I know I am getting old and senile but this is really confusing me.
As a running club member I used the club membership to reduce my running race entry fees by belonging to an affiliated club. I didn't expect it to apply to tri's but.....the Tri Club I belong to now has a Reference number with the UKA...... does that entitle me to discounted entry to running races or do I have to take out an individual UKA membership?
Does my membership of Triathlon England have any bearing on this, in fact does it permit me to enter tri's at the members rates.
Yours in confusion


  • AKAIK for UKA the club has an affiliation which will give it things like insurance for coaches etc, but individual members have to affiliate separately for a fiver (unless the club specifies that the fiver is included in your membership fee).

    No idea re tri stuff!

  • UKA and the BTF (Triathlon England, if you live in England) are separate organisations.  One sanctions and provides insurance for running and athletics.  The other does the same for triathlon and duathlon.

    If your tri club is registered with UKA then you can join UKA for £5 and can then enter running and athletics races for the affiliated fee. This doesn't, however, entitle you to enter triathlons for the affiliated fee.  For this you need to be a member of the BTF.


    To be a member of the BTF you can just join without being a member of a tri club.  If, however, you are a member of a tri club you can get BTF membership for a reduced rate.


    Confused?  Yep, me too.

  • If you are also a poster on tri talkimage you can get discounted BTF membership
  • As an add-on to Plummy's question......

    Are there any rules regarding the number of Tri Clubs you can be a member of and does this have any effect on BTF membership.

    Currently I swim with the local gym Tri Club, have joined another local Tri club (for swim coaching too), and PSOF.  I feel, if I enter an event as part of any of the clubs I should put their club name on the entry form.  Does this cause any problems?

    Also, if I was to join BTF through one of the clubs and then enter a Tri, do I have to put that clubs name on the entry form or can I put any of the three on it

    (Hope that makes sense)

  • Thanks peeps

    wanders off a little wiser

  • schmunks - PSOF is not an affiliated club - it's not even a club and hopefully never will be.

    if your BTF membership has come through a club, you still don't need to stated that club when entering a tri, just your BTF member number which gives you the discount - the club info on the entry form is optional. I have the Tripetalk discounted BTF membership but put whatever I want on entry forms - might be blank, might be PSOF - depends on the event and how I feel.
  • I have a UKA card too. Which as said costs £5 a year for membership. How much is BTF? Is it a one off payment or a yearly subscription?
    If it's £50 yearly then it's not worth joining is it when a race is only £5 extra ?

  • Like above you can be a member of as many clubs as you want. I'm in two purely because it worked out cheaper for open water swimming sessions. Have wetsuit and will travel and all that.
  • Nicko - BTF membership also includes Worldwide personal accident cover for training and racing, which is worth having for £26pa (Tri England personal membership)
  • You can be a member of as many clubs as you like, but you should run under the name of your first claim club.  This is the one that you name on the BTF or UKA form.  For UKA this is compulsory, but for BTF it is optional, but your club would prefer you to promote them where possible.

    If a race isn't part of a recognised league or if your club hasn't subscribed to that league, then you can run under your second claim club, or any other club that you feel like.

    I enter all UKA events as a Portsmouth Jogger, as this is my first claim running club.  I never race under my second claim running club.

    I enter local triathlons as my first claim Tri club.  I enter tris further afield as PSOF because my tri club has no interest in these.  I never enter tris under my second claim tri club.

    Yes, I know I am a serial club member.

  • Cheers for your reply FB. I know PSOF isn't affiliated but I did not know whether it would cause an issue having PSOF as club name when BTF membership could be through another club.

    But it seems I would be affiliated as an individual as opposed to through a club so I can put club name down for whichever club I am doing the event with.

    Cool image
  • fat buddha wrote (see)
    Nicko - BTF membership also includes Worldwide personal accident cover for training and racing, which is worth having for £26pa (Tri England personal membership)
    That £26 is only from Jan till March 31st. Then I surmise it is £51 April to April.
  • Dragging this thread up from the depths of Davy Jones' (Barlo's?) locker...

    I had to buy a day license yesterday - and it has a discount code on the back for annual membership. Can I morally join TriTalk to get another £11 quid off?

  • Chris ... you wouldn't be the first  image
  • or the last, quite a few cross dressers around. image
  • A nice little floral chintz?          image
  • have you put your arse away yet ? image
  • Done. Total discount £18.10.
  • Ironholgs wrote (see)
    have you put your arse away yet ? image

    It didnt have the desired effect!!

    Chris, what did you pay in total if I may ask?

  • I'll save you the maths from above Meldy image


    £5.1 discount against yesterday's race license (which cost £2).
    £11 discount against TriTalk.
    £2 discount for promising to pay next year by DD.

    We'll see how I get on with the first year. I may have to rejoin for Bala next year (did I just say that out loud???).

  • Spooky! Twit deja vu on this thread!

    And when it is Meldy's arse, that's scary!
  • Good job I have a widescreen laptop.

    And Gladys??

  • Furcough Gladys!

    Chris, my maths is not that bad .. I must have missed a post somewhere !!!   I just paid £38 for an online renewal which wasnt too bad a deal either then  image

  • OK then, another question leading on from this....

    Am I right in thinking you get £5 discount per race entered if BTF affiliated?  If so, it would make sense to enter at least 8 Tri's.  Can you claim the discount retrospectively on events already entered?

  • Depends on the event Schmunks .. some will give you the fiver back there and then (Bala and The Vit do I think)

    Yes it would make sense to enter 8 events to give you the fee back but there are also other benefits to BTA membership

  • Schmunks - you'll get the £5 discount either when you enter (you have to put your BTF number on the entry as proof of membership) OR as Meldy says, when you register and they hand you a crisp £5 note. most do the discount at entry time.

    but there are other benefits such as training insurance if you get injured

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