Training for a shorter Tri



  • CJ rest image

    Yersinia thanks image

    Gav what do you teach?
  • I teach Science, specialise in Chemistry. It's the reason for my move to Dubai - got a job teaching GCSE and A level Chemistry in an International School over there.
  • Sounds like we're all doing quite well. Even those on rest.

    I went out to do a 1 hor easy ride today, and managed 13 miles. Tried to keep my HR below 152, but the old hill here and there increased the HR a little.
    It was a good opportunity to try out my trisuit on the bike. MoreMile seem to come up a little small, but nowhere stocked the large size. It was comfortable to run in last weekend, and just as comfortable to cycle in. I maybe at the stage where cycle padding is no longer required!

    I'm away tomorrow daytime, so may not make it back for the club nighttime XC. Headtorch a must. If not, I'll do a good 6 miles, then rest until Sunday. I haven't done a brick for a while, so will likely do 20-30 minutes on the bike, then 1-1.5 hours running.

  • Sounds good Chris - try a run/bike/run/bike brick - you get 3 transitions in! Works for me! 2-3k run, 5-6k bike, then repeat gives me a good workout. The bike part sounds short but I try to go quick on the first bike - a bit sprinty, biggish gear, keep breathing rate high, 35-40kph if i can. The first run warms me up, then the middle replicates a sprint tri situation, then the final bike cools down with an easyish but fast spin. 3 repeats if you're feeling daring!
  • Not a bad idea. I could tag another run on the end.

    To be honest I'm a little unsure as to what times/distances I should do. My upcoming duathlon is 7k/25k/7k, and I have a strong running background. I still feel that I should be doing a long run on the Sunda. Race is 13th March.

  • Gav I asked cause wife is a teacher ( Maths ) and told her what you were doing and it sounds such a great opportunity, how did you manage to organise it?
  • Hi Gang

     ST.............Great running, hope the cold goes before your half, best of luck image

    Gav.............I will have to get mad at someone before I go for a run if that's the results you get, I seem to getting slower image

    Chris..........What is the quality like of the Moremile Trisuit, been looking at them myself. How tall are you? I'm 5.7  so I was looking at a medium, I take it your taller than me. (who is'nt) image

    Went for a 4 mile run tonight, went ok but legs were aching for some reason image

  • Razor

    I cannot fault it for the price. My wife ordered an Orca trisuit at the same time, and I'd say it was on par with that. It has more of a cycling pad than hers - though that may be a girlie-specifig thing. It has a mesh-type panel (holes on the outside only!) on the back and down the top sides which works great when running.

    Medium is supposed to be 38"-40" chest, 32"-34" waist. I'm 5'11" and it is a little tight around the chest (I just measured and I'm 36.5" chest all puffed out). Unless you are Charles Atlas you should be ok with a medium.

    It will do until I can afford/justify/require some blacknyella, and I would buy it again.

  • Cheers Chris,

    A medium would be fine for me 38-40 chest, just never know with sizing these days everyone seem to be different.

  • sorry i've not been on in a little bit.. have a bit of a neck injury (think its a hangover from my bike crash last year) so couldn't train this weekend.. have been doing ok this week though and last night I finally got my bike outdoors!!! its been forever since I got off the turbo so really happy about that!
  • Cast update:

    plastic moulded splint, and a telling off from the physio, she didn't want me out of a cast so the splint is to remain on for the next two weeks, only taking it off to wash my hand- which is still swollen and sore. And NO training, runs are likely to mean a swollen arm in my splint and chaffing.

    Swim- I convinced her to give me some spare strapping for the splint which can get wet, and she says as long as I take it easy, I can do kick only swimming.

    Bike- light spinning turbo for now!

    Off on my winter training camp on Saturday, i am going to have to have strong will power to not go off with anyone training. I have been warned to not use my hand at all, in the way of lifting, pushing, pulling or gripping.

    Everyone's training sounds like it's doing just well! Good on you Bootsie getting on your bike!

    Get well soon CJ.

    Thanks GG I am hoping that I can do some sort of training, though have had to give my april race places away image

    And Physio reckons it will be MAy before serious training can commence!

  • Hi All

    Chris Razor, think I might get a Tri suit from more miles to. Think large should do me then I'm 6ft1

    Not risking another run today cause it's to cold out there and I have a cold already. image still planning on a swim tomorrow though image

    Just want to get this half out the way so I can start using my bike more.

    Kerry hang in there your still very young and have lots of time to catch up with training and races.

    How far did you go Bootsie?

    CJ it's this blooming cold weather not good for motivation to get out and train especially after working all day image

  • lol not far.. 10km but its just getting used to those pedals and making sure I feel confident that I wont fall off wtih them.. thats the aim.. also I am racing this weekend so dont want to risk anything!
  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Kerry enjoy your trip, you sound impatient just like me, but I promise it does get better, just obey the physio, and do all the exercises as told. Just think with all that kick only swimming, you will be so fast when fully able.

    Feeling better today, but had to go to work, it didnot help with the trains up the creek, long commute of 2 hours was nearly 2 and a half to get there, delays on return but hot chocolate and cake at Guildford waiting on way home helped. Why are train stations sooo cold!!

    Think I might do a little brick session tomorrow if I get time.

  • Hi Razor

    The job I got appeared in Times Ed in December last year, so I just applied. We have a friend who is a teacher who lives in Dubai already so we new a lot about it, and we'd visited a few times too so new what we  were in for. My wife is also a teacher (ICT) and she applied for an ICT job too, and we both got a job - talk about good luck! We both start at the same school in September. Big changes, not just for the heat!

  • Sorry what race you got Bootsie?
  • Wow GG sounds pretty good!

    Thanks CJ, I am very impatient, but I am a fast kicker in the swim, so it will build all my leg muscles back up ready for running! I can;t wait for that!

  • Hi everyone

    Sounds like some good training and lots of other news. Sorry I am a bit behind with all the postings

    CJ - hope you feel 100% soon. And Kerry with your splint!

    Been such a busy and tough couple of weeks - just with so much to fit in. But today I did my last run of about 4 miles. Shall rest tomorrow and then I have my duathlon on Saturday. Will be thinking of you ST and cheering you on too. 

    Am very nervous. Have started making the list of all the stuff I need in my kit bag. And I think I have decided what to wear. My experience the other week taught me that even though I get warm on the run with the wind chill, the bike can be very cold. So when I've finished the first run I'm going to put a windbreaker on for the bike.

  • Kerry - keep your chin up. Enjoy the break.

    Bootsie -  you will fall over at some point with clip-in pedals. Just shrug it off and smile. I did it outside a packed Costa in my local town. The sudden realisation the bike was leaning right and I couldn't unclip in time, and then the slow-motion fall into the gutter.

    Chili - I look forward to the race report so I know what to pack for next week. At current temps I'll definitely wear my winter jacket for the bike. Still considering wearing my running tights for the whole thing. I'll see what the hardcore pros wear.

    ST - good luck in finding a large.

    CJ - Interested in your brick workout.

    Today I was stuck in Wales with work. Finished at 7 pm, so could not get home to Berks for the 7pm club run. Instead I ran a 5 miler. Very cold. Much warmer in the hotel bar with humous and pitta bread for dinner, with a club sandwich to finish.

  • lol chris already have!! first time out and still in the car park!
    ST - ballycotton 10.. really looking forward to it as I'm from cork image home sweet hom!

  • Enjoy the ballycotton 10, my folks are from Guileen just dwon the road.

  • ah lovely!! you should do the race next year!

    its going to be a great day.. I am full of confidence.. PMA and all that

  • So is it Bootsie, ST & I who are racing this weekend? All the best guys. I will be cheering for you.

    Razor - re the swim image I'm a bit think aren't I? Ummm, it's just that I never count my swims by metres cos that seems scary. adn Being so dim it is easier in my brain to think lengths. I try to do 50. And I keep it simple 5 x 10 sets alternating breast-stroke and front crawl. But it can be difficult cos it is usually onely lane swimming and lots of very slow people to dodge round/wait for.

    Sun is shinging beautifully here but still freezing cold. Am adding sunglasses to my list though.

  • ST is it a half you are doing?

    Chilibean what are you doing?  

    stunning weather here.. was going to go home for a bike ride but am going to rest until sunday instead.. maybe a bath and a glass of wine instead! 

  • Good luck to all those racing! I am jetting off to the sunshine !

    Take care, can't wait to see how all of your training goes this next week, I will type up a run down of the training camp image

  • have a ball kerry!! dont start training over there!

    bring back plenty of tips we can use

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Well here is my report of my mini brick session I've just done.

    15 min cycle on hybrid bike over a dozen speed humps including one large one with cobbles on it, tests how you can take bodyweight on pedals and nothing else or it feels horrible. Missed the numerous potholes, will have to find a different route next time. Then put the bike in garage for a T1, swapped bike jacket for a sleeveless gilet thingy for 5 min run up the road and back. Repeated all over again this time knowing where the obstacles would be.

    Finished with a 2 min walk.

    I didn't do a bike cool down as the wrist said NO! ENOUGH. having gone from 5 mins on real bike to total of 30 it was a big jump in time and expectation. I think my long ride on Monday will be on the static thing in the garage again, but am thinking I might repeat this session next Friday but increase the time slightly. The neighbours already know I run and bike just not used to seeing me do both in quick succession.

  • Well my cold is a very sore throat now image really not looking forward to my half tomorrow was in good shape to and hoping for pb my best being 2hrs 15. Now just looking at just getting round image

    Looking forward to Chilli and Bootsie reports though image

    Good luck with training camp Kerry and yes bring back your tips please.

    Chris what's your race and distance next week?

  • CJ have you got any races booked yet?

    Yersinia what you upto you been out training you got event soon

    Razor same question mate what you got planned this weekend?
  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    ST I am booked for Goodwood Duathlon on 10 April short course 4k/24k/4k.
    Then Hogsmill 5 miles on 8 May and East Grinstead Ladies Novices super sprint tri on 15 May.

    Hence my need to get back on a real bike and also to get swimming again.

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