Running holiday recommendations?

I'm looking for a running holiday this spring, in advance of several marathons this year.  I would like somewhere in Europe and not too expensive.  I run a lot, so want somewhere that will push me and where I can also relax, preferably near a beach. I'm single so don't want to be in a couples place, but also don't want to go on a dressed up match making trip.  

Can anyone make recommendations please? 



    OK, so its not Bermuda but the scenary is stunning, the people lovely, the food fantastic and the entertainment brilliant.  If you get the weather its a bonus but having spent 10 years up there I'm biased and used to the weather anyway. 

    Its in Europe, by a beach (stunning beaches), not a couples thing, and definately not a dress up kind of place..... it ticks all the boxes Beagle.  Dare you take the challenge?

    PS the Cape Wrath Challenge is still by far my favourite marathon.  Not PB material - I mean....... you have to catch a boat a couple of times during the run! But for the scenary, people and brilliant ceilledh in the evening its unmatchable.

  • Couple of holidays I've been looking at/considering...

    1 - Kenya experience
    2 - full potential

    Both in march so perfect for spring marathons. Full potential is in Portugal so meets the Europe criteria- flights to pgal dirt cheap too. Couple of different companies do pgal trips too if you want to stay close. Kenya is obviously not in Europe but great if you want something more adventurous. It's based at lornah kiplagats training centre where ive stayed before but now they do these organised camps with coaching, guided runs plus a chance to learn from and meet the star Kenyan runners.

    Having been to iten where the camp is I can certainly recommend it as an area and the new camps look great so I may well head back there. or
    Www.full for pgal camp

  • Sorry, looks like I didn't make proper links... I'll try again: for Kenya for Portugal. (or theres purple patch, or runinthesun, loads of options for Europe)

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    not been on an aboard holiday but live in the north west and each year go down to Torquary for the half marathon there and make a holiday of it it is good to go somewhere else for a great race
  • I was looking for something similar myself but I couldn't find one with dates that suit so I've booked on a cross country skiing trip with Exodus instead. My theory is that I'll get the stamina training without the stresses of pounding the roads. Of course, there's always the possibility I'll fall over and break something instead. Hopefully not.
  • The Norfolk runways have discounted their weekend with Marathon winner Paul Evans weekend 28th-29th Jan 2012
  • Take a look at ' ' as well as track training they also offer a Social Running Break which is much cheaper and seems a great way to join other runners for a running holiday.

  • I just had a fantastic christmas week of running with personal guidance, in a group of three, by the race director of Al Andalus Ultimate Trail stage race, Paul Bateson. The stay was in a mountain village/small town called Alhama de Granada. We clocked up over 100 km on gorges, mountains and round a lake. Mileage is adjusted to your wishes. I preceded it with a couple of days in the old town of Malaga. See and my facebook picture set.

  • If you are interested in running holidays, Run the Wild has quite a few options in the UK and the Alps, more events being added each month. The holidays are about getting you to explore places whilst running and enjoying the routes! Happy running!


  • I'd also like to add guided running holidays around Chamonix, Mont Blanc, Verdun Gorge, etc. with this company Tracks and Trails. I used them last summer for a tour of the Jura mountains and once again the care, guiding and personal attention were excellent.

  • In Europe and on the beach: image


  • I'd like to recommend Peru Fitness Holidays, who offer 'Run the Andes' running holiday. A week of trails and breathtaking scenery as well as the chance to explore amazing Inca ruins such as Machu Picchu, wonder of the world. 


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