Gah!  Can't believe I'm reduced to linking to the Daily Mail, but it does tell it like it is.

So come on then, who do you reckon gets wiped out by their version of a tram coming off a bridge?

After the OTT lovey dovey scene with Nigel and Elizabeth on Friday, I reckon she's a gonner for definite.   After they declared undying love forever I could almost hear Hugh Dennis shaking his head and saying "dead".

Something involving the Highwayman costume I think - both Nigel and Kenton suspected of the dastardly deed, but actually it was someone else.  Only neither of them has an alibi......



  • I'm having to listen to the omnibus in the car today, then home in time for tonight's episode.
  • Ok Harry is Joleen's secret love child from a trist with Brian who goes on the rampage with a shotgun Killing Nigel and causing Helen to go into labour early with her IVF child of which Jazza is the sperm doner.

    Would this work?

  • It's got potential!
  • Well Elizabeth has survived a lot. Helen is a cow. Nigel you want to hit with a hammer just to wake him up, Kenton is a twerp. Brian is selfish and not very nice either. I don't like his busness partner either - he can die and no one would cry. Maybe Brian kills him with a shotgun. image
  • I reckon Helen will loose the baby, because it's weeks since something grim has happened to.
    Either that or it'll be premature and brown.
  • I read somewhere tonight's episode will leave the listerners 'sad and angry' .  It is almost certanly Helen's wretched baybeee wot gets it, and some hints that the other 'happening' involves the Brookfield Farm mob.
  • Is it just me, or does every line this morning sound like it's loaded with deep significance? Joe Grundy - 'I'm going to ask Eddie to bring down a trestle table...' NO! Not a trestle table! Someone will stand on it, fall off, fuse the lights and the whole place will burn down image.

    And Nigel has just said 'the main thing is to have a jolly good time on Sunday'. He is definitely going to die.

  • I'm not sure I can bear to listen to tonight's episodes... I'm expecting it to be either a massive anti-climax or something completely overly-dramatic, tv-soapy and unrealistic..... this listener will be hard to please!

  • They'll have to go some to beat the "mis-labelled yoghurt pot" bombshell disaster fiasco.
  • Personally I hope Susan and Helen throw themselves into a threshing machie in some kind of mad "end of days" suicide tryst.

    Closely followed by Vicky the Comedy Chav, Will the Mad Gamekeeper and the Ambridge Shagger.

  • I'm dreadng it imageimage

    I'm with you Hash - Nigel and Lizzie have been far too loved up - she's doomed!

    anyone listening to radio 7? - a day full of old episodes image

  • far-lar-lar-lar-laaar-la-la-la-lar wrote (see)

    I'm dreadng it imageimage

    I'm with you Hash - Nigel and Lizzie have been far too loved up - she's doomed!

    anyone listening to radio 7? - a day full of old episodes image

    Yes, I listened to a couple of the old episodes this morning.... didn't everyone sound frightfully posh !

  • Maybe they'll just end the series?
  • Mike image
  • Now that would leave us sad and angryimage  How the rubber duck am I supposed to train for a marathon without a week's worth of podcasts to keep me sane on the LSRs!
  • I'm thinking car crash with the Brookfield mob .... the born again goodie goodie Pip at the wheel .... been too much about her taking her test soon for it to be insignificant.

    Got to be something at the gathering at Lower Loxley .... not sure that they'd kill off Lizzie as poor Jill has already had one bereavement this year .... maybe a fire and somebody less signifincant ... Lewis?? ... runs in to save something or somebody.

    No idea really and I'm glad it's not like other soaps where the plot lines are all over the interweb months in advance.

  • Pip and one of the Grundy lads have far too much to drink and then go for a whizz down the country lanes in a tractor, career through the hedge of wherever taking out Helen and Elizabeth who are having a row over sassauge flavoured yoghurt.
  • My bets are on Helen or Nigel, too. Or maybe Sid's not really dead...
  • Nigel for the chop I reckon.

    Caddish Cameron Fraser finally gets back from the bog and returns to Lower Loxley, Uzi in hand, for a mad Fatal Attraction stylee massacre.

    Titcombe saves the day by dropping a plant pot on his head but not before Cameron has popped a few caps in Lizzie, Nigel and Ian's asses.

  • Ooooh!   Big clue on Twitter!

    <a href="!/ArcherHelen" title="Helen Archer">ArcherHelen</a> Helen Archer by eddie_grundy I feel like poo image I think a fever means I need to stay home

    <a href="!/helenarcher30" title="Helen Archer">helenarcher30</a> Helen Archer I'm feeling rather nervous, for some reason.
  • Not long to wait now...

  • If it turns out to be Jazzer burning another saucepan I shall be v annoyed...
  • Bounce bounce bounceimage

    (this is really sad, isn't it?)

  • image *bounce bounce bounce* image

    Ten minutes to go... image
  • Even sadder is that we posted our bounces simultaneously! image
  • *clinks sad glasses*image
  • Trust me, it's not half as sad as what's going on at #sattc on twitter image
  • Don't know what you mean!image

    <a href="!/brenda_tucker" title="Brenda Tucker">brenda_tucker</a> Brenda Tucker Tried to head to Leicester tonight to see friends. Sadly accident on road meant I couldn't leave the village... Bull anyone? <a href="!/search?q=#sattc" title="#sattc">#sattc</a>
  • here we go................
  • ladies and gentlemen - fasten your seatbelts.

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