Training for a shorter Tri



  • +1 Steady!

    I have twanged my RH hamstring or hip ab/adductor doing hill lunges with the club image

  • IronCat - lunges are the work of the devil, don't do them.

    Hope to do a gentle turbo tomorrow, as I have the all clear for bike if done with low resistance.
    My blood pressure is normally 120/80 or thereabouts, has been like that for years luckily.

    Think all this talk of injuries has scared off PaddyP and DawnShadow.

  • *waves*

    I'm mostly lurking Steady, I haven't really done anything to post about yet.  I've a couple of niggling injuries, one of them an MCL thing that's been going on for months that I need to try and be a little kind to.  It's threatening to make me rest up for a week at the moment, but I'll have a swim this morning and see how it plays out.

  • second that to lunges - always make my knees hurt, and that was when I didn't have any knee problems! So I don't do lunges. Interestingly at tri club sometimes we do a form of lunges, but it is more like your weight goes straight down than forwards, so your knee doesn't go forwards and there is no pressure on the knee so no problem.

  • Hi Dawn Shadown, and everyone else!

    Forward lunges really hurt. The side one we do seem to work better, as you say MC, the weight goes down; more like a crunch?

  • Hi IronCat5  image

  • I like the fact that no matter what injuries we have the focus is recovery and moving on. To be hurting but still focusing on IM next year is pretty hardcore... 

    Shoddy week at work, managed spin class and pt on top though. Off to bed shortly as seriously worn out. Have a top weekend everyone. 

  • MrsDigger (aka sicknote) wrote (see)

    To be hurting but still focusing on IM next year is pretty hardcore... 

    Speak for yourself image Have a good one y'all.

  • Evening everyone!

  • Evening all. image
  • Ooh, hellooooo! Am I the only one who finds that the more time you have off training, the more you CBA to get  back to it?

  • Not on your own mateimage
  • Evening chili, evening Razor. Now come on lads set an example for a girl... 

    I've not had a bad training week. Rest day today, run and swim tomorrow completes it. Got home from work 20mins ago to find OH had set up the turbo for me... Woop Woop. He tried it out which led to my dogs scurrying out into the garden looking terrified. Will try it out properly tomorrow. Quick question, I have a spare bike attached to turbo now. Am I better having the bike I normally use or doesn't it matter?

  • If you can get your spare bike set up so things are in the same place (pedals/saddle/bars) then all well and good. If not, don't worry. Time on the bike is time on the bike.

  • Evening Mrs D, not run since Thursday but will be out in the morning for a run image
  • Having just read that back, I am not suggesting Chili is a 'lad' by the way.
    OH informs me it's dead easy to switch my bike in if req Cat, we'll soon see... The spare bike is my old one so set up for me anyway. Seems easier to leave as is. 
    Enjoy your run Razor, will check back tomorrow!!! image

  • morning all

    MrsD if your turbo is like mine it takes about 30 seconds to get the bike in and out (which is lucky because I can't leave it set up in the middle of the living room - the kids would mess with it). Thing is, now I have a spare wheel on it with a turbo tyre on, I just can't be bothere to swap wheels and cycle outside. It is warmer on the turbo/in the gym, but I know I do need to get outside too

  • My general plan is turbo on the TT bike during the week, and ride outside with the club on weekends. Just had a huge fry up for brunch. Will run when that has settled.

    In other news, daughter has the dreaded nits, so we're all getting treated. I may just shave my head.

  • Easiest way Cat, though I find a no2 is close enough to avoide the little bastards.

  • Cat. Don't forget the pics of your shaved head ( bearcat)image

    Ran 10 miles on my own with just my music, ( I definatly run faster with music) this morning @ 9.40 pace, felt good so just kept running total time 1.36 really happy with that, it's my longest and fastest since my tumble off the bike back in May. Happy days image
  • Hey Maths, how the devil are you? You been giving the spin bike a beasting?

    Gonna get a lesson on how to set the turbo up and give it a 30min blast in the morning... Swim in the afternoon. Feels like actually maintaining training now - Woop Woop!
    Cat, if your affected shave the head... Making me itch thinking about it! However, there's much better products about now to deal. Just make sure you repeat 7 days later.
    Good running Razor, must have been a good feeling today... I'm excited because I'm now allowed to run for 2mins. Crazy tired, 2 days off now... Hurrah! 

  • hi MrsD, yep been on the spin bike a lot, and done quite a bit of swimming, thought the knee was feeling a lot better, until I got up after lunch today and struggled to walk. Iced when I got home and it isn't too bad now, but decided not to go to the club swim tonight to rest it a bit

    good that you can run now, 2 mins is better than nothing

  • Mrs D, when the physio said to me I could run for 5 mins each day I felt like I had won the Lottery image so take it easy and don't do too much.

    Mathschick you rest up as well tuboing is ok as long as its not painful.
  • I'm finding swimming is easier on the legs than turbo-ing so going to take it very steady with the Turbo until December.

    Did my first non club swim this weekend, 1 hour at the local pool all front crawl but no idea on lengths as I'm rubbish at keeping count.

    One thing though, now I am brave and wear goggles I can see the bottom of the pool, eeeewwwwwwwwww not nice.  If I survive whats in there open water will be a doddle!

  • Ali you can get length counter's if you want to keep count. There are two types there are posh ones that you hit every time you get to the side and are quite posh and electric. Or there are timer ones that are basically the same as doormen use to count people into a night club.

    Disadvantage in both are the posh ones might get nicked if your pool is a bit dodgy or and doormen type ones you have to keep in your hand so might make your swimming a bit pant's.

  • Ali. You can get a lap counter that you put on your finger and tap it every lap with your thumb and they cost less than a tenner. Look up "swim lap counters".
  • Alibear, don't worry about open water, you can't see much, its the fish biting you or ducks/geese/swans that you have to worry about. Having a Grebe dive underwater 3 feet away can be a bit disconcerting though, never did see it come up. Goggles are great, without them and  a noseclip I would be unable to put my head in the water.


  • Well, how much do I love being able to just jump on the turbo for a quick spin. Catching up with Hunted at the same time. Ur right Maths, dead easy to sort. Brilliant bit if kit,nowhere near as loud as I thought would be either. 
    Ali, I'm not a strong swimmer but thoroughly enjoyed open water. You'll probably find you love it!

  • Less c**p probably in the lake...
    Hope the leg feeling better Maths. As mentioned, don't overdo it. Although always easier said than done. 
    Trying not to get too excited Razor, tend to do more than I should. But yeah, feels lovely to be running. You got an idea of how you're gonna build on the running or playing by how you feel?

    Pt tomorrow so another beating. Fun, fun, fun!

  • been back to the physio, and he told me to go for 30 min speed walk, which was great - and almost as fast as I run anywayimage

    the knee comes and goes, sometimes feels great, sometimes hurts like hell, physio says I am just doing things that aggravate it, and it will settle in time

    I still need to get the cadence sensor on my bikeimage I have had it for ages now

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