Training for a shorter Tri



  • Mikasa after biking with the extra 5-6kg on my back on Saturday and it was hard work have been thinking about how much faster would I go minus five or six kgs image need to get back on the wagon after the beginning of October!  

    I shall cross my fingers for you EP!!

  • first swim for 3 weeks (can't really count messing about in hotel pools and the sea) and it was hard. Oh well, it willl feel better next time.

    buttercup - well done on your run. I always say hello to people I go past when I am running too

    Not sure how things are looking for our training session on Saturday and I hate letting people down, but my car has an oil leak and is going in to the garage on Friday - I can't guarantee I will have it back for Saturday morningimage


  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    ButterCup - I wish it was only 6kg, though that would be a good start.

    Maths - Well done on your swim.

  • mikasa - I also need to lose quite a bit. 1.5 - 2 stone would be ideal! Now I am back from holiday I need to get on it. 

  • That's okay MC if you are there you're there if not don't stress!

    Oh and my reference to the ladies being oompaloompas wasnt that they were fat - far from it all slim they were - they were just bright orange from the fake tan! image

    Mikasa when I first lost the weight I didn't give myself a solid deadline it was more I was fine with the weightloss as long as measurements and the scales were going in a downward direction.  I just biked to work and went to Body Pump twice a week.  Changed my eating habits more fruit, more vege, more protein, no wheatbased carbs (harder than you would think) and as little processed sugar as I could get away with.  I lost almost a third of me image have no intention of finding it again either!!

    I'm 59kgs now and I think 5 or 6 extra kgs would be the most I would want to lose as hubby wouldn't be happy if I got too skinny!  I want it to be lean, strong muscle (gotta get up the those hills on the Outlaw bike ride!!) so I'm off to the gym come October to lift some heavy things - talked to hubby about it and he was fine with it - have added it to my goals for the next year image

  • thanks buttercup, I just hate arranging things then letting people down, hope the car doesn't cost too muchimage

    sounds like you have a good plan, I need to get back to the gym. 


  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    I have swum. It was not as easy as I thought it would be, just shows how quickly you lose swim fitness. Anyway lots of drills and 6 x 50m sprints, will need to go again sometime in the week for a session with longer reps even if the speed is slower.

    Fingers crossed for you for your car MC.

    Buttercup, I may look into this diet stuff as I keep hearing from people that it is great but hard work to start with.

  • I've just entered the ballot for Ride London too image

    Great training everyone, buttercup your goals and action plan sound really positive, I'm in the process of deciding what my aims are for next year, I think alot of it will be determined by how well I can train myself to eat properly on long runs/rides as thats really my limiting factor at the moment (alongside my inability to swim).


  • Buttercup - I got the oompaloompa comment! Nice to have a plan huh image

    mikasa - I put on 3st after my op. I used to run half marathons easily and quite quickly. Things change. If you spend time thinking about what you 'could' do. You forget about what you 'can' do and enjoying the improvements. 

    Steady - sounds like you're feeling better image. Good swim!

    Emsi - tetrathlon sounds fun and for top cause. Good work bird! Was looking at the Wye but is the same weekend of Bath! My OH first event!

    JP - how's the mini Boar training going?

    Chili - taper time! So close now!

    Nice to see you had a bimble out Maths. Come on knee, play the game image


  • When I said my OH put me to shame the other day. He was very nice to me, he always is. Just did ridiculously well! I know my bike needs work, just reinforced it.

    Swam with him last night, few tiny pointers and he's doing really well. Out on bike again tonight. Think he's enjoying it. 

  • EP - are you having the 'back to school' dreams? 

    MrsD - it is nice that you can get out and train togetherimage I often feel that me and my OH don't really have much in common

  • EP - the end of the summer is always like that for me. I even logged on today to see if I will be able to get hold of the A level results tomorrow - official results are Thursday but I might be able to find them tommorrow if I am lucky! And planning for going into school next week for GCSE results day.....and I don't even go back till September! Do you go back next week?

    I know there is an up side in OH not being interested in doing things himself, but sometimes I feel like he is totally uninterested in what I am doing. He doesn't come to watch/support when I 'race' (term used lightly, I think of it as participating in events) 

    anyway, maybe I should get on the turbo instead of surfing the internet!!

  • entered Southwell Tri on 22 Septemberimage don't think Wild Boar is going to be for me this year given that my knee has started acting up again, plan is to have a better year next year! Lay down a good foundation now, lose weight so that by xmas I can really start building up distances ready to smash some HIM next year. Swimming is going to improve - joining the swim smooth squad from 12 Septemberimage so my swim leg of our relay team should be goodimage

    haven't turboed yet - going to pay with kids for a bit then hop on, planning some nice chicken and lentils with allotment veg for dinnerimage

    might do some local trail 10ks in the autumn if I can get up to that distance - never thought I would doubt myself being able to complete a 10k 

  • Ok, I struggle with this ladies. Can I ask, what would happen if either you were seriously poorly?

  • That was related to the OH comments!

  • Oo, everyone is getting plans... I want a plan!

  • Just generally... Who looks after you? 

  • MrsD - he would, but it would be frozen food and I would have to give instructions for most things! If I am out I have to leave a list of where kids need to be and when, what they need to take to school etc. 


  • Husband - well his version of it image but seeing as we have no family anywhere near us we are a team image he is actually quite good at taking care of me when I really need it.

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Mine is good, but I have to tell him where things are and how to do some tasks. When I broke my arm I realised that he had never cleaned the bathroom since we had moved in years earlier. He did it well under supervision.image

    I have been out for a run, decided on a 5 min walk for warm up then broke into a run. The first mile read as 13.27 mins, then 2nd one was 12.16 but I did have to slow down and walk past a herd of cattle right by the side of the path, they may have been young and fairly small but still much more powerful than me. The National Trust put them on the common to eat the weeds and invasive plants in the summer, also I walked across the cattle grids.


  • I just think for the amount you guys do... It would be smashing if they appreciated you enough to support what 'YOU' want to do occassionally! Be proud of you and what you accomplish! Bring the kids to cheer you on. Am I too much of an idealist?


  • Steady - I know no men who clean bathrooms. Top running bird!

  • Buttercup - your chap is a honey!

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Mine does occasionally come along to races, he even marshalls at the club race. He puts up with me training so that is OK.

  • Reading the above comment and suddenly I'm reminded of Last of the summer wine image

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