Training for a shorter Tri



  • Blooming eck! You'd be safe jogging at night! 

  • EP hope the knee improves.  I've gone off treats - except coffee and beer.

    Finally snuck out and escaped the CBA monster.  I managed a late OW swim - probably 250m I might have been able to swim further - but couldn't see where I was going - note to self don't try to swim late at night image

    Decided not to use wetsuit, so tried to swim in tri suit - first time ever, didn't feel too bad, and the water wasn't too cold either.  I need to get bike sorted then I can have a go at a brick session for swim-bike.

  • Or by yourself there Wrinkly Smurf - always swim with peeps around you... am off to do that now as soon as I finish eating my brekkie - gah it's still dark image where did the early morning light go?? It's not winter yet!

  • So, slight issue with Parkrun.... We've only just got up! Bloomin useless! Does mean, swim and run later. Weather is a bit pants though. 

    Buttercup - you're up crazy early. Hope swim went well.

  • smurf - well done on getting into the waterimage

    still a bit headachy but I reckon it is hayfever induced, so didn't get up for a bike ride but will get over to the club swim, might clear my sinuses out a bit! May get out this afternoon for a run or bike session - OH is going to take kids to KFC so I will have a bit of time to myself

  • Hi guys image

    I'm still waiting to do my first open water swim, but I'm looking forward to it and hopefully it will be with the amazing SuperCaz.

    I really just wanted to say hello, as I've mostly lurked here for a fair while and haven't really had anything to contribute so far.  It's family holidays at the moment, but in a couple of weeks time I'll be embarking on my tri-training program (I've yet to decide on the shape of that yet).

    As I'm about to step things up, It felt the right time to create an intro thread, although it got kinda lengthy and out of hand, nevertheless here it is:

    Good luck to anybody taking part in an event this weekend.

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Good to hear you got rid of CBA Wrinkly Smurf.

    Hello Dawn Shadow, I believe you will be in very safe hands with SuperCaz for your first OW swim.

    I got up when the alarm went off, got to Thorpe and did my OW swim 1.1 mile and wore my pirate swim cap. Then home for a quick cuppa and 2 slices of chocolate malt loaf then off on the bike.

    Only did 18 miles as I got a puncture and it took ages to sort out. Luckily I had taken my contact lenses out and put ordinary glasses on for the ride or I would have been trying to do a tube change by feel. I got almost done when a kind gentleman cyclist stopped and helped get the tyre back on and inflated. I had the feeling of CBA but had gone out and tried to shut up the CBA, maybe he was trying to tell me something. At least the good news was that it was the front wheel and not the back. So glad I carry all the spare bits needed.

  • Mrs D husband thought so too image after the nights drama of the cop helicopter hovering over Shepshed at 2.30am looking for ne'erdowells for 20 mins with flashing lights and all.  Was really noisey!

    Well done you Steady! Good work with the bike image good job!

    Welcome DS - SuperCaz is the shiz so you'll be alright!

    Good work MC keep an eyeball on how you are feeling!! We need you in good shape image

    So my morning went get up while it's dark, eyeball the skylights thinking its raining outside :/ no Buttercup manup and out the door!  Turns out it was residue from the nights rain and it wasn't raining and it was actually very nice ride (a bit humid) to Bozzie.  

    Wetsuit on - a lot of floaty weed - they had been culling the weed a bit so there was a lot less of it than last week image swimming, swimming, swimming, good sighting, good sighting, feeling good - opps sorry didnt mean to touch your leg (stopped at this point to apoligze) only to realise there was no one near me - it was a freaking fish I had manhandled and being a big girl I squealed image luckily no one heard and I continued on. 2.1k done had a chat to a chick I met last week at the swim smooth/triengland notts course and by the time I got out hubby had arrived with run gear.

    Got changed - it started to rain but wasn't heavy quite nice actually - it is undulating but nothing that really I haven't run before and Im okay in my own head that I can run this!  Cake I saw the bushes but they aren't ripe yet! Got waved at and greeted by quite a few cyclists and watched stupid peeps trying to navigate skinny roads image which was quite amusing.  Figured out my tummy doesn't particularly like me eating a bun directly before going out to run image but thats good to know before hand.

    Got back hubby chilled out and ready for ride home.  I need to take him out with me more often - we knocked 10 mins off the time and 22secs off average pace!! And he thought I was being thoughtful and going slower due to him having a dodgey knee image he figured it out when I got off the bike and was all excited about the time.  Apparently I haven't been working hard enough!!



  • Bad luck on the flatty Steady, glad it got sorted image

    Hello The Dawn Shadow image

    I slept through my 5am alarm for Bosworth, mainly as I forgot to set it image Thought about driving there but opted to do parkrun, I went hard and had a few leg wobbles on the last 100mtrs or so, didn't take the watch so waiting for results to see if I got a pb.

    Bought some mudguards on the way home, going on my first ever club bike ride tomorrow image  

  • Wondered where you had got to JP image

  • How was it Buttercup? did you run the course to?

    Watching the Marathon world champs, they said the last 5k split of just under 15mins was a bit slow!!!!

  • Sorry EP, We posted at the same time image 


  • I'm thinking of doing the off road's at Cannock Chase, that's if my old  bike can handle it, Don't think Abi will be too impressed if I shelled out on a new mtb

  • It's a nice run JP, a little boring I imagine after a while due to the hedges but all good image

  • 15 secs of Parkrun pb image , *looks at kit on the floor* I think I need faster running shoes

  • EP, mine was my sisters, she won it at work about 15 years ago, its a muddy fox with cocoa cola logo's all over it, its had new wheels a while ago as they just about fell apart.

    Buttercup, I hear all them hedges are full of fruit, might have to have the odd berry stop to break the boredom image 

  • They might be ready in a couple of weeks image nom!


  • Thanks for the welcomes - much appreciated image 

    I'm having a nice quiet day today.  Mummy DS just rang to say they got to their holiday destination okay, which given they're at war with the Satnav is a relief.

    Going swimming with SuperCaz will be great introduction. A few of us are hoping to get together at a swimsafe location she's picked out for us.  It's just a matter of getting a time we can all gather together before it gets too late in the year. 

    Nom nom Berries.

  • hi DS

    oh exciting going swimming with SuperCazimage

    think I am going to toddle along to the gym when OH takes the kids to eat KFC. I have some lovely fresh sardines to eat tonightimage

    might have a look at the cannock chase thing

  • just seen how far it is to Cannock, but might do one of the Nottingham ones in November - maybe the off road as the weather might be rubbish

  • *waves* Hiya mathschick image

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Oh mention of weeds at swimming. I forgot to mention I had a weed moment.

    I was happily swimming along and not noticed that I had drifted to the right a bit, suddenly there are weeds right up to the surface. Managed not to panic just stop dead still and let it waft about and off me, keeping very horizontal and did tiny little kicks and bit of doggy paddle style arms to get free, only a distance of 15 foot but horrid. 
    It has always been my biggest fear, getting trapped up in weed, but now I know I can survive.

  • Steady I find that keeping on going is best for me re the weeds even if its on my face a couple of strokes later it will be gone - if I stop I go vertical and then my legs and feet and are very much tangled in the weeds and I dont like that at all. 

    MC there are some organised by the same peeps that do the Outlaw later in the year... image

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Buttercup these weeds were awful, I had to stop as it was the only thing I could do to stop the panic. This fear stems from childhood, so is pretty deep rooted and I do not normally swim after July due to the weeds growing so much. As I was in the wettie, I knew I would stay horizontal, it freaked me out a bit to see how much was in front and that it was right up to the surface, if it is all below me I feel fine, plus the fish might be in the weeds. It has been one of the most difficult things to get used to.

  • I felt up a fish today hiding in the weeds image I am not ashamed to say I squealed! Proud of you today btw (((hugs)))) image

  • Wow! Go, go buttercup! Excellent training nad I would have squealed at the fish too.

    Steady - well done on your bike skills

    Dawn Shadow - welcome image - great to have you join us.

    Smurf - well done on the swim even if it was alone and in the dark image

    Parkrun for us this morning too. Met up for lunch with a friend who is doing the Ridgeway 85 next weekend. And the best news of all is that my friend's injury has healed well enough for him to do the Marathon with me next Saturday image now I'll have someone to talk to.

  • Top banana work Buttercup! How far did you do of each discipline? Most proud image

    Everyone is out doing some cracking training. I too hate getting 'weeded'!

    JP clearly needs some new trainers... image

    Chili, I'm most irritated with myself for missing parkrun. Been trying to get there for a few months. Good to hear you having a marathon buddy now!

    Did a 20 min interval run followed by a swim. 100 x4 with increasing effort 30sR. 200fc. 2x100m 30sR. 200x2 Pull. 100 WD. Like now breaking up the swim. 

    Maths - enjoy the gym! 

    Welcome DS... lovely to have you here!

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