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  • EP - glad you are feeling better - I think I need a sleep like that because I have a headache and sore throat, and I NEVER get headachesimage so tomorrow will be stay in bed day, but not for long as my youngest is going to try to get his 1 mile swimming badge so we have to be at the leisure centre for 9 am. Think we might have to go for cake if he manages it, he is only 9

  • strange thing though - I was fine this morning first thing and had a good run! Headache started half way through the morning

    anyway, been to physio, this is an NHS physio, and he is nice, but not very hands on, I am sure a massage and some kind of release of the ITB would help, but he just gives me exercises to do, so I have a different exercise to add to what I have been doing. Might try and book a sports massage but don't anyone so will have to ask for recommendations - willl go on the facebook pages of the running and tri club and ask around

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Cheers EP, looking forward to seeing my splits when I plug the garmin to the computer.


  • I am pretty sure if I had been to the physio that I pay for I would have had a massage/some kind of therapy on the ITB as it is pretty tight still. But that is £40 a go. I'll get the foam roller out in a bit!

  • I have a love/hate relationship with my foam roller, short term pain but it does wonders, use it every night and has made a big difference.

    Following Sundays epic trail run, monday was spent in the thermal spa in Bath, tuesday was tennis and more tennis this evening if the weather holds.

    Had an hours worth of dental surgery this PM - my face has only just become part of my body again, mildly grumpy about it.

    Great running Mikasa, good luck to your small person and their swim pixie

  • oo Eco, I do not envy you at all! Hope he face settles nicely.

    Wicked running Mikasa.... should certainly give you a buzz!

    Go on Maths little person, hope you get celebratory cake image

    I'm off for a night shift. Tomorrow have to go to parents as Mum just had a big op! Make sure she's ok. Poor old soul. Have a smashing evening.

  • Eco - hope you are ok after the dental work. I hate any dental work, although I now have a very good looking dentistimage

    MrsD - hope your mum is ok

  • I hear a tennis ball is just as good as a foam roller MC image 

    Ecoseal - last time I went to the dentist my face was awful and I chose to eat soup - husband thought it was hilarious image

    Mrs D hope your Mum is okay image

    I went for what was meant to be an hour run ended up being 58 mins but Im making progress - still slow but less slow than I was!! Garmin tells me so image



  • MC - deffinitely offer the cake! 1 mile is brilliant for a 9yr old. If you were here I'd send you to my massage lady. She is brilliant and does this amazing (and painful!) stretch for ITB.

    Well done on all training, housework, thinking about training, sleeping and everything else image

    My girls slept until 9.20 this morning. Absolutely unheard of to be in bed that long. Then we packed lots of food and set out for a 23 mile bike ride and 1hr 30min swim in the Lido. I'm exhausted too but need find the motivation to start writing an essay.

  • I have been recommended a massage lady local to me, so will ring and book myself in. 

    chili - well done on the bike and swim with your kids! Bet they have a nice sleep in tomorrow as well

    buttercup - I have a foam roller but not a tennis ballimage I do have spiky massage balls though which are good too

    is it bedtime yet?

  • I clearly meant to say good luck to Maths little person in my last post, clearly not with it!

    Dentist was OK but its only 1 or 3 sessions - long story, basically its an ongoing problem stemming from being hit in the face with a cricket ball when I was at uni.

    Chili your cycle and swim sounds lovely I hope the weather is good for you.

  • that's ok ecoseal - I knew what you meant

  • wow, there is some impressive working going on.  My daughter is 9 next month and I can barely get her to cycle 6km with me.  She's even started to get off and push it up the hill... how do you get your kids motivated?

    I ran 7.8km in 46 minutes today which is slow for me, but good as a recovery run...there is a hill race in the next village on saturday 9km round trip and 880m climb.  I fancy going for it, but I'm not sure the wife would be impressed if I did...

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    my computer doens't recognise my garmin. image

  • I love my foam roller. Truly is a case of no pain no gain.

    6 easy-ish km ran tonight. 3 very easy km tomorrow morning.

  • Mmmm, Pete it's a tricky one with the kids. Although all my girls come out with me, one of the twins doesn't like running long distances although she has the physical ability. So I do have to be careful that she knows I still love her and my approval isn't based on her sporting inclusion.

    However, I am fortunate. I started running 3 1/2yrs ago because my eldest daughter (then 7) wanted to run and wasn't old enough to go out by herself. It was life-changing for the whole family and now we LOVE running, cycling and swimming. My kids are bouncy so have lots of energy to burn. We don't have a TV and computer access is strictly rationed. My eldest is 11 so I can still tell them what we are going to do. They now see the difference that eating well and being fit makes cos their class mates are not. We have the Lee Valley country park just 10 mins away from our house which stretches 30 miles or so and is completely traffic free.

    Sounds a great event Pete image

    Okay, so I now have a foam roller... what do I do with it? Got it particularly for my ITB

  • Am hungry again...

  • chili - google some videos, expect it to hurt

  • that's a shame EP. It is weird that you are back at work before the GCSE results come out - do you have 6th formers starting courses before they know their GCSE results? 

    So on facebook it says that outlaw entries will open by the end of the month, slightly excited. image I'll sign up our team ladies and try to get the team name rightimage I willl also be signing myself up to the outlaw half I am determined to smash that next year

  • image Someone's mentioned dentist's is it safe? image

    Seal hope your mouths ok. Pixie just run going down hill and walk going up. If you can't run skip. image

  • EP - bet the other kids love that! 

  • we always start with just the year 7s and no-one else in! Lets them find their way around for a day without big scary kids!

    still feeling a bit rubbish so tomorrow will be a rest day too, although may take the kids out on their bikes, but that will be a leisurely off-road affair

  • I have decided not to go to MB tonight - my legs are a bit tired, it's been showering on and off all day, and my freaking bag broke image so my mental toughness got swallowed up by the couch.

    I am going to do a dry run(ish) on Saturday if anyone wants to join me at MB.  I will bike there, do a swim and then run the course (out and back 11km) and bike home.  Hoping husband will tag along so I dont have to worry about the bike and the bag.  So I will take tonight and tomorrow easy image

  • Mouth is fine thanks Cake image

    Today has been a looooooooong day, as such my pj's and the sofa have taken me hostage.

    Gym tomorrow morning then a cycling in the evening.

    Glad I don't have to go back to school.

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