Training for a shorter Tri



  • That looks like a good session Chilli. I must try another brick session soon, though I need to get some distance in too.

    Marlow duathlon on the 14th March - my first Du.

  • Good morning all

    Chilli that's not a brick session that's called a Duathlon imageimage well done image

    Razor your spot on image I hoping to do my first park run next Sat image

    I always need a wee when racing image lucky for me every race I've done there's been plenty of gents on route (well trees imageimage )

    Just relaxing after work and deciding how far to run image not gonna relax to much though else I won't be going imageimage
  • I too always need a wee mid race. Even had to stop in a sprint tri after 3k of the run! Might have made under 1hr15 if hadn't drunk too much on the bike! That time was on the seafront with no shelter other a few tufts of grass!

    I'm going to Dubai for at least 2 years (on contract for at least that long). After that we can renew yearly if we still like it. Can't wait! Dubai Dave tells me the tri scene is very active - looking forward to it. Am shipping my road bike, but selling my mountain bike and hybrid.

    Decided not to train today - cough is coming back with a vengeance and slept really badly last night. Wide awake from 2.30 'til 5.00. Blurgh. image Certainly not going out in the sleety rain. Might have a quick do on my elliptical trainer later if feeling a bit better.

     Enjoy your weekends, gang!

  • Hello everyone!
    Just a quickie from me - well done on all the training... sounds like we are starting to pull ourselves together and get back to business as usual - apart from ST who is rocking this week! Well done!

    I did park run today and ended up:
    cycling there (7.5 miles)
    Running (3.1 miles)
    Cycling to friends house (2.2 miles)
    Running to the bus stop (1 miles)
    bussing it home
    Running home from the bus stop (0.5 miles)

    So all a bit random, but nice enough.

    My main news is though that I'VE GOT A JOB!!!!!! Had the interveiw yesterday and they called me within an hour of leaving. I don't know why they didn't just chase me down the corridor image
    So I am happy as not only does it mean I have a job, but it's also a nice little payrise to help fund this silly triathlon hobby! Yay! Gadgets and gear!!!!

    Happy weekends all
  • Yay! Well done Jevans!

    I'm looking out my window and trying to convince myself I should go out for a trot, but it's wet and I'm feeling very meh.

    Did my 1500m winterswim yesterday. I seem to be getting slower and slower.

  • Hey Hey

    Just got back from run did 20k image very hilly Very wet and windy not ran that far for ages so was testing my legs out ready for half in two weeks. Started well and did first 10k in 1hr3 which pushed me to think I could get under 2hrs image unfortunately to many hills and I managed 2hrs4 but a good effort image I really want to get under 2hrs for my half so I can put that distance to bed and move on to Tri's.

    JEvaNs well done may be random but all counts image what time you do 5k in?

    Yersinia well done on your Swim image Now get your lazy ass of your sofa and get out for that run imageimage

    Gav all sounds exciting mate image
  • Hey all,

    Sorry Havent been on in a while. Surgery was ok, and my hand is ok, but still in a cast hoping that Monday brings good news from the Doctors! The races which I have entered this year are starting from April and tend to be a right old mix.

    2/04/11 Outlon Park Duathlon- Had to change this to a sprint as the standard distance would be far too long as my first race of the season, and first race post injury!

    17/04/11 Chirk Sprint Triathlon- this is always popular and sold out within 11 days of opening in November. It is popular due to the novice factor (400m pool swim) and it is very early in the season to give yourself a test.

    15/05/11 Chester Half Marathon-Hoping to finally acheive my 2 hour time pb. GOt 2:01 last year!

    29/05/11 Speedy Beaver Tri-Held at Belvoir castle and the same weekend as the Beaver races (OLY and Middle Distance) and happens to be the qualifier for the 2011 World ITU age group and 2012 European ITU age group teams. Just wanted to see how I get on as I managed to qualify last year for the age group team in Budapest in my 2nd season!

    18/06/11 Dambuster Oly Tri- my 2nd ever Olympic distance and is held at Rutland Water. Again is the Oly qualifier for the Age group (2011/2012) but it is almost home turf for me as my bf works at RW and I often run around the resevoir. Popular due to it's fab bike route, but is also held on a Saturday which is almost unheard of in tri races now!

    10/07/11 Deva Divas Ladies only Sprint tri held in Chester and hosted by my club. fab race, and full of support. 3rd year in doing it, however doing it as a relay with my Mum on the bike, I am going to swim and run.

    17/07/11 Llandudno Olympic Tri-0 did the sprint last year as it is a sea swim and I was rather apprehensive last year but definatley more confident this year. You get to cycle around the Great Orme 4 times! Pretty steep!

    27/28/08/11 Club Relays held in nottingham, this is fantastic! A triathlon relay

    Finally I have entered the Berlin Marathon at the end of Sept, so I am tri orientated the first half of the season and then concentrating on my running during the latter half of the summer.

    Any questions about any of these races/training just ask!


  • Kerry - an impressive season planned, especially with being good for age group thingy. How do you know if you are good for age?

    I am doing the Goodwood Duathlon, hosted by Portsmouth Tri on 10 April short course 4/24/4Km.
    Hogsmill Ladies 5 mile run 8 May, East Grinstead Tri Club Ladies Novices Tri 250m/17K/2.5K on 15 May. This is pool based.
    Then 6 Aug the ITU London Tri at Hyde Park doing a sprint, I managed to get an age group entry as I worked out I could just finish before the cut off time.
    Looking for something Sept/Oct time, either a sportive or a HM. I have a place for the Worthing Sisters 10K at the beginning of Dec, it was postponed last year due to the weather and they offered to carry over places to this year.

    I am already thinking about if I have a good season this year to go up to Oly distance next year.

    Edit: this year will be my debut at open water swim, got to get a wetsuit, but need to wait a few more weeks before arm will allow me to try any on.

  • I didnt really know I was good enough. They hold qualifying races each season for the World/European events. Check the British Triathlon federation's website for more info.

    Good luck with all of your events, a good season of racing!

  • well done on the brick session chilli

    JEvaNs well don on the job

    trucker great run! 

    kerry.. that is some schedule!! good luck to you 

    resting up today in prep for tomorrows race.. having lots of carbs and am going to go into this nice and fueled up!!! fingers crossed its a good run xx

  • Bootsie I'll be checking for your full report tomorrow. imageimage good luck and hope you get your target time image

    I'm just chilling with a couple glasses of wine with just my Tri swim tomorrow to do for a good week of training for me image looks like I've shaken off all my lurgys now imageimageimage

    I'm not good at booking races to far in advance just my half in two weeks and if swim goes well tomorrow will book my first sprint Tri East Leake 400/23/5 March 27th image then my Tri club doing a Sportive 58 miles I think in April. Sorry that's it but got my eye on a couple of others will update when book.
  • Once you move up into longer races you will find you have to enter well in advance or the events will be full up already. Our club Oly is on 5 June and we already have over 400 entered (max is 550).
  • Ultra I understand that but first season and swimming is new to me don't want to bite off more than I can chew. I will stick to local ones this year and wait to see how I get on with open water swimming.
  • yes I realise that, was just a general comment really. We start planning our whole season as soon as the new events calendar comes out in early January, except for IMs or marathons which have usually already been entered about a year prior to race day!
  • Yes, my hubby has commented about me having booked several races without having done any yet. But I learnt my lesson by getting in for the duathlon with only 4 spaces left. The Oly I'm doing in July is almost fully booked already.

    Jevans - Woo Hooo - congrats on the new job. That is fantastic news. And great session today. 

    Wow, ST - that is some great running,

    Kerry - very impressed by your schedule. That looks so much fun.

    Go, go Bootsie! We are cheering you on. image

    After being woken twice in the night by Smidge I got up this morning, looked out the window and promptly crawled back into bed. But my big girl had other ideas and bounced in all pleased with herself cos she said she likes running in the rain and had specifically prayed for rain last night before going to sleep - weird child. So I stumbled back out of bed and we headed off to ParkRun. managed a very respectable 29.52 mins in the pouring rain and finished looking like drowned rats but having thoroughly enjoyed it as usual. 

    Tomorrow is a much needed rest day. Happy training eveyone.

  • Well done JEvaNs - what a great feeling! Start drooling over some Tri exotica straight away!image

    Blimey Kerry - you are well organised. Best of luck with it all! make sure you plan some rest time too.

    Planned to go swimming today, but didn't fancy it so did a Run/Bike/Run brick instead - 3k run, 22k bike, 5k run. Found the bike really hard - very strong, cold head wind on way out. Run was fine though. Felt wierd again running while my legs still thought I was cycling!

    Off to Dubai tomorrow morning for a week, hoping to have a run round Safa Park one night, but failing that the hotel we've booked has a decent pool and a gym. I've been warned to watch out for the Dubai stone - too many nice restaurants! Shall report back next weekend - have a good week all - keep calm and carry on (training!)image

  • race report from brighton!! 

    Woke up this morning after not a whole lot of sleep.. OH was very ill last night and didn't get to sleep until around 2am.. then as soon as I stood up I realised that my lower back was in complete muscle spasm.. not good.. tried stretching etc and nothing made it better.. not even some lovely strong pain killers image told OH i would prob have to DNS but wanted to go to brighton anyway and see the physio down there and see if they coluld help before the race.. car journey was horrible and was loosing hope.. but I was keeping the faith because I had full mobility .. just very bad pain.. sodidn't think it would be anything serious but still bad pain.. anyway phsio was fantastic!! she worked alot on all the areas that were in spasm and then told me that there was no underlying issues just spasm from where i had been scrubbing the floor for ages the night before.. she said that there was no reason why i couldn't run but that if i felt any pain while running I had to stop.. so with 2 mins to spare to run to the loo and get into the start queue i legged it! gun went off while i was in the loo but thankfully i managed to get back into the masses and crossed the line after 5 mins image 

  • the race was perfect for me.. brilliant weather.. not too hot or cold,. no wind or rain.. just perfect.. I was doing my normal run walk 1mile to 0.1 mile and was keeping the run between 8:20 and 8:45 min mile .. this was working really well and by mile 7 I felt very happy and comfortable!! at this stage I knew i was on for a sub 2 hours as I was at 1hr 1 min and started thinking what else I could get!! 

    I ran on until mile 10 continuing my run walk.. at mile 10 I figured that If i ran the final 5km at a good enough pace I could potentially come in under 1hr55.. now i'm not great at going for goals if its unlikely i will hit them but this time i thought sod it i'll give it a go.. had hit mile 10 at 1 hr 29  so was on for doing it.. though if i can just get  to the finsih in under 26 mins I will doit.. tough ask at this point as by mile 11 I could feel my knee twinge a little and I must say i was starting to feel a little tired. 

    last 2 miles was tough and I just kept thinking of that episode of marathon talk where they had a guest on who was speaking about choosing to come second.. I knew at this point that i could choose to ease off and just go for the 1hr 57 or I could really push myself and see what happened so I kept pushing.. my last mile was closer to  8 min miling and although i was still feeling good I was a bit tired and sore..

    I kept up a really good run to the finish line and saw 2 hrs on the clock.. was delighted!!! my actual time according to my watch was 1 hr 55 mins 11 seconds.. and that was for 13.17 miles.. the chip had me at 18 seconds

    headed through the finish shoot with a massive grin on my face.. couldn't find OH so headed to get my bag and get changed.. then happily tucked into my homemade flapjacks!!! what a great day out ! 








  • Ooo, Bootsie - fantastic!!! I'm really pleased you were able to race, as well as get the time you wanted too!

    Haven't done anything myself today as I have just been enjoying not having to apply for jobs image
    Thinking about going for a swim later (since I haven't been all week.. oh dear). I have looked back over my training of the last couple of weeks and realised that I am in the rut I was trying not to get into. I don't have my bike this week so I'm going to make this week a three swim, plenty run week. Though I'm in Plymouth over the weekend. I might try and go for a run though.

    Eeee!!!! I've got a job!!!!
  • Bootsie imageimageimageimage well done you and dam dam dam no pressure on me in two weeks now image image no well done fantastic.

    Well I topped my week off with my swim tonight image wait for it.............. 30 Lentghs imageimageimageimageimage 4 weeks into this swimming lark and gone from 1 Length to 30 yippee image did 72 Lentghs in total 22 with pull bouy.

    I'm gonna book my sprint now And monster middle Ely which looks good and is new. It's a gamble but will give me the motivation I need to keep training hard. It's on 21st August in Cambridge image
  • Plenty of time then to get ready for that!

    IM next year then.

  • Well done Bootsie, that's a great result. I completed my second HM last weekend. Still buzzing. I also suffer from lower back pain, but running etc seem to loosen things up.

    Today I did a 30 mile bike ride, with my road bike now set up for Racing - Sport ( bike fit). I tested the position yesterday aver 3 miles, then taped the bars up. Today I noticed that one of my shifters was a little lower than the other, so now I will have to untape the bars and tweak the positioning again image. It;s the most distance I've done in one hit since October, and it's great to see my fitness has improved such that I feel I could do it again, barring the body is unused to being on the hoods for so long.

    3 weeks until the Marlow Duathlon.

  • Er.................. Ultra I will if all the others do imageimage. That's Bootsie Chill Steady Chris JEvaNs Yersinia Sue Razor Kerry And Gav can do his in Dubai imageimageimageimage

    Chris explain more please did you fit your bike to race position or did you take it somewhere? 30 miles good going image
  • Ultra ironwolf it's the cut off times I fear the most on the longer distances image
  • Hi ST.

    I had a bike fit session at my LBS last year, and they set the bike up for Road Racing Comfort, or as best they could due to the bike and it's constituent parts.
    Recently I got my LBS to print out the setup for the Road Racing Sport fit (all based on my measurements and flexibility), and then bought some shallow handlebars and a stem + adaptor to help get things in the right area.

    About an hour with a tape measure and spirit level and I was all set.

    I'd highly recommend getting a bike fit done. When it was first set up the bike went from a huge long bike that was painful stretched to ride, to a tiny bike that could be thrown around, and really felt part of me. It made such a difference. My LBS uses this system: (deliberately not clickable!).

    It sounds like your swimming is coming on. I managed 32 lengths of a hotel pool (17m) this week, in reps of 4 with a1 minute recovery image

    HIM next year maybe.... image

  • Sounds good Chris I'll look into that image
    Chris where you from? I'll see you in August for middle Ely image
  • Berks!

    First supersprint tri is booked for May (Henley Tri-a-tri).We'll see what happens after that...

  • Just booked my first sprint March 27th image
  • Oh Bootsie - i hardly dare breathe all through your account! Great going. Huge cheers and congratulations. What a fanastic time and acheivement. imageimageimage

    ST - wow, you are going from strength to strength.

    Have a great time Ginger.

    Sorry, I seriously doubt I will be doing an IM next year. I'm struggling to find time to run/bike/swim for more than an hour at the moment. Getting in enough training for an Oly is going to be challenge enough. Have got a dream for 2012 though. I'd like to do the Keilder Marathon in Northumberland image

    On a rest day today, so just popped in to see how everyone is and give a little wave. See you tomorrow.

  • I have NO intention of ever doing more than an Oly.

    The longer bike ride I could handle, I just don't fancy the warm-up swim and cool-down jog at that distance.

    I managed a drizzly shamble of about 5.3 miles in about an hour today. And the sad thing is, that's a very good distance for meimage. This week, I have plans to try swimbling in the 50m pool where my May tri will be held. So far, all my swimming has been in a 25m pool. Quite glad that the Winterswim 1500m distance is over. This week is back to 400m, which feels much more civilised. I guess I usually swim about 1500m in a session, but usually more broken up. Swimming it in one go was tedious.

    Bootsie - that sounds like a great race - well done!image

    And well done everyone who has managed to get out training, even though it's been a miserable weekend weather-wise.

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