Resistance Training

Hi im new to running, im prity skinny with a bit of a belly. Im worried that if i just do running im going to end up far too scrawny. So i was looking at doing some resistance training as well. I was just wondering how much, if any resistance training you lot do? and how you fit this in with your runs? Any advice would be much appreciated image


  • and now im ill lol, typical try to make a new start and a few days later im stuck in bed with man flu!
  • Hi there, I'm kind of new to running to, I do mainly military fitness training so it's a combination of strength and endurance.
    I have just started running more I've done a 5k before and I'm doing a 10k in a few weeks.

    I think if you eat enough healthy foods to compensate all the calories you have burned off you should be fine.

    I've found that since doing more resistance work with my military fitness training etc iv'e lost a little bit of weight but I'm a lot fitter and stronger. I wont lie though I eat quite a lot but it helps recovery and getting yourself the energy you need image
  • Hi - yes, def do some form of resistance or weight or circuit training. I think what you do is up to you but I don't doubt that it will help your running / fitness no end.

    I do core work and free weights a couple of times a week. I also swim and cycle. I started running just under three years ago as I had time in the middle of the dat to kill.,,s6-238-0-0-0,00.html

    Runners world is a good site for running specific training - core, weights etc.

  • thank you so much for all the links biker-mouse..


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  • hey Ashley thanks for the advice, eating the right food will always be my weakness, i think that's just because i find it hard to turn down the greasy fried option!. Since your doing military fitness training i imagine my goals are a bit more humble that yours: ) . thanks for the links biker-mouse, ye i was hoping that running and fitness training would compliment each other. Its more the time aspect, I'm a student and work on top of that. fitting in a good amount of training is difficult. I need to discipline myself into getting up early and doing it i think!
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