Training for a shorter Tri



  • MrsD - you'll get there, you just need some patience. I know how frustrating it is though

    so, I haven't run since Tuesday and that was only 5k on a treadmill, and now my knee hurts againimage

    I never thought of sufferfest as recovery - it is a hard workout for meimage


  • Well, I did it at 90% of usual effort, plus Long Scream is only 30 minutes.

    Have just done Local Hero. Tomorrow's XC is cancelled image if I'd know that I could have hammered the bike today.

    Maths, I last ran on Tue too, 3km on the dreadmill, so you're ahead of me. Use the snow time to swim or bike or just enjoy it. Same for you MrsD. Take an impromtu break.

  • Ran parkrun this morning, no PB as it was slippery in paces. 3 runs, 1 swim and 1 hr turbo done this week... Oh and my kit has finally arrived. image
  • did another treadmill run today, walked to the gym as the road a bit bad for driving on. only 5k on the treadmill, it is just too hot in the gym to run for longer, plus I could feel my knee starting to complain so thought it would be a good time to stop. did some weights too, and with the walk there and back, not too bad. I will try to find the time to turbo later as well, but my gentle turbos are just that, slow, gentle and with a dvd!

  • I am putting off the turbo session until all the housework is done. Mine will be gentle turbo as well, going to try doing an hour.

    Razor, my kit has arrived, so we cannot use the excuse of no kit. I may just wear it on the turbo just to see if its got magic powers and makes me go faster.

  • mine didn't make me any faster

    I put off the housework till everything else has been doneimage

  • Mathschick its a close call which to do first, but ended up doing most chores, then turbo whilst the kitchen floor dried. Suprised myself when I downloaded the garmin and it said I hit 14mph for a couple of seconds.

    No magic powers with my top either, it is baggy on the bust but at least it stays down at the front and only rides up at the back, unlike most of my other tops that ride up front and back, creating a ring of cold body.

  • It will be lovely to see you all in your pirate kit image

    Just a walk through the snow for me today.We have kind-of-work/ friends guests staying and even if they didn't mind me leaving it's very difficult to keep everyone fed, kids sorted attend the meetings we've arranged, and finish prep for tomorrrow without trying to fit in training as well.

    Cat - I am very with you on the annoyance of cancellations due to snow!

    Have you seen this?


  • So what did we do today?

    We had a great club XC run in the snow. Turned in to 9.5mi due to some wrong turns and impassable lake-like puddles. So good to be back out in running.

  • I walked today, 2 x 2miles, and shovelled snow off the drive so Mr Steady can drive to work.

  • Well done Cat & Steady

    Just a little bit of sledging with girls. Is it possible to run in snow this deep? Am a bit wary. Am going to the gym with a friend tomorrow eve for the first time in years so might doing some biking then.

  • morning all

    cat and steady, well done

    well, my news is that my knee is increadibly painful again - came on when I turned round on Saturday. I am going to try to get to the gp and ask to be referred for a scan. Maybe not today though as there is heavy snow and it will be chaos everywhere. Well, by the afternoon surgery things may have settled down but I didn't think there was any point this morning. Will try to get to the physio this week too

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    MC - sorry to hear your knee is painful again. Hope you get it sorted.

    I took Friday off just in case and glad I did as there were terrible delays with trains. Would've also been difficult to get to the station.
    We didn't really do much though, just enjoyed the day off and went for couple of little walks.Sunday's matches were my exercise for the weekend and every muscle in my body aches today.

    Back on the train/bike today and main roads are absolutely fine. Guys from work are not going for a run today as pavements aren't  that clear yet so no running for me either. I can do with a rest day, though there is vb training in the evening...See how I feel about that later.

  • image We must have had a foot of snow over the weekend it's been great. image 4 villages got cancelled which wasn't but ran up a local hill and back. Snow was above my knee's in places so best run of the year so far. image


  • Did my LSR yesterday with Horse, 12.2 miles in 2 hrs 4 mins, avg 10.4 min/m really enjoyed it even though it was cold and slippy in places.
  • oooo new pic for Razor! image

  • Well spotted Chili, I have no intention of getting my photo taken wearing my pirate top until its warmer and I don't look like I have mummy tummy, although if I crop the photo no one would see that bit.

    I am enjoying my rest day, last week resulted in only one swim and 2 turbo, plus pilates, must try to do a bit more this week, although running is still a no go until the snow has gone.

  • chili - you are so observant, I didn't notice!

    well done on your run razor!

    the GP is referring me to orthopaedics and I am seeing the physio tomorrow. It is easing a bit so hopefully it won't set me back too much. I might try a swim tomorrow after I have been to the physio if I have time to get to the pool.

    I am booked on a swim smooth course on Sunday so I am determined to be ok to go to that!

  • Steady....I cropped my pic cos ive got no shorts on ;-D. It took nearly a week to show up on here.
  • no shortsimage

  • Wow, no shorts, that would be a pic.image

    Mathschick, take it steady, no breast stroke legs with a dodgy knee, front and back crawl only if you do swim.

  • steady - I haven't done breast stroke for ages now - all front crawl.image I have no idea whether I can do back crawlimage

  • Back crawl is good at the end to unwind the shoulders a bit.

  • I saw the pic Razor, and thought it was Horse!

    I like to do backstroke at the end to unwind my arms, otherwise I unravel like an elastic toy image I tried old english backstroke: fly arms and breaststroke legs.

    2km swum tonight with the club. Too much faff in the lane.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Another bit of snow but just a dusting and as the ice melted yesterday, I cycled to work in my slicks. I have no other tyres and mtb doesn't have lights. Was too achey to go to training last night so it was a rest day.

  • I think you'll have noticed he's a bit bigger than me. image
  • image yes I believe he won the prize for that at the Outlaw last year! image

  • IronCat - Old english backstrokeimage, I do mine at the end but do crawl legs, have to time the breathing right as I bob up and down a lot, but feels very relaxing and nice and slow for a cool down.
    It is a recognised stroke in masters swimming (adults), oh and another bit of trivia, someone set a record for swimming the English Channel doing butterfly the whole way.image


  • can't do butterfly at all, and it looks exhausting, 

    knee not too bad today, have been to physio who reckons it is the way I run so I am booked in with another of the physios there for a run assessment

    not going to run this week at all, but will probably turbo. Got to make sure I am ok for Sunday and the swim smooth thing. Got the programme for the day - it runs from 8:30 till 5 so a pretty full day. It will take about an hour to get there too, so will have to be up really early for a Sunday!

  • Lunchbox comes to mind Raf image

    4.5 mile run tonight didnt feel good, the first mile was a struggle. 10.08min/m avg so not too bad, didnt use my HR monitor but I'm sure my HR was up above Z2.., it was tough but another session ticked off image
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