Training for a shorter Tri



  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    I have the Tacx Sirus, with my garmin XT910 I get enough data to know when I am working hard enough.

    Oh that reminds me, I need to look up how to set it up for auto-multisport for the Du.

    Got a few days off work, planning an early morning coached swim if I get my backside out of bed when the alarm goes off. Mr Steady has suggested a day of retail therapy,wonder if there is an another reason for this kind offer.

  • Swam yesterday lunch and 6 mile run last night with Horse, Z2 pace 9.13 min/m. Shins and ankles were really aching at the start then realized I must not run 1/2 mile round a building site with steel toe capped boots on. feeling ok now will run again tonight, can't believe we are half way through Fink already (gulp)

    Cat. Great effort given the conditions

    Me and horse have got our first Tri of the year on the 31st, hope the weather bucks up.
  • Well, nasty nights done. Still feel absolutely shattered. Must try and swim tonight. 
    Top report Mr Cat... Sounds as though it was fairly vile on the weather front. Although, rumour is you always take the weather with you! 

    Mmm Steady, trips like that usually end up with me 'popping' into the tackle shop on the way home. 

  • 6 mile run with Horse tonight and felt a lot better still in Z2 but slowed it down a bit. Z2 pace is now sub 9.30 which is nearly 1 minute quicker than 15 weeks ago thanks to Mr Fink. image
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Cat, it was lovely and sunny in Bristol yesterday. Not so nice today...image

    Having this week off from running still but can't wait to get started. Will be terribly slow but hey ho,that's what you get with taking a break.

  • Evening all! I'd planned to turbo at lunch then easy run tonight but my RH quad was still sore and hot. Pushed off turbo to tonight, which is now done. We'll see how the quad is tomorrow.

    Good running Razor! You'd have thought you'd have learnt about taking it easy with your ankles... Is your first tri a pool swim? Brrr!

    Steady - how did the swim go?

    Mikasa - take it easy on your return.

    Mrs D - I don't always take the weather with me. I had some really hot weeks last summer, most of them in England.

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Swim is done, just 4 ladies including myself in the lane. Had to do the evil 75m consisting of 25m each of breathing every 5th, 7th and 3rd stroke FC. But we did have a laugh at the end 'cos coach got us to practice tumble turns. 4th effort was a success.

    Ended up in Portsmouth for retail therapy, nice walk in the sunshine to the outlet centre. Handbag, purse, shoes and a top purchased, followed by a slower walk back to the car, total of about 4.5 flat miles walked.  Got home in time to go to pilates.

  • Cat...its 400m pool swim, 23k bike and 6.4km run, not been on the bike since November so better get my arse on it and get some miles in..image
  • image

    Sounds like a nice day Steady, hypoxic breathing aside!

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    I can do every 5th and not drown in fact sometimes it feels like I glide more and am smoother, but every 7th does need a lot of control.

  • Hypoxic is fun! Bloody killer in a 50M pool though. Think I have gotten up to every 9 once. But only once. Doubt I could make more than 3 at moment!

  • Well, did not swim but 40min run done. Shattered and off to bed. Top running Razor and swimming Steady. Look after that quad Mr Cat. Soon be better Mikasa, patience is a virtue. Night all!

  • Hi Everyone

    Lovely to hear that some are managing training.

    Had an awful few days of migranes. But am feeling better today so joined my cycling group. Didn't get very far cos one guy got a puncture, but it was nice to out.... problem is that I don't have anything to train for now image.....

  • Aw Chili I feel your pain! Glad you've made it out. Not sure what your time frame is but could you do a smaller event sooner? 
    Sufferfest done tonight. Downward spiral, there is soooo a pirate flag waving at one point. Will be honest I took it fairly steady as still pooped out. But I did it! 

  • Evenin!

    I'll have to check for that flag tomorrow. You obviously weren't crying enough to see it that wellimage

    Brick night tonight at the track. (6m bike/800m) run x 3.

    Quad much improved after yesterdays turbo and bath and lots of deepheat.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Hey guys! What's up, no postings yesterday. Was planning another bike ride yesterday but didn't fancy it in the rain. Had a rest day instead. Looking forward to start running next week.

  • hi everyone

    had a bad week so haven't been very chatty. OH came home from work on Weds with news that he is being made redundant, so worried about how things are going to work out. He has been working there for 20 years and the news is a massive shock

    so, training has not happened much this week - what with that, the loss of sleep and year 10 parents evening last night, going to see eldest son play in a concert tonight. Also feeling that I don't want to be leaving OH alone much - he had to leave straight away (not required to work his notice due to sensitive nature of the role)

    anyway, will be back at masters swimming tomorrow so long as it isn't too snowy to get there. And I guess it will be turbo inside given the snow and ice around! 


  • {{{MC}}} Shitty news. I've been there, albeit not with 20 years service. It's going to be a shock so stay positive for him regardless of how stressed you get.

    Turbo last night for an hour - Fight Club from Sufferfest, ridden on TrainerRoad to ensure I didnt slack. Then an easyish run at lunch today in the wind and sun. Now it is peeing it down.

    I don't like riding in the rain. I put up with it for IM training, but more bang for buck on the turbo this year.

    Enjoy that run Mikasa!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    MC - so sorry to hear about your news. It must be quite a schock. 

  • Oh MC, that is so rough. Sending big hugs.

    Haven't done much training this week due to migranes and doc appointments. But after school I did LSR 10 miles with my gorgeous daughter on her bike. She's decided she wants to do it every week with me. Hail, snow, freezing cold but so lovely to be with her none of it mattered.

  • thanks

    chili - well done on getting out yesterday

    heavy snow here today is going to mean I can't get to the masters session - the roads between here and there will just be too bad

    going to get dressed and get myself to the gym instead - walking the 2 miles there and back, spinning class (if the instructor gets there) and gym work should make me feel good.

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    MC rotten news, been there myself with Mr Steady a few years back, he had done 25 years. It will work out.

    I am dithering and driving myself nuts. Do I man up and do the duathlon tomorrow or not?

    The weather is rubbish, just sleet and snow, nothing settling just large puddles of water. forecast is no rain/snow at event location, but still very cold and windy.
    I have only turboed for the last 3 and a half months, hate getting too cold and wet. I know its a short race but its nearly 2 hours of traveling to get there. I know I can layer up and wear new pirate jacket.
    But, is it worth it if I then get a stinking cold and cannot train for a week or so.

    The wimp is winning but it means I will have to turbo tomorrow. Training has been down a little this week, pulled hamstring and discovered some more weak muscles by the osteopath.


  • steady - your call really on tomorrow - will your pulled hamstring be ok? Is the travelling there and back going to be dangerous? Are the conditions for the duathlon going to be dangerous? A duathlon here was cancelled here today, and rightly so I think, travelling to and from the site would be dangerous and the conditions for racing also dangerous


  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    travelling should not be too bad and Mr Steady will be driving not me. The event is on a proper motor race circuit so surface is good.

    The wimp is defintely winning still.

  • ooh, this weather up here in Aberdeenshire is awful and I've only done one short session in the pool all week.  The snow of tuesday was bad.  But then the winds picked up on thursday which drifted tuesdays snow over the roads.  Thank goodness I bought a big 4x4 in the autumn.  It's the only reason we got out today.  Unfortunately, the weather reports suggests snow and gales all next week as well.  I guess I'll get a two weeks training in April before the tri on the 21st.  I figure I'm fit enough to get round, but I'd like to do a good time...oddly, I think the cycling will be the worst bit.  Perhaps I should spend next practising the transitions...

  • Oh Pete, I can just imagine how bad it must be. My parents live in the North Peninnes and had planned to travel down this weekend but snow changed play.

    I ran an extremely slow parkrun in the sleet today. Then went swimming with family but managed to do 40 lengths.

    Steady - whatever your decision I hope you feel satisfied by the end of the day. image

  • Hi All!

    MC -  hope you managed to get to the gym.

    {{{Chili}}} glad to hear you had a good time in the end.

    Tricky one Steady - If you wrap up warm you will be OK. Take it very easy and use it as a long training day then take a few days off. If you decide to do it then take some balnkets and dry clothes and hot drinks. Get sorted immediately after crossing the finish line - don't hang around.

    And worst case, you can DNF. I'm sure it's a lapped course so you have that option for each lap on the run, bike or run. But you won't need it, and tomorrow night you'll have a huge confidence boost and a massive glass of red wine image

    Forecast was Sufferfest's Blender, but instead I went out on the MTB in the local forest. They're developing the hidden trails into a trail centre and some of the trails are fantastic now. All linked together and great fun. Possible pirate meetup there in the summer. Take note DB!

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Decision is DNS. I will turbo instead. I was always going to struugle with the 2nd run, so will concentrate on good form on bike with even power through legs.

    2 friends were going to do it as well but after their experience at Reading HM last week they are also DNS.

  • Hi all,

    How was the turbo Steady?

    Ran with 2 of my running club today. I did 15km XC; they were planning on doing 21k-ish so I left them too it. I'd take a little longer to recover from that kind of distance at the moment, and cannot spare the recovery time.

    This coming week is run focused, so need to get the pencil out and schedule the week.

    Hope you've all had a great weekend.

  • evening all

    it was sufferfest's Blender for me this morning, hard but enjoyable! And I got over to the club swim this evening. Strange, we went 13 miles west to Mansfield to see the in-laws, and the snow and roads was terrible, then a few miles in the other direction for tonight's swim, and hardly any snow there!

    wind chill is seriously nasty today though

    waiting for a heatwave now to really mess us all up!image

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