Training for a shorter Tri



  • Wow Razor, that is really impressive! image

    Mmmm, wedding or race? Very difficult decision to make....

    Just pilates today. Am hoping to do a long run tomorrow, but I have to finish an essay and it's my Smidge's 6th birthday.

  • mikasa - I live near Nottingham, snow has just about gone now

    been to see the knee consultant today, he is referring me for an mri and says that depending on what that shows it will either be an injection or keyhole surgery

    cat - difficult one about the wedding. How far is the wedding from the race? could you make it?? how much hassle would it be and how unhappy would OH be? depends who is getting married and how close to them you are I guess

  • We (& Horse) did St Annes tri last year on his daughter's ( my grandaughter) christening day, we made it back home by the skin of our teeth much to the relief of our other halves.......image

    Cat... was just banging out the lengths and didnt look at my watch until i'd finished, surprised myself.
  • I have turboed again, this time for an hour, my backside knows about it alright at the time.

    Silly question to ask but, do I need to put some oil on the chain as the bike is used indoors? Have done about 100 miles since its service back end of last year.

    I had to take a diversion on the way home from swimming and have found a nice quiet residential road with a massive hill to practice on, it bends as well so you can't see when its going to finish, think it must be nearly a mile long. So now I have somewhere to practice hills without causing traffic holdups when I need to get off and walk or go so slow and wobble. Well I will once I know the weather is going stay relatively warm.

  • steady - I have been thinking I should probably oil the chain, but then I couldn't find the oil I boughtimage

    I am thinking I ought to take mine for a service actually, before I start using it outdoors

  • 100 miles? A bit early for a service, I think. Are you missing a zero?

  • Steady - yes, I would put a little oil on your chain every now and again, even on the turbo - but not too much as it will 'fly' off all over carpets, walls, sleeping dogs etcimage

  • MC - I hope the MRI shows up something that is easily fixed for you.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Saddle on my mtb is a lot harder and more uncomfortable than the one on my hybrid. Might have to buy another one if I ever want to do longer mtb rides again.

  • OK, thanks for the replies, I will put a drop of oil on tomorrow. MC I got mine serviced at the end of the year and when I got the spare turbo wheel.

    I have looked at doing a sportive near me in April, but do not like one of the hills on the route, mainly because I know it from driving it. I have cycled down it once,  which was quite scary but never up and there is no footpath on the up side of the road if I need to bail out and walk or stop and long sections of it have two continuous white lines in the centre, so that tells you it has some danger even for motorists. So I might do the route on my own but cut out that part and do an extra climb of Box Hill instead.

  • decided I had better start doing some walking training for the walks at the end of triathlons, so did 30mins on the treadmill with incline set and threw in a four 1 min runs just to get the legs working

  • Mikasa, comfy saddles are essential.

    Haven't done my long run yet today cos I had to finish an assignment before kids are off for half-term. Did it! image Now it is my Smidgies 6th birthday. Might go late tonight.

  • MC, good idea of doing some walk training, I nipped out and did 45 mins of fast walking with 3 little runs in it. Managed just under 3 miles and all Z1 with a bit of Z2 so it was a workout.

  • think I need to walk a bit quicker though, had the treadmill set at 6kmh, that puts me at nearly 4 hours for a half mara

    or need to cycle really quickly...

  • Nice walking ladies. Only managed a walk myself this eve just because it got so late and if I run at this time I won't sleep! Took my No.3 girl with me though and we had a lovely time together.


  • Have just been reading the provision race rules for the Outlaw Half and I'm a bit scared.

    The race starts in waves from 6.30am - 6.55am. The cut off is 8am (1hr 5 mins after the final wave). Then the cut off for the bike is 12.15pm and for the run is 16.00.

    I can do the swim (I think!) and the run. But I'm not sure I can bike that fast image Please tell me I will get quicker as the weather gets better and I train more.

  • Now you have told me that, I am wibbling Chili, I am not sure I can bike fast enough. Hopefully we will all get quicker with practice.

  • chili - that is about 14mph, it is not a hilly route, you will be able to. I have found when I have done sprint tris last year my speed averaged at about 15mph, and that was off the back of very little cycle training. I know it is further, but you are already up to about 20 miles and we still have a fair few months.

    I think the women go last, don't we? so the fast men actually have longer to do it all and meet the cutoffsimage

    anyway, gives me a good 4 hours for the 'run' and I am sure if I am a bit after 4pm they will let me finish - all the tris I did last year were with this company and they are very good, and very nice

  • I think I need to practice being aero as much as possible, last years full Outlaw was wet and windy.
    I have turboed again, 1.5 hours at 10.1mph, hope that when I go out in the real world I find its a little bit faster. I did over an hour in the middle chain ring and only slowed down during the last 10 minutes. Finding my wrists and neck aches but with practice that should lessen.

    Tomorrow I help out at running club beginners session, so I know I can do that OK, it starts with a run/walk.

  • I have swum and done another 30 mins on the treadmill, speed at 6.8kph this time! tried a little jog but decided it wasn't a good idea. 3.2 k in 30 mins, so not too bad

  • Nice training MC & Steady

    Hmmm, I do hope so MC. I'm going to pursuade them to let me go in the first wave (don't care which bay) so I have as along as possible on the bike.

    This morning I cycled to parkrun and since it was early and there were very few cars I decided to go by the road. I was deffinitely quicker on that surface than through the back streets and on the canal path, so I'm hoping that will help.

    Then ran parkrun with my girlies and cycled home again. So have managed 2 runs, 2 bike (one 25 miles), swim (I only ever do one a week) and pilates. Not too bad for the week. Next week is half term so will probably be a bit light although if the weather is as good as today we will do some family bike rides.

  • Looks like some good training this week all round. Who enjoyed the yellow thing in the sky today?

    Reading parkrun has moved due to waterlogging, so it is about 10km from home now. I cycled there and back, managing a 5th place and a PB at parkrun. Then after some lunch and some house viewings I cycled to the in-laws for cake.

    V tired now. ZZzzzzz.

  • Chili, you have done longer than me. Not sure how they work out the wave times, but I would prefer to go in the first one to give me a bit more time on the bike, but the downside to that is the possiblity of being swum over literally by the fast ones in the second wave.

    I am v tired now, knees ache a bit and have laid out running kit ready, must remember to take the off road shoes as I am pretty certain the park will be muddy and wet still.

    IronCat, we are going house viewing tomorrow, not for us but FiL who now says he wants to move at 91 years old.image

  • morning everyone

    I have done 2 hours on the turbo this morning. Nice and gentle. I think I need to get the proper wheel on the bike and start getting outside now the weather is getting better. I am right in thinking if I am doing a long bike session it should be easy? Just like long runs are done easy? I think I might have done it a bit too easy as I only covered 21 miles and burned the same amount of calories as I do when I do a 1 hour sufferfest, but I guess they are different sessions with a different purpose...

  • MC 21 miles in 2 hours is roughly the same as my 15 miles in 1.5 hours, I think that it should feel easy compared to an hour sufferfest, as that is the equivalent to speed training if running which you do only once a week (or if me not at all).

    I ran/walked for 55 mins. Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

  • steady - same sort of bike pace is probably going to put us doing the walk togetherimage

    rest day for me today,I think I am ready for it!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    You're all doing so well with your training! Bit jealous...

    But I'm back, after 4 weeks, I've done my first run! Just 2.8mi in 30mins but it's a start. No cycling to work anymore as motorbike is back on the road so need to fit it in somewhere else, but day's are getting longer...

  • Well done Mikasa

    Hope you enjoyed the rest day MC

    Half term this week so will be rather busy trying to entertain 4 girlies and stop them from constantly fighting. Took them out on the bikes for 1.5 hours this morning image

  • I have turboed again, this time managed a whole half a mile an hour quicker, 10.6 not 10.1.image

    Now to dash off to running club committee meeting.


  • enjoyed another rest day tooimage only it has been really busy - into Nottingham to get something (past papers and model answers for grade 1 theory exam for youngest kid). then off to fetch kids from in-laws, then back, shopping, cooking! Off to running club just to say hi and pay subs, reckon if I do that when I can eventually run I'll have an incentive to get back quickly!

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