New Forest Marathon

I am doing the NFM this Sunday and wonder who else out there is running it.I understand it is undulating but not much more than this. Is this mainly on road or footpaths ?
Any information would be appreciated.


  • I'm doing it too Paul. Its all on the lanes through the New Forest except 1.5 miles of track. It is undulating but nothing too daunting for anyone who likes fell running.
    In my case though, a marathon virgin who doesn't generally run on hills, panic has well and truley set in:-)
  • Thanks for that Grumpy - What is your number ? I think mine is 497. This is my third marathon although I did my first only 5 moths ago so I understand about the nerves ;-) I am sure you will be fine. Good Luck - All the best
  • My number is 431, Good luck to you as well.
  • What sort of time are you hoping for ? I am hoping for some time between 3.15 - 3.25
  • I started with the idea of a sub 4 hours in my mind, I'm sticking to that target but I'll be happy just to finish at the moment.
  • My first Marathon I did in 4hours 10 seconds - can you believe that. Hope u make it under 4 hours:-)
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