6 weeks and counting

Can't find a Wokingham half thread for this year, and the race isn't even on the events tab to start one through there.

Therefore, let's start one up...and if someone embarrases me that there's already a live one we'll just let this one finish!

Who's in?

And will they get the timing right this year so some of us don't get robbed of 7-14seconds!  image


  • Hi Stevie G

    I'm in again....


  • Just realisd I kind of screwed up the title and the summary.wrong way round..but never mind.

    Good work Andy P, what time you looking for? In good shape?

  • I am in cos it's my birthday, innit image
  • Stevie-This will be my 11th Wokingham. Did 16today so training going well. Times don't know yet will see nearer the time.

    Schmunkee-will there be birthday cake on offer at the finish line then? image
  • Stevie - howabout you? Will you be aiming for a new pb?

  • I ran my worst half ever here. It rained, the start was a stampede, and I was really surprised at the amount of litter in the countryside.

    Should come back to get some better memories.

    Sure its a great race, and I was having a really bad day!

    Good luck to everyone, its a good course.
  • Hoping they don't screw the timing up this year as a minimum, but it does mean I have a slower target to beat!

    One guy I tend to beat in the XC scene has put down 1hr 17 for his predicted time , so time will tell if he's being optimistic!  I'll be happy sub 1hr 19, but you never quite know. It was a big breakthrough last year. Hit the pace early, and the flat, straight roads just suited on the day.

    Trying to get into Reading 5-6 weeks after, but it's sold out. Bound to be a few places come up, but need to make sure it's a senior male, and in the 1hr 20 grid that i'd be replacing. Otherwise wouldn't be worth it!

  • SG - FYI there's a guy I know that you beat at Cabbage Patch that's aiming to better his PB of 1:13 at Wokingham. Just thought I'd throw that in thereimage

    EDIT: Just realised how old this thread was. Thought it was 2013! Still, same applies SG

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