Training for a shorter Tri



  • 2.5km sounds a long swim to me - I could probably manage it if I didn't die of boredom first, but my arms would ache.

    I'm most comfortable breathing every other stroke, but I do try to fit in a few lengths each week where I breathe, firstly, on the opposite side to I'm most comfortable with, every three strokes, and every four stokes.

    My breathing motion is not smooth to my 'other' side, and I end up gasping on a longer interval. It's worth trying though, as it can also help with stroke symmetry.

  • IThanks Yersinia - 'll give it a whirl - the weather looks so awful this weekend I may well go for another swim tomorrow rather than risk a wet and slippy bike ride. Practising specifically on my weak side is a great idea! Wish me luck! I need to be shouted at when I revert to my breast stroke default setting!
  • England image image image England were poor but will take the win image image

    Ok sorry not a Rugby forum so will move on.

    Hi Razor I'm all set for my LSR this morning, it's very windy here so just deciding which run to take 10,12 or 15. Will decide I think after first couple of miles see how I'm coping with the wind. Nice steady week for you though Razor well done keep up the good work image image

    Yersinia, the hardest part is the getting up and getting there on days like this so well done and enjoy being blown about image let us know how you get on.

    Gingergav I can remember going Blackpool on a couple of stag do,s and it was the same for me. Would take 30 minutes walking up the sea front and an hour walking back image image lol

    JEvaNs, get up and do your park run image o this might be to late now you have probably gone lol ok well done on getting up for your park run image

    Right time to get some scramble egg on toast before my run at 10am, will be on later to hear about the park runs.
  • 1 hour swim done.. yay! legs feeling much fresher now image
  • Ankle held up fine.

    V. v. windy ride there, and boy am I slow!

    But it's only the second time I've actually run 5K since starting running again four weeks ago, so it's a true baseline that I can hope to build on

  • Well done Bootsie! I'm still stiff after last nights swim.

    Nice one on your 5k Yersinia - getting out there is the key! Gotta be the right thing to do! Enjoy the rest you've earned now! I wouldn't mind a pop at one of these but none are near enough to me to make it easy. Oh well, back to the prom!

  • Well I did it 10 mile run hilly and very very windy (wind seemed stronger going up hill image ) tried a new training technique did 9 minutes running then 1 minute walk. It was something people were talking about on another forum so I tried it. Worked well felt strange for the first walk after only 9 minutes running but over all felt better on the later miles. My time was 1 hr 36 for 10 miles which is good for me cause I'm a 10 minute mile runner image

    Well done Bootsie on your swim I'm looking forward to my splashing about tomorrow image image

    Nice one Yersina on your park run image are they every week on monthly?

    Hope you had good run on the Prom Gav.

    Were are you Chilli what you unto this weekend?

    JeVans how you get on?

    Razor what you unto?

    Steady you been put?
  • Sorry SteadyCj that's have you been out lol
  • They're weekly, Silver, but I won't go every week.

    I'm at my mum's next weekend. There's a parkrun within cycling distance of her house, so I'm vaguely contemplating that, but I'll see how I feel.

  • Sounds good for training though how many raced? what sort of times were people doing?
  • I didn't have a watch, so I don't know my time, but I'm pretty sure I won my wooden spoon fair and square.

    The results aren't out for this week, while it seems that a lot of the parkruns are already online. Last week, there were 44 runners, the maillot jaune was about 18 minutes, and the lanterne rouge was between 34 and 35 minutes.

  • ST ............................Well done on your run mate, a decent time for run/walk. I bet it felt good to be out and about againimage

    Yersinia.....................Well done for getting out the there in the wind. Thought about doing my Parkrun this morning but didn't have enough time to get there (bad planning).image

    Got abit of a head cold at the moment so I'm a bit stuffed upimage , Was going to do my LSR today but will have to postpone untill my head clears, if I feel better I will get the bike out tomorrow. I will content myself with stretching and core work later.

    Have a good weekend Gangimage

  • Just a quickie before heading off to do a Jamie Oliver...!

    Parkrun done! I did think twice, but both times I thought " yeah - do it!" So 7.5 mile cycle in the wind, 5k run, 7.5 mile cycle in the wind.
    First leg: 36 minutes
    Seconde leg: 26:30 (officially 26:41, but that included a bit before the start line...)
    Third leg: 45 minutes.
    Transition times were probably around 10 minutes....!!!

    I got a lovely little email from the Parkrun gang this afternoon congratulating me on my first race and that 26:41 is my registered PB with them. I was fairly far back in the field, but 4th for my category! Clearly not many women my age running....! Got in a bit of a tizz with my bike and storing my stuff, but it was fine.

    Will definitely do it again, but not sure when. Maybe once a month to keep tabs on the times over those distances, but also to get me to 'race' in training off the bike. It's a slightly different intensity to my usual training....

    Anyway - can't stop, as much as I would love to. Mustard chicken awaits!!!
  • Well done!

    Our times aren't out yet, but mine will be terrible. I didn't time the cycle ride. We've popped a bottle of Champers to celebrate completion of my first parkrun, and I'm cooking ham in cider.

    I'm also thinking of doing it maybe once in each of my four-week training periods, but there may be shuffling to fit around other weekend activities..

  • Hey just been on park run web site and there's one near me so just registered image
  • Me too ....registered last night so will be there all being well next week.image
  • Hi Guys!

    ParkRun is great ST. I would really recommend it. My big girl and I went this morning. A bit windy and I had to hold on to her in places! Our time was 30:29 and I think our PB is 29.49. Don't know what mine is alone, cos it's the special thing that we do together. Was great to get out there though. I think my brief cold has gone! Was very surprised at how ill I felt though. 

    So we did that this morning and then my hubby was busy this afternoon so I took my girlies to my uncles' house, an hour drive away. He's rich with a lovely indoor swimming pool. We had a great time. My big girl is really working very hard to improve. Have found an aquathon at the end of April for her. Her backstroke is really pretty good - can you do backstroke in a pool based tri?

    Gingergav - I was a onesided breather. Every four strokes. But last autumn I decided I needed to be able to breathe both sides. And so i began doing that for all my front crawl lengths. Now it comes very naturally every three strokes which actually suits me better.

    Razor - pretty good week!

    Okay - I have one of my very stupid questions. I took my tri-suit and wetsuit with me today  to experiment. Although I am a size 10 I am 5ft8, so slightly on the tall side. All the info I read said to buy the tri-suits based on bust/waist/hip size not on height so i bought a size 10 on e-bay at a brilliant price. But although it fits perfectly around me, the length is slightly too short making the crotch too tight image Had planned to wear this under my wetsuit and then throw a t-shirt over the top for the bike and run. But I think it might be too tight to run comfortably.

    I have some tri shorts that are more comfortable. Can I get away with wearing shorts and a crop-top style bra under the wetsuit and then add t-shirt?

    The other problem is my wetsuit - it is a fairly nice one but belongs to my mother who is larger than me and too much water goes down the neck with each stroke. So I guess I need to buy a wetsuit that fits. This tri business is expensive! Am wondering the best way to break the news to my hubby...


  • I wore shorts and a shock absorber vest with a proper high impact built-in sports bra under my wetsuit for London, didn't add a tee, and it was fine, except the top was a little low-cut for my preference.

    If I could find a slightly more modest cut of top, that's what I'd do again - I'm pretty well-endowed and do need a proper sports bra for the run section.

  • I'd afraid I can't comment on the trisuit/wetsuit issues as I am yet to get involved in that area of equipment. I did come across somewhere online that rents wetsuits out for a season for what seemed like a very reasonable price, and at the end of the season you can buy them apparently. I think that is what I will do. In my reading on the subject though, I think there is supposed to be a layer of water around you in the wetsuit - though I suppose if there is more that just a layer maybe it isn't so good.

    I was planning on getting a tri suit for a pool based tri, but I think all the ones I am going to do (or I have planned to do) at the moment are outside (trying to ignore this since I said I would NEVER swim in open water...) so I will have to go for a wetsuit... though actually I will need a tri suit underneath, won't I? Yersinia - did you have tri shorts on under your wetsuit too? Or just regular shorts?

    On the breathing side of things for swimming.... I managed to teach myself bilateral breathing and breath every three strokes now. Though sometimes I do 2-3. Or 2-2-3. Or maybe 3-4 to try and slow things down. The fewer breaths I take the smoother I am. When I breath on my left (I think) I lift my head out, or twist too far or something. When I had lessons last year I was taught to just move my head to breath rather than twist my body to get my head out of the water. I try to do it so that I can see half in and half out of the water. It's odd to see, but it helps me keep my head down.

    I'm trying hard not to get too wedded to a particular breathing routine because in open water it may be up to the choppiness of the water as to how often I get to breath and on which side!!!!

    Also - learn to cough under water if you can't already. I've found that a useful skill regardless of tri training!
  • Sorry Ladies I can't comment on boobie things image lol

    Which park runs are people signed up for? Mines Brunstone Leicester.

    Swimming I've just started but have gone for learning to breath out of both sides from the start although more comfortable from the left.

    Looking forward to swimming tonight image also have day of tomorrow so kid free in morning so a nice brick session for me 20k bike 5k run
  • I had lycra running shorts - may not be ideal but they worked ok for me. I don't need padded shorts for a 20km ride - if it was longer, maybe it'd be different.

    I think I'd need to be fitter than I currently am to breathe less often over a long distance.  Another thing that needs a bit of practise is sighting. Shouldn't be such an issue in a pool tri, hopefully.

  • Thanks for the swim advice folks - i'll be giving it a whirl later. image

    Ran yesterday afternoon in pouring rain - not too bad once I was out in it. 5k in 25mins. I think I wanted to get home!

    Watch out for blue Vauxhalls! Nearly run over on a zebra crossing after 4k - I wasn't even running either! I was more than half way across the crossing, walking, and he drove right past in front of me - I jumped back out of the way, but I was close enough to put my hands on the side of the car. Too close for comfort! Needless to say he never even noticed me or stopped. I even had my red flashing LED belt on!Might publish his number plate if I'm in the mood!image

  • Got my parkrun time, finally. 34:07 - well it gives me something to work on, I suppose, and next week is my run focus week.
  • Hi Gang.....................How is everyone doing, Well done on your park runs. image

    ST.....................My parkrun is Heaton Park Prestwitch, Manchester.

    Gav.......... Close shave mate, glad you got home in one piece and in a decent time.image

    This morning went out on the bike and rode 32 miles averaging 14mph which I was chuffed with imageconsidering it seemed to be a head wind whichever direction I turned.image

    Seem to have got rid of my head cold (there's half gallon snot trail on my bike route)image(they say you can see it from space)image

    Hope you all had a good weekend.

  • Gingergav - not nice. Really pleased to hear you are okay.

    Been out this afternoon for a bike ride. Had planned 10miles of hils. But the wind was unbelievable. Pleased the roads weren't busy cos I got blown around quite a bit. In the end i changed my route after 5 miles to flater ground. Feel a bit of a wuss. But had yet another rough night courtsey of a self-starting story CD at 2.34am image and Smidge at 5.40am. 

    Have a good week everyone. Enjoy your morning ST.


  • Oh dear! Razor you are talking about 32 miles and I struggle with 10 image
  • Chilli...................10miles is 10miles, well doneimage I can feel every mile on my @rseimage
  • Well done, windy cyclists!

    I've been hiding indoors with a hangover - a definite "gremlin boogie" in my innards! image Will be back on it Tuesday with my regular run!

  • Ok Swim update, I've gone from 1 length then stop to 2 lengths then stop last week and tonight............ Did 10 x 2 lengths then rest then tried 4 lengths but only managed 31/2 image so did couple more 2 lengths then went for it 4 lengths image cause I'm a bit competitive I decided that 4 wasn't good enough so pushed out 6 lengths image image I know it's not much but two weeks ago could only do 1 length so I'm well chuffed image did 32 lengths altogether and my arms feel like there going to drop off. Bring on my brick session tomorrow morning image

    Sorry Gingergav self inflicted so doesn't count as illness lol image image

    Good time Chilli for 5k and well done with 10mile windy cycle

    Razor nice one 31 miles is superb image image I've only had bike since Christmas and not gone that far yet myself (still herts my @rse doing 25k image image ) will up my miles when weather better image

    Two more weeks swimming and hopefully start doing more lengths and I'm gonna book my first Tri, it's local called East leak it will probably be full of Loughborough students cause it's very close to Uni.
  • ST...................Well done on the swimming front,image big improvement from last week, it will get easier and better as the weeks go byimage

    By the way I worked hard on the bike today and you've nicked a mile off me (32miles)imageimage

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