Bud doesn't work and I was in your position I would be complaining (if that's the right word) to RW Towers about the support you are getting.  I'd see this as my big chance to kick ass & wouldn't want anything to stand in its way.

  • Some strong running as ever guys!image

    Gobi, Mr S and USB- hope you recover quicklyimage

    Tom- good to see you're on the way backimage

    AGF- you seem to be building up the miles nicelyimage

    Fiona- I have no problem with running 14.03, but couldn't do 13.99image

    6.35m recovery tonight- legs finally recovering from Sunday's sessionimage

  • Bridget, I agree with HY4
  • Bridget- I'm with HY4 and Mr Simage
  • NP- just seen your mileage on fetch- good going, mateimage

    Night allimage

  • email has gone to Bud. Rest day for me tomorrow anyway.

    Off to let Mr S try to massage the knot or whatever it is out

  • I knew there was something I missed out of last night's posts.


    Mr Spoons,

    How are you feeling now?  Do you think you need to get checked out by your doc as I would personally get myself check out if that happened to me.

  • Hey everyone ! Can you give me some advice ? I'm training to beat my Brighton Marathon time, but the running speeds seem very slow on the RW Smart coach. For my target time of 3.45 (ie 8.30/mile) they suggest 9.30/mile for long runs, which just seems boring. Plus the interval speeds are so easy I barely break sweat. Yet I am going to really struggle to beat 3.45, I know it. Should I slow my training down, because I'm overtraining or listen to myself (not always a good thing !). 

    Really appreciate anyone's comment.

  • Welcome Sleek Lemur.  Hate to say it but 9:30 min/miling is on the FAST side for the LSR. It is called Long Sloooow Run for a reason.  Running those too fast won't do anything to build the aerobic base that you need to put in a good show on race day. Up to 90secs slower than planned race pace is the norm.  I have no experience with the RW schedules and I don't know how balanced they are, but a good training plan will have you do the speedier sessions at a challenging pace to train the other systems (Lactate Threshold and VO2 max). Generally these will be based on a recent race performance over a shorter distance - 5k to half marathon to make sure you train at a realistic pace.

    Bridget: Hope you get some response from Bud soon.  I think this whole super 6 malarkey is quite badly organised. Luckily you are a very experienced runner and you can cobble together your own plan (even though that's not how it's supposed to work). Sorry to hear about the pain issue.

    Impressive swimming, Spoons.

    Gobi: rest well.

    Did 11.42 miles today (no OCD!), below 70% of max. HR. Felt good. It was +1C and I was contemplating running in shorts and a t-shirt image. There is still lots of ice left but hopefully that'll disappear over the next few days.

  • SL - LSR is 45-90 second per mile slower thean race pace. You are probably quite early in the training schedule so your long run isn't actually that long yet (it'll get harder).
    Why are targeting 3:45 it may work out that you can go faster. If you give some previous race results and running history we would have a better idea.

    I think I'm better so I may go for my first run of the year image

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Good luck Joe, take care.

    Welcome SL. Agree with what's been said and just enjoy the LSR, I like to choose different routes. It's great to pootle along looking into people's gardens but Joe is right, you may be faster than 3:45 - what are your PBs/recent race times? Or is it endurance that you lack?

    Go easy Mr Spoons - as HY4 says a check up would do no harm.

    Good luck with communications USB.

    4 easy miles this morning. LSR planned for tomorrow. A little snow here but it would have to be at least double digit temp before I'd be in shorts chickadee!

    Nice to see you back Tom.


  • SL,

    Hi.  To get the pace I should be running a lsr at (or any of my other sessions) I use McMillians Running Calculator.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • image Fiona: after double-digit minus temperatures for so long +1 feels rather warm. It's all relative ... it was definitely a no-hats and no-gloves moment!

  • Afternoon all.

    I see one or two familiar faces from DTT.

    Hope yiz dont mind if i join in the chat here. I'm hoping to do VLM and specific plan starts next week (although currently nursing what i hope is a short term injury)

    Last Mara was Dublin in October. I havent set a target time yet (although i have one in me head) but will do mid Feb. 

  • There has been some quite frank discussion on the Super 6 3.15 thread about the lack of mentoring which has actually made me feel quite fed up now.  Hopefully I might find an email when I get home from work.

    Busy sat on a tennis ball and doing piriformis stretches

  • Bridget,

    Let me guess you've both got the same mentor?

    Hi Paddy.

  • Yes!

    i have  however had a reply to my email and a phone number in case of anything urgent over the weekend when he is going to be away from the computer

    Hi Paddy.   DTT?

  • Bridget,

    I'm just reading UD's thread and am horrified with the response she got from him.  I can't imagine what the Shadies mob would think if they saw it (bearing in mind what they wanted to do to Molly's OH).

    (EDIT - Just got to the end of the thread, if he was on holiday why didn't someone say because it would have taken a lot of the wondering out of what was happening.)

  • Hi Paddy

    Hi SL - what was your Brighton time?

    Rest day for me today. I feel fine. I'll try a little jog in the morning and if there I'm not 100% then I'm off to the doc's.

    No snow here, it's chucking down with rain and 7c.
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    64 x 25m which is a mile front crawl this morning in 35 min using the pull bouyimage 6 miles on the treadmill tonight.

    Tom fingers crossed they can sort you at last as you seem to be missing the goat stuff a lot. You have still been putting a lot of other sessions in which will help in the long run.

    Gobi hope your feeling better mate.

    AGF just keep putting in the miles you will soon build a good base for what ever marathon you are aiming to do.

    Mr Spoons hope you got the chest looked at and everything is ok mate.

    USB Still a very sorry state of affairs regarding the super 6 it just looks like RW has made a big boob so far, lets hope they get their act together soon.

    Jason thanks miles building up and feeling good at this stage working this weekend so no long run as such, plan to run tomorrow morning at Dark O'clock and will do acouple of sessions on the treadmill before 9am and after 5pm on Sunday. Your putting in a few yourself mateimage

    Sleek lemur build your miles up at 60 to 90 seconds slower and once up to 20 miles you can start to finish your runs with the last 3 to 4 miles at marathon pace. Most on here try to do at least 4 runs at 20 miles. before we start to taper.

    Joe glad your feeling better.

    Chick we have the snow back at the momentimage

    Welcome Paddy how did you do in Dublin? and will this be your first London Marathon?

    Fion looks like your also building the miles up. 

  • Paddy- Hi!image

    NP- good swimming/ runningimage

    ran 12.03 (sorry Fiona!) today, but was dragging in the last half-running on empty- think my new diet might be a bit extremeimage Isn't there a school of thought that reckons it's good to run glycogen-depleted though?image

  • Welcome paddy and sl.
    Good luck mr spoons.
    USB, hope the performis improves.
    Some good swimming NP. Practice makes perfect..

    Thanks Jason and Np. Current plan for next 2 months is 4 solid runs a week with cross training and core.. Then focus on 1/2 marathon in may followed by 10k in June. Both booked. Then I can tackle a marathon in last qtr... Leaner and fitter..

    2hrs in the gym/swim planned tomorrow....
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