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  • Hi Gang.....................Great training everyone, as for me, managed 1k swim last night 100m w.u.....8x100m fc 30s r, 100 w.d. all in 25mins. image

    Jevans.......................Your swim times are impressive, well done image

    Yersinia.......................A run is a run , better than not running image

    Kerry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Take it easy with the arm image

    ST................Know what you mean about a stand alone marathon, I did my marathons in the 80s before anyone had heard of Triathalon, but I fancy the IM, but like you not a marathon on it's own.

  • well just been to the osteo again and he has suggested i rest for 48 hours and no running until the weekend.. my neck is playing up again image not to worry.. will get in some bike and swim before saturday
  • Hope everyone's training is going OK and everyone is "enjoying" it!

    Not trained since Saturday, came back from my run feeling very lethargic and tired, so decided to have a couple of easy days.  Glad too, as by Saturday night throat was so sore I was nearly in tears.  Wuss.  But hopefully the rest will have done me good.  image

  • Sue ......................Get your feet up and get some Lemsip down you image
  • Sue - when I get a sore throat I find I need a lot of rest, so get to bed and rest up. Last one I had knocked me out for three days and I ended up with a full week off training.

    Bootsie - The joy of tri! Can't do one thing, so I'll just have the choice of two others!

    Chili - I love morning runs. My heart rate doesn't seem to wake up for an hour or so, so I always think i am running really efficiently...!

    So - Tri club! I didn't really understand what was going on, but I was in the beginners lane and we were all fairly similar speeds (that's disappointing. I was hoping to be at least one up from bottom!) but the session was lots of sets of exercises to get used to open water swimming, so some site-ing (?), some fast arms, some diamond formation/disruptor sets, some jumping twist into water and then race... all quite different to what I am used to and while there were some hard lengths in there, there was plenty of rest so I can't imagine I did more than 40 lengths. Apparently it isn't always like that - only once every 6 weeks or so - but I really enjoyed it since the bunching up in the water is what I am worried about and the more practice I get of being swum over the better. But maybe I need to practice swimming over people too..?!?!?

    I'm going to try and get to the Sunday sessions they have in the 50m pool and maybe another of their in-the-week sessions every now and then. I'm really glad I went though. I nearly had some of Yersinia's almost-CBA tonight, so happy to have done something.

    Eurgh - really busy at work though. Another early start, and tomorrow hopefully with a full nights sleep beforehand...
  •  well done for going to the tri session! sounds like fun to me image

    going to try and stick to my rest day today although i really would like to get on the turbo for a session!!! 

  • First swim of the year completed, managed 650m in total,250m warm up, then some drills and a 200m cool down. Not to painful on FC  so long as I made sure the hand went in at correct angle and fingers together. But backstroke was too much on the arm only did about 15m.
    CBA'd to put swim cap on and regretted it as made seeing anything like looking through seaweed, or maybe that will help when I get to open water, I will already be accustomed to limited vision. Will take it next time.

  • well done steady!

    I can't do backstroke well still.. and I broke my arm 9 months ago! 

  • Sounds like a good first swim CJ.

    I have long thick hair, and can't bear to swim without a cap, but I hate the way that the rubbery ones tug on my hair, plus it's hard to find one big enough to hold all my hair. So I use a lycra one. Not waterproof, but it avoids the seaweed effect and the tangling, and just feels more comfortable to me. I shower before I go in, to wet my hair through with non-chloriney water.

    Circuits tonight. Hopefully it'll go better than yesterday's run.

  • Evening!

    Bootsie - take care of yourself!

    And Sue. Hope your sore throat gets better, I agree with Jevans, a sore throat knocks me out of action, so rest plenty.

    Jevans - that sounds a really interesing session. I think I'm going to be clueless in a mass open water swim!

    Steady - congratulations! Wow that must have felt great.

    Well, I managed to sqeeze a very quick 5k in between pushing the dinner into the oven to cook for 30mins and running back through the door to serve it out.

    It's been a long day and the baby we have staying in the house has now decided to begin throwing up everywhere! 

    Off to swap the loads of laundry round between washing machine and dryer.

    Happy Training!

  • Well, joined my tri club on their 6th/10 weeks circuits session...... by timing it! I am planning on taking part next week with the splint on my wrist, well as much as is possible when not weight bearing!

    Also watched the swim, I am getting terribly  itchy feet, so...... going to get the cycling kit on and mount the turbo for a good 30 minutes of elevated HR and sweat.

    I am concerned about how to attempt swimming first time, as I do not want to smack my hand on anything (lane rope/someone's head!) and then there's the pulling action to contend with. Seeing the physio at the same time,so fingers crossed it all works out for me!

    So I am going to have to be mega patient! Signed off until the 28th March...... can possibly utilise that time to get fit as well, considering my first race is meant to be the 3rd April!

    Well done with all your training, beaustifulwarm weather today,so no excuses except a broken limb! Tee hee (but also vvv jealous!)

  • Kerry - I'm sorry to hear of your frustrations! There isn't much worse than not being able to train, especially when you have goals!

    Chili - I love your household management.

    Tri club session was good fun. I hope they do more of that. And I hope to progress to a lane where people don't stop for a breather at every opportunity... image Obviously stopping is useful to know what is going on, but I do get frustrated when there isn't organisation and process. I need to be more accomodating and considerate methinks!

    Yesterday I did a little brick on the gym equipments (25 mins bike, 15 mins run) and then circuits. It was a horrible session. Punching mixed with cardio which seemed to go on forever, but was only 20 minutes. Then some horrible static stuff that make me shake a lot. Then 15 minutes of ab stuff. Eurgh. I think because it wasn't set out like a circuit (hardly any equipment necessary!), and I didn't know what was coming. Organisation and process..... image

    Was hoping to get out for a run at lunch time, but I have so much work to do I felt I should get on with that instead so perhaps I will leave a bit earlier and just run later rather than interupt my work flow... Or maybe i will just waste my time on forums... image

  • JEvaNS, I would be tempted to go for a run now while the weather is good! Plus it's warm.... spring is definately on its way!

    Swimming etiquette can be a problem, but once you have mastered the whole keeping on going, it gets easier! Keep it up!

    Just been cheered up, flowers sent from work, and tri club swimming coach decided to visit me on his bike- it helps that I live on top of a hill! 

  • Kerry - I know what you mean by worries when getting back to the pool. I have been to the pool a total of 3 times now, but only this week could I do any real swimming.
    My physio has been brill at telling me what I can and cannot do. I have been doing my mobilisation exercises every 2-3 hours if I can.
    Swimming suggestion was for the first time to just float on back and do some sculling movements with hands and some backstroke with leg kicks only, hands by body waggling about a bit. I was paranoid about hitting ropes or anyone else colliding with me. Just managed to avoid that issue.
    2nd time took a combined kick bouy to use so could rest the weak arm but did some drill type work and more sculling, it is amazing how stiff the wrist is after being in a cast and splint.
    Then this week took kick bouy and did some normal swimming and drills. Found that certain moves still hurt like hell and can't stay in for usual amount of time, only 40 mins not 75 mins, but it is improving all the time.
  • Got home early so did an hour on the static bike.image Managed to keep it at 80-85 rpm as well.image

    This is the first time for over 10 years that I have done any form of exercise on a Thursday.

  • Cheers Steady for the tips- my first swimming will be in Fuerteventura but my coach is v supportive and I am going to ask the physio what they recommend. My friend has some spare splints so i think i could get into water with one! image

    how is everyone's training then, while I only did a short turbo today, I would love to hear how everyone else is getting along!

  • PS good work with the getting on the bike!
  • 3.2km done in the pool tonight and I am cream crackered!!!

    did 64 mins on the turbo last night too as per training schedule.. i am now going to rest for 24 hrs! 

  • Hi Gang............................Well done everyone,                                                                                               Bootsie................... 3.2km swim , are you an anphipian with webbed feet image

    Ran 4.5 miles today in lovely warm sunshine and I wore my shorts for the first time this year image your absence I take it your working. image

    Chilli.......................You should have put something in the oven for twenty minutes, you would have got a PB for the 5k image

  • lol no!! just training for a 5km swim
  • Hi All

    Hi Razor yes working hard past couple of days image but finished early today so been for a swim and just getting ready to take bike out. Will come back later to report lol

    You could do your own programme Chill image forget about jamies 30 minute meals yours sound more fun image

    Nice Swimming Bootsie image

    Keep it steady Steadyimage nice training though think i need a turbo.     

  • Done 32k on bike in the cold wind and rain image now having a nice soak in a bubble filled hot bath image which makes it all worth it imageimage

    Ok going for my first park run tomorrow, I just need to take my barcode right? Any one else doing their park run?
  • imageimageimage

    I rode a real bike today!!!

    Yes I can report that I managed to get the trusty hybird uncovered and out of the garage and went for a short cycle. Only did 10 mins or so, but that was enough, as was not appropriately attired in lycra and had no helmet on. It is still uncomfortable/painful keeping the hand on  the bars and fingers ready for brakes and can't pull on them very hard if had an emergency. My road is a pain, as I had to go over 6 speed bumps in that short time. But reckon with a bit of practice should be OK for a proper ride next weekend.

    Looking forward to my long slow run on Sunday as having to visit step mother tomorrow, as my Dad has managed to copy me, fallen and broke his wrist at the ripe old age of 78.

  • Good news on the bike ride CJ.

     I spent half term away with the family, so did a little swimming in the 33m pool. Most of my swimming is done when away with work on a small pool, so 2 non-stop lengths of a long pool were enough! I managed 4 reps of 2 lengths in the end.

    2 x 8 mile bike rides with the family, dragging my daughter around via trailgator, and a 16 miler solo ride - all on a national cycle route. Very impressed with the route.

    1st run for 11 days tomorrow (have had some foot niggles), then a long cycle on Sunday.

  • no training for me this weekend.. had the osteo yesterdaay and he said because of the swelling and stuff in my neck I can't do any training at all until monday/tuesday image( boo! I guess its for the greater good!
  • Just try to enjoy the rest, Bootsie, it's only a couple of days. 5km swim - is that for Swimathon (you may have said already, but I can't remember)?

    Efficient use of cooking time there Chilli!

    Kerry - must be very frustrating. Nice of your coach to visit though.

    Your brick / circuits session sounds brutal, Jevans.

    Sounds like you're slowly managing to get a start on all the disciplines, CJ. Hope your dad is OK.

    Hope the parkrun went ok, ST.

    Razor - shorts out? That's a harbinger of spring, like celandines but scarier.

    Chris - it's amazing how much different it feels swimming in a longer pool. I really notice it going from 25 to 50m, and then in the summer to the 90m pool at Tooting Bec and proper Open Watering.

    This week was supposedly a dropback week, but it's been even more drop-backy than I planned. I did get a leisurely 40k cycle ride in, but had runfail on Tuesday and swimfail yesterday when I forgot it was half-term and got to the pool to find it occupied by a giant inflatable crocodile / castle hybrid and millions of screaming children.

    Not only that, but at the end of my Wednesday circuits class, the instructor suddenly announced that it's changing to Thursday from next week at an earlier time. Very crap - I'm sure some people won't be able to get home in time for it, anyone who was absent this week will have missed the announcement, and I'm going to have to miss two of the remaining sessions due to prior engagements. 

    And I've been feeling rather run-down. Been trying to lose weight, and maybe not eating quite enough. So I relaxed on that front a bit yesterday, and do think I feel slightly better for it. If it stops pissing down, I may manage a brief plod later.

  • Did my park run with my boy, fantastic event well organised and free imageimage I was really impressed. Nice course aswell a few hills in there and a nice duck pond to run round and a small wooded area. It's the most my boy had done before he plays football rugby and does tennis but was impressed that we did it in 32 minutes image loved running with him to normally shouting from the side line imageimage

    Feet up time now to watch Rugby ( COME ON ENGLAND !!!) work in morning hoping for a brick session tomorrow then my Tri Swim later.
  • Well done ST and boy!
  • Well done ST!

    Yersinia you swim in a 90metre pool?!?!?!? That would a huge mind barrier for swimming. Evn my wife felt the difference swimming in the 33m pool, and she's a 2k/day type of girl.

    Well the sun has come out so I am off to Marlow to run round the duathlon run course (probably twice), and try out my trisuit (or as it says on the label tri-tard - perhaps that should be my new forum name?). If the weather stays dry then back to Marlow tomorrow to cycle round the bike course.

  • Sorry should of said his name is Austin, thanks Yersinia
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