Friday, 31st December 2010

Couldn't be much more from the heart

Morning all.

One more day of respite from the scales... tomorrow is judgement day image. You guys have all done pretty well. I fear my weight gain is ugly this time around!

Enforced rest day yesterday with -14 and freezing fog in the morning and then all hell breaking lose at work and after a 12 hr stint I had no energy left. Probably just as well as I had a slightly sore throat and my HR wasn't quite normal. Feeling better today, so just getting ready now for

What: 13 miles
Why: 2nd medium-long midweek run
Last hard: Monday
Last rest: yesterday


  • Morning peeps.

    What:4M Easy/Steady.

    Why: Usual run at moment

    Yesterdays lyrics were: 'It's my life' by Bon Jovi. Ok, so I got their Greatest Hits CD for Christmas,

    alehouse: Good buy getting a pair of Kayanos for £25.

    Have a good one.

  • Morning.

    Hi Mark.

    Day off or late going in to work Chickadeee? Hope you have a good run.

    MadameO - one more day of decadence as I have friends round for dinner tomorrow, mind you Mark, Grace and I will have a little run in the morning and I'll probably end up with just the one meal as I expect it will take us a while to work our way through the four courses.

    What:              a swim.
    Why:                I biked yesterday.
    Last hard:       7/11.
    Last rest:        28/12.

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning again.

    House quiet as rest are still asleep. Finally caught up.

    Welcome to Mark.

  • Forever trust in who we are. 

    Chickadee, hope today is better than yesterday.


    Well yesterday didn't go quite as planned as no core, so that was todays exercise.
    After yesterdays swim and track session I woke in the middle of the night with my shin raging. Had to get up and do something about it. image Carp night. Today I shall not run as I have a race on sun and in all likelyhood will just make it worse if I do.

  • Morning!

    What: something gentle this p.m.
    Why: part of yesterday's run with my baby-sitter (very funny LMH) included a quick (by my standards) couple of kms...would be faster than my present 5k pace. She's fitter than me (yes, in more senses than one!!)

    Last hard: a couple of kms last night
    Last rest: 21/12/09

    Need an easy day today at my young age.

    Lyrics: nope

    Anyone seen NZC?

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭

    My weight has started going down again :¬)

    What: swimming
    Why: easy day
    Last hard: Thursday
    Last rest: 12 days
    Lyrics: No
  • BMM: bummer about the shin - better take it easy for a couple of days.

    LMUH: Dec. 24 and 31 are non-workdays in most companies here, which is rather nice>

    Well, 13 rather slow and cumbersome offroad miles on slightly melting snow. It felt like treacle! Glad it's over. Resting now and then off to a party with friends.

    A good start into the New Year, everybody!
  • Morning,

    Great choice of lyrics today, I LOVE that song! Hope the run went well Chickadeee.

    Also like a bit of Bon Jovi - I have that cd too Birkmyre, it's ace.

    Enjoy the last day of decadence LMUH, has to be done!

    Hope the shin doesn't give you any trouble today BSPM. And I very nearly continued with the lyrics, but then realised it'd be a massive DTT faux pas image

    I've been wondering where NZC is too, and also some of our other regulars.

    What: 4 miles steady

    Why: The schedule is looking at me

    Last hard: Facing the scales

    Last rest: Yesterday

    Lyrics: Does the Pope have a balcony?

    Well, after starting off diabolically, 2010 has turned out to be pretty awesome. Enjoy what's left of it everyone, and have fun tonight whatever you're doing.

  • G'day all.

    14 or so later - switching rest day till tomorrow as have XC Vets on sunday.

    LMH - thanks for the link. I think i'll purchase. I need to review finances as am tempted by the deal for the 405 (am i getting greedy??)

    Tipp - Hope your year coming is better that that past - that goes for anyone else who had a bad time of it, be it running or otherwise.

    Up to me mothers later - i might jump on the scales for the crack.

    Talk Later.

    What are the targets for 2011???

  • X-post! Chickadeee, just think how much easier it'll be when it's all melted. Rest well and have fun later  image

  • Madame Mistletoe: Glad you got and liked yesterdays lyrics. Younger son has this greatest hits album on his phone( or mp3 player) !

    Been a fan since mid 80s when loved their  'Slippery When Wet ' album

  • Afternoon

    11 hour sleep last night image

    I've seen NZC - she posted on over 60s last night reckon she'll be over here soon, not yet as its her middle of night

    Gutted not getting yesterdays lyrics as i love Bon Jovi and have used that song in the past

    Chick - Work mate has gone to Germany for a few days she was telling us a few things that are totlly different to here  Good things

    What: 7 miles soon
    Why: Swan spotting
    Last Hard: Yesterday a bit
    Lyrics: Not at the moment

  • Chickadeee - MadameO is quite right - you'll be flying once the weather clears.

    Hope you have a good run Pammie.

    BMM - bum. Hope the shin settles quickly.

    Paddy - what does the 405 have that you think you'd use? If it's just the HRM I'd be more inclined to go for the 305. Opinion on the 405 is quite divided.

    Just swam a mile in the end - though at a reasonable effort. It's quite scary how much swim fitness I seem to have lost with being ill then away so only managing two swims in three weeks. Mind you I'm quite generally tired again despite a couple of good nights back in my own bed. Didn't have my iron tablets whilst away so hopefully recommencing them will help.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all

    A very nice club run over Chute Causeway 10.25m at a nice steady pace.

    Stats.... for 2010

    Miles for year 1430, (820 less than last year)
    Dec Miles 164 - 4th best of the year, so a nice positive to end on... now to move forwards with no injuries etc.

    Aims for 2011

    Lose 1.5st
    Get Back under Sub 3:15 for Mara
    Sub 85 1/2
    Grab any PBs I can and stay injury free.....

    Take care and have a happy new year.

  • Hi All,

    What: 10 mile off road (same as wednesday) but with a small rucksack and new trainers.
    Why: Bought some Salomon XT Wings and got nervous about some reviews
    Last Hard: Wednesday
    Lyrics: Running Trax 2010

    All in all I wish I could have somewhere in between the trainers I had and the ones I have now got. XT are good so now not panicking about getting the wrong ones a lot more stable which is the main reason for changing.

    New Year: Enjoy my running some more as I am still new to it imageEat healthier.
    Start to build up muscle but really not looking forward to being stuck in a gym.
  • Afternoon can't call it evening yet though it is dark outside

    7.23 miles done. No swans but a friendly German Shepherd who wanted to play ball

    Aims for 2011

    consistant running throughout

    run a decent marathon in April

    Then work on my 10km (sub 45 before i'm 45)

  • Pammie - nice long run there - good on you girl. Hope you get your sub 45!!  On that basis, mine is very easy, I just have to run sub 60!! Think I can still do thatimage

    Alehouse and others - thanks for missing me, I've got a bit lost over the last couple of months, not really knowing what I am going to train for next, so training has been light, I've even been trying to swim.

    It is very hot here at the moment and running is the last thing you really feel like doing. My husband has just gone out for a long run/walk as he is doing an off-road event at the end of the month. Mae, our Weimaraner is waiting for me to take her somewhere. I'll probably go for about an hour.

    Hello to all the new faces on here.

    RFJ - great goals for 2011.

    What: 3.6 miles with one with a little effort.

    Why: Felt like a little effort was required.

    Didn't see the New Year in, but was woken by the fireworks!! But enjoyed a very nice evening with family beforehand - just couldn't keep my eyes open!!

  • Have a great New Year everyone!!

    Sort of 'ill but not ill' at the moment - throat a bit sore in the morning, but did a brisk 10 miles sub 7 this morning with a couple of others, so must be ok really!

    Staying in on the most overrated night of the year - fancy a smug 5 miles tomorrow morning!

    New Years aims - shave the extra 8 secs off the half time to get an entry to London 2012 - provided the entry requirements are still the same. Also to eat better!!

  • Evening all.

    MO - what do you use for IBS or is it just a case of avoiding foods that you know trigger problems?

    birkmyre - I got that for Mrs Zattu. Good cd.

    Take it easy b-s-m.

    Cheers Paddy. Appreciate that. Trust me, it will be an immense year ;-) What are your 2011 targets?

    Happy New Year NZC.

    What: 8.1m steady-hard^ including 2 laps on The Nutcracker Suite loop* image
    Why: strength & my one 'allowed' uncontrolled run of the week (i.e. not by HR)
    Last hard: Today.
    Last rest: Tuesday.
    Lyrics: yep, great tune! image

    * a 2.2m very hilly/undulating loop with about 30% on mud/grass/trail, with a wide variety of uses - long gradual downhill, some good climbs and some BIG rolls. It will be the loop that will make me in 2011 (yes I am feeling very optimistic at the moment image ).

    ^ avg 86% WHR for the whole, but the last 6m were only a couple of bpm away from HM HR.

    Back to controlled HR training until my one turn off the leash next week image

  • Dec Stats:

    Miles Run: 60.5 @ 7:58m/m (only brought under 8m/m by today's run).
    Total Training Time: 18:11

    In both cases, I've had about 4 months worse than that this year!

    Yearly Stats:

    Miles Run: 2139 (half of last year) @ 7:05m/m
    Total Training Time: 380:47 - this included > 40hrs on the Elliptical in June - a hard month!

    Still it can only get better! image

    Happy New Year y'all! image

  • managed 13 miles earlier.

    LMH - i realy dont know about the 405. The attraction was the size and its apparent tidiness. I dont use a HRM. Maybe i'll go for the 205 as a "better the devil you know" road. there are some good deals around.

    Target for 2011 - good run at VLM. also a 10 mile and HM PB. A mara PB would be great and one i'll be aiming for also.

    Weighed meself earlier and gave meself a fright. Still, mara training should sort that out, although shorter term races will suffer (incl vets XC on Sunday).

  • Evening

    What 8 commute
    Why last day of the year
    Lyrics no

    Ran to work as i was going to the Panto straight after work and then going home with the family. Also I haven't run the 8 since October or may be even earlier

    Sats for 2010 are 1153 miles incuding 3 marathons settin a good PB very ealy in the year.

    Plans for 2011 are to try and train a bit more consistantly and see what happens at VLM. Still on the hunt for sub 3 and to break the 1500 mile barrier.

    Am off to catch a sly kip before being cast outside to first foot

    Happy New year to you all

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