Training for a shorter Tri



  • Yes Buttercup (aka MightyMouse)! image I'm still running yeah image

    Budjude (aka BJ) image!!!! Top work sir and smashing report. You are a proper proud Pirate - dont wash Cake's top... As long as it still smells of dodgy water!

    Sounds like the massage will be a big help Maths. Keep plugging on will all come together. Always best to rest and let body deal with the pummelling.

    Pete - you're cracking on well. How you feeling for it?

    I'm crazy tired with work and running round after Mum. To the point Im off to bed shortly with the hope back on track tomorrow. Looking forward to OW swim!


  • Oh, I meant practicing on the course - pretty sure I will be behind you on the day! 

    can't believe how shattered I feel - and I had a really long sleep last night

    hope things with your mum are ok MrsD, get a good night's sleep

  • Great report Budjude! Congratulations image

    Well done Pete

    Cat - hope you feel better soon.

    Just 3 mile run today cos I didn't have time to do 5miles. This taper business is awful.... I feel like I'm going to fall apart. I know it is mostly psychological but I hope all the aches feel better for Saturday!

  • chili - you will be great on Saturday

  • Great report BJ, well done.

    Chilli, just go for it.

    Cat, you off the toilet yet  ;-)



  • Budjude thanks for the report, it made a good read.

    Buttercup - in my book that's excellent cycling.

    Mrs D, I hope the OW swim is/was rewarding.

    Chili, good luck for Saturday.


  • OH sorry thing I've missed or forgottenimage Chilli whats the race saturday?

  • chili is doing a marafun - the Thames Meander I think? 

  • image Cool *get's pom poms out* GO CHILLI GO!!!!!! image

  • Nice race reports Budjude and IronRazor image

    Chilli you will be great, big smile at the finish required image

    Charity bike ride to Skegvagas done image 94 miles in 4hrs45 loads better than I had planned so well happy image Looking forward and focused for my First Tri for over a year  which is Sandman on 22nd September. 

  • Razor - managed to nip to the Drs and back earlier. Now firmly esconsed on the WC again.

    On the plus side, getting lighter, at least 6lbs gone so far! image

    Good luck for the weekend Chili!

  • well done ST

    cat - oh dear, hope it gets better soon

    so I took the kids out on the bikes, 8 miles done we did have to have a cafe stop though

    and I had a run this afternoon, knee not very happy though. The lady that gave me the sore massage yesterday advised me to see the physio she works with so have an appointment with her tomorrow. The NHS physio just isn't really helping

    and I did some gardening - think we can get in the car now without half a bush getting in with us

  • Good work on the weightloss plan Mr Cat image 

    Top work ST, was wondering where you'd got to! All systems go for the tri then. 

    Well done at getting the kids out Maths... Hope the physio helps you bird!

    OW swim 1500m done. Was tough, you can't half tell when you haven't been for a while. Enjoyed second lap much more. Still contemplating the Cotswold Sprint on 8th Sept. OH out at the gym getting a run and swim in - top man!

  • Woohoo no bush!! image

  • You don't even want to know the image that just popped into my head of Maths and her bush getting in the car image


  • Thanks everyone. Am feeling less creaky today. I'm sure I'll be feeling extra bouncy if I can get my final essay for the year finished tomorrow. We go on holiday on Sunday I need to start packing!

    Yes, I'm doing the Thames Meander Marathon on Saturday. And I'm not looking at the weather forcast so please don't tell me how hot it is going to be!

    Cat! image

    ST! Wow! image Well done.

    Took it easy today but will run tomorrow. My big girls are at a musical threatre workshop so am going to take my Smidge to the park and run with her on the bike. Might be interesting... she is a very little 6yr old and I think I can walk faster than she cycles, but she will love 'training' with me like her big sisters do.

  • Chilibean have fun on Saturday, the weather forecast is...... perfect for running. 

    Great reports Budjude and Razor.  I don't think my report will be as good in two weeks time.  ,

    IronCat5, I hope the diet plan doesn't catch on.

    I'm getting worried that I might have to start the taper before I get out and train image

    No longer CBA, just work and father in-law in hospital 50+ miles away.  Have been driving round with swimming kit in the car for 3 days and no chance - tomorrow is going to be a 16hr day minimum so training is out then as well. 

  • Hi Silver Trucker, Well done, I can't imagine cycling that far yet, or being on the bike for that length of time.

    Hello Cat - I hope things improve soon. (probably best not to try and get all your sh*t in the one sock at the moment).

    mathschick - Bad luck with your NHS physio.  My GP's have been pants, but luckily we have a self-referral physio thing and the wonderful lady I see is a runner with a positive 'lets get you running' attitude. 

    Mrs D, I like the sound of the 1500m OW swim - well done. What kind of OW was it (lake, river, sea?)

    Hello Wrinkly Smurf, that sounds hard - I hope you are able to find some 'you' time soon.

    Because of posts I've been reading recently, I've decided to start looking at the Heart Rate Zones stuff. So far the resting and Max Heart Rate numbers seem fair enough, which is encouraging as I had no idea what they'd be like.  It'll be interesting to start working with those.

  • Huge amounts of good luck to chilli for Saturday I'm sure you will do brilliantly.

    WS hope your father in law is ok

    Maths good luck with getting your knee sorted

    Did enjoy the weather yesterday, and managed my longest swim ever 2k ow in 50 mins so very happy bunny image Have a good day all 


  • Dawn; must have cross posted due to my very slow typing, have just started with heart rate monitor too, now have lots more numbers and no idea what they mean. Perhaps a restng rate would be a good start. Interestingly my heart rate went much higher when I raced against OH guess the banter in not all light hearted!

  • I went out on my new, (well new to me) bike last night and totally bottled it on the downhills. We don't really have any nice long straights or flat bits up here.  So as soon as I get some speed up, I'm in to tight bends and I'm on the brakes.  The lanes up here are single track with a central mound of gravel so if I try to take the racing line I have to cross the gravel which was ok on my mountain bike, but a bit more hairy on a road bike and I constantly have visions of coming round the corner and meeting one of the local farmers in a tractor or a massive 4x4...


  • Hi Emsi image  Yes, I've yet to look properly at what happens in between those outlying numbers .  Probably a good thing we can stop the HR monitors from beeping loudly when OH's cause them to rise rapidly. image

    Hi Pete -  I'm sitll quite new to cycling, already gravel makes me shudder and I don't think I'd fancy meeting a tractor coming the other way either.

  • morning all

    pete - just stick with it with the bike you will get there

    smurf - if it is a sprint tri you are doing you will be fine on little training, just have fun

    outlaw full and half entries open on Tuesday for people that have pre-registeredimage

  • I've signed up for a novice tri on sunday.  I get to try out my new bike and see if everything is sorted internally after my only worry is that I haven't been in the pool for 2 months...image

    Is swimming like riding a bike?  you never really forget?

  • pete - a bit like that, but you might want to go and have a quick swim before Sunday. I wouldn't worry about it, just have fun and enjoy riding your new bike in the triimage

  • I did my first brick session last night and just loved it, Did it in the gym to make it a little easier, rode 20k on the bike and then a 15 min run. Need to build it up to running 5k over the next few weeks but I loved the pain and strange jelly leg feeling, is that a little bit weird image?

  • Been struck down with idle-itus, got no energy and feel a bit coldy, I think I've over done the last few days training, gonna rest tonight and tomorrow, also waiting for my butt cream to arrive, got some pretty bad saddle sores image

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Good Luck for Saturday Chilli. Hope little Smidge enjoyed training with you like her big sisters.

    IronCat, get well soon, I will keep away from your diet plan, too extreme.

    W Smurf, know what you mean with life getting in the way, just do a little bit whenever you can.

    Emsi, good swim, I did 1500m at the pool this morning, only problem was that I was starving for the rest of the morning and had a cinnamon Danish.

    Pete in the Hills, you don't forget how to swim you just feel very rusty.

    Rocco, the state is known as jelly legs or disco legs, you learn to accept it happens.

    JPGoodboy, Bepanthen nappy cream is the best to heal the sore bits, then butt cream for putting on before riding.

    MC, me and my credit card wll be ready for Tuesday, just need to find out which relay team wants my efforts at either swimming or running or even both.

  • Hi all. No change here image. Quack says stay away from work and play until day#7 (Fri). If it's still bad on Friday then time for tests. I haven't even studied!

    Today's nutrition strategy: 1 banana, 1 slice toast, water, lucozade energy. Vast amounts of paracetomol. No NSAIDs as they upset the gut.

    ST - missed your ride in all my chaos. Well done, great time!

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