IMHO 2011

Can't find the old thread so thought I'd start a  new one for the new year.

What: ran/walked 10 miles (Tadworth 10)
When: this morning
Why: marathon training has to start somewhere

Did a couple of 6 mile runs in Oct/Nov but apart from that, the few runs that I've done have  been no longer than 4 miles since Roth.  So, I was pleased to complete this with a negative split and feeling pretty good thanks to some very controlled pacing and a run/walk approach.  Already feeling pretty sore though. 

And my Skins seem to have shrunk image


  • Hiya Wolfy <waves>
    Bad news about your sprained ankle but good news that it's nothing worse.

    Went blood doning yesterday so I don't know what possessed me to think it was a good idea to run down to the pool, swim and then run home again. I always need a few days to re-energise after blood doning.

    I blame East v West

  • Today I have mostly done nothing image

    Tomorrow is pilates and hopefully a better swim than yesterday

  • Pilates done and a reasonable 200m winterswim time recorded.

    Flippin' knackered now though image

  • The dogs'll love that then Wolfy.  Glad to see the ankle's on the mend but what happened to 'no running for a week to10 days'? image
  • This week's long stuff

    What: long swim - 1.2k, long run - 17k, long bike - err 16k!!!
    When: over the last week.
    Why: base training starts here!

    swim to increase 200m a week 3 weeks out of 4
    run to increase 10 mins a week, 3/4
    bike - must start some long bikes!!!

    If I write it enough times, then I might get out there on my bike
  • Regensburg plan starts on Monday ....  time for the fun to begin  image
  • Continued going to training (obedience) with one of my dogs till she was 10 cos she enjoyed it - after that she seemed to lose interest a bit.  #2 dog decided it was all a bit beneath him when he was about 4 - I used up more energy trying to get him moving than he did when he finally deigned to get up! 

    Dangerous on the road bike at the moment OC - lots of black ice around this morning and I was on foot!

    Yay Meldy!

    Suffered a 7.75 mile 'run' this morning and couldn't have gone any further or faster if I'd tried.  Lingering effects of blood letting.

  • So Wolfy, how's the ankle mending?

    XC league event for me today. Bit of a misnomer really - more of an off road run. Tow path and grass with a few really muddy patches and flatter than a pancake. 

    Long (relatively) run planned for tomorrow, possibly followed by a swim. 

  • Rubbish run - bailed out at 5.75 miles - followed by an ok swim

    Next on the agenda - tax return image

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