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  • Hi Bootsie,

    Not yet had a virus then the winter vomiting bug over Dec and early Jan. Although I did book a half marathon for March, want to do some swimming first. I'm looking at couple of local Tri's April and May. Might go for a sprint or two then Olympic then hopefully do a middle distance event in summer.

    Sorry about the mum thing ;(
  • lol no worries.. thats alot for one year!! well done and good luck with it :- )i'm a bit lazy not going over the oly this year.. where are you based?
  • Hello, can I join in? Just signed up for the Crystal Palace Sprint Tri in May.

    Although I'd class myself as having no intention to ever do the mad IM thang, rather than "not yet up to it".

  • ha ha ha, that's what a lot of us said! Once you're on the forum it's a slippery slope to long distance!
  • welcome Yersinia,

    well done on signing up! sounds like a lovely tri , what date is it on? 

  • I'll bring me Yaktrax to keep me from slithering down the slippery slopeimage. But I can't imagine doing anything beyond Olly.

    CPT is on 22nd May.

    I did the London Sprint Tri in 2008. My swimming was a minor disahster, but it was ok thereafter. But then I got back problems and became a fat slob. So I'm losing weight and just starting to regain fitness. I only started running again a couple of weeks ago, so I've got a way to go to feel comfortable even with Sprint distances.

  • Hi Bootsie

    I need an event to focus on to motivate me, but I don't book more than one event at a time and not to far ahead 2/3 months max image I do look at events though every day lol

    I'm from the Midlands Bootsie Leicestershire you?

    Hi Yersinia image

    Ultra Ironwolf one day I would love to do an IM but just want to find my feet first and build up to the distances. Sprint Olymipic then Middle Distance that's my goal for 2011 and maybe and it depends on this year maybe 2012 IM??? image
  • Well the bright blue cast is off! but in its place is a removable splint.

    Told no swimming or driving my car for at least another month.image

    Amazingly NHS has got me a physio appointment for Monday, as need to start some mobilisation. Pain went back up a level so have popped a stronger painkiller, no doubt will end up zonked out shortly.

    Oh well will at least be able to get in the fresh air for a jog on Sunday.

  • Steady,

    Make sure you don't take your strong pain killer before your run else your be asleep in a hedge somewhere lol. I'm sure your be fighting fit soon keep up the good work running and spinning, when's your next event?

  • Duathlon at Goodwood 10th April, then Ladies novice super sprint tri at East Grinstead 15 May.

    Thanks for wise words, feeling a bit wobbly so going to have a quick lay down on the bed where its safe.

  • steady.. well done!! take care of that arm image
  • Steady you ok lol sound like very strong pain killers image
  • ST -  they have codeine in, so they  work well killing pain but sends me to sleep for about half to one hour each time.

    Feeling better now, had a nap, going out this evening with 2 running friends haven't seen them for ages so plenty of orange juice for me and a nice meal. Since the break I have had to be on the wagon, will convince self that it will do me good.

    Edit - earlier post - no swimming until end of March, doctors orders.image

  • Ok glad your back awake lol. I guess your a swimmer anyway cause of your pic so sure your be fine once back in the water.
  • Had an oly planned into my season for august...can no longer make that, so my oly has switched to June!

    Better up the training!!

    Two coached swim sessions this week, makes a big difference to just plodding in my own!
  • Can I ask how much your swimming sessions are Steve Fordham

    I start swimming Sunday with local Tri club, not swam for 20+ years properly so should be interesting lol. image
  • Hi!

    Welcome to ST, Yersinia and Steve! Great to have you join us.

    Steady - good to hear that the cast is off, but image about the increase in pain. Ouch! Hope you have a good evening tonight though.

    I had a lovely couple of days away. I was my birthday. Tomorrow I celebrate with the family and have made my very favouritist cake - parsnip and maple syrup.

    Well after two days rest I was really happy to get out today. Was rather busy so had to get creative. I work for the National Childbirth Trust so my little girl frequently comes with me. Since the sun was shining she said she wanted to go out on the bike provided she had her mini hot water bottle stuffed down her snowsuit. So this afternoon my bike ride was on the town bike with Smidge going to the baby group and then school run. Then did a 4 mile run.

    As much as I admire those doing an full Ironman and even a half, I just don't see how i could ever fit the training in to accomplish it. Shall stick with my current goals at present of a duathlon, sprint tri and Olly tri by July. Remembering last Summer's  6 week holiday I'm not sure that I would even been in good enough shape to do a tri in September. It was so difficult to find time to run and I frequently ended up going out at 9 or 10 at night.


  • Hi Chilibean, mmmm nice cake I think image can't say I've ever had Parsnip and Syrup before image but I'm sure it was lovely. Happy 21st birthday Chilibean image

    You seem to be finding a fair bit of time to train I think you will know more once you start/finish your first race and have a shiny medal in your hand. It's the best feeling ever once you cross that line image
  • Hi ST - Mmmm, it is very nice especially with a mascarpone cream in the middle. image ( I *really* like baking)

    Yes, I do manage to train most days. It tends to be short though. Very rarely can I fit in more than an hour. But because my hubby's work is so flexible and he is really supportive, providing I'm really organised with having dinner planned I can usually squeeze it in at 5pm as soon as he has finished work. 

    Yes, I know the thrill of running medals. Can't wait to say I've done a tri!

  • Hi gang................I am also planning to do my first Tri this year. I've not entered anything yet (like you ST I just need to JFDI) image

    Had a bit  ITBS this last  few weeks so not been able to do a lot of training, managed 18mile on the bike on Sunday and my first run back of 3.5 miles last night. Not running has given me time to do more in the pool (1500m tueday and 1000m on thurs) but everything seems ok now with the knee so will do more running over the weekend.

    Happy trainingimage

  • Silver...

    I swim with my tri club once a week, which is free (included in the membership anyway). Then I am lucky enough to be near a swim coach who has an endless pool, so i use that every 2 - 4 weeks depending on finances!!

    I pay £40 per hour, which for 1 2 1 coaching is pretty good (its what i charge for PT sessions so i figure its very good value!)Plus there is nowhere to hide in the pool, she can see every movement!

    Great as a one off or once a month thing i think, really hammers home technique!
  • JEvaNsJEvaNs ✭✭✭
    Ooo, can I join in please? I recognise a few faces (Hi Bootsie - Loulabell!)... I've done a couple of sprint tris in the past but after the last one in August I thought "uh-oh - I want to do more"... so I am just getting my head around it.

    My longest run is currently about 7-8 miles, My long swim is 2-2.5k and my long bike is 20-25 miles.

    I have 5k, 10k, and a half mara planned between now and the end of March to motivate my running training and I'm going to do the 5k swimathon in April, following the 10 week plan that is on there (it's just about 10 weeks now) to improve my swim stamina (I currently struggle after 40-45 minutes).

    My downfall is the bike, but I'm trying really hard to embrace it. I'm cycling to work once a week at the mo, and want to build that up to twice a week (it's 10miles each way). I'm also cycling to the gym (5 miles each way) when I can too. I'm trying to get to more spin classes as I figure they will encourage me to work my quads a bit more than I do if I am just on my bike out and about.

    Today I'm planning a 25 mile bike ride, then a 1k swim. And I'm looking forward to next Saturday as I have signed up to two 45 min spin classes, and after each I plan to run for 40 minutes. There is an option to add a third set of spin/run into that, but i think that might be pushing it a little bit at the moment!!!

    My tri race plans are Roadford Oly tri in May, possibly Windsor in June, and then Trentham HIM on July 10th. YIKES!
  • Welcome Razor  - hope your knee heals soon. Great to have you join us.

    Welcome Jevans - you seem pretty well on your way to covering all the distances already. I think the ironman lurkers on here would approve of your booked tris.

    Am very envious of you doing the Trentham Tri. I used to live in Stoke just a mile away from Trentham Gardens - the one bright spot in the whole area. We watched them transform the place and that is where I've been this week. Would love to go back for a tri.

    Well, I think I'm a step closer to becoming a Pirate. My present this morning was two pirate water bottles! image Probably the only bit of pirate kit I shall ever own considering the prices. My little girles think they are awful and can't understand why anyone would want something that colour yellow, let alone with a skull and crossbones on it!

  • there is something about the kit that makes everyone in the world want to support you and yell out "go on Pirate - Argggghhhhhhhhhhhh"

    If you think too long n hard about it - it won't happen.  JFDI................. image

  • Evening

    Had a really fun day. Went with the family to a posh health club, courtsey of them having an open day. Did a 30min body pump class and then 30min Combat class. That was excellent! image grinning like this the whole way through the punches and karate kicks.

    Then took my girlies into the pool whilst my hubby went to the gym. My big girl (who is the runner) has only swam about 10m. I told her that to do a kiddies tri she would need to swim 50m without stopping. "I can do that", she said. The determination on her face! She doggy paddled the whole 50m without stopping. I am so proud of her. But how on earth am I now going to keep her away from tri's!?!?!? And my twins are planning how they can do a relay!

  • Buy them Pirate water bottles as well, my little bloke nicked one of mine as his Year 1 school water bottle image
  • How old is she? Maybe you should just give in to her? There are worse things to want to do.
  • I did lots of cycling training before my  first Sprint Tri - 30k + hard bike rides at 30kph plus, 10k fast runs (40 mins), 1k hard swims (all hard for me!)..... BUT the bit of training I found most useful was to do with transitions. My Ironman mate recommended to me doing this bike/run brick:

    Start at home - 3k loop ride (fast/sprinty), end back at home. Immediately into 1k fast run (stuff left in my garden as a transition zone!) loop out and back home. Repeat whole thing twice (s o you do it 3 times in all). Next time you do it, 4 times, and so on.

     Helped me deal with changing equipment while out of breath, peeling off bike shoes, squeezing on run shoes (I love lock laces). Also helped me decide how I wanted to lay my stuff out on the floor in transition for easy access. Really useful! Hope this helps!

  • JEvaNsJEvaNs ✭✭✭
    I keep seeing "JFDI" on Tri threads. If ever there were a moto, that is clearly it!!! I had a lot of that on a couple of threads when I couldn't decide on venues because I wanted to know more about organisation and time scales for training.... ChiliBean - have you registered with your tri yet? Why don't you do Trentham if you know the area? They have a range of distances....

    Loving the mini-triathletes! Lance Armstrong and Nike have a range of bike wear that has the strap line "wear yellow" or something. I am very proud of my beautiful bright yellow crop vest!

    Training thoroughly hampered this weekend though due to my novice nature... I went out for a 20 mile ride with a view to meeting a friend at the gym for a 1k swim. But when I took my bike out the shed, the rear wheel seemed to have lost some air. So pump-pump, happy days, but I thought I should check it 5 miles in. I did, and it seemed fine. Happy days. Another 3 miles in, check it. Hm. Pump-pump. Bugger. valve snapped off. Still, there is air in the tyre, I'll just head home.

    2 miles later I could feel every lump and bump so I thought I'd have to try and pump it up, but in trying, deflated the tyre completely. 7 miles from home. No puncture repair kit, no replacement tube... I tried to pump up and a friendly cyclist stopped by and offered to go and get a spare tube, but I figured I'd work something out. To top it all off amongst all the faffing, my front light switch broke. So it wasn't a very good day really.

    Apart from my friend calling me completely out of the blue and offering to come to my rescue without quibble. Lovely friend!

    But now I am really ill. Had a funny throat thing going on anyway, but now have a grotty head cold too and it is taking all my energy to stay awake. Will probably have to take another couple of days off before I manage anything else now. Things were going so well, too!

    How has everyone elses weekends been?
  • Hi Gang,

    JEvaNs........Sorry to here about the bike spoiling your day, think you had better get tucked up with some Lemsip or something to get rid of that coldimage.

    Things seem to be going ok for me at the moment, went for a ride out on the bike this morning (22 miles)  and the knee is doing ok ,no problemsimage, I will go for a run or swim tomorrow. (it will proberbly be a run because I can try out my new trainers that I bought today).

    Good routine Ginger long as nobody nicks yer bike whilst your running lolimage.

    Chilibean .......sounds like Triathalon is in the Genes.

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