Training for a shorter Tri



  • Weather not looking good for Sunday image
  • Cold wet windy
  • it is only wednesday, they will change the forecast before Sunday

  • Mmmm probably get worse lol
  • Hi Everyone

    Looking forward to cheering you on (virtually) for Sunday ST and Alibear image

    No training all week cos I am leading a kids holiday club and having to feed a whole host of volunteers. Although today I did do a 200 metre dash dressed as Kermit the Frog. Raced against one of my unfit teenagers and had to lose cos it was my turn to be gunged in the tank. Someone had put baked beans in with the gloop. And I got pied in the face twice today! image All great fun. I am not 17 I promise.... I truely am 37yr old mum of four. But I am voted 'Coolest Mum' by all the youngsters. A title I am tremendously proud of.imageimageimage

    Although I am quite looking forward to all the children going back to school and resuming a bit of swim, bike run next week.

  • Sounds too cool for school chili... Congrats on your marafun by the way!
    Good luck at the weekend peeps, sure you will do yourselves proud!
    Another 20min run done today, gym tomorrow - all well so far. Nights next week so will see how I cope. Thank crunchie its Fri tomorrow!

  • chili - sounds like really good fun

    ST/Ali - good luck on Sunday - so gutted I am not going to be there but I will be willing you on. Can't wait to read the race reports. We emailed the hotel and they have been good and said they won't charge us so that's not too bad

  • Ali just in case you havn't spotted it there are photo's from the zombie run thing on flicker. image

  • Need to know what number photo your on?
  • If you look on the set's the mrs cake is on the zombie chase times 12.30 to 13.00 she's in medical scubs SOLB from the chubhouse in on there as well with a mundane thread I like cheese T-shirt on.

    There is a picture on there of me but not sure where it is afraid you can't use your race number to find the pictures.

  • Well I'm well and truly rested for the Marafun image no excersise for two weeks now. Not sure why they call it tapper madness? I've enjoyed doing nothingimage

    Seriously I've no idea how I'm gonna do 26.2 miles image gonna try to stick with original plan of 8k an hour pace and just hope that what hey say about muscle memory is right. Although it will have to be a flipping good memory lol image

    MC gutted your not gonna be there was looking forward to seeing your firm legs you were writting aboutimage rest up chin up and don't train to soon loads of time till Wild Boar image

    MrsDigger slow and steady, just keep plugging away you will be back to full fitness in no time image
  • Oh found me look in the set's on flicker for the forest village (men 1230 - 1300 I'm there in medical scubs. image 

  • x-post ST you will be fine mate just rest eat and be merry.

  • ST - you have to get round and do it for me! just thinking of me kicking your ass as you go. make sure you have some gels or whatever. I am gutted I won't be there, but definitely looking forwards to doing stuff next year, wild boar is on my list, don't worry

  • Good luck ST for Sunday.
    I have sorted out my bike cadence sensor now. I have done very little this week, not feeling 100% and feel like I am starting to get a cold now. Germs can go away.

    Do you lot think that I can do a 10k as a walk/run in just over a weeks time, there is a local one that I have done in the past, bit lumpy in the first half  then flat. I did 4 miles last weekend as run/walk but it caused an increase in the niggling hip pain, want to do 5 miles on Sunday if I can, or should I just be boring and sensible and just do 4 again.

  • Steady thinks thats a question you can answer better yourself. You can be boring if you want or risk it? Question to ask is whats the bling like at the end of the race and do you want to risk it?

  • steady - am I right in thinking that you are just getting back into running? If 4 miles caused niggling, then 6 is going to be worse. I wouldn't risk it, you don't want to have to stop running again when you have only just started.

  • + 1 for MC and Cake said! I injured myself 4 weeks ago and tried to force it to get better and started running again - which resulted in what was probably a weeks recovery becoming 4 so far (and watching dublin marathon instead of running it !!

    ST - I have every faith in you mate!

  • raf - what did you do?

    god knows how long till I can run again

    so steady - learn from our mistakes....

  • I strained/damaged the tiny muscle that is responsible for curling your outer 3 toes when you push off! Strainedit  during a half mara. Saw a physio and after two treatments he recommended going for a short run to test it. So I went for a run and limped home after 3 miles in even more pain. When I explained this to the physio, he said that to him short meant 2- 300m not 3 miles! I tried to explain that I'm a marathon runner - anything less than  6 miles is a gentle warm up! image But on my way to revoery, just taking it very steady now

  • Thanks for the voice of reason, I will be sensible and not do it. Cake the bling at the end is basic but the cakes are brilliant. I have helped out before so might do that again, I get to stand at the top of the first big hill at a junction and steer runners to the right so they can cross a bigger roundabout safely marshalled by firemen. As we all know you can never have too many marshalls at a race. Although I may decide to hibernate if the weather is bad.

  • rafi - what a weird muscle to strain! funny how someone would even call 2-300m a run!

  • image 'Marshalling next to Firemen' ..... I think we're getting to the truth now Steady!! image

  • Steady, I'll see you there at the 10k. Are you swimming tomorrow?
  • Nearly there now. Plan is to start running and not stop until the finish line. I like to keep things simple. Not sure in the forecast yet but it will be what it is, will just have to make the best of it.
  • Ali - hope you have a great time, good luck

  • Happychap, not swimming in the morning, think the cold will be in full flow by then, going to have a hot toddy drink shortly and go to bed.

    Rafiki - long story but it was a fireman that got me into running back in the mid 80's. After all there is no harm in just looking.

    Alibear good luck.



  • Ali just looked at forecast and it's changed again -2 rain with upto 35 mile gusts at 0900 image 12.00 rain 1 deg 21 mile winds. I do hope those winds behind us image not much shelter round Rutland so gonna get wet wet wetimage bonus I looked on iPad I'm 34 miles away from Rutland image then I thought wow I'm gonna be running nearly that once I get there GULP!!!

    O I'm also going for a Movember so have strange hairy (stubbly) thing under nose lol
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