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Can't find the old thread so thought I'd start a  new one for the new year.

What: ran/walked 10 miles (Tadworth 10)
When: this morning
Why: marathon training has to start somewhere

Did a couple of 6 mile runs in Oct/Nov but apart from that, the few runs that I've done have  been no longer than 4 miles since Roth.  So, I was pleased to complete this with a negative split and feeling pretty good thanks to some very controlled pacing and a run/walk approach.  Already feeling pretty sore though. 

And my Skins seem to have shrunk image


  • hi trogs - well done. I started marafun training on 20 Dec and was going well up to yesterday in spite of the weather, did 14 miles but had to limp the last couple after turning my ankle. My pet bone doc says no fracture but a bad sprain - no running for a week to 10 days.


  • Hiya Wolfy <waves>
    Bad news about your sprained ankle but good news that it's nothing worse.

    Went blood doning yesterday so I don't know what possessed me to think it was a good idea to run down to the pool, swim and then run home again. I always need a few days to re-energise after blood doning.

    I blame East v West

  • Today I have mostly done nothing image

    Tomorrow is pilates and hopefully a better swim than yesterday

  • Pilates done and a reasonable 200m winterswim time recorded.

    Flippin' knackered now though image

  • This week I've done:

    3000m swim Tuesday

    turbo workout and weights on Wednesday

    1500m swim Thursday

    Very slow and careful 7km jog yesterday followed by weights and core workout.

    Today I'm doing dog training with Oz and Nemo - got an email from our trainer saying there will be practice at 14:30, the first one for over a month due to the weather we've had. We don't have an indoor training area unfortunately.

  • The dogs'll love that then Wolfy.  Glad to see the ankle's on the mend but what happened to 'no running for a week to10 days'? image
  • "running" is a relative term, Trogs! When I say a slow jog, I mean really slow. Also, due to previous foot fractures OH and I have both left and right foot Aircasts in the medicine cupboard, which are brilliant for supporting an injured foot and allowing you to perform normally. Personally I've always found gentle exercise speeds up recovery 100-fold.

    Need to teach Nemo to fetch a wooden dumbbell on the ground, over a 1m hurdle and over a 6ft A-frame fence next. Oz can do it on the ground but won't jump the hurdle - doesn't matter as he's nearly 9 and won't be taking any more exams. I just take him on the training ground now for fun as he enjoys working so much.

  • This week's long stuff

    What: long swim - 1.2k, long run - 17k, long bike - err 16k!!!
    When: over the last week.
    Why: base training starts here!

    swim to increase 200m a week 3 weeks out of 4
    run to increase 10 mins a week, 3/4
    bike - must start some long bikes!!!

    If I write it enough times, then I might get out there on my bike
  • Regensburg plan starts on Monday ....  time for the fun to begin  image
  • Continued going to training (obedience) with one of my dogs till she was 10 cos she enjoyed it - after that she seemed to lose interest a bit.  #2 dog decided it was all a bit beneath him when he was about 4 - I used up more energy trying to get him moving than he did when he finally deigned to get up! 

    Dangerous on the road bike at the moment OC - lots of black ice around this morning and I was on foot!

    Yay Meldy!

    Suffered a 7.75 mile 'run' this morning and couldn't have gone any further or faster if I'd tried.  Lingering effects of blood letting.

  • Today is a week, Trogs!

    Another very slow 7km done with Oz, and 1600m swum.

    And when I say slow I mean slow, I've not been taking chances with the ankle, the run this morning took me nearly an hour. Very wet, muddy and still lots of ice about. I shall not attempt to run at normal pace until there's no more ice to be seen!

  • So Wolfy, how's the ankle mending?

    XC league event for me today. Bit of a misnomer really - more of an off road run. Tow path and grass with a few really muddy patches and flatter than a pancake. 

    Long (relatively) run planned for tomorrow, possibly followed by a swim. 

  • Rubbish run - bailed out at 5.75 miles - followed by an ok swim

    Next on the agenda - tax return image

  • Hi Trogs - been away for a long weekend, hence the delay in response. The ankle seems to be nearly ok, still some swelling on the ankle bone but the discolouration has cleared up. Did a 1000m swim yesterday followed by 8km run with Nemo, then another 5km today with both dogs, after which I drove 3hrs 40 mins back home. Ankle seems not have suffered any ill effects, so I'm planning on trying a longer run tomorrow after work. If ok, then I'll run part-way home after work the other days of this week too.
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