Talkback: New Year’s Resolutions: Five Dos and Don’ts

get a dog.

My husband got a dog - a whippet.  He loves to run (the dog, more than my husband).  I love to cycle, but the dog needs a walk, and running (I use the term loosly) seems a easy way....this answers the motivation part (although letting him out into the garden is very tempting when it is dark damp cold etc at 7am!!)


  • My dog is my motivator. She runs with me and doesn't let me miss a day. 5K a day and she is happy and I'm grateful for having a reason to go out. I totally aggree with Sue -  get a [young/fit] dog if you want to achieve your running goals. Oh and the dog insists on cross-country/trail running so it gets you off the tarmac!
  • We run with our two dogs - a working cocker spaniel and a dalmation.  It has improved my running speed no end and is fab company only downside we need more bins in Wiltshire for the necessary poo bags!

  • I started to read the article, but my resolution is the first "essential don’t"!

     I am running every day, just to see how long I can keep it up; although my resolution is for 30 minutes exercise every day. I have managed the first 3 days. Before xmas I would train most weeks, just once, a little more in a good week.

    But my feeling was that I wanted a target, and we all need lots of exercise, and I sit behind the wheel of a minibus most of the time, so its not like overall I am doing a lot. Hopefully, I will get some swimming and ciruit training in, instead of a run. I have done lots of running in the past, but not at 48 and 14 1/2 st I need to keep going, lol.

    When/If I fail, I hope to carry on training 3/4 times per week.


  • A dog helps. A run in the early morning with your dad gives you time to bond with your pet, and makes you fit as well.!


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  • i have been running with my dog 3 years, we love it image  i struggle with the tops of my legs at the sides and back getting very cold though and it takes all night to get warm so i have been sticking to the treadmill at the minute image

    any ideas on how to keep the tops of my legs warm so we can go out in all weather?

  • Wear cycling shorts under long running tights. Works for me!
  • Get a goal/target, then set smaller and achieable goals that you can achieve as you work towards teh major goal/target..

    Tick off as you attain them.

    Then come onto these RW forums and tell us.


  • I have exactly the same issue and have just purchased some new thermal running tights from Nike - they are really good.  They have a brushed lining which keeps my legs warm.  I have also run with my ski thermals under my running tights as well and that works - although it does feel strange having two layers on.  I find investing a one pair of really good thermal running tights has worked wonders.
  • Be very careful - I used to train every day and I suffered from lots of injury because your body needs a rest day.  You must have at least one day a week where you dont train at all. Also it is worth tracking you food - is a free web site for exactly this - you will get fitter and leaner if you ensure you eat the right amount for the amount you train.  I made the mistake of under eating, over training and slowed my metabolic rate down.  I am now training 5 days a week.  I vary what I do  - some days it is run, bike, some its bike and weights, other's just bike and pilates, some days its run, swim and a class.  I have increased what I eat and am fitter, strong, lighter and injury free.  It really is important to have rest days or you'll over training, not meet your goals as your body is tired and then not being able to train due to injury.  I know this because I did it and had nearly 6 months out of running as a result.  

    Another trick I use is to book up to an event and tell people I am doing it so I cant back out. I started training three years ago now - it started with a few DVD's, then went on to the gym. I started out running a few 5k's, then went on to 10k's then the year after half marathons and now I do sprint triathlons and duathlons.  I'm not the fastest, never first but I am so loving taking part - my aim is simply to finish.  It is so achievable for anyone - just give yourself manageable goals.  Look at the Park Runs website as well - these are free 5k's every saturday all over the country.  People finish between 18 minutes and an hour so there is a onf people and ages taking part - I ran around with a 76 man last weekend and we were overtaken by a 12 year old and a man with a push chair - who cares though - we got round and felt fab.  Good luck

     Good luck

  • Try getting biodegradable poo bags - although they are more expensive, the beauty is that you can bag up the poo and then considerately throw it into woods/bushes to let nature take it's course
  • With the cold sharp snap of weather we have been having in Scotland recently i have been running wearing long sleeved merino and long johns under my running leggings.  I find them great as they don't smell and they keep you at a comfortable temperature.  I am a big fan of merino since i was introduced to them 4 years ago and i haven' t looked back.  Most big outdoor shops will supply them in various styles, recently they have added socks to there range. . . oh happy COLD days ;o)

    Hope you find this useful

  • Join a club - there's bound to be someone else in the same boat as you and most clubs are really welcoming.

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