Training for a shorter Tri



  • Raf this might sound daft but how are you sitting down again are you doing something strange?

  • I'm bloke - can't do two things at once!! I stop pedalling when I sit down - which you can't do on a Spinning bike as it doesn't free wheel!! Guess its just practice.

    Did a nice littel 40 miler on the TT this afternoon - forgot how much fun it is to ride image but think it might be time to take the slicks off and put the normal road tyre on - getting a little slippy out there!!

  • I have changed the wheel over on my bike and bike is now on the turbo, did a 30 session, slow cadence to start with, getting the hang of it and pedalling smoothly. Hip felt a bit sore so will have to do more stretching and strengthening, hope its not going to be a problem now I have got a race lined up for next year.
    I will take the hybrid out now the weather is getting worse, it has mudguards and road tyres not nobbly ones.

  • Big up the half outlaw crew... And everyone else of course. Maths, give yoga a go. Ashtanga yoga apparently is good for sportie people. It's been recommended to me for my back and shocking lack of flexibility. 

    Managed 20mins on static bike and 20mins swim (practically floating as enforced by chiropractor) this morning. First bit of anything for 3 weeks. Feels good.

    Hope everyone all good! 

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    Good price MC I use Hi 5 gels any way find best to digest.
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  • thanks ST - not that keen on Hi5 gels but I like SIS blackcurrent onesimage

  • ST,that's the place I use for my high5 stuff.

    7 1/2 mile run with Horse last night 10.02 m/mi total time 1hr. 14min, felt good but felt the ankle the last 2 miles but all ok today image
  • getting worried now, had to cut my run short this morning because my knee hurt

  • If it helps MC I skipped yesterdays 5 miler for the same reason, I figure I can expect to be a bit sore after 20 miles at the weekend so skipping the session was the right thing to do. We're not going to improve our fitness now so missing a run won't hurt, it's time to keep just ticking over.


  • Ali - thanks, I was thinking the same - the 'training' is done now, so even if I don't do that 15 miler on Sunday it shouldn't affect my ability to complete the marathon, but the sore knee will! The weather should be good so I should be able to get out on the bike - might even make it the mountain bike to make it harder.

  • I've skipped training all week Gulp!! O well might take picnic with me lol
  • ST - maybe we should get someone ready and waiting at 20 miles with a picnic so we can refuel and stroll the last 6 miles with full bellies?image

    I know the sensible thing to do is not run this next week with a dodgy knee but it is so annoying, and will be so hard to resist the temptation - specially with it being half term and OH at home too so not tied to the kids

    defintely going to ring a physio if it is still dodgy on Tuesday I reckon

    I suppose the main thing is not to lose any fitness....

  • That's a great idea MC maybe make it 18 miles will enjoy the food better then not so tiredimage

    Hey I'm not going to win it now that was confirmed when I entered image;) I'm probably not going to enjoy it now? But that's my fault for not training much. So all that's left is to complete the dam thing, then kick myself up the a@@ to train more for outlaw image
  • image Maths behave yourself and take it easy or I will set Sarah on you. She can find out where you live and bite your ancles. image  *I'm dead when she reads this image image *

  • image

  • Hi Gang, stop panicking you lot, you've put enough miles in and should be ready to taper shortly anyway.image just go out there and enjoy it ( if you can)image Ran this morning in the dark (spooky) only 4.1/2 miles avg 9.19m/mi but felt good and my pace was back up again so I've ran 23 miles this week so I'm dead chuffed with myself and no probs with the ankle. image
  • Razor you've ran 19 miles more than me this week lol. I did 4 miles this morning plus my Marafun hi 5 race pack came, there's a lot of stuff in there seems a lot to take for one race lol
  • ST - at least you can run, currently sitting with a bag of frozen peas on my knee image(

  • Won't they thaw out?image

  • Shuffle I'm not quite a runner yet lolimage
  • DB - it is ok, we can have peas for dinner tonightimage

  • decided it would be better not to cycle either today

    Sunday feels very odd without being out early for a run or a triathlon - not sure I like this at all

    Will still go to the tri club swim though - I can always use a pull buoy to keep the legs out of the action.

    It is going to take a lot of swimming to keep my fitness up if I am not running thoughimage at least with it being half term I'll be able to get to the pool when it is open for public sessions

  • Aw Maths sorry to hear about knee. You're base fitness should be there so I'm sure you'll be grand. 

    Off for my first walk/run in a few weeks shortly. Very foggy here.

  • MrsD - hope your run goes well. Very foggy here, I quite like running in the fog, it is a bit odd

  • Must admit I don't do heat so wrapping up warm and pootling out into the fog I love. I'm a bit odd and like running in rain too! Knee feeling any better Maths? 

  • no not really

    I much prefer running in cool weather - I struggle in the heat

  • Aw mate, I'm sure you're doing all the right things... Feel ur pain! You thinking of Wild Boar next year? 

  • definitely! I am trying to persuade OH that it would be a nice weekend away if he and the kids came too - they can bumble around while I do it

    and I am doing outlaw half so the distance shouldn't scare me!

  • My OH told me he's not really interested but will drive me where I wanna go. Luckily there's fishing at Bosworth which helps. My aim was Cotswold prior as local to me. Just need to be able to injury free for a while!

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