Training for a shorter Tri



  • 1500m solo swim last night, very long, and very slow! I dont seem to be getting faster, but i am less and less tired after each i'll take any progress i can!!

     Not sure of anyones location, but my tri club hosts a super sprint (400m pool swim, 20k bike and 5 run) in May. It is in st albans. I am using this as my season opener image  its a good start off and ease in to racing time i think!

  • All sounds good, nice to hear others struggling (in a good way of course) makes you feel your not the only one having problems. I must admit it's easier to motivate yourself may to September image image I'm just waiting for wife to get home to take over from kids then I'm out going for quick 5 k off road hilly run. O here she is bye
  • Done 5k off road hill run image night with kids wife going swan lake with eldest girl day off tomorrow though swim planned after I do all my jobs image image lol
  • Felt tired on way home from work(nearly fell asleep on train) but decided that I just had to get changed and get out straight away for a scheduled 30min easy run, which I did mainly off road as it was light enough. Legs felt tired but feel better for having done it. Tomorrow is looking like it will become a rest day as so much to do.

    Glad to hear everyone is training well.

  • Bit far for me, Steve - i'm up near Blackpool. Sounds like a great season opener though!

    I am so impressed by all the training that's going on - getting out at lunch times - blimey! Well done you!

    Really enjoyed my brick session last night - sorry for assuming Vicki - I think this is going to by my way to go - planning a swim/run after work on Friday next . Found the run really easy last night as I was warmed up after being on the Turbo - spot on!.

    If you're looking for a turbo, check ebay, but I did that when I was looking and couldn't find any that weren't worn or that I was sure of, so I got mine from Chain Reaction Cycles for £129 brand new - Christmas present! You could try freecycle too if there is one set up in your area - check online. There are some really cheap (ish) new Turbo's out there for about £75 but the reviews i've read are iffy to say the least. My Tacx 1800 was strongly recommended and it's great - really solidly built, and folds out of the way. Look out also for Minoura, GIST, Blackburn or Cycleops. Minoura have a D60 model highly recommended for £120.

  • Good going ST, CJ and GG.

    Will be going out for circuit training in about an hour. Trying to decide whether I've had enough to eat to survive it. My evening meal will be late, but I'll almost certainly have a wee snack when I come in from the class.

    Maybe I'll have a Shredded Wheat or something before I go, too.

  • Bootsie, don't worry about it, you have some great fitness under your belt and that won't be lost from an odd week.

    I'm noticing a lot of double session days on here and starting to feel rather pathetic with my regime! Might start to add an extra run or two in next month. Though with Swimathon planned I need more time in the pool really.

    Hm. This triathlon malarky is complicated!

    Oh, Steve... I've been advised to increase my swim distance by doing shorter sets and resting. So rather than just swimming 64 lengths, swim five x 16 lengths with rests in between. The resting means you can go further and your body starts to get used to the increased distances. reduce the rest time and soon you end up doing it all in one go.
    But being an instructor, you know all this already image
  • Thanks for the swim tip jevans! If it's fitness, I know it, if is swim related...I am clueless!! I'll give that set a try image
  • Just tried it myself with sets of 200m and a minute rest inbetween. Feeling fresh, but it was quite a short session.
  • Does anyone else here sruggle with counting laps? I kind of drift off to LaLaLand, but I have a lap counter I have to press at the end of each lap, and when I look, I've always done more than I thought.

    So I kind of figured that since it's that way round, it's not a problem, but I just had a panicky thought about losing count and doing too many in the race itself.

  • les!!!! i have a lap counter but need to replace the battery.. always loose track!
  • Come on Girls it's simple image I've not lost count once yet not even on my long swim of 6 Lengths image imageimageimage
  • I got a swimmate watch that doesn't even require a button to be pressed at the end of each lap - I love it!!! I forgot to look at it at one point this morning though and ended up doing 2 enxtra lengths in one of my sets. Fabulous gadget though (gives you loads more than just the number of lengths), and at £50 is far more reasonable that some of the fancy GPS watches you can buy for running. Mine doesn't link to the computer though and I think there is a new model coming out which does. And naturally that is more expensive.

    However, my experience in pool-based triathlon (granted, I have only done the same one twice) is that there is someone asigned to your lane to count for you and sticks a sign in the pool when you have 2 lengths to go. I have to say, the first time I did it I thought they had made me swim 2 too many, but my swim time suggests otherwise image

  • Ok I've found a nice Tri for the Welsh on this forum, or anyone who fancies it. Scenery looks nice image image

    Have a look see what you think image
  • We could have a thread outing to watch it, with a nice picnic hamper and a few bottles of Pimmsimage?

    Winterswim this week is 60 laps. Just as well I have a lap counter. Mine is a sportcount finger-mounted thingy. I can't really justify the expense of a poolmate until it breaks down. Maybe by the time it does, the computer-linky one will have come down in price.

  • Yersinia it would need to be a big Picnic lol looks like a fun race though, could enter a team? image you could swim me bike Gav run? image the other team could be Chilli JEvaNs and Bootsie? Sorted lol
  • Sounds like a plan - I'll have plenty of time to get stuck into the Pimms and cheer the rest of the team on after my little swimbleimage.
  • You in Gingergav can you manage a trot round and up snowdon?
  • I too have a sportcount ring, it's a very helpful tool. Not so bad counting laps in our local 50m pool but sometimes I have to do my IM training in a 25m pool - I'd never manage to keep count of 120 laps!
  • Sounds interesting - have walked a lot round there in past so know Snowdon quite well. I might not be the most reliable person though this year - i'm moving to Dubai in August and have got tons to organise! I've already entered 4 events too! Eeeek! It's nice to be asked though!! Thanks!image
  • Yeah right. I don't know why I even looked at the link, since it has the word 'brutal' in it. 200 miles between three people over 2 days requires over 30 miles each per day. I much prefer Yersinia's suggestion of Pimm's by the lake!!

    Silly ST!! image

    Hey UI! I keep meaning to message you, but haven't had chance yet. Though maybe these guys would be interested in your very knowledgeable biking advice... (I hi-jacked a swim thread with some bike talk - oops). You mentioned in the recommended bike training to find a medium hill that takes 10 minutes to get up. There is a stretch of 2-3 miles that doesn't look like a hill, but is definitely not flat and adds an extra minute or two onto my mile time on my route home (though it is the last 2-3 miles so maybe I am just shattered by this point!). Do you think that sounds like a suitable stretch to Time Trial myself on? Being in South Wales there are lots of lumps and bumps around but they are mostly short and sharp (or long and severe!) in nature.
  • Yes JEvaNs BRUTAL!! Does give it away lol image

    Gingergav it's in September so guess it would be a big ask image

    Yersina you could do swim and run? image then your Pimms would taste nicer lol
  • Run? I don't run. I bimble slowly over 5km.

    My Pimms will taste perfectly delightful without such unseemliness.

  • Ooooh, a thread picnic sounds great image. Brutal could be fun image. Since it is in September i might be able to make it...

    ...I am slowly typing this one handed cos I'm injured


    . Was trying to change the car headlight bulb when the bonnet came down on my arm. Was extremely painful and brought tears to my eyes. I was wearing a leather jacket which i think protected me from being gashed by the lock. in fact despite the pain there was only a bright red mark.

    So I went to work for the moring and then zoomed to the woods for a trail run before having to pick up Smidge. 5 mins into the run my arm was throbing and i realised that i was going to have to cut it short. 2 mins later my fingers were going numb and the pain wasn't copable anymore. Then i realised my arm had swollen so badly i couldn't pull up my sleeve.

    Struggled to drive home. But hubby was working from home so we went to pick up Smidge and headed for the cottage hospital. The nurse thinks I might have chipped the bone.  Running caused a damaged blood vessel to pop hence the swelling. So i have to go to the fracture clinic tomorrow and get it checked out.


    My first question was "when can i train again?" Her reply, "Wait until tomorrow and see what they say. After all you're not planing to do a marathon are you?" Me, "No but I have a duathlon in a few weeks and two tri's booked." She looked quite taken aback at that.

    So trying to be positive and am willing to go down on my knees and beg not to have a cast if doc says it's broken. But after last week's cold I was so thrilled to be getting back on track. Feeling a bit bummed.

  • where did my smiley faces go?

  • Oh dear Chilli, that sounds horrible. Your smiley faces must have gone on strike in sympathy.

    Haha at the nurse though!

  • Oh Chili - big huge hug for you (stick your arm out to the side to avoid any painful contact!!!). I really hope it's ok and doesn't mess up duathlon plans. Oh poor you. Do the experts think not running would have avoided this? I suppose it would have happened at some point though, regardless to how close (time wise) to the bash it was. Oh Chili. I'm agog and my eyes are nearly watering with sympathy pain too! I'm sure it can't be broken as you would surely be in agony and couldn't have even contemplated a run if it were. Oh dearie me. Fingers crossed for you.

    Big old boo-yaa to the nurse though. Ha! How rude of her not to think people are fit and healthy with ambition and targets!!!

    Off to finish a job application. I get made redundant in 7 weeks time and have been applying for jobs left ,right and centre but it's a bad time to be on the lookout. I'm hoping in the longer term (at some point over next 6-12 months) I can start a PhD and am in the process of applying for that, but in the mean time I need to have an income from April 1st. In danger of getting rather down about it and got a bit emotional about it today (husband bought me flowers to help image ), but know there are plenty worse off as my mother always says so trying to keep chin up. I've always got my training to keep me occupied - I could be at the gym all day every day if I didn't have work to go to, so maybe it isn't so bad....
  • Chilibean - take car of your arm, I'm getting over my break now, struggling to get it mobilising through full range of movements. Use the standard treatment, Ice, Elevate and Rest. Hope all goes well at Fracture Clinic.
  • morning everyone.. right time to get a bit of focus back.. last month has been a disaster really with things at home.. were trying to do a bit of house hunting but stress and money has made us decide to put it on the back burner until later in the summer .. so time to get a bit of focus back on my triathlon training!! plan of acction!!

    Brighton half marathon -20th Feb.. last long run done last week.. so bit of tapering this week coming with lots of cross training.. 

    Ballycotton 10 - 6th march.. will keep the long runs up for that and do alot of speed work...

    5km swim - 9th april so need to get up my endurance swimming

    Tri training to commence following a schedule on 21st Feb!! nede to find the perfect training plan cause I am good if I have something to follow!!! 

    Race dates 

    15th may - east grinstead sprint tri

    12th June  - windsor oly tri

    25th Sept - Hever oly tri! 

    anyone around my area that would like to meet up for bike rides on a weekend then please shout.. I need to get working on the bike part as it is my weakest discipline and I dont like it too much so need to learn to love that bike!!! I'm in the tn8 area 

    1500m in the pool last night.. will go for a plod tonight and then a longer swim tomorrow morning.. then I am taking a night off and going away with OH for a night to a nice hotel! 

    sorry bout the rant but I need to get a bit of structure back! 

  • I suspect you're a lot fitter than me, Boots, but I do like cycling in the Weald and Downs, so maybe a weekend ride would be possible, once day length improves?

    Also, just googled your Hever Tri, and like the look of it. Hmmm.

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